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Champion Windows Prices

Champion windows prices will run in the mid to high end for vinyl window pricing. All of the installation is from Champion certified installers, which is part of the reason for the higher price. For the most part, installers and contractors think the window is solidly made and contructed. Some of these same contractors feel that they are a bit overpriced for what you are getting - that it is a good product but not one of the best replacement windows in the vinyl category.

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Champion Window Model

Unlike other manufacturers, Champion makes one vinyl model or series that comes in a variety of styles such as a single hung, double hung, casement, slider etc. The window uses a solid glass package (Cardinal 366 glass); their double pane window offers a U-value 0.29, AI 0.17 and SHGC 0.19 - these are nice respectable numbers in a vinyl window. Champion is on par with say a mid grade Harvey window, Great Lakes Uniframe or high end Vinylmax window. For additional information, see our page on Champion windows reviews.

Champion Window Costs vs. Pella

Hello, Dane, I have a bid on 29 windows from several local companies in Kansas City. One was a local rep selling the Apex Insignia and they quoted us out was $27,000. Another quoted out a Champion window at $31,000. The Pella 350 window was $42000. Thank you.

Cherry - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Cherry, those are expensive quotes, you must have some large windows or a complicated install. Of the quotes you've received, my advice would be to go with the Champion for $31K. They make a good vinyl window, better in my opinion that the Pella 350 window. Apex tends to get knocked for a gimmicky sales approach that I am always wary about endorsing. Champion is probably your best bet.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Champion Pricing vs. Zen Lotus

I'm in Denver Colorado and need 12 replacement windows and one sliding glass door. The windows are mostly west facing and get lots of sun. Here are my three bids thus far.

Anderson Renewal: $28K

Zen Lotus (Solar Ultra S Glass): $14K

Zen Lotus (No Ultra S Glass): $13K

Champion Windows: $12K

Chris - Homeowner - from 2018

Champion 8200 Prices vs Okna 500

I stumbled up on your site while trying to research window comparisons and would like more experienced perspective. This is for ranch home in south-eastern WI (northern climate region).

Granted from quotes I've received, Champion costs more, but written breakdown was in grouping so I can't get clear answer on how much windows did cost from champion (15 windows, including 2 hopper & patio door) - ended up being $32,196, but with 33% discount & extra 5% off - ends up being $19,963. They did nice demo (heat lamp, glass samples, UV spectrum, window frame demo) - which was nice to have hands-on and visuals.

However, when i asked for rating beforehand, the rep seems slightly resisted to provide printout of ratings which I've copied for double-hung windows - he said rating doesn't really matter in big picture then proceed with his demo. While I did like the UV resistance (95%) and nice protective little doors for water drains out (but closes to block bugs from getting in) - their ratings seems to be not any better than minimal to meet the ES requirements. We're also going with 'open-prairie' flat grid option to give more character to our home. Champion also is offering little extra end-of-month discount as incentive (about $3,500) off total project ($24,228 down to $20,969). Champion rep also does not recommend triple panel due to weight & warranty factor, as it won't give much improvement performance wise.

Champion 8200DH w/Comfort 365 glass w/grid, double panel.
U-factor: 0.27
SHGC: 0.19
VT: 0.44
CR: 55
Grade - R 30
AI - 0.10

On other hand, through HomeSealed Exterior, LLC (which has outstanding reviews): Both with Heal Seal Glass System: Total of $15,969 (with 20% disc. = $12,776 (clear version, but I'm inquiring if they have 'open-prairie' grid option (would cost little extra) - have not received any answer on this yet. Double panel info below: UV rating of 80% (rep said he has never heard of fading complains with either double panel or triple panel (90%)).

14 count of 500DX (Insul-tec, double-hung, Deluxe pkg):
U-factor: 0.25
SHGC: 0.27
VT: 0.49
CR: 62
Grade - R 50
AI - 0.02
1 count of 500 Series (basic, double-hung, for garage)
Ratings almost similar to above, maybe little higher U-factor by extra
0.01/0.02. -----------

We're also looking at patio doors, but seems like Okna version is better than Champion's offering. We also asked about hopper window (not too much info on this one) and entry doors (probably phase 2 or 3).

Overall, we're also considering triple panel option (about $1,000) more for Okna, but have to factor in warranty (which I need to ask since I'm told that sometimes warranty wont cover if one side breaks but other two are still intact). Triple panel is also heavier but provides better rating performances in longer run, especially that I've read that the rating systems will be adjusted (U-factor being 0.20 or lower down the road). Triple panel's rating w/grid is:
U-factor: 0.20
SHGC: 0.24
VT: 0.38
CR: 72
Grade - R 50
AI - 0.02

I've read articles that suggested for Northern areas, better to go with CR of 60 or better - which Okna for both double/triple panel, double-hung windows. Okna's patio doors has better ratings than (cost $3,220, w/20% off: $2,576) Champion's too (cost unknown for Champion as it was bundled with windows above).

There's lot more to look over, but I'll appreciate it if you can provide pro/cons comparison & experience/perspective between the two besides the ratings above. I would appreciate any insight that would assist with decisions as windows/doors are long term investment.

Andrew - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Andrew, I usually reply with quite a bit of detail, but you've already done that so I'm going to be very short and sweet. :)

Champion $20.9K

Okna 500 $12.7

The Okna 500 is the CLEAR winner, even if they were the same price (even if the Okna was more expensive). Hands down, no question, the Okna bid. It's a great window. I tend to think triple pane is overkill, but in your neck of the woods it might make sense.

Okna makes a better patio door as well. You will be well served with your choice. Good luck, it sounds like a great project!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Champion Pricing vs Simonton 5500

I had a Simonton dealer come out to quote and Don Young has still not returned my call. I was a bit surprised by the dealer saying that the Impressions 9800 window isn’t suitable for North Texas and recommended the Simonton Reflections 5500 Series. They are considerably more affordable than what Champion quoted but the online reviews seem to be about average. Perhaps the additional feature the dealer added improves performance a good deal and should be considered.

The dealer told me that the following specs are included to improve energy efficiency:

ProSolar Shade, 366 Glass, LowE3/Argon, Supercept Spacer, Energy Star Southern, Tempered and Obscure where indicated

The attached quote of $8,370 includes a total of 15 windows:

Twin with transoms above in parlor (47”x84” each)

Triple with Transoms above at Great Room (47”x84”each)

1-Door Transom at Great Room (42”x24”)

2- Master Bedroom (43”x60” and 35”x60”)

1-Master Bathroom(42”x48” picture)

Kitchen Sink Window (34”x 48”)

This price is only $1000 more than Champion quoted me; however the Champion quote was only for 5 windows – only the twin and the triple.

John - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

John, I would always defer to a local dealer who knows the climate and sees windows in action. The Simonton Reflections 5500 is a good window window, especially with the upgrades he recommended. The quote sounds very fair and quite a bit less than the Champion. I would say that the Champion is probably on par with the 5500 series from Simonton.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Champion Window Bid

I have the following bids for 8 vinyl double hung windows with low-e glass, and argon fills.

Champion: $5900
Sunrise Restorations: $5500
Berkshire Elite: $3590
Window World: $3200

Heather - Homeowner - from 2017

Champion Window Prices

I recently received quotes on 27 windows for both Wincore and Champion double hungs. Both of the installers have excellent reviews and they were both pleasant to meet with etc. -- it's probably a wash in terms of that.

Wincore 5400: $11,900

The Wincore 7700: $13,900

Champion: $15,900

Sunrise Restoration: $26,000

Sunrise Standard: $17,500

Angie - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Angie, I like the Sunrise Restoration, but it's probably not worth it to pay $26K compared with $14K. I like either the Wincore 7700 at $14K or the Sunrise Standard for $17,500. I think the $3500 is probably worth it for the Sunrise, but the 7700 window is quite good in my estimation.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Champion Windows Cost

I have 5 large windows (approx. 47"x81") that I'm looking to replace and would appreciate some guidance. Champion quoted the replacement last week at $5600. While I feel the price is high, I'm more concerned by the mixed reviews I've read.

Installing an energy efficient product is very important, but I'm curious if there's a better option out there at a lower price point.

John - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

John, this does sound high at first glance -- this may or may not be the case. The only way you'll know is to get a couple more comparable bids. From your ip address, it looks like you are located in Van Nuys, California. I would suggest getting a bid on the Milgard Tuscany, The Anlin Del Mar, and the Amerimax Craftsman Portrait from whoever the local dealers are and see how the prices compare. Feel free to shoot me the price bids and I will let you know my take on the bids.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Champion Window Costs

We had a garden window and two bay windows installed by Champion in the Minneapolis area recently. They charged us$11,704.00 included installation and everything else.

Jeanne - Homeowner in Minnesota - from 2013

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