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Great Lakes Window Prices

Great Lakes window prices run $30 to $60 per square foot (not including installation). The company was bought by PlyGem, which enjoys a solid, but not cream-of-the-crop, reputation in the window industry. Great Lakes still markets the windows under their own brand; in fact, the company has separate website for each series they sell, which is pretty unique compared to other manufacturers.

Great Lakes manufactures decent quality windows, although some installers say they are priced a little high for the quality. This is where multiple bids comes into play, helping consumers figure out the fair market price for their particular project and even providing some leverage from which to negotiate better pricing.

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Great Lakes Bayshore Windows

The Great Lakes Bayshore window is a builder grade vinyl option and is essentially a stripped down version of their better window lines. The Bayshore model does not include a transferable window warranty like the other models do. In terms of performance, consumers can expect an SHGC of 0.48 and U-value of 0.47 - pretty unimpressive numbers, although an upgrade to a low-e glass will lower both of these numbers.

The Bayshore is a decent choice if your the budget is very tight, but the Lifestyles and Uniframe windows will offer better long term value. Compare the Great Lakes Bayshore Series to Simonton windows prices, specifically their Assure model.

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Great Lakes Seabrooke Windows

The Great Lakes Seabrooke window is a good mid-level vinyl window and comes with better features and upgrades than the Bayshore. The meeting rail has a fiberglass reinforcement and it comes in a double hung, casement, garden window, horizontal slider and bay and a bow window option. Performance wise though, the SHGC of 0.44 and U-factor of 0.45 aren't too impressive, but are comparable to many similarly priced brands. Compare the Great Lakes Seabrooke Series to the Atrium series 8300 vinyl window.

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Great Lakes Lifestyles Windows

The Great Lakes Lifestyles window is very similar in features and ratings to a Seabrooke Series. To compare, the Lifestyles slider has an SHGC of 0.45 and a U-factor of 0.45. Compare the Great Lakes Lifestyles Series to the Harvey Classic double hung windows prices.

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Great Lakes UniFrame Windows

The Great Lakes UniFrame window is the premium vinyl option that incorporates vey good design and construction. In fact, it was one of the earlier designs to feature fusion welds. The Euroslider features an optional tilt. UniFrames are also available as a standard double hung, casement, bay, bow, or garden style. A U-value of 0.30 and a SHGC of 0.39 are solid but unexciting numbers. Compare the Great Lakes Uniframe Series to Ply Gem Premium prices.

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Great Lakes EcoSmart Windows

The Great Lakes EcoSmart window uses a composite frame and is also their most expensive window - it incorporates an energy efficient design with a one piece sloped sill. A non-metallic I-Core spacer and die cast aluminum hardware look good and increases energy efficiency. It also features high grade weather stripping and seals. It has a U-Value of 0.26 and AI of 0.06. If you opt for the ecoMaxKR glass package, the U-Value lowers to around 0.15. Compare the Great Lakes EcoSmart Series to Okna Starmark windows prices.

One note: The EcoSmart window does not show up on the Great Lakes website. The window does have a simple site dedicated to promoting its features and options.

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