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Explore Quaker windows reviews on their Brighton, Manchester, Crusader and Advantage E4 vinyl window series.

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Quaker Window Options

Is there a particular reason why Quaker windows have not been included? Where do they fit in the line up? Any pros/cons you are aware of? Any important difference between their Manchester and their Crusader series?

Milton - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Milton, there are hundreds of window manufacturers and Quaker windows have never entered our review boards. I'm not sure where they fit into the vinyl window equation. I will say that, in general, going with a window manufacturer that is more well known, and proven to manufacture a quality product is a more reliable path to long term consumer satisfaction. I really can't compare their models -- sorry about this. I did take a look at their double hung air infiltration and was impressed with the .03 that is listed on their website.

I would suggest comparing Quaker Windows performance numbers with other brands you may be considering as a way to see how they stack up to the competition: U-factor, SHGC, DP, Air Infiltration, etc.

In Missouri, I know you have some great vinyl window options, including Sunrise, Zen, Champion and even Vista. I'm not saying don't go with Quaker, but I would get a couple more bids to at least have some options at your fingertips. Good luck!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

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