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Read 8 NT windows reviews contractors and installers who know their products and customer service record.

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NT Windows Or Don Young?

Hello! I’m looking at replacing approximately 35 windows in my home near Houston. I’ve had several bids from dealers offering Simonton (Asure & reflections 5500), NT Window, Don Young and Atrium. Do you have any thoughts on any of these products for a very hot climate?

I am a little hesitant on the Simonton Asure simply because it seems to be more of an entry level window, but is the reflections 5500 worth the additional money (Assuming both offer the solar pro glass).

Many thanks in advance for your help and opinion!

Sonya - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Sonya, congratulations on the start off the project and for getting several bids to see what's out there and what price range you are looking at. I would agree with your assessment of the Asure as an entry level window and would say that the premium or upgraded cost of the 5500 is probably worth it.

Of the bids you have, I would rank them in this order (not knowing the cost or any of the window particulars of course).

1. Don Young
2. NT
3. Simonton Reflections 5500
4. Simonton Asure
5. Atrium

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

NT Presidential Windows Review

I'm looking at vinyl single hung windows, the PGT Energy Vue Series and the NT Presidential Series. The PGT windows are more expensive. Are they worth it? Which has the better warranty?

Lloyd - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Lloyd, I don't have a ton of experience with the NT windows, although I looked at the performance data on the NT Presidential single hung and I was impressed. It looks like with the standard low-e glass and argon fills, you can expect a U-factor of .27, .25 SHGC and .41 VT. These are solid numbers and will serve you just fine.

I do like the look and performance of the PGT Energy Vue Series, very clean lines and some great interior color options. However, it sounds like price is a big factor so I might go with the NT window option. However, the quality of the installation has to be a big factor here. How would you compare the companies or dealers who will be doing the installation? If one is the clear winner, I would lean towards them.

In terms of warranty, it appears they are pretty close, both limited lifetime warranties that can be transferred to a new owner. I tend not to put much stock in warranties, although I always assume that the better the warranty, the stronger the company feels about their products. I would ask the local installer/company what sort of labor warranty they provide on the installation. Also ask them about warranty issues in the past and how well the company responded to the claim. Let me know how it goes!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

NT vs PGT Windows Take 2

Thanks for the feedback Dane. I cannot find the numbers for the PGT Energy Vue, Simonton Prism Bronze or Marvin Integrity windows. Do you know them or can point me in the direction of where to find them. As it stands now I have the following estimates:

1. NT Presidential Series, white or tan vinyl insulated single windows with LoE/argon glass, no grids, single hung sashes $7,839. Sandstone color add $609, foam filled frames add $1,131.00 and triple glazing add $1,044.00. Are the foam filled frames and triple glazing worth the money?

2. PGT Energy Vue DH5460 vinyl double hung, AAMAA440 certified, white, insulating glass low E energy shield, no argon gas, no grids $11,170.83.

3. Simonton Prism Bronze tan vinyl double hung, 366 glass energy star rated $8,190.00

4. Marvin Integrity Ultrex double hung $11,395.22.

I would appreciate any comments and recommendations you have on the quality of the windows and estimates.

Lloyd - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Lloyd, as far as the NT, the foam fills will add a bit of strength to the window frame and will make the window more energy efficient. The triple glazing will also make the window more energy efficient, drop the U-factor and air infiltration numbers. I would include them, adding $2000 is a tough pill to swallow, but it is still is going to be well under the PGT window cost bid. I would ask about what adding these two features is going to do to the performance numbers, particularly the AI numbers.

As long as the company offering the NT windows is going to offer good quality installation, I think you should be happy with the window and will get some nice long term quality out of it.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

NT Window Review

I'll be getting replacement windows soon and I'm looking at double hungs from Simonton and either double or single hungs from NT. All of them have Low-E coatings, Argon filled extra thick glass, etc. The NTs are cheaper but the tilt in feature, which is what makes them different, isn't going to be helpful to me because my plantation shutters will block the sash. NT offers a lifetime glass breakage warranty upgrade for only $10 per window, which sounds great, and Simonton doesn't cover broken glass at all. Simonton is more visible, I've seen them advertised and they get a lot of awards, but the ratings on NT are nearly the same and the price is a good bit lower.

Ned - Contractor - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

I think that NT is just as good as Simonton, they just don't focus on marketing as much. They all have double strength glass, low-E coating, and a reinforced sash. And if you like the single hung, NT is great, I don't think Simonton even makes a single hung replacement window.

Jeff - Contractor in Texas - from 2010

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NT Windows Customer Service

I've had a few bad experiences with NT in the past, but lately their customer service has been a lot better. The windows are good, always were, and the internal reinforced sash and extra strength glass are a good deal. I don't like their Executive line, I think the frames are weak. They make a Presidential and Energy Master lines that are pretty much the same, just different distributors. Compare it to the Home Craftsman, similar in price but the HC uses a cheap pocket sill and flimsy frame, plus terrible efficiency. The Simonton Prism Platinum is supposed to be better, but you have to upgrade to get the reinforced sash that comes standard in the NT.

Brandley - Installer - from 2010

NT Vinyl Window Quality

If you're looking for replacement windows, definitely find an NT dealer in your area. For a mid-priced vinyl replacement window, they are an excellent choice. They come standard with low-E 366 coating, double strength glass package, and an aluminum reinforced meeting rail. They are also 100% American made, which is always a plus.

Jeff - Installer - from 2011

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