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Silverline Windows Reviews

Read 14 Silverline windows reviews from contractors, homeowners and industry experts who have works with these window series over for years. Click to or Silverline window prices.

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Editor's Silver line Windows Reviews

Silverline is a company that is owned by Anderson windows and is typically sold and many of the big box stores such as Lowe's and Home Depot. Silver Line specializes in mainly low-end vinyl windows, with their top of the line 9500 model a step above this. The company does offer a number of new construction and replacement options, although the model numbers are fairly confusing - 8700 series, 500 series, 2090 series, 70 series, 9520 series, 8600 series, 1200 series. They do offer a number of different styles including double hung's, single hungs, Casements, hoppers, awnings, sliders and bay and bow windows.

With the exception of the 9500 series and perhaps 8500 series, Silverline does not make a very energy-efficient or durable window. They are probably OK for rental properties or if you're looking to flip houses, but other than this I would recommend staying away from them. The 9500 series, Which is their top-of-the-line double Hong, is the one exception to this rule. Is a pretty decent vinyl replacement window that is one of our recommended cheap window replacements for budget conscious consumers. I would recommend an upgraded glass package and a SIL reinforcement on the 9500 to bring this up to a decent mid range vinyl window.

Silverline should be available in much of the eastern half of the country in the big box stores such as Home Depot. One of the nice things about shopping at Home Depot is the prices are quite low, most of the reps and distributors can't really touch the price because Home Depot does such amazing volume. The downside of HD is that they're not gonna offer the customer service or the quality of installation the consumer should be looking for with their replacement window projects. If Home Depot does have your size and your model or series then you should definitely buy from Home Depot, however I would find an independent installer to do the actual installation.

The real issue with HD installation is that they subcontract out the work and pay a very low per window rate, which is a recipe for shoddy installation. Subpar installation with very mediocre windows is one way to really reduce the long-term value of this project. On the flipside, good quality installation with Justin OK window like Silverline offers will probably be fine for many homeowners who don't want to spend a ton of money but want to window that will last for 10 or 15 years and not cause the many headaches. All in all, there a better windows out there the web Silverline offers, but this is not the worst option if cost is a huge factor and you were willing to find a good quality installer who isn't going to cut corners and is gonna make sure that the window is installed Square, plum and is completely sealed and coughed.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2015

SilverLine by Andersen vs PGT

Are PGT, top of the line windows and sliding doors, the SAME as SilverLine by Andersen? Thanks,

Dorothy- Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Dorothy, I would say that PGT are good quality vinyl and aluminum windows. I don't think they are the BEST vinyl windows out there, but in terms of impact windows, they are very well regarded. I would certainly put PGT windows in my home -- although perhaps not their entry level models. Silverline, on the other hand, are considered relatively low quality windows. Andersen purchased Silverline in order to step into the vinyl window market, but the company they bought and the product that continues to be sold to consumers is not a high quality window.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Silverline Windows Compliant

The guy that installed my Silverline windows is a friend of the owner of local company where I bought them from. Have you ever heard of being able to move the window panes within the frame while in the locked position? about a half inch each way and they move slightly up and down as well?

I guess even if a window was made to slide from either direction, I would not think there would be any movement in any direction regardless of weather they can be opened from either end. What is your take on this? It is almost as if the frame is too large for the window panes??

I have never seen such a crappy sash, I washed the two pieces of plastic out while picking the crap out from between and took about a half hour each window. I may as well have taken the plastic pieces off and put back on somehow. I have 30 year old anderson casements that have a solid sash that you can just swipe a rag across to clean them. I cant imagine anyone designing this two piece sash thinking it would be an ok thing to market.

Thanks for you help. I have tried to get the guy that installed them to do something, he says they all move around in the frames and that he could adjust the round plastic things at either side out further to make them stop further out from the frame, my worry is that by doing that would allow more air to get in.

As I mentioned there is already moisture on the panes now and in a few months it will freeze on the windows them selves, cant sit in front of the window, it makes ears hurt!

Lorelei - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Lorelei, here are a couple of suggestions. First, have the person who installed them come out and see if he can make some adjustments to reduce the sash movement. There shouldn't be any play to the sash if it is properly positioned in the frame. Honestly, it sounds like the windows are poorly made and perhaps poorly installed, although I can't say for sure without seeing it.

This is my other suggestions. Call one or two local window companies and have them come out and give you a bid for new windows. Don't mention that you aren't in the market for new windows, just let them take a look and ask your questions as to the problem. It's a bit sneaky and I don't love giving out this advise (it feels disingenuous but not horribly so), but it is an option that gets a professional to your house and gives you a somewhat honest answer to your question.

In regards to the condensation issue, poorly made windows typically have a high rate of air infiltration, which means that cold outside air is able to pass through the window and into the house. This cold air lowers the surface temperature of the glass - the lower the temperature of the glass (compared with the level of humidity inside the house), the more likely condensation and ice occurs. The point at which condensation occurs is called the dew point, which is defined at the temp. at which condensation forms on a particular surface (again, as it compares to the humidity levels).

Dane - Site Editor - from 2015

Andersen Silverline 9500 series

Hi Tim. I was looking to replace 7 55 yr old double hung windows in my house in north/central NJ. Was about to buy Andersen Silverline (9500 series), but after reading your website I thought I should look around some more.

Any suggestions for other options in my area? I am currently working with a contractor on a kitchen remodel, so if I need to purchase the windows through his account if not offered directly to the consumer, that's not an issue.

Mike - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Hi Mike, I'm not quite sure what he has access to, but my top four vinyl window manufacturers on the east coast would be Okna, Soft-Lite, Sunrise, and Polaris - in that order. The companies are going to be more expensive than the Silverline for sure, but I always point out that from a long term basis, you will usually save money by going with a high quality brand coupled with proper installation. Each of these companies has a number of models they sell, each of which has a different price point. I typically recommend going with the mid range option to get the best value for your dollar - so the Okna 500 model, the Standard Sunrise, the Soft-Lite Pro or Classic and the Polaris ThermalWeld.

Let me know if any of these recommendations works out!

- Site Editor - from 2016

Silverline 9500 Window Review

I have a Silverline 9500 series in my basement and it has worked well - no air leaks and no issues to speak of. I installed it myself so I know it was done correctly. I think the biggest issue with consumers buying low end windows from the big box stores is that then also get cheap installation and that combination is not a recipe for long term success. I probably get 25% of my business fixing windows that have been installed incorrectly - gaps between the frame and sash and the window not plumb are the two most common mistakes I see. So I think for alot of homeowners they could buy a so so window as long as the installation is done properly. Of course, I would prefer to see them get a mid range window from a good manufacturer but if the dollars aren't there I say make sure the thing is put in properly.

Don - Installer - from 2014

Silverline 9500 Window Review

I've put in a lot of Silverlines. I've heard a few people say they'll fall apart in a couple years, but I've never seen any trouble with them. The 1200 series is pretty awful, but the 9500 doesn't cost much more and is much much better. The biggest problem with Silverlines is that they're cheap, so they tend to get cheap installations. I haven't had any trouble with the ones I've installed.

Todd - Installer - from 2010

9500 Series vs Alside Excalibur

I'm getting replacement windows, is the Silverline 9500 better than Alside Excalibur Series? Any others I should look at?

Walden - Homeowner - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

If you're flipping or renting the property, those are fine, but if you plan to live with them I'd look at something better. Softlite, Okna, Gorell, Sunrise, Simonton, PGT, Great Lakes. They are all a lot better. If for some reason you're determined to get one of those, the 9500 beats the Excalibur.

Jeremy - Contractor - from 2010

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Silverline 8500 Review

I put in Silverline 8000-8500s 12 years ago. We had 28 of them, double hung, low-e coating, argon filled, all the extra features. The salesman said they were the best vinyl windows on the market, we didn't pick them because they were cheap. Within just a few years, we started having trouble. We started replacing sashes almost right away. They have a rubber seal that keeps the argon gas in and they leak and make the glass streaky. Also, the plastic pieces that keep them in their track get dry and brittle and start to break. I will admit that they honor the warranty, but they do it stupidly. They won't replace the upper and lower sash together, but only one at a time. So they all fit poorly and we now have tons of drafts and upper sashes that won't stay up. I've talked to customer service a hundred times at least. I'm about to give up and I've started looking at windows to just replace these.

Jeremy - Homeowner - from 2012

SilverLine 8500 Series

The problem with the SilverLine 8500 is that it's priced too high. If it was cheap, it wouldn't be too bad, because some people want a cheap window. But they are priced like a good window. I'd look at Softlite of Gorells.

Steven - Installer - from 2009

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Silverline 2900 Series vs Soft-Lite Windows

What do you think about Soft-lite ARMOR IMPACT PLUS 5300 or Anderson 2900 series?

Bryan - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

The Soft-Lite Armor Impact Plus is a solid hurricane window, I am a fan. The Silverline 2900 is not a good window, definitely not a fan.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Silverline 2900 vs Alside vs PGT

I need vinyl replacement windows in central Florida. I've gotten 4 quotes so far, the Simonton 5500, Silverline 2900, Alside Excalibur, and PGT 2200. They were all around $29000 except the Simontons, which were just about $5k more.

Miller - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

The Silverline and Excalibur aren't as good as the other two, I would eliminate them right away. The Simonton 5500 is average, and the PGT is pretty nice, a 4" frame and exterior flange. It's comparable to the Simonton, but with better DP and AI numbers. I sell more of them than anything else.

Dan - Installer - from 2011

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Low Quality

The Silverlines are very low quality. You can do a lot better without spending much more money. I would say that anything you get is going to be better than these.

Carey - Contractor - from 2010

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Silverline vs Gorell

If you're looking at Silverlines and Gorells, the Gorell is a whole lot better. If you get Silverlines you'll have to replace them in just a few years anyway. Pay the additional money and get Gorell or something similar the first time.

Steven - Installer - from 2010

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