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Read 49 Anlin windows reviews from installers, contractors and consumers on their window models and series, the quality of their distributors, warranty information and more. For pricing, see our window replacement estimator and calculator.

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Editor's Anlin Windows Review

Anlin Windows are a central California based manufacturer that makes 3 vinyl window series, as well as several models of patio doors. The company is family owned and has been in the window and door business since the early 1990s.

In terms of west coast brands, Anlin is generally well regarded as a solid vinyl window manufacturer. They are certainly not as well known as other window companies such as Milgard and Simonton, but they generally get very solid reviews from homeowners and contractors who have used their products in the past. Along with Milgard and Amerimax, Anlin is one of the three vinyl window companies that I generally recommend to consumers looking for a good west coast vinyl window option.

The company makes three series, including the Catalina Series, Del Mar Series and Coronado. As is the case with nearly all companies, I typically recommend their mid range and premium windows over the entry level model, in this case with the Catalina. In terms of pricing, Anlin is right in the middle of the vinyl window pack, comparable to Milgard and Amerimax.

The company makes two independently labeled windows, the Monte Verde Series, which is marketed as a stand alone window and geared towards a more budget minded buyer. The company also manufactures the Ali'i Extreme window that is available exclusively in Hawaii.

The Anlin window warranty is Limited Lifetime and covers the vinyl frame, sash and components for the lifetime of the original owner. The warranty includes an accidental glass breakage provision and is transferrable to a new owner for 15 years from the original date of purchase. In general, this is a pretty impressive warranty.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Anlin Panoramic Windows Reviews

The Anlin Panoramic Window is a solidvinyl window, built with a slightly thinner frame in order to allow more glass area and gain the title of "panoramic." It is ideal for picture windows where homeowners really want want more glass in a good window.

Consumers will sacrifice some energy efficiency with the Panoramic. I prefer the Del Mar series, which offers a sturdier frame, but I see the appeal of the thinner frame for certain projects.

Tim - Site Editor

Anlin Panoramic Series vs. Simonton Daylight Max

My small condo on the southern California coast has a total of 3 vinyl (casement) windows - a single pane, a double pane and a triple pane. (The center pane on the triple is fixed, does not open). Salt air does a job on the casement hardware, plus when the windows swing open they encroach on my (already small) patio space. So I want to change to sliders (XO and XOX) on the double and triple, respectively, and a single hung on the smaller single pane window. All panes are about 22”W x 54”H.

For the retrofits, I think I need to use narrower frame models, so as to maximize viewing area and not deviate from the look of the existing casement windows in the building. The HOA needs to approve this project, and they won’t want the windows to look too different from the exterior from what’s already there.

So far I have quotes from 4 contractors; 2 on Simonton Daylight Max, 1 on Anlin Panoramic, and 1 on Alside Montrose. I’ve eliminated the Alside for quality reasons. To do the job with Simontons was quoted at $3,365 and $2,175, respectively (big difference). Anlin was quoted at $3,245. I want to get one more Anlin quote, which I am looking for now. But first of all, don’t you think these prices (even the lowest) are high for this small, 3 window job? I like the feel of the Anlin, but if I have to pay an extra $1,100 (about 50% more!) for the project to get Anlin, not sure it’s worth it. How much more should I be willing to pay for Anlin than Simonton in this case? We do plan to keep this condo for the foreseeable future.

Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

Martin - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Martin, I took another look at the numbers on the Simonton Daylight max window and was pretty impressed by the air infiltration .06 and U-factor .29 on the sliders. I'm curious about the price difference between the Simonton quotes. Was it through two different Home Depots?

The Anlin Panoramic would be my pick of the bunch so far, although the lower Simonton quote is tough to ignore. I would be careful to properly vet the installers on this one since its so much lower.

In terms of cost, it's tough to say. These aren't three standard windows, the XO and XOX are more complex set ups -- some people might define your project as 6 windows.

You may want to throw a Milgard Tuscany quote in for no other reason than to see how it compares. If it's in that same price range, then you know the numbers are fair. I might take the lower Simonton quote back to the Anlin dealer and ask him to match it. (Or tell him that the price is more in line with what you were hoping to spend.) He probably won't match it, but I'll bet you will see something close to his lowest price point.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Anlin Panoramic Series vs. Simonton 7300 Daylightmax

Hi, I'm looking at Anlin Panoramic retrofit Windows, for the 2.5 inch verses the 3.5 inch frame for bigger views. Are these as good as their Del Mar and Catalina series Windows?

Also comparing them to Milgard and Simonton 7300 Daylightmax series. How do any of these compare to Amerimax? What series do you recommend from Amerimax? Can't find a distributer/installer yet for Amerimax and the Anlin rep told me Amerimax is rumored to about to go out of business? Any info on this?

What do you recommend please? The Anlins and Simontons are about equally priced.

Thanks so much,

Bob - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Bob, the Anlin Panoramic is a good vinyl window, but because they are maximizing the glass area, you will lose some performance and possibly some long term durability. Not much, but there is always a trade off in these decisions. The Del Mar and Catalina use a slightly stronger frame, but you lose out on the extended glass area. All of their windows are solid though so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

I would put the Anlin windows on par with the Milgard Tuscany, although I might give the nod to the Anlin. I would definitely go with the Anlin over the Simonton 7300 Daylightmax series. I think Anlin makes the better window. Normally, I see bids on Anlin that are much more expensive than Simonton.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Anlin Catalina Windows Reviews

The Anlin Catalina is the company "mid range" vinyl window model. It uses a 2 and 7/8 inch frame depth, .80 inch frame thickness, equal sightlines, the Elite spacer, double strength glass and a single vent latch. The Catalina can be ordered in 14 exterior color options, 2 glass package options, 5 hardware options, 3 grid patters and 2 casing configurations. This window is available in a single slider, single hung

The Catalina series differs from the Del Mar series in the following ways: the Del Mar series has the Innergy thermal reinforcement, ultra-strong fiberglass thermal inserts to strengthen the sash and frame, and Comfort•Core—green foam injections into the window frames to maximize energy efficiency.

Tim - Site Editor

Catalina Anlin Window Quote

Hello, I am hoping you can help me determine whether the quote I received today for doing 11 windows (7 windows and 4 sliders) for the Catalina Anlin windows is reasonable. I can see from the reviews the Catalina is a very good product. Here is what I have on the quote sheet:

Catalina XO: 72x48, 34x45, 45x34, 34x47, 70x46, 46x16, 46x16

Malibu PSD: 84x72, 96x96, 96x84, 96x84

The quote is for $24,160. I figured the sliders are quite large especially the one in the master at 96x96. I signed a contract but have a 3 day right to cancel. I am hoping I will hear from you soon.

Thanks for your help.

Lauri - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Lauri, yes that sounds pretty pricey to me. Let's assume the Malibu sliders are $3000 each, which is on the upper end to be sure. (I would ask for a price breakdown on the sliders only to see the breakdown.)

That means that you are being charged $12,000 for 7 windows. Two of which are somewhat large, but the others look pretty standard sized. That seems way to expensive to me. Unless you have some serious work that needs to be done on the frames and sills. I obviously don't know the answer to this.

This is where two more quality bids will tell you what you need to know about the Anlin bid and give you a couple more options. Plus, you can take the bid(s) back to Anlin and tell them if they match the bid you will sign the work order that day. They might not come all the way down to the competitors bid, but I'll bet you'll see some downward movement on that price.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

Anlin Catalina Series vs. Jeld Wen v4500

I sure am glad I stumbled upon your site! I am in the process of getting new windows. I am between two companies one of which will be installing jeld-wen windows and the other that will be installing anlin windows. For the most part, the prices are comparable.

What would you do? It's for 7 single hung windows. It's either the Jeld Wen v4500 or the Anlin Catalina series.

Allison - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Allison, this is an easy one -- the Anlin is a much stronger product than the Jeld Wen. Jeld Wen makes a good door and actually a good wood treated wood window, but their vinyl windows are not the best in the business. Anlin makes an excellent vinyl window and the Catalina series is one of their best. Go Anlin and good luck to you!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Anlin Catalina vs. Milgard Style Line

Hi, I live near Santa Cruz, CA and have two quotes from highly reviewed installation companies that vary considerably-- $8,000 between the two quotes. I'm trying to figure out if the window type is significantly different or what could be making that much of a quote difference. We have a lot of windows—28. Both were quotes for the entire house.

First, Angie's list didn't have anything listed that I saw on the freely available portion for any installation companies in this area. I'll be looking into buying a month of reviews to see what I can find. Yelp reviews average out to be essentially the same between the two companies.

The Milgard quote was $15,000 and was listed as Low E. Beyond that, I don't have any specifics on the type of Milgrad window. We would have to remove and reinstall all of our blinds (the house came with three different style of blinds throughout the house).

The Anlin quote was for the Catalina Infinit windows and came in at $22,000. Removal and re-installation of the blinds is included in this quote.

From the research I've done I have a couple of questions/clarifications. In terms of the difference in quotes, my assumption (that I will clarify) is that the Milgrad quote was for a more basic window than the Catalina Anlin windows. Is this a correct assumption?

It seems, again from CA research that there seems to be more buyers regret with Milgrad's customer service compared to Anlin.

I know it's a personal decision, but it just seems like the two quotes are significantly different and I'm trying to understand what may be causing that. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Jenny - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Jenny, you've done your research, which is great. I would say that Anlin makes the better window of the two companies, but I'm not quite sure its 8 grand better. Of course, it depends on which window from Milgard. I would recommend the Tuscany over the Style Line, which should run about 15% more. So let's say that puts the Milgard quote to $17,500 and a difference of $4,500. Now this makes for a tougher decision.

I would take both quotes and use this article to see how much lower you can get on both of them.

Negotiate A Window Bid

See what each one comes back at. I would put the difference maker at the $4,000 mark myself. However, I would also take a look at who is doing the installation and try to figure out what your gut tells you about which company you feel will do the better job. It does sound like both of the companies you have contacted offer good installation reviews though. (Awesome...)

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Milgard Tuscany Series vs. Anlin Catalina

First of all let me say thank you for such a wonderful and comprehensive website. My mother and I have been talking with so many different sales people with regards to new windows for our home and it's been quite a journey as we've received all kinds of quotes.

I've done a lot of research on not only manufacturers but also installers for our Southern California home and I think I've narrowed the choices down to two manufacturers, Milgard (Tuscany Series) vs Anlin (Catalina/Malibu Series). I wanted to take a moment to gather your thoughts on the quote. We were also pitched the Milgard Style Line series but we preferred the Tuscany for its features. Is the Catalina/Malibu series a good mid range quality comparable to the Tuscany series? Anlin also offered us the Bay View series but we were looking for something a bit greater quality of window. We are also trying to be conservative with how much we are spending as we are undergoing a huge home renovation. I'm just worried that by cost we might be sacrificing a lot in longevity quality.

We have a lot of windows in our home and some are large picture windows that cover the entire wall of our living room. The Milgard quote we received seems quite high to me, and doesn't even include two smaller windows that would still need to be added to the quote.

What are you thoughts on these two quotes and also on the quality of each series. Personally I'm learning towards Anlin's Catalina/Malibu series.

Milgard Tuscany Series = 13 windows and 2 sliding glass doors for $18,795


Anilin Catalina / Malibu Series = 15 windows and 2 sliding glass doors for $13,380

I failed to also mention that both quotes included all taxes, parts, labor, haul-away, clean up, etc. However the Catalina series windows by Anlin also included screens for the windows which the Milgard company that quoted us did not include screens in their quote for the bedroom windows.

Jeremy - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Jeremy, the Anlin Catalina/Malibu series is quite good and certainly a window I would have in my own home. I would say the Catalina is generally very close in quality and craftsmanship with the Tuscany series. I would also agree that the Tuscany quote is too high given the Anlin quote, which looks very fair to me. I think you are exactly right that the Anlin is the way to go.

I might go back to the Anlin dealer and throw out a number and see if he'll come down off his price a bit. I'm not sure he will, but it never hurts to ask. Here is an article with my take on the best approach to this process.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Anlin Catalina Windows Cost

A few weeks ago we signed up and got approved through the HERO program. They pointed us in the direction to a contractor that installed windows. The contractor (++++ Solar) came out and measured and quoted us for the Anlin Catalina system, 10 windows and 2 sliders = 23,000. After we signed the agreement with the window company, I decided to look around and get reviews on the window systems we were getting (I know strange to do it after the fact). I came across your site and saw a post by a consumer that said they had 22 Anlin windows installed and he paid 16,000 I think. Thats when I started panicking!

Long story short, I called the window company and pleaded with them to break my contract. Today I got your email and looked at the estimate price ranges for that same Anlin Catalina window system and you have it listed at $450-$475....+++++ Solar was going to charge us $2,000 per window! I'm beyond frustrated with that company!! Big corporations trying to take advantage of the consumer.

Again, thank you so much for this information and saving my sanity!!

- Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Marc, I hear this time and time again. If you are looking at Anlin, I assume you are on the West Coast. I would suggest getting a few bids and using these bids to get the best price. Companies I like include Anlin, as well as Amerimax, and Milgard. Simonton makes a couple good vinyl windows, but they are a step below the three I mentioned - their Reflections 5500 and their Impressions 9800 series are the Simonton models I'd recommend.

All three (Anlin, Amerimax and Milgard) should have local companies who service your area. Get the bids and let them know that you are in the process of collecting bids (nothing like competition to get their best price). This will also provide you an opportunity to see, feel, operate the different windows, which is nice since they are going to be in your home for the next 20 years.

Take your time and make sure you get the best price and best window for your home!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Anlin Window Prices

As requested, below are 3 separate bids, from 3 different window replacement dealer/contractor:

Bid #1: Sears brand - $6,250 for (3)-6' wide & (1)-8' wide sliding window low-e. More Sears windows reviews.

Bid #2: PlyGem brand low-e3 - $3,000 for (5)-6' wide, (1)-8', & (1)-4' wide obscure/tempered bathroom window.

Bid #3: Anlin Catalina brand - $4,600 for (3)-6', (1)-8', & (1)-4' tempered/obscure - all sliding low-e.

Don - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Don, I like your Anlin bid. The Catalina window is a good window. Seems kind of expensive though, make sure you negotiate the price to get it as low as possible.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Anlin Del Mar Windows Reviews

The Del Mar series is a very solid vinyl window that is available on the west coast states. It uses a 2 and 7/8 inch frame depth, .80 inch frame thickness, equal sightlines, the Elite spacer, double strength glass and a single vent latch. It can be ordered in 14 exterior color options, 2 glass package options, 5 hardware options, 3 grid patters and 2 casing configurations. The Del Mar is Anlin's single hung and slider window, that can also be ordered in several geometric shapes as well.

The Del Mar series is an upgrade from the Catalina in the following ways: the Del Mar series has the Innergy thermal reinforcement, ultra-strong fiberglass thermal inserts to strengthen the sash and frame, and Comfort•Core—green foam injections into the window frames to maximize energy efficiency. Nice upgrades to be sure.

Tim - Site Editor

Anlin Del Mar vs. Simonton Daylight Max

Dane and Tim, first, of all thank you for the work you do and the website. So here goes… This is my second home and first time window shopping. I have boiled down what I think are the “value/mid grade” windows I can replace my 20 year old dual pane windows with. I have gotten a few estimates from local highly rated installers who I trust will be able to do the job.

We live in Phoenix in a two story wood frame stucco exterior home, our major issues are heat and sun. Our master bedroom has a big 108/60 XOX. The window faces south and allows a lot of heat/sun light into the room 365. It gets direct sun from morning to night. In the summer at 10pm the master bedroom is 5-7 degrees higher temp than the rest of the house with the AC running.

Should we invest in higher energy rated windows for this room only and pull back on the energy ratings on the rest of the home with natural shade or use the same energy rating for entire home (all installers are recommending this of course)? Right now the est for all new windows are energy star rated for the Phoenix zone.

In no order of preference (No upgraded hardware or colors). 14 windows. A combo or sliders, single hung, and picture and 1 sliding glass door. These are the total prices tax, install, clean up…

Simonton Daylight Max: $9300, retrofit
Amerimax Craftsman Portrait: $13,000, full pull out and replacement
Anlin Del Mar: $13,000 if we buy right now or $17,250 later, retrofit
Ply Gem Pro: (budget play) $8700, retrofit

What would you recommend?

Michael - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Michael, I would suggest the only change you make for the XOX window is to upgrade the glass to minimize the amount of heat that enters. Basically the glass package that has the lowest SHGC. Talk to the sales guys who gave you the bid and see if the window brand you end up going with has something that can reduce down the heat that enters through that window. You might have to combine that with shudders etc. to keep the heat manageable.

I would rate the Anlin Del Mar as the best of the windows, followed by the Amerimax Craftsman Portrait. No surprise there since they are the most expensive of the bids. I'd put the Simonton Daylight Max next, followed by the Ply Gem Pro. Again, in order of the bids you have so I'm not sure that helps.

If it were me, I'd probably stick with the Anlin or Amerimax, but whether or not to do the full replacement or retrofit is tricky. It sounds like most of them are suggesting the retrofit option. If that's the case, I might stick with the Anlin. Incidentally, I like the air infiltration numbers on the Daylight Max casements and fixed frames, but not so much on the sliders and single hangs.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Anlin Del Mar vs. Milguard

I'm in the process of buying 13 windows in the Los Angeles area. I received some original bids, but here is an update:

Company #1 lowered Anlin Catalina price from $7,900 to $7,450

Company #2 lowered Anlin Mar Vista price from $8,277.28 to $7,984 (they give you Del Mar for price of Catalina).

I kinda of like company #1 better. Is there really a big difference between the Catalina and Del Mar?

Would love to get your opinion before I pull the trigger today or tomorrow.

Tracy - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Tracy, the Del Mar does have some nice upgrades. However, for Southern California I think the Catalina is a good window, especially if you like the company better and feel like they will do a beter install. That was a nice price drop too. I would trust your gut and go with the company you feel most comfortable with, especially since they are selling the same brand to you.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Anlin Del Mar vs. Amerimax ProMax8

I live in Southern California, in the Thousand Oaks area. We are looking to replace 18 single pane windows and trying to decide between two brands for retrofit vinyl windows: Amerimax ProMax8 and Anlin, Del Mar. Both manufactures offer these upgraded packages (ProMax8 and Del Mar), to our local companies because they are large dealers of these windows. Both windows offer a double life time warranty (ProMax is a $75 cost to second owner), argon gas between panes of glass, foam spacers, and a sound reduction package. They have similar U-factors and SHGC energy ratings.

Do you prefer one brand over the other? If so, why and what are the differences to consider, if any?

We have checked out the companies that carry these two retrofit windows and each have excellent reputations for professional quality installation. In our research we have discovered that vinyl windows are similar, but the most important aspect is quality installation. I appreciate that you know the different manufacturers of vinyl retrofit windows and what each one has to offer. With so many great choices I am just glad we have narrowed our decision down to these two manufacturers.

Thank you and looking forward to your reply,

Cheryl - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Cheryl, I've never heard of the ProMax8 from Amerimax so I will have a tough time making a judgement on it specifically. The Anlin Del Mar is quite a nice vinyl window and I might give the nod to Anlin over Amerimax in an apples-to-apples comparison.

You might try to compare the windows by performance data -- see if you can get the u-factors, design pressure ratings, and air infiltrations on both of them. I would go with the window with the lowest u-factor and air infiltration number. (I'd love to hear what the ProMax8 is...) By comparing these, you should find your winner, although I would imagine the numbers would be very close.

Both of these windows sound like they are very solid, I would probably base my decision more on the company doing the work, although it sounds like you have two good options.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

[Cheryl's Reply]

Thank you for your quick reply. It seems the Amerimax promax8 was a package they offered their bigger dealers. Those who sell 500 windows a month. It has a few extras built into the window package that are not considered optional like the sound reduction package is on all windows. The promax8 also has a high definition screen that is less visible to the eye. Not sure this is for us since we live in a slightly windy area and the screen is finer. It also includes a child proof lock.

But the products are so similar and the performance package is about the same.

I appreciate your response. I think both Anlin and Amerimax are good windows. Now to make a choice. If you want to see the ProMax8 package you can go to Progressive windows in chatsworth.

Cheryl - Homeowner - from 2018

Anlin Del Mar vs. Simonton Daylight Max

Good morning -- I happened upon your site and am wondering if you could give me an opinion on choosing between the Simonton Daylight Max and the Anlin Del Mar replacement windows? I live outside of Sacramento, CA; temperatures range from 28 degree lows in the winter to 112 highs in the summer. Thanks very much -

Robyn - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Robyn, both of these windows are decent, but the Simonton Daylight Max is not as good as the Anlin Del Mar window. The Daylight Max is more of an entry level/mid range vinyl window that uses a thinner frame with more glass area. Go with the Del Mar option and you will be quite happy come year 8 and beyond.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Anlin Del Mar Series vs. Simonton

Hi Dane, I had a company that carries Anlin windows come out to give me a quote for 9 windows and 1 sliding door... I believe it's the Del Mar series that is soundproof for $9800.

I also had a another company that carries Simonton windows come to quote me for the same exact windows for $8770 and if it's a check they will even take $500 off.

I am having a hard time to find most current reviews of these 2 products comparison. Each company is saying there product is better than the other

Sue - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Sue, the Anlin Del Mar series is good. The quote sounds high to me. Assuming that the sliding door is $2,000, that's quite a bit for the 9 windows.

The $8270 for the exact same windows sounds much more in line with what I would expect (not knowing the size of windows, upgrades, etc.). I'm a little confused if this is for Simonton windows or Anlin with this second company. Simonton makes some pretty mediocre window series, as well as some very good windows, so if we are comparing Anlin and Simonton, I'd need to know what Simonton series we are talking about.

In general, Anlin is the better window by a bit, but again it depends on which series you are comparing.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Anlin Del Mar Desert Windows

Dane, Thank you for your advise. One more question. Which would you choose: Anline Del Mar Desert package at $13,533 or Milgard Tuscany for $10,500? We live in Phoenix, A.

Mary Jo - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mary Jo, If it were me I would probably go with the Del Mar Desert package, but I would use the Milgard quote to see how low the Anlin dealer will go. Tell him that if he can get close to the Tuscany bid, you will sign that day. See what he says and give him a few days to lower his price.

- Site Editor - from 2017

Anlin Del Mar Luxury Series Costs

I just got a quote for Anlin Del Mar Luxury Series. My 22 year old home is in Phoenix and some seals are broken with condensation. I am not replacing all windows but the windows which the seals are broken and others with direct sunlight. Unfortunately, the height of my windows which have direct sun is 77" tall and about 90" wide. So therefore, I was told the manufacturers do not make such large slides anymore in my price range. I also needed to replace a double door to a walkout balcony. Here is the quote I received. Vinyl with argon installed . Del Mar Luxury Series.

(4) X 35" X 77" double hung

(1) X 85 X 60 X0X

(2) X 23" X 77" double hung

(1) 48 X 77" Picture Window

(1) 28" X 85" Transom

(4) 48 X 56" double hung

(1) 61 X 80 French doors

The total including parts and labor is 11,800.00

Is this about right in price?

Thank you for your consideration.

Joyce - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Joyce, that price quote doesn’t look outrageous by any means for the sizes and dimensions. However, when it comes to some of the bigger openings and French doors, you will tend to see some big differences in bids from one company to the other. I would definitely recommend a couple more bids to see what else is out there.

I would get a bid from a well-reviewed Milgard dealer and also a local company who sells Amerimax. Perhaps even a local company who sells higher end Simonton Series such as the Impressions.

Assuming you get two more bids, I think only then will you know how that Anlin bid stacks up in terms of market price. There may be some real differences in door prices that could save you some money, while still maintaining a high level of quality.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Anlin Del Mar Series vs Milgard Tuscany

I live at the beach in Southern CA. I am planning on replacing Ply-Gem 12 year old casement windows due to continuing significant hardware rust/repair with vinyl sliding windows. I am looking at both Milgard Tuscany Series and Anlin Del Mar Series. In your opinion, which of these manufacturer products will be most durable in the beach and related salt air environment? Thanks.

Paul - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Paul, both of these windows are nice mid range vinyl windows that should serve you well at the beach. I think they are so similar in quality and features that it's a coin toss. Instead I would focus my attention on the companies who will be doing the work and installation. This would be the bigger factor for me. If I had to choose between these two windows, I might give the small nod to Anlin.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Anlin Del Mar vs Milgard Tuscany Prices

I am replacing 4 windows (2 are 71.25 x 46.5 sliders with a SW sunset with full aluminum encasement and 2 are bathroom windows 32 x 48 single hang low sun area) to block construction. I like both the Milgard Tuscany and the Anlin Del Mar but since I am in the Phoenix Metro area I was leaning more to the Del Mar but they are around $700 more expensive. Pleas give me your input. Thank you.

Joanne - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Joanne, I would say the Tuscany and the Anlin Del Mar windows are pretty equivalent, I might give the slight nod to the Del Mar. I like the Tuscany though and assuming good installation on both, I would probably choose the Tuscany and save the $700. The only factors that would tip my choice in the other direction would be colors that the Del Mar comes in over the Tuscany or again the quality of the installation team who will be doing the work. Bottom line is that I think you've got a couple of very nice windows and with good installation, you should be happy with either.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Price Quote On Anlin Del Mar Window

Hi - I have a couple Anlin quotes for my condo for the following window dimensions:

Two XOX windows - 79x46 . One of these is in the bedroom is in thirds for egress.

One XO sliding patio door 95x80.

All are retrofit over aluminum. This is a condo in an HOA. For the Anlin Monte Verde Bay View they are saying $4200. For the Del Mar/Malibu I am getting $4500. Is this a fair price? Thanks.

Ryan - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Ryan, I'd ask for the breakdown on that bid. The patio door is where most of that cost is going to be, seems a bit high to me. I'd think the sliders would be in the $500 to $600 each, not quite sure how much the egress requirements are adding to the bid. I'd go with the Del Mar/Malibu option for such a small different in price. If it were me, I'd get two more bids from other manufacturers. Try Simonton, Milgard and Amerimax distirbutors in your area and see how the bids come in.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Anlin Del Mar vs Milgard Styleline

I just found your website and have been reading avidly. I've currently received quotes from 5 different. I'm picking between Anlin Del Mar windows and Milgard Styleline.

It seems like the Anlin Del Mars is a higher quality window and perhaps I should ask the Milgard people to revise their quotes for the Tuscany?

I'm in San Francisco and both Anlin and Milgard seem to be local - is that true? The one thing that really worries me is I wonder how the Anlin warranty affects resale price of a building or perceived quality? For example, limited warranty once you transfer owners.

Also, the Anlin rep made it seem like Anlin is a much higher quality window because their vinyl is made of a composite that doesn't turn yellow, better bearings for the track, etc. Do you have any idea as to the amount of truth in these claims?

Overall, I'm leaning towards the Anlin but wonder if that's just because the guy did a great job selling me on it. He was the only person who actually showed me windows and explained anything to me. All the other people did was take measurements, leave and email me a quote.

Any advice you have would be welcome! Thank you so much for your website! And feel free to publish this question on there if you need more content. Warm regards,

LJ - Consumer - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

LJ, you were correct that the Anlin Delmar is perhaps a touch better in quality than the Milgard Styleline window. I would say that the Milgard Tuscany is probably a touch better than the Anlin Delmar and should run 10 to 15% more than the cost of the Styleline. Definitely get a quote for both and see how they compare.

My understanding is that the Anlin warranty would probably be very similar to the Milgard warranty. As far as resell value, I've really never heard of anyone factoring in a window warranty when they go to make an offer on a house, however you are correct that when you transfer owners, typically the warranty only last for 20 years from the original date of purchase.

The claim that the Anlin rep made that their vinyl is a higher quality is dubious in my opinion. Milgard uses much the same vinyl as the Anlin and only poor quality vinyl extrusions are going to yellow overtime. Vinyl holds up well to the effects of sun and the elements overtime.

Anlin is a California-based company, while Milgard has factories up and down the West Coast, including four factories within California. Both the Anlin and the Milgard windows are good quality vinyl windows and you should be well served by either - I prefer the Tuscany to the Styleline.

My advice would be to focus less on the windows, since you have two solid choices, and now turn to really looking at the local companies who are giving you the bids. Installation accounts for about half of the job in terms of how well the windows going to perform, how much air is going to get through, and how durable the windows are in the rough opening. You really want to make sure that whoever you use is going to do a thorough and proper installation and is going to back up their work with the labor warranty.

Let me know what you end up deciding and how it works out!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Anlin Del Mar vs Catalina

I am looking at Anlin Coronado / Catalina - their Del Mar is even 100% more. (The Marvin quote was nearly 50% more) Both are dual pane, may be the people here are rich and can afford, except few old people like us! How can I be sure that when they say they are giving me certain glass options and Ar gas, I am getting that. Do you have any idea to make sure of this? Thx again.

Gobi - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

That does not surprise me that the Marvin replacement window is 50% more, it's a much better window. However, you should be just fine with a good vinyl window. The Anlin Catalina is their entry level vinyl window, but it's decent for a project on a strict budget, as long as you get quality installation, you should be just fine with that window. The Anlin Coronado is a better window and would offer better long term value - I would like to see you stretch your budget and get the window that will provide better value in the long term. Tell the rep that you want the Coronado, but explain that it is a bit out of your price range and see what they can do on price. They may suggest some hardware tweaks or features that aren't important to you that can drive the per window cost down.

Take a look at this page for some additional budget recommendations.

As far as the glass goes, there will usually be a small label on the glass, especially if the company sells glass packages with "names" - they often have unique names for their different upgrades. Ask the person selling you the window to point out where on the glass you can confirm that you are getting what you are paying for. No quality manufacturer or dealer is going to pull a bait and switch - I suppose that is where using good contractors - dealer - distributor comes into play. Anlin is a quality manufacturer, you should be in good hands with them.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2015

Anlin Coronado Windows Reviews

Anlin Coronado vs. Amerimax Aristocrat

I have been looking at windows/sliding door replacements for over a month now. I really like the Anlin after watching their manufacturing process. My hesitation is due to my altitude. They would have to be shipped with the tubes for pressure and I don’t know how I would verify that the tubes were sealed properly after the pressure equalization. Installers seemed to think that they didn’t need to do anything to them, yet my understanding is that moisture could get in if not sealed (info direct from Anlin).

With the Denver area building boom, quality installers are extremely busy, and I’m sure can work on larger jobs, leaving less-qualified installers to fill in. I was told EVERYONE subs out this type of work. Anlin only sells through one company in the Denver area and one company in Colorado Springs (~80 miles away). The one in Denver seems good- just a couple of complaints, but I don’t know if they will be around in a few years.

Would you recommend replacements from a manufacturer that is already at altitude- Amerimax and Milgard? Have you heard of problems with Anlin due to altitude?

Thank you!

Karen - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Karen, I get this question of altitude about once every year and I always muddle together an answer based on anecdotal evidence as opposed to real live experience. I don't live above 6000 feet (nothing like that) and have never dealt with the issue first hand.

I know that if the tubes are done right, there shouldn't be any issues. I agree with you that Anlin is the better manufacturer than Milgard or Amerimax, although I do like the Amerimax Aristocrat casements that I've seen and the reviews associated with them.

Anlin has only relatively recently expanded their operation, but I would say they are a very solid company. I understand your concern and I'm not sure I have a definitive answer for you.

I would probably rely on the Anlin Denver dealer's opinion on the quality and reliability of the tubes. Or go with the best Amerimax window I could find. I think that would be the two options I'd consider. Perhaps the deciding factor would be the history and reviews on the company doing the actual install.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Coronado Windows vs. Window World

Hi, I got an estimate from a company to replace my windows and got back an estimate for $11,957 to replace 8 windows with ANLIN VIRGIN VINIL DUAL PANE, CASEMENT WINDOWS, PROPRIETARY “INFINITY” ENERGY EFFICIENT GLASS PACKAGE. They will install the insulation process and when completed will remove and dispose of old windows. They will also provide lifetime warranty upon completion of the project, this warranty is transferable to the next owners should I decide to sell the house.

My concern is the price comparison between this company and the prices I have seen and heard WINDOW WORLD has. Am I overpaying for my windows? How does the quality compare between Anlin windows and the brand Window World has? As a consumer I don’ t really have a way to find the proper information to compare.

I have signed a contract but the windows will not be installed for another couple of weeks and would like to have some peace of mind knowing I chose right before the windows are installed and can cancel my contract.

If the size of the windows makes a difference in the pricing, please, let me know, I can provide the window measurements.

Thanks for your help.

Rosa - Homeowner - from 2017

Editor's Reply

Rosa, at first glance that seems like a very high price quote. $1500 per window is more than double what a standard vinyl window with installation costs. Now, I have no idea what is going on with your project and the price quote might be fine if there is quite a bit of work on the installation side or if the size of the windows are quite large. So yes, the windows are priced out by the lineal foot by the installer when he gives you the bid.

Anlin makes a much better window than Window World, but even Window World's top window with installation will rarely run over $600 per window installed. Still quite a jump from their $189 per window installed...

I wouldn't advise going with WW, but I would advise cancelling the contract with anlin. You need to take some time, get a few more bids from local companies who carry good brands. On the west half of the U.S. I typically recommend Milgard, Amerimax, Marvin, and Simonton. See if there is a rep in your area for these and get a bid from them. You can always go back to the Anlin bid, but you would be smart to ask them to match your lowest bid that you get from one of the others.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Anlin Coronado Windows vs. Milgard Tuscany

Hi Tim. We're looking at windows now for our home in Palm Springs (HOT!). We got a quote already for the Anlin Coronado windows and the Milgard Tuscany. It seems the Coronado is Anlin's high end line, but the Tuscany is the middle quality windows for Milgard. So I'm not really sure we're comparing apples to apples here. Milgard's quote was 1/2 the price of the Anlin. I'd really like to get a quote for Milgard's top of the line vinyl windows so I can get a better comparison with the Coronado windows. Do you know what line that would be?

Our quote for Anlin was about $16,000 for 7 windows (1 really big one) and 2 oversized sliders (taller than normal).

Let me know what you think. Thank you!

- Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mike, the Milgard Tuscany is the higher end vinyl window from Milgard, but they do carry better (and pricier) windows, including the Ultra fiberglass, Essence (wood clad) and two aluminum window options. You may want to get a quote on the aluminum options, which will sacrifice on some of the energy efficiency, but are often used in hot climates such as Palm Springs due to their incredible strength that really stands up to hot climates.

Anlin's Coronado is quite a good window, but not worth 2x the cost of the Tuscany. I would think more like 20% to 25% for the Coronado, but remember that glass options and the various upgrades can have a significant effect on the per window cost of these bids.

I happen to like the Milgard Tuscany and I assume it would be fine for Palm Springs. You may want to discuss other pricing/windows with the Milgard rep and see if he thinks you are fine with the Tuscany or whether he thinks another line is more appropriate for your climate.

You may also want to consider another bid or two to see how these stack up against the Anlin and Milgard. Amerimax should be available in your area and their higher end vinyl model, the Aristocrat or the Craftsman Portrait would be the models to look at.

- Site Editor - from 2017

Anlin Monte Verde Windows Reviews

Anlin Monte Verde and Simonton Daylight Max

Hello, I am changing out old 1950 windows on my home in San Diego. I have received quotes for 8 windows with two being smaller bathroom windows. The Anlin monte verde was quoted at about 3500, whereas the simonton was quoted around 4500. Just trying to get an idea of the quality difference between the two. One installer did believe the installation would be a little more complicated which is why the cost may be higher as well.

Daniel - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Daniel, I'd rate the Anlin Monte Verde and Simonton Daylight Max pretty close in quality to one another. Both are decent middle of the road vinyl windows. I might even choose the Anlin Monte Verde window over the Daylight Max. So having said that, I think it's a no brainer to go with the Anlin dealer at the lower price point. Let me know how it goes!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Anlin Monte Verde Bayview vs. Amerimax Craftsman

We're in California and need to choose between Amerimax Craftsman and Anlin Monte Verde Bayview. The quotes were very similar in price.

Jamie - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Jamie, I would probably the Anlin is the better company and product. In this case, not by much. The Amerimax Craftsman and Anlin Monte Verde Bayview are pretty comparable to one another. I would switch your focus to look at the company providing the installation -- choose the best one here.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Anlin Monte Verde Bay View vs. Milgard Tuscany Series

Hello Tim,I hope you are having a good week. I wanted to follow up on my email from last week. I got a quote from Newman and couple other vendors for Milgard. Newman was better priced compared to others.

Newman Quote:
22 Windows: $9643
1 French Door: $1862
Total Material: $11,505 (Material cost is similar to Dixieline)
Labor: $150/ window and $550/Door = $3850.
Total: $15,355

So now pretty much it boils down to:

Anlin Monte Verde Bay View series @ $14.3k

Milgard Tuscany series @15.3k

Now that both are at almost similar price point, what do you think is a better option?

Since, as you mentioned in the previous email, both windows are in the mid-range category and not that different from each other, I am inclining towards Anlin Bay view series, unless you advice otherwise.

Thank you for your time and advice.

Kinza - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Kinza, I think either bid is pretty solid. I must say that, in my experience, Newman is a very good local company that will provide the quality of installation and long term assistance that most consumers would be very fortunate to have.

Having said that, I think if the same could be said about the Anlin installer and you feel more comfortable with them, then certainly go with them. Just make sure to do your due diligence in vetting the anilin installer.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Milgard Tuscany vs. Anlin Monte Verde Bay View

Hello Tim, I live in San Diego and bought a house in 2016. House is built in 1984 with original single pane windows. I am planning to replace 22 windows and a patio door in my house. House is in the fire zone and hence need a tempered glass as well. I got below quotes to replace 22 windows and 1 french patio door.

Anlin Monte Verde Bay View series (from a well reviewed contractor) (got 2 quotes as well – both are similar)
White vinyl, low-e, argon filled, tempered glass
Total $14k à 11k for material and 3k for labor ($125 per window and $300 for patio door).

Milgard Tuscany from Dixieline (I am planning to get couple more quotes).
White vinyl, SuncoatMax (low-e), gray EdgeGard spacer with argon, tempered glass, smart touch lock.
Total $17k à 11k for material and 6k for labor ($250 per window and $700 for patio door).

Anlin Delmar series (another well reviewed contractor):
White vinyl, low-e, argon filled, tempered glass
Total $21k à Contractor didn’t give the breakdown but I got couple of quotes for this series and both were around $21k.
The only breakdown I have is for French door: $4200, Sliding patio door: $2800, material + labor inclusive. (Note: $21k above includes 22 windows and 1 french door)

Why is the price for material same for both manufacturers (Bayview and Milgard) even when Milgard Tuscany is a better window? Is Dixieline selling a watered down version of the Milgard that I would find with a private contractor? Or am I being up charged for the bayview series?

Also, labor is pretty high for Dixieline. Based on my research, $125-$175 is the normal price for retro fit window replacement. $250 seems excessive. I guess I can probably negotiate on this further.

I thought Bayview series quote was fantastic until I got the Milgard Tuscany quote which has essentially same price for the materials. What should I do? Just go with Bayview series or cough up little more an get Milgard Tuscany windows?

Sorry for the long winded question but I would definitely appreciate your insight.

Kinza - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Kinza, I honestly think the Anlin Monte Verde Bay View is a decent enough vinyl window for most places in San Diego. It's a mild climate that doesn't get tons of rain. The Monte Verde isn't the best window out there, but it's pretty solid and the price quote you have sounds very reasonable to me.

I'm not convinced the Tuscany is that much better than the Monte Verde. I would say they are both in the spectrum of mid range vinyl windows.

I think the big issue for me would be the quality of the contractor/installer. It sounds like you have done your homework and found all solid companies with good reviews.

You might want to get a bid from Newman Windows, which also sells the Tuscany. I'd be curious to see how their pricing compares with Dixieline.

The quote on the Del Mar sounds pretty steep to me.

I like the Monte Verde bid so far to be honest.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Anlin Monte Verde vs Premium Windows

Hi Tim, I am a homeowner in Bakersfield, CA that is replacing the original 1946 wooden frame single pane windows on our recently purchased home. We have received three bids from two contractors:

Contractor A: 19 Anlin Del Mar windows for $17,172

Contractor A: 19 Anlin Monte Verde windows for $11,525

Contractor B: 17 Premium Windows for $6,036 (

Contractor B does not seem like they would do a good job since they got the number of windows wrong on the bid (we asked for 19) and have generally had poor communication with us. So we want to stay away from them and we have not seen any reviews for Premium Windows.

Anlin Windows get very good reviews, but the $17k price point for the Del Mar windows seems excessively high versus the Monte Verde. Two questions:

1) Are the Del Mar windows that much better that they would warrant $6k higher price?

2) Is the quote for either the Del Mar or Monte Verde in the range of normal?

Thank you.

Curran - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Curran, the Del Mar is the better window, but I don't think it's worth the $6K more. I like Anlin windows but that price seems quite high for 19 windows.

I agree that you don't want to go with a contractor who you are having reservations about BEFORE the job. I actually think the Monte Verde is a decent vinyl window and the upgraded Bay View option in this model is good.

I checked the premiumwindowsinc website and they look like cheap vinyl windows -- I wouldn't be surprised if they were relabeled Atrium windows. However, I don't know this for a fact so I will try and collect some additional consumer reviews to get a better judge on this company.

I think you need to either find the floor of Contractor A's bid by using the Monte Verde bid to drive his price down.

I think you should get a bid from a local Milgard dealer and a local Amerimax dealer and see what they offer. I think this would bring some clarity to this huge range of bids you have so far.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Anlin Monte Verde Costs

A contractor suggested a Monte Verde window made by Anlin. Ours is an older Viking that was retrofit. Didn't use existing old metal frame. No UV protection, about 15-20 years old.

Want to replace one of 18 windows. Large front window with two sliders. Approx 8 ft wide x 3 1/2 ft high with almond or tan. Contractor said that Viking should not have retrofit, but they are nice, double pane windows for their time.

I am looking to replace only the front window, not because it's bad, but because I want UV protection.

Contractor wants to put in Monte Verde by Anlin. Is this good front window? I will be getting La z boy leather furniture. Sofa is higher back and will sit 3 inches above expanse of the windowsill.

Cost of window and installation: $680.

I live outside of Sacramento, in Roseville, CA.

Bev - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Bev, the Monte Verde is a good vinyl window, it's not the best vinyl window on the market, but it's a solid vinyl window to be sure. I would say it's on par with the Milgard Tuscany, which is also a good solid mid range vinyl window.

The price quote for a double slider that size is very very fair. All windows are going to allow some UV rays in, that's just the nature of a window. If you do want to limit the amount of light that gets in, talk to your contractor about the glass options available through Anlin. VT or visible transmittance is how much light gets through the window and you may be able to order a glass package with a lower VT.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Anlin Ali'i Extreme Windows Reviews

The Anlin Ali'i Extreme is a vinyl window series that is avaialble to a select group of dealers in Hawaii. It is built strong and durable to hold up to the warm coastal climate of the islands.

Tim - Site Editor

Anlin Ali'i Extreme vs. Amerimax Craftsman Portrait

Hi Dane and Tom. Thank you for the very useful information I've gotten from your site. I live in Hawaii and am replacing 12 windows - a combination of single hung, sliding and awning. I've gotten prices from 2 places as follows:

Anlin Ali'i Extreme - $12,500

Amerimax Craftsman Portrait - $11,000

I could probably negotiate the price of the Anlin down a bit to be closer to the Amerimax. So I would like your opinion as to which is the better window ignoring the price.

Thanks so much in advance for your advice.

Janice - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Janice, I think Anlin tends to make the better window, but not by much. I'd put those two windows as relatively close to one another. If you can get that Anlin price close to the Amerimax, I'd go with the Anlin myself.

However, the windows are close enough that if there is a big difference in the quality, professionalism, and online reputations of the companies doing the work that I'd weight this above the windows themselves.

Good luck to you on your window project!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Anlin Extreme vs Simonton Windows

I was hoping you are able to offer what you know about these:

1 . Win-Dor Windows (and Doors) - made by Win-Dor company themselves . Their main office as well as factory where they manufacture their own windows are located in Anaheim, California . They seem to be a trustworthy company, but very limited window style selection (ie they discontinued their double hung windows due to lack of supply demand)

2 . Anlin Extreme - I'm not sure if this is a relabel of one of Anlin's series, or a new series, but was not on your list.

3 . Simonton Vantage Pointe 6500 - Home Depot offers this . Do you know which Simonton series the 6500 is equivalent to?

I think I'd like to interview a couple more companies before I decide, but right now I'm trying to decide between Anlin Extreme/ Amerimax Craftsman (same installer) or Win-Dor . Any thoughts?

Also, going into this I was expecting Low-e2 to be the standard, but seems Low-e3 is what I've been presented with, although one of the companies tried telling me that their Low-e3 is normally an "upgrade" but they are currently "offering" Low-e3 for the price of their Low-e2 (even though they are phasing out the Low-e2 meaning I couldn't even buy it if I wanted to LOL) . I caught on right away that it was a sales tactic from doing much research and familiarizing myself with terms and such .

Samson - Homeowner - from 2015

[Contractor Response]

Are you in Hawaii? I've never seen this Anlin model but it looks to be available for Hawaii only…Simonton tends to be very cryptic in their model names - if you find a distributor who serves your area they should be able to tell you the comparable model. Often times, Simonton relabels their windows and then provides them to certain distributors or resellers to create the idea of exclusivity.

The Anlin looks like the best of the bunch, depending on what price you can get. Amerimax is a good vinyl window as well -- they are both really on par with one another -- Amerimax does have lots of exterior color options for their vinyl windows, although it adds a lot to the cost of the window (up to 30% in some cases!)

Honestly, I know very little about Win-Dor, but I will check them out this week and see what I can find. Let me know how the bids come in against one another!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2015

Anlin Panorama Windows Reviews

Anlin Panorama Windows or Del Mar

The contractor I talked to recommended the Panoramic line in response to my concern about the potential loss of glass area with the Del Mar or Catalina styles. Is there any downside to the Anlin Panoramic?

Suzy - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Like all thinner vinyl framed windows, you will sacrifice some performance for the increased glass area. The company tries to counter balance this with a better glass package, but a thinner frame means you will have a slightly less sturdy frame. It's a trade off -- for instance in Europe they use incredibly thick vinyl frames and they lose quite a bit of glass area, but their windows are very energy efficient and they last forever.

I tend to think that the eye gets used to whatever it sees and that you won't see the difference once the windows are in. Basically I'm in the camp that says if you are going to replace your windows you want longevity and performance. However, this is an opinion and these are your windows. If the viewing area is a big deal for you, then I think you should absolutely consider the Panoramic over their traditional vinyl windows. Yes, you get slightly less performance and possibly a bit less on the overall life of the window, but we aren't talking about huge numbers.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Anlin Mar Vista Reviews

Mar Vista vs. Del Mar Series Correction

Hey Tim,

American Vision Windows was at my house tonight and they sell both Anlin Mar Vista and Anlin Del Mar. They are definitely not the same product. The sales rep said Mar Vista is an exclusive made just for their company. The Del Mar series is a "luxury" series and the Mar Vista is not. I told the rep not to bother with a Mar Vista quote as I didn't like the look of them. The site lines were weird. I like the even sight lines of the Del Mar series better.

Your reply mentioned that you'd like to know some performance data. I am attaching a couple of photos from the brochures the sales person left.

All that said, I like the Del Mar series but not the company, American Window Visions. They are too "sale-sy" for me. Unfortunately, the Del Mar series is limited to a few dealers (only two or three in San Diego where I live), so I need to find something comparable to Anlin Del Mar.

Jen - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jen, thanks so much for reaching out. I checked that page and you are absolutely right, we dropped the ball on the Mar Vista and Del Mar products. Anlin has several of these drop down products that we have been learning about very slowly as you can tell :)

Newman Windows is in San Diego and they have quite a solid reputation. They sell the Milgard Tuscany, which is a lower quality window than the Anlin Del Mar in my opinion, but an overall solid vinyl window for your mild climate.

Also BM Windows now sells Anlin windows and they have a solid track record (check their yelp reviews.) They sell the Coronado and Monte Verde series (which is a more budget friendly product as well). I'd love to get your take on the Monte Verde if you do get a bid from them.

Let us know if either of these companies work -- we get lots of San Diego based consumers so it's nice to get the skinny on quality, pricing, and approach!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

[Jenn's Reply]

Hi Tim,

It's funny that you mentioned BM Windows because we already had an appointment scheduled with them this evening. The Monte Verde has uneven sight lines so I ruled that one out right away. They also have Anlin Catalina which I liked. These are the three estimates we received:

JWG Windows
Simonton Daylight Max
Low E glass with argon
U-factor: 0.29

American Vision Windows
Anlin Del Mar Series
Anlin Malibu Sliding Doors
Infinit e Plus with argon
Sound suppression 1/8" and 3/16" glass
U-factor : 0.26
$12,900-ish; rep did not leave written quote

BM Windows
Anlin Catalina Series
Anlin Malibu Sliding Doors
Infinit E Plus with argon
Sound suppression 1/8" and 3/16" glass
U-factor: 0.27

I compared the specs between the Del Mar series and the Catalina series(with the options noted) and the only difference I can see is the Del Mar series has "Innergy® Rigid Thermal Reinforcements, ultra-strong fiberglass thermal inserts that provide superior thermal insulation and strength inside key components of the sash and frame" and "Comfort•Core™, low conductance green foam inserted in specific dead air chambers in the window frames for maximum energy efficiency."

We have eight windows and two sliding glass doors. One of our windows is very large and one is a geometric shape.

I liked the Craftsman frame option on the Daylight Max window better than the Contemporary frame on the Anlin windows but I am leaning toward the Catalina series from BM Windows. I want to go visit some houses in my neighborhood where they did work before making my final decision. JWG and BM Windows both have great reviews and I liked the reps that were at my house. I did not like the rep from American Vision Windows.


Jen - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jen, thanks so much for the info, its tough to keep up on every manufacturer as there are literally hundreds in the U.S.

If you think about it, let us know what you end up going with and how it works out!

All The Best.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Anlin Malibu Patio Door Reviews

Anlin Patio Doors vs. Milgard

Hi Tim, I am just starting the process of getting bids on replacement windows for my home in Southern California. We currently have Milgard Style Line series but want to upgrade to a brand that allows for exterior color, has better energy efficiency and style options. So far, I have met with two companies and felt with both like I was dealing with a car salesman. Both vendors went through the window styles etc. but were adamant that I tell them what grid lines I want, exactly what style window I wanted in each of the 44 windows etc. So they could make their bid.

I know that eventually I will need to be very specific about these items but wanted to know how important it was that I have these details available at this part of the bidding process? Will I be able to change my preferences once I decide what vendor to go with or will it affect the price so significantly that I need to have these elements thought out before I meet with the next salesman? Also, what format is a typical estimate given in?

My Anlin dealer simply sent me one number in an email with no detail broken out? When I pushed him for the breakdown of labor, parts, tax he then gave me three numbers. Is that what I should expect from a quote? Shouldn’t they have a window breakdown with sizes, quantities etc? Lastly, when it comes to sliding glass doors do you feel all of the companies you recommend (Milgard, Anlin etc) have the same quality as they do with their windows?

Thank you for your time. This site is really fantastic and I appreciate your honesty and straightforward explanations. I never knew buying windows could be such a process with so many options and details to consider!

With much appreciation,

- Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Christy, they should be able to give you a bid with or without grids. Often, they will simply give you a per window cost to add them in. So it's important to review the final work order before it goes out to the factory if you are making changes/upgrades etc. to your order.

The format of estimates is all over the board. Many companies have slick computer programs where they put in the measurements and particulars for each and every window and send that out for the customer to sign off on. That gives them recourse if the customer comes back and complains that they didn't get what they ordered. Other companies are much more slip shod in their work orders. It really is all over the place, depending on who you go with.

I would probably rank the Anlin patio door over the Milgard, but not by much. Both of these over the Simonton, but again not by much.

Feel free to send me the bids and I'll give you my three cents!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Anlin Malibu Sliding Doors vs. Milgard Tuscany Doors

We are looking to replace a wall of doors/ windows in our 40+yr old sunroom addition, which has a pool view facing south in Roseville, CA. The current frames are black aluminum with dual pane glass: 2 (79 × 78) double sliding patio doors on either end , 2 single hung windows (75 ×33) on either side of a (75×59) picture window. We have wood framing on all doors and windows on the interior and white painted cement hardiboard framing on the exterior. Even though the room is vented for heat and a/c, the room is warm on winter days, but too cold at night; way too hot during Sacramento summers.

We're not the original owners, so we're not sure of the current manufacturer; the locks on the single hung windows say Western Products, the picture window glass has a Milgard Logo etched in the corner, and the Patio doors have a Guardian logo on the glass. We have replaced some of the glass over the years due to fogging in between the panes, but not on the doors; definitely on the single hung, possibly on the picture, but we can't remember.

We received 5 estimates and learned a lot in the process. We honed it down to two bids:

1. Milgard - 2 white vinyl Tuscany sliding patio doors, with Styleline (to maximize sunroom view) on the 2 single hungs and 1 picture window, Comfort package with low E3 glass plus argon, all tempered. Windows will be retrofit, doors will be full frame. $6000.

2. Anlin - 2 White vinyl Malibu sliding patio doors, with either: Panoramic single hungs (2) and picture (1) $5700 OR Malibu door w/ Delmar windows $6500. Infinit-e glass w argon, all tempered. Window and doors to be retrofit (only track removed on patio door. ) I questioned why not full frame on doors, but the assured me not necessary for our installation. They are also throwing in auto locks on single hugs and deadbolts on Patio doors.

Have read your other comments about thinner frame on Styleline and Panoramic, but it is a sunroom and we are worried about the bigger framing on the Delmar.

What you you think about price and products/styles offered.

Christine - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Christine, the pricing sounds about right to me, although it doesn't mean you can't go back and see if they will come down on price.

I think the Anlin is the better window and sliding door over the Milgard, especially at the price quotes you have. In terms of the Panoramic or Delmar windows, I think the Panoramic is probably the way to go, considering you want the extra glass area because it is a sunroom. The Panoramic is not going to be quite as energy efficient as the Del Mar -- that's the trade off you make with a thinner framed window. However the low-e tempered glass ought to help counter balance this fact.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

General Anlin Windows Reviews

Anlin vs Milgard Style Line

We live in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles where it's quite hot in the summer. We have some rather large picture windows that need replacing. We're look at either the Milgard Style Line or the Tuscany for picture windows? It isn't so much price as the glass area.

Eric - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Eric, I do prefer the Tuscany over the Styleline, but in terms of picture windows it doesn't make as much of a difference. You may want to look at the Milgard Trinsic line, which just came out in 2018 and is a more modern and streamlined looking window. This might be a nice option for you.

Also take a look at if there is an Anlin dealer or an Amerimax dealer in your area. Either of these brands should serve you well. Make sure to look at that SHGC of each window. You may want to upgrade to a better glass package to reduce the amount of heat coming through the window glass.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Anlin Window Review

I have been looking at windows/sliding door replacements for over a month now. I really like the Anlin after watching their manufacturing process. My hesitation is due to my altitude. They would have to be shipped with the tubes for pressure and I don’t know how I would verify that the tubes were sealed properly after the pressure equalization. Installers seemed to think that they didn’t need to do anything to them, yet my understanding is that moisture could get in if not sealed (info direct from Anlin).

With the Denver area building boom, quality installers are extremely busy, and I’m sure can work on larger jobs, leaving less-qualified installers to fill in. I was told EVERYONE subs out this type of work. Anlin only sells through one company in the Denver area and one company in Colorado Springs (~80 miles away). The one in Denver seems good- just a couple of complaints, but I don’t know if they will be around in a few years.

Would you recommend replacements from a manufacturer that is already at altitude- Amerimax and Milgard? Have you heard of problems with Anlin due to altitude?

Thank you!

Karen - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Karen, I get this question of altitude about once every year and I always muddle together an answer based on anecdotal evidence as opposed to real live experience. I don't live above 6000 feet (nothing like that) and have never dealt with the issue first hand.

I know that if the tubes are done right, there shouldn't be any issues. I agree with you that Anlin is the better manufacturer than Milgard or Amerimax, although I do like the Amerimax Aristocrat casements that I've seen and the reviews associated with them.

Anlin has only relatively recently expanded their operation, but I would say they are a very solid company. I understand your concern and I'm not sure I have a definitive answer for you.

I would probably rely on the Anlin Denver dealer's opinion on the quality and reliability of the tubes. Or go with the best Amerimax window I could find. I think that would be the two options I'd consider. Perhaps the deciding factor would be the history and reviews on the company doing the actual install.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Anlin Windows In Phoenix

I came across your site when researching windows. I found a list of energy efficient windows for the Phoenix, Arizona area that are better with our summer heat. Based on the list from the Efficient Windows Collaborative, is there one window company that you would recommend over another?

We have 17 windows to replace and we would prefer the most energy efficient, but still at a manageable cost. Thank you for any assistance you may be able to render.

Kind regards.

Sue - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Sue, I took a look at the Efficient Windows Collaborative website, but it seemed to includes lots of window brands that I don't think are actually available in your area. I might be wrong about this but it seemed like a big long list of window brands, but not really specific to any area.

For Phoenix, I usually recommend Milgard, Amerimax, Anlin, a high end Simonton, or a Marvin.

Aluminum windows are definitely in play because of the hot climate -- Don Young might be available and they make a great aluminum window and a good vinyl window.

Let me know what you find and feel free to send me your bids when you collect them and I'll give you my two cents!

All The Best.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

[Sue's Response]

Hello Dane, thank you so much for your reply. I looked up all 17 of the manufacturers of the double-glazed, low solar gain, low-E glass, argon non-metal, improved windows listed on that site. We wanted to stay away from Aluminum frames as they conduct a great deal of heat (or so we were told) and as that is what we currently have. I saw reviews for both Alpine and Alside - both by Associated Materials and reviews were negative. Same for American Exteriors,LLC and Atrium Windows.

I found that many companies don't have dealers in our area -- such as NT Window. I did reach out to them via email as they were listed on all three of the top energy efficient listings. Disappointing. There were at least five other companies that are not in our area too.

Jeld-Wen does have distributors who order from them and install replacement windows as does Renewal by Anderson. We have had a quote from Anderson which was outrageous. Do you have any opinions about either of these companies?

I didn't see any of the companies you listed on the energy efficient manufactures listing. Thoughts? Further suggestions?

We have a local window replacement company who orders for Jeld-Wen coming on Friday to give us an estimate. Will keep you posted.

Thanks so much! Kind Regards,

Sue - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Sue, in all honesty Jeld Wen makes great doors, but not very good vinyl windows. They pale in comparison to the three recommendations I made. I'm really not sure what this energy efficient manufactures listing is, but I wouldn't put much stock in it.

Renewal By Andersen bids are always quite high and honestly not worth the expense. The Anlin Del Mar window with a low e glass is going to be just as energy efficient as the Renewal composite frame.

If there were better and more efficient window manufacturers than Milgard, Anlin, and Amerimax on the West Coast, I don't know what they are. Each of these companies offers several window series. I would suggest going with the mid range or premium models, along with a nice low-e glass. Ask all three of them if they offer foam filled frame upgrades or a reinforced sash rail upgrade on their single or double hung windows. This is going to get you the most energy efficient window and I would hope you could get it close to the $700 per window price.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Anlin Window Series

We are looking into replacing our windows and we got a quote from an Anlin distributor. My question is which is the series that is at the top , Del Mar series? Coronado series? Or Catalina series?

Ines - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Ines, Anlin makes three basic series, the Catalina, Del Mar and Coronado. The Catalina is the entry level, the Del Mar is their mid range and the Coronado is the Premium. The company also sells a Monte Verde window that is roughly equal to the Del Mar.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Anlin Windows Or Crystal Pacific

I am in the process of deciding what windows to purchase. I had never heard of Anlin until a friend mentioned them. You seem to have high regard for them and I am comparing them to the Milgard Tuscany Based on what I read, you feel it is a toss-up as to which is better and to judge the installers and price as higher priorities. I am in Long Beach, CA

So, there is a company that I want to get your opinion on. Crystal Pacific Windows. Have you heard of them and what can you tell me about them. They seem to be close to half the cost of the Milgard which alone makes me concerned about the quality of the window.

Also, I am looking for a Kitchen / Side yard door and am considering a door with a glass insert and a blind in the glass. This door gets fairly heavy midday sun and minimal afternoon/evening sun.

John - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

John, I don't know much about Crystal Pacific windows. I did look them up on the website to look at some of their performance numbers and they appear to be okay. I'm sort of assuming that the company like many smaller manufacturers makes a sort of mid range vinyl window that is marketed towards the price conscious consumer. Since you live in Long Beach where the climate is quite mild, I would say you may be just fine with this option. If this is your forever home, however, I would probably advise to go with the Anlin or Milgard, which are proven companies with good track records.

Crystal Pacific does include an accidental glass breakage and limited lifetime warranty (only 10 years on ownership transfers though). Normally, I look at the warranty not as a benefit for the consumer, but as a gauge of what the company thinks of their own product - they seem to be offering a decent product by this gauge.

I think there may be some value in the Crystal Pacific windows, but I would also say that the window is probably going to be weaker than the Anlin/Milgard option.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Anlin Vinyl Window Review

Anlin products are supposed to be really good, I haven't heard much bad about them. You should always get at least three estimates, for both the windows and the installation. Prices can be surprisingly different, but don't automatically go for the cheapest. Look at the warranties and the kind of service you'll be getting.

David - Window Contractor - from 2011

Anlin vs Milgard

Anlin has a great reputation on the West coast. I wold get a quote from someone like Milgard to compare your current quote to. Some will argue that Milgard products are better and other people like Anlins, I think they're comparable and each make a good window. Either way you should be satisfied, they are sturdy and they look great.

Randy - Window Contractor - from 2011

Top West Coast Window Producers

If I had to rank the top four West Coast window companies, I'd go with

1. Milgard
2. Anlin
3. Atrium
4. Magic

A lot of people like the Anlin better than Milgard, and the only reason I don't is that Anlin is a small producer and with a bad economy you never know if they'll be around in a few years to take care warranty or other problems.

Barry - Installer - from 2010

2nd Response

My favorite window on the West Coast? I like Simonton windows and Amerimax the best, really don't like Atrium and Magic. My top 4 would probably be
1. Simonton
2. Amerimax
3. Milgard
4. Anlin

Granted, I only deal with windows available in Southern California, so if you're somewhere else you might have more (or less) options. These four all have good features and are good quality manufacturing - even so I would always advise consumers to get a few quotes before buying.

Jordan - Contractor - from 2010

Read additional Milgard windows reviews.

Anlin Windows From American Vision

I knew I wanted Anlin windows, but I was having trouble finding an installer. The first person I turned to gave me a ridiculous price, so I called Anlin and asked what installer they recommend. They told me to call American Vision, and the quote I got when I called them was less than half of what the first guy wanted. The installation was fast and easy. They installed them the day they were delivered. The only problem I had was that they forgot the deadbolts I'd asked for, and I had to call a 2nd time to get them to come put them in. When they did come out, they were really nice and apologetic about it so I wasn't mad. I think they also install Milgard, but I know that they did a good job on my Anlins.

Brett - Homeowner - from 2010

Anlin And American Vision Windows

I just put 18 Anlin windows plus a sliding door in my house. I'm actually happy with the windows themselves, we had American Vision install them and they did a good job. They talk a big game about their devotion to customer service, but they don't seem to care about fixing problems once they have your money. I'd get Anlin windows again, but I will definitely use a different installer.

Ron - Homeowner - from 2007

Advise For Window Seller

I'm in Birmingham, Alabama now and most of what I sell is double pane, low-e and argon with triple glazed glass. It doesn't get super cold here but the heat in summers can be brutal. When I lived in Northern California pretty much everything was Anlin, I guess because it was close by. They're a good brand, I never had any customers complain about them. One problem that some people have is with stucco homes. Installers want an easy job so they keep the old frame and just put in new glass. There's nothing wrong with that if your frames are good and the homeowner knows that's what's happening, but I've seen some dishonest installers pull a fast one. Pay attention to what they're doing on your house.

Daryl - Installer - from 2007

Anlin vs Polybau Windows

Polybau and Anlin both make really good windows. I think they're way better than Simonton or anything sold at HD (Home Depot). They offer a slightly larger extrusion and a better spacer too. Their air leakage is way better than Simontons. They are both good windows. I like Anlins a lot, they really are a good window. They can be pricey, but if you're smart you can get a good deal. Salespeople are always talking special offers and phony discounts, but if you find an installer with some good references you can usually get a reasonable price. Make sure to get quotes from several people before signing with anyone.

Barry - Industry Insider - from 2006

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