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PGT Windows Reviews

Read 11 PGT windows reviews to explore if this company's product and window lines are right for your home. Click for additional PGT window prices.

Page Last Updated: November, 2014.

PGT Windows Reviews

I spent nearly $50,000 replacing all of the windows in my house with PGT Industries replacement windows. A feature window on the front of my house came in wrong. Two replacement windows have been provided; both were wrong. I have little confidence this will ever be corrected. The front of my house looks ridiculous. I am sorry I used these windows and would be very wary of using them. The contractor, Solar-Tite Windows & Doors have been great; already re-ordering the window twice. It's PGT Industries that can't get this right. Every time they re-order the window, I have to wait 3-4 weeks to get another (wrong) replacement.

Randy - Homeowner - from 2014

Follow Up From Randy

PGT Industries finally got my Study window right. Our contracto installed it this morning. They are awesome windows. They have significantly improved the look of my house. They are very high quality in appearance and performance. I have had to turn-up the thermostat on our air conditioning systems because they are so energy efficient that they do not allow the summer sun and heat to penetrate into the house. Also, the contractor, Solar-Tite Windows & Doors in Sanford, Florida did an awesome job installing them. I highly recommend these windows for anyone wanting high quality, high performance, attractive windows.

Randy - Homeowner - from 2014

PGT & Custom Window Systems

Vinyl windows are getting more popular in Florida, but they aren't available in a lot of colors. They are pretty much white, beige, and tan. They tend to be either laminated or painted, and both have some drawbacks. There are only two manufacturers that have decent designs and color choices, Custom Window Systems and PGT. PGT makes a PremierVu series that isn't bad, and if that is too high as far as cost, look at their 500 series.

Ian - Contractor in Florida - from 2012

PGT 2300

I really like the PGT 2300. Their only problem is they don't have a wood grain interior. I've sold hundreds of them when they had the NC factory, and I think I only had a problem with one order, but that was handled right away and the customer ended up satisfied.

Terry - Industry Installer - from 2011

Versus Simonton & Silverline

I need vinyl replacement windows in central Florida. I've gotten 4 quotes so far, the Simonton 5500, Silverline 2900, Alside Excalibur, and PGT 2200. They were all around $29000 except the Simontons, which were just about $5k more.

Miller - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

The Silverlines and Excalibur aren't as good as the other two, I would eliminate them right away. The Simonton 5500 is average, and the PGT is pretty nice, a 4" frame and exterior flange. It's comparable to the Simonton, but with better DP and AI numbers. I sell more of them than anything else.

Dan - Installer - from 2011

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PGT vs Sunrise

I like the PGT but they don't make a triple pane. They're comparable to the Sunrise, but I think the PGT looks better. I do like the MaxEdge spacer on the Sunrise better. They have similar ratings, so I'd go with either one. Between these two the price and installation would be the deciding factor.

Evan - Installer - from 2011

Comparing PGT, Gorell & Softlite

The PGT 2300 and SoftLites both have AI ratings around .05. I sell both PGT and Gorell, but the PGTs cost less and I sell more of them. The Gorell is good too, especially their different glass packages. Their triple pane is better than almost anyone as far as energy savings.

Todd - Contractor - from 2011

PGT Glass Laminates

PGT laminates most of their own glass, and they do a really good job. Some of it is outsourced. Simonton gets their glass from a vendor, don't know if it really effects quality though. PGT mostly makes aluminum. They hold up well under Florida storm season, and are one of the biggest sellers of impact windows in the southeast.

Dan - Industry Insider - from 2011

PGT Vinyl Windows Reviews

I need vinyl replacement windows, and I feel like I've looked at a million of them. I think I've got it narrowed down to the Gorell 5500 and the PGT 2300. I'm not sure which is better? They both seem good, the installers for each have good reputations, but the Gorell costs about 30% more. I have 18 regular windows plus 4 sliders so it's going to be a lot of money, I want good windows, but I also want a good deal. I'd like input as to e-ratings, warranties, durability.

Tom - Homeowner - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

With that much price difference I'd go with the PGT. I've worked with them, although a lot of people haven't cause they're a smaller company. They make a good, solid product, and I think I sell more of them than the Simontons. We just had a job with 37 PGTs and not a single window had a rough weld or any other defect. Once we had a window delivered with broken glass and a screen with some scratches, but they were both replaced quickly, no problems. Their numbers aren't great, but they are a good serviceable window, good company and good price.

Steven - Contractor - from 2010

[2nd Response]

I've heard some good things about PGT, but I haven't worked with them. I have handled a lot of Gorells, and I'm sure that you'd be happy with them. If the PGT is good, it's a pretty big price difference to overlook.

Bill - Contractor - from 2010

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