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Read 27 PGT windows reviews to explore if this company's product and window lines are right for your home.

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Editor's PGT Window Review

PGT is a Florida based manufacturer of vinyl, aluminum and hurricane windows that are sold through reps and local companies throughout the south and along the eastern seaboard (mostly in the south half of the eastern coast). Although the company is not typically well known by consumers, they do have a very solid reputation in the window industry as a quality manufacturer, particularly of hurricane or impact windows.

PGT windows prices tend to be in the mid range for hurricane windows and offer some nice value for homeowners. PGT windows are an excellent option for consumers who are looking to get a quality vinyl or aluminum window, but not looking to break the bank. They are one of my top picks for impact windows for families in the south who live in areas that are subject to harsh and sometimes severe weather.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

PGT Windows vs. ECO Windows

ECO Windows vs PGT Windows for a single family home in Florida. Both are reputable in Florida and the prices seem to be competitive. My concern is quality and customer service. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you.

- Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Damian, I know virtually nothing about Eco Windows, so I can't comment much on them. However, I did look them up on the website, which lists performance numbers from hundreds of window companies. I'm assuming that Eco Windows is Eco Window Systems, LLC (but this isn't necessarily right, that's how confusing the window industry can be...)

Assuming they are this company, their U-factor VT, and condensation resistance numbers were pretty much deplorable. The best number I could find on their casement was a .67 U-factor, .25 visible transmittance, and 20 CR.

As far as PGT windows goes, I find their windows very high quality, good performers and very price competitive. If it were me, I'd go with a proven brand like PGT any day of the week.

As for Eco, I will continue to look at them and try to get some additional information on them. I don't like to rush to judgement on any company.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

PGT Hurricane Windows vs Simonton

We are forced to replace a large window with two awning windows and two plate glass windows. Total width is 196" and height is 62". We live in Florida, on a river, and close to the gulf - obviously a hurricane zone. Can you compare PGT class C window to Simonton class D window, please. This window faces the south, which is on the river. We have estimates that are very similar in price.

Deanna - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Deanna, PGT in my opinion is the superior window to the Simonton. Now, I will say that the installation quality would push me one way or the other, so if there is a noticeable difference between the two (reviews, reputation, etc.) then this would be my deciding factor.

But all (installation) things being equal, I would have to go with the PGT hurricane windows over Simonton hurricane windows.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

PGT vs American Craftsman Windows

I have a Florida Block and Stucco home built in 1980. The old single pane aluminum windows needs to go. Looking for a neutral party comparison of the windows i have been quoted so far. The PGT 5400 and Anderson same in about the same price, is one better than the other? The Anderson is an American Craftsman line, i believe 50 or 70 series . Both are single hung. The Simonton Vantage Point 6500 came in a lot more expensive but i also a double hung. My main two focus are efficiency and resale value increase. Are the Simonton windows worth the extra money? About $3500 more. If not PGT or Anderson? The Anderson was a lower level quote but the same people that quoted the Simonton. In my gut I am liking the PGT, i thought the presentation was better and more thorough. However, I do not like the fact they used the ' model home' discount, but they are still the cheapest quote. What are your thoughts on all 3 products?

Dan - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

I love this email because it's so easy! The PGT is the hands down winner, I like the quality of the windows, the welds, the price point. American Craftsman are not good quality, they just happen to be owned by Andersen Windows. The Simonton Vantage Point is an okay window, but not better than the PGT.

Do make sure that the installer is doing thorough work, I always suggest asking him to take you through the process to give you a better idea how it's going to work. Most quality installer will have a nice thorough answer for you, as opposed to "we pull out the old windows and stick in the new ones." Check their reviews and reputation to verify the quality of their work. Assuming good installation, I think you have a clear cut winner.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

PGT vs Jeld Wen Windows

I am looking at replacing 8 single pane windows in my home and i have quotes from both Home Depot and Lowes. I have tried to keep the options the same as best i could to make sure i was comparing apples to apples. I am looking at single hung, impact glass in both Jeld Wen and PGT brands. The PGT is the WinGuard 5500 series window. The cost for the total install is about $1,500 in difference between the 2 companies. I live in Melbourne Florida and my question is, money aside, which company provides a better product and what would you recommend. Thanks.

Michael - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Michael, of the two I would absolutely go with the PGT. Jeld Wen makes good doors and their treated wood windows are not bad, but their vinyl windows are not the best in the business by any means.

PGT makes very solid vinyl windows and they offer some excellent value for consumers. I always caution consumers when it comes to the HD and Lowes installers as these big home improvement companies tend to subcontract out the work and pay a low rate for the installation itself. I don't find this a recipe for getting a thorough and quality window install. This is a rule of thumb and not an absolute, so please due your due diligence with the installation because it is an important part of the equation. Best of luck!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

PGT Window Costs

Hi, I live in florida and I am replacing 5 windows PGT 36x62 WHITE LOW E AND HALF SCREEN for $2620.00 is that a good price or should I talk them down lower. The price started at $3275 but I had a competitor called weather tight mike who offered 2800.

Peter - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Peter, $524 per window fully installed with a low-e glass at that measurement sounds like a very fair price to me. This is assuming that the installation quality is good and hopefully includes a 1 or 2 year labor warranty on the windows in case something installation related happens. But to answer your question, the price sounds fair. Of course, it never hurts to ask the company if this is their lowest price, you never know!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

PGT vs Eastern Architectural Systems

I am in the market to upgrade my original Florida crank out windows(single pane glass) and have narrowed my decision to two window manufacturers. They are Eastern Architectural Systems single hung series 1431/1441/2451/2461 and PGT energy vue 5400 series. I am on a tight budget but need the upgrade for aesthetics and efficiency. Can you tell me about each window? I live in Jacksonville Florida proudly serving in the U.S. Navy. I appreciate your help!

Gus - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Gus, I have never heard of Eastern Architectural Systems, although it looks like they are part of Earthwise Windows And Doors, which is a loose knit group of smaller window manufacturers. Most of these smaller manufacturers buy all of their window parts and asemble them at the local factory and sell them within their regional market. The original impetus for the group was that smaller regional manufacturers lacked the resources and infrastructure (marketing materials, sales, support, engineers, designers, etc) of the larger national window manufacturers. They therefore banded together under the Earthwise group to take advantage of its branding, product awareness and national presence.

I like the PGT Energy Vue 5400 window, this is what I would go with. Make sure whoever installs it, has lots of experience with this particular window.

If you want two additional suggestions (the more bids you have, the easier it is to negotitate down the price). CWS and Simonton are both available in your area and are both very solid options as well - you can call up CWS Windows and ask for the local company that services your area.

Thank you for serving our country, please let me know if you have ANY additional questions and I'm more than happy to give you my advise!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

PGT Patio Doors And Windows

I installed single pane aluminum pgt 5 x 3 casement windows, single hung windows, and french doors in my house in 2002. They are still wonderful. Now I need to install an additional single pane aluminum cabana door and a 32" x 80" fd101 french door to match what i already have. I've been told new pgt doors are not the same quality as my 2002 doors.

1. What do you think, are they the same quality?

2. The cabana door would replace the garage side entry door that receives a lot of abuse, especially at the bottom kick plate when either my dogs scratch to come in or i push to open with my foot when carrying loads. i understand cabana doors are not made as sturdy as the french doors. Do you think i would be better off with an fd 101 there as well or is the cabana door sturdy enough?

Thanks for your much needed opinion.

Charlie - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Charlie, good to hear that your PGT windows and doors are holding up so well after 14 years! I haven't heard that the quality of PGT windows or patio doors have gone down over time. I tend to think that as PGT has become more popular, they get more scrutiny from consumers and homeowners and this brings about more negative reviews (due to greater consumer use and not necessarily a greater percentage of disgruntled customers). I could certainly be wrong about this, but you're the first I've heard this from. If it were me, I'd probably stick with the PGT for the overall continuity of look for the home (assuming that the door design hasn't changed too much, you should definitely find out). I would also grill the PGT rep over the quality issue and maybe solicit one or two unbiased opinions from places around you that carry the product.

In terms of the Cabana vs the French Door, I think it would depend on the amount of abuse it's getting. The Cabana Door is going to be less expensive and will fit in the existing opening so I would say go with this. Putting in a French Door would mean reconfiguring the opening (I would guess) and this is going to significantly add to the cost. The French Door is going to get just as much wear and tear in the section where animals are scratching, right? My one concern about the Cabana Door would be damage to the lower glass plates if the dogs jumped up and continually banged against it, the glass plates are definitely not going to be as sturdy as a non movable pane of glass.

I'd suggest getting a few contractors or companies out to see what their suggestions are for the side door. I hate to see you spend a bunch of money and the door looks horrible a year later.

Let me know what the local experts say - I'd be interested to know if there are any remedies available that I'm not thinking of.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Vinyl PGT Windows

Hello Tim, I have to replace 17 standard windows in my house for Hurricane Impact windows. Home Depot quote me $20,000 for Vinyl PGT lifetime warranty. Any other better options out there using the Ygreene program? Thank you.

Pablo - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Pablo, I'd never heard of the Ygrene Works project, it looks intriguing at first glance, I'll have to do more research. It appears that it's simply a financing program so that woulnd't help with the overall cost (although certainly it would help alleviate that inital cost payment).

The price quote from Home Depot seems high, $1175 per window, I think you can do better than that, although I don't have any project specifics to back that up. Here's what I would do, call up PGT and see who their local rep is in your area and have them give you a bid. Do the same with CWS, Custom Window Systems, and see what their bid comes in at. The other affordable hurricane window that is available througout Forida is the StormBreaker Plus from Simonton, if you google "StormBreaker Plus Jacksonville Florida", or whatever city you live in, you should be able to quickly and easily find a contractor who carries this brand.

Get these 3 bids and see how they compare. Typically, HD has great prices, but I would go somewhere else for the installation, the big box stores don't have a very good reputation for the subcontractors they use (not always the case, but I wouldn't take the chance with my home.)

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

PGT vs Andersen Double Hung

I'm building a new home on the Gulf coast off Fort Myers, on Pine Island, FL. The building code requires high velocity impact resistant windows which I've narrowed down to PGT vs Andersen double hung, low E windows. Jeld Wen was also suggested but I don't believe their windows are comparable. I think, due to salt, sun and wind exposure, the vinyl clad exterior should be considered over the aluminum clad? I've also been told that I definitely want the PGT aluminum clad sliding doors for our (2) sixteen foot openings. My concern… I want to use the best for my situation vs saving money, as this is our last home and I don't want to cut corners on something as important as this. Thank you for your expertise…

Susan - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Susan, I think you're right to eliminate the Jeld Wen from the mix if you want the best hurricane windows for your home. I really like PGT and find their prices to be quite competitive and the quality of their windows to be good. I would price out both products first to see how they compare before I made any decision. Then I would comapre the interior "look of the windows" - is the aesthetic difference worth the added cost of the Andersen to you. This is a personal decision and one that I can't make for you, obviously.

This is assuming you are going with the 200 or 400 Andersen series (the Andersen 100 series is the fibrex composite and won't look much different from the PGT vinyl windows). The exteriors of the windows are going to look very similar because the windows are going to be vinyl (or aluminum).

In terms of durability and quality of the products though, I'd put PGT up there with Andersen. Others might not, but I would. Another company you could take a look at is CWS, they makes vinyl and aluminum hurricane impact windows and they are one of the rivals of PGT. I always like to throw a third company in to see how their prices and products compare. Let me know what you end up going with!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

[Homeowner's Response]

Thank you Tim. I value your input and will let you know! I also spoke w/ my window gal up north and she was quite definite on which Andersen…the A series. She does a lot on the seacoast of New Hampshire where I also live and although she isn't familiar w/PGT….she says a whole world of difference between 400 vs A…and to go w/ A series, as made much better from the git go. So I'm pricing out PGT vs Andersen 'A' and will look into the CWS you mentioned. Thanks!

Susan - Homeowner - from 2016

PGT 5400 vs Simonton 9800 Window

Trying to choose between Simonton 9800 and PGT 5400 (energy vue). Warentee is better with Simonton and cost is about the same. Which one do you think is more energy efficient?

Ken - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Ken. I like both these windows. The Simonton Impressions 9800 is their best window IMO, very solid. I happen to really like the PGT 5400 window single hung and think it's an excellent choice at the price point. If it were me, I'd go with the PGT option. This is assuming equal quality installation. This is the factor I would use to make the decision more than the window itself. Installation is going to be half of the equation so if the windows are roughly the same, that should really be the deciding factor.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

PGT vs MI Windows

I am building a new home and looking at windows. The sub originally quoted MI windows,now Jeldwen and PGT, all vinyl, Should I go with Vinyl or another type and which would be rec. pending pricing.

Rob - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Rob, congrats on building a new home, that's exciting stuff...and also very stressful so I hope you are enjoying the process as much as possible. In terms of quality, MI windows are near the bottom and not a brand I would ever recommend. Jeld Wen has an okay reputation in terms of windows, and a very good reputation in terms of doors. I like PGT a lot, obviously depending on the model and features you choose.

As far as materials go, vinyl runs the gamut. A low quality vinyl window is not going to hold up over time and can cause you lots of problems and headaches - poor seals, poor weatherstripping, clogged weep holes, overall poor air infiltration.

On the other hand, a high quality vinyl window will provide more long term value than almost any other material out there - wood, aluminum, composite, fiberglass. Good vinyl windows are not the best looking windows out there, but they have excellent energy efficiency ratings, are quite durable, and they are one of the most affordable windows on the market.

A mid range or high end PGT window, along with proper installation and quality glass and features, should serve you well for the next couple of decades. This would be my selection, no questions asked (actually you should ask as many questions as you can think of to your builder to make sure he feels comfortable installing the particular window you select....). Let me know what you decide!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

PGT vs Amcraft Windows Simonton

I'm in Central Florida and just got quotes on PGT5400, Simonton Grand Estates Original, and PGT Series 400 PGT's are single hung and energy star and Grand Estates is dh and energy star. What are the best windows?

Frank - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Frank, you have some good choices there, kudos to you. The Grand Estates Original is made by Simonton and relabeled or rebadged by Amcraft. In general, Simonton windows are a good mid range vinyl window so I'll assume that this is the same for the Grand Estates Original - it appears that the Original is the mid range series, between the Grand Estates and Grand Estates Premier and Premier Plus models. The Amcraft windows warranty is not as strong as the Simonton warranty, but is a limited lifetime warranty on most frame, hardware and component parts.

Having said this, PGT makes a better vinyl window in my opinion. The 400 model is a bit of an older model, but quite a nice window that can be upgraded to an impact window if you need this. I like the PGT 5400 window, lots of industry people look down on the single hung (often with good reason), but I like a well made single hung. There are less moving parts to fail and you get much of the same benefit in terms of ventilation and ease of cleaning. I think the 5400 series looks quite nice as well. This is the one I would go with, assuming that the installation is solid and the project price is right.

Let me know how it goes!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

PGT Windows vs NT

I'm looking at vinyl single hung windows, the PGT EnergyVue Series and the NT Presidential Series. The PGT windows are more expensive. Are they worth it? Which has the better warranty?

Lloyd - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Lloyd, I don't have a ton of experience with the NT windows, although I looked at the performance data on the NT Presidential single hung and I was impressed. It looks like with the standard low-e glass and argon fills, you can expect a U-factor of .27, .25 SHGC and .41 VT. These are solid numbers and will serve you just fine.

I do like the look and performance of the PGT Energy Vue Series, very clean lines and some great interior color options. However, it sounds like price is a big factor so I might go with the NT window option. However, the quality of the installation has to be a big factor here. How would you compare the companies or dealers who will be doing the installation? If one is the clear winner, I would lean towards them.

In terms of warranty, it appears they are pretty close, both limited lifetime warranties that can be transferred to a new owner. I tend not to put much stock in warranties, although I always assume that the better the warranty, the stronger the company feels about their products. I would ask the local installer/company what sort of labor warranty they provide on the installation. Also ask them about warranty issues in the past and how well the company responded to the claim. Let me know how it goes!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

PGT vs Simonton Windows

I'm trying to compare Simonton 9800 Impressions and the PGT 5500 series. I don't need the Hurricane Compliant window. When I had called PGT, they told me they had come out with a newer frame which is their 5500 series. They told me one can get that window frame in Impact or non impact glass. So if I were to choose the standard non impact double strength glass which would be a better product PGT or Simonton 9800? Thanks.

Ravi - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

I would say the PGT is better. Who is doing the install? This could tip the balance one way of the other. Assuming the same person is installing the windows, I was pretty impressed with that PGT 5500 window, at least from what I saw on the website. I haven't actually seen one in person, however I have used their windows in the past and for the most part, I've always found them to be very solid.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

PGT Windows Reviews

I spent nearly $50,000 replacing all of the windows in my house with PGT Industries replacement windows. A feature window on the front of my house came in wrong. Two replacement windows have been provided; both were wrong. I have little confidence this will ever be corrected. The front of my house looks ridiculous. I am sorry I used these windows and would be very wary of using them. The contractor, Solar-Tite Windows & Doors have been great; already re-ordering the window twice. It's PGT Industries that can't get this right. Every time they re-order the window, I have to wait 3-4 weeks to get another (wrong) replacement.

Randy - Homeowner - from 2014

Follow Up From Randy

PGT Industries finally got my Study window right. Our contract to installed it this morning. They are awesome windows. They have significantly improved the look of my house. They are very high quality in appearance and performance. I have had to turn-up the thermostat on our air conditioning systems because they are so energy efficient that they do not allow the summer sun and heat to penetrate into the house. Also, the contractor, Solar-Tite Windows & Doors in Sanford, Florida did an awesome job installing them. I highly recommend these windows for anyone wanting high quality, high performance, attractive windows.

Randy - Homeowner - from 2014

PGT PremierVue Windows

Vinyl windows are getting more popular in Florida, but they aren't available in a lot of colors. They are pretty much white, beige, and tan. They tend to be either laminated or painted, and both have some drawbacks. There are only two manufacturers that have decent designs and color choices, Custom Window Systems and PGT. PGT makes a PremierVu series that isn't bad, and if that is too high as far as cost, look at their 500 series.

Ian - Contractor in Florida - from 2012

PGT 2300 Windows

I really like the PGT 2300 window. Their only problem is they don't have a wood grain interior. I've sold hundreds of them when they had the NC factory, and I think I only had a problem with one order, but that was handled right away and the customer ended up satisfied.

Terry - Industry Installer - from 2012

PGT vs CWS Windows

We live in the southwest section of Florida and recently received a bid for hurricane windows on our home - 10 windows in all. The company that bid it out had two options, either the WinGuard from PGT or the Wind Pact Plus from Custom Window Systems. The CWS window costs, which were for single hungs, were $7,500 total, the PGT window cost was $800 more. I had definitely heard good things about PGT, but I've never heard of CWS and was curious what their deal is and whether the prices seem in line. Btw, I had a quote from Gorell 5400 hurricane windows that was more than double this!

Braden - Homeowners - from 2012

[Contractor's Response]

The CWS and PGT bids you got don't seem out of line in terms of price, the Gorell pricing bid is ridiculous - do not go with that ridiculous bid regardless of what they say. In terms of CWS windows, they are very high quality. I've personally installed hundreds of them (thousands? not sure...). I've had very few issues with them and when they did the company worked with me to make sure that everything was worked out to the customers satisfaction. I have no qualms recommending them.

Holland - Contractor - from 2012

PGT vs Simonton Windows

I need vinyl replacement windows in central Florida. I've gotten 4 quotes so far, the Simonton 5500, Silverline 2900, Alside Excalibur, and PGT 2200. They were all around $29000 except the Simontons, which were just about $5k more.

Miller - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

The Silverlines and Excalibur aren't as good as the other two, I would eliminate them right away. The Simonton 5500 is average, and the PGT is pretty nice, a 4" frame and exterior flange. It's comparable to the Simonton, but with better DP and AI numbers. I sell more of them than anything else.

Dan - Installer - from 2011

Read additional Silverline windows reviews.

PGT vs Sunrise

I like the PGT but they don't make a triple pane. They're comparable to the Sunrise, but I think the PGT looks better. I do like the MaxEdge spacer on the Sunrise better. They have similar ratings, so I'd go with either one. Between these two the price and installation would be the deciding factor.

Evan - Installer - from 2011

Gorell vs PGT Windows

The PGT 2300 and SoftLites both have AI ratings around .05. I sell both PGT and Gorell, but the PGTs cost less and I sell more of them. The Gorell is good too, especially their different glass packages. Their triple pane is better than almost anyone as far as energy savings.

Todd - Contractor - from 2011

PGT Glass Options

PGT laminates most of their own glass, and they do a really good job. Some of it is outsourced. Simonton gets their glass from a vendor, don't know if it really effects quality though. PGT mostly makes aluminum. They hold up well under Florida storm season, and are one of the biggest sellers of impact windows in the southeast.

Dan - Industry Insider - from 2011

PGT Vinyl Windows Reviews

I need vinyl replacement windows, and I feel like I've looked at a million of them. I think I've got it narrowed down to the Gorell 5500 and the PGT 2300. I'm not sure which is better? They both seem good, the installers for each have good reputations, but the Gorell costs about 30% more. I have 18 regular windows plus 4 sliders so it's going to be a lot of money, I want good windows, but I also want a good deal. I'd like input as to e-ratings, warranties, durability.

Tom - Homeowner - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

With that much price difference I'd go with the PGT. I've worked with them, although a lot of people haven't cause they're a smaller company. They make a good, solid product, and I think I sell more of them than the Simontons. We just had a job with 37 PGTs and not a single window had a rough weld or any other defect. Once we had a window delivered with broken glass and a screen with some scratches, but they were both replaced quickly, no problems. Their numbers aren't great, but they are a good serviceable window, good company and good price.

Steven - Contractor - from 2010

[2nd Response]

I've heard some good things about PGT, but I haven't worked with them. I have handled a lot of Gorell, and I'm sure that you'd be happy with them. If the PGT is good, it's a pretty big price difference to overlook.

Bill - Contractor - from 2010

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