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Reliabilt Windows Reviews

Read 15 Reliabilt windows reviews from contractors and consumers for opinions on their quality compares to other brands, overall cost to replace windows with their models and more.

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Editor's Relaibilt Window Review

Reliabilt windows are typically sold at the big home improvement stores such as Lowes and HD. In terms of quality, I'd put Reliabilt at the top of the pack for windows sold in the "Big Box" stores, along with Simonton vinyl windows. This doesn't mean that I think Reliabilt windows are the best vinyl windows out there, far from it. I'd say Reliabilt is a lower to mid range vinyl window manufacturer that prices their products appropriately.

What many consumers don't realize is that Reliabilt does not manufacture their windows, they buy them from Atrium and resell them under their own name. This is a somewhat common practice in the industry (see energex windows).

At the end of the day, if you are a price conscious consumer and want a decent vinyl window at a fair price, Reliabilt should be towards the top of your list.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2015

Reliabilit 3201 Windows Reviews

Editor's Reliabilit 3201 Window Review

The ReliaBilt 3201 is an entry level double hung that is basically an updated Reliabilt 5600 window. The 3201 has a fully welded frame, a fusion welded sash, 3.25 inch jamb depth, a constant force balance, two cam locks and single strength glass. Nothing particularly impressive about this list of features. The window is sold through the big box stores and is often sold to Do It Yourselfers who are looking for a budget window.

The ratings on the 3201 model aren't horrible - a DP35, U-value of .30, SHGC of .19. The 3201 window also qualifies in each of the 4 zones for Energy Star savings. The window comes with Reliabilt's limited lifetime warranty that comes all the vinyl parts, hardware and components. The warranty is transferrable and the subsequent owner is then covered for 10 years from the date of the original purchase.

All in all, the 3201 isn't the window I would recommend to most consumers, but if you need an inexpensive window that is going to be fine for a rental home or something like this, I would say go down to Lowes and take a look. It's going to be better than most of the other windows you find in these big box stores.

Reliabilit 3200 vs Simonton 5050

I've been quoted on a simonton 5050 and a reliabilit 3200. Can you tell me which is the better window? I live in the south eastern NC region and not looking for anything expensive but something midrange and reasonably priced.

Stephanie - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Stephanie, I'm not quite sure which window I would say is better between these two. They are both more of an entry level vinyl window, although both companies have a pretty solid reputation for quality and durability. I'm going to put them on par with one another - neither one is fantastic, but they are both at the top of my list for an entry level vinyl window. (Check out my list for mid range vinyl selections, definitely a step above the two selections you mentioned.)

So let's turn out attention to the installation side of things. How do the installers compare with one another. Reputation? Reviews? Labor warranty? Professionalism? You gut feeling? This is the criteria I would use to pick the better installer.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Reliabilt 3201 Series vs Simonton Pro-Finish

I've gotten quotes for double hung vinyl replacement windows, Simonton 6100 Vantage Point and Reliabilt 3201 Series but Consumer Reports only gives me a rating for the Simonton Pro-Finish Contractor Series. Can you give a comparison? Thanks.

Mike - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Hi Mike, the Reliabilt 3201 series is a pretty decent vinyl window, I would say comparable to the Simonton VantagePointe that is sold through Home Depot. I would give the nod to the VantagePointe though, I think in general Simonton is the better manufacturer compared to Reliabilt. Neither of these windows is particularly stellar, however with good, thorough installation you should be well served be either one. Since they are so close in terms of overall performance and durability, I would advise to shift your focus to finding the best installer for the job. This will save you more money in terms of repairs and energy efficiency than the subtle differences between these two windows. By the way, how did these two windows compare in terms of price?

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Reliabilt 3201 vs Atrium Windows

Reliabilt offers good value for the price. I'd would recommend their 3201 Series over the 3500 Series for the superior air infiltration numbers. One interesting note: with some searching you can actually find these windows for less under a different brand name (Reliabilts are made by Atrium windows and then rebadged and sold.) This is pretty common practice - Soft-Lite sells certain windows in certain places that you can't even find on their website. The replacement window market can be a tough one to figure out because each dealer or distributor has a deal with the manufacturer and is at liberty to sell the products at whatever price they want.

Smith - Contractor - from 2010

Reliabilit 3301 Windows Reviews

Reliabilt 3301 Windows

Not to sound too cheap but I'm looking to replace some windows and don't have a very big budget. The windows are in the back of my home where I don't get much wind or weather because the prevailing winds are from the West towards the front of the house and I live in the East Bay of California so our winters are pretty mild and the windows won't get any direct sunlight because of the porch overhang. So my question is what is the best "cheap replacement window" for my house. I have looked at a number of home improvement stores and have found Ply Gem, Milgard, Jeld Wen and Reliabilt windows. Which is the best of this bunch?

Yolanda - Homeowner - from 2012

[Contractor Response]

While I never recommend buying cheap windows for a house, I certainly understand your situation. So of all the brands you mentioned, I'll say the Milgard and Ply Gem are better options than the Reliabilt and Jeld Wen. And if I had to rank them, I would do it in the same order they are mentioned, with the Milgard being the best and the Jeld Wen being at the bottom of the list. The biggest issue I see with lower end vinyl windows is that the homeowner also scrimps on installation, which is almost more important with a low end product. If you get reliable installation, then you can probably put in a Reliabilt 3301 and not have any issues with it for many years, especially if it isn't being used super often. I have a Silverline 9500 in my house that I installed 8 years ago and have never had any issues with and lets be honest it's not the best built product out there.

Joey - Installer - from 2012

[2nd Contractor Response]

I would say that all the brands you mentioned are probably equal, the bigger question is which product are you considering from each. For instance, the Styleline from Milgard is a lower quality product than the 3500 from Reliabilt. Since you mentioned you are in California, have you looked at the Simonton Assure model? This is their entry level window and I think one of the best entry level product out there.

Dean - Contractor - from 2012

Reliabilit 3500 Windows Reviews

Reliabilt 3500 vs Simonton ProFinish Windows

I recently purchased a Mobile Home built in 1989 and would like to replace nine existing windows with mid range energy efficient single hung windows. Should I be looking for a certain type, Frame & manufacturer. Are there makes of windows that are more designed for Mobile Homes? I have received one estimate from a contractor for installing (single hung profinish builder white single hung windows J channel. Would these be Simonton low end windows? Any advice on purchasing new windows for my Mobile home would be greatly appreciated!

Pamela - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Pamela, I don't think there are any specific windows for mobile homes, the biggest issue will be the frame depth and how the replacement window fits into the opening. The Simonton ProFinish model comes in three options, the Builder, Contractor and Master. The Builder is the entry level and I wouldn't recommend that one. I think the Contractor and Master would fit with what you are looking for. I also like the premium Reliabilt models (3500 and 3900 series), the Sunrise Essentials or preferably the standard Sunrise series, and the Ply Gem Pro series.

Some of these options should be available in your area and you should have the companies come out and provide you with a bid so you can get pricing and also to be able to handle the windows themselves and see how they open and close, etc.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Reliabilt 3500 Window Review

What do you think of this window? When we talked to Lowes they only had good things to say and even felt it was better choice over Pela because of the price. After reading some of your reviews I am a little nervous. We have ask Window World to give us a price but their reviews are horrible and they can't seem to tell what brand they sell.

Terry - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Hi Terry, I think you are right not to go with Window World, their vinyl windows are just not very good. Reliabilt makes a decent low to mid end vinyl window and for the price, I think they offer a good product. Their 3500 series is their "premium" vinyl window and again it's decent.

I think if you go with a Reliabilt from Lowes, you need to find your own installer instead of going with Lowes subcontractors. Not to say all of them are bad, but those big box stores pay them per window and basically the installers are incentivized to go as quickly as possible - not a good recipe for quality. Instead, find a well respected and well reviewed installer via yelp, angie's list, or even craigslist and have them do the work for you.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Reliabilit 3900 Windows Reviews

Reliabilt 3900 Window Review

Hi, which Reliability window looks the best and has the best price other than the 3900 series?

Julia - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Julia, To the best of my knowledge, the 3900 from Reliabilt is the top of the line from the company and would include more of the features that consumers often tihnk of in terms of "best looking."

Reliabilt windows are usually sold through Lowes Home Improvement so if you wanted to compare prices, I would suggest making a trip down there and checking it out. Their entry level vinyl series, including the single hung model and the picture window model, will be the least expensive options.

Reliabilt is not a bad window, but remember that you get what you pay for and with Reliabilt, you aren't pay a whole lot.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Relaibilt 3900 Vinyl Window

I just had all new windows and storm doors replaced with the Reliabilt 3900 vinyl window. From beginning to end, everyone was very helpful and nice. They all did great work and were very friendly. I am looking forward to having a nice warm house in winter and cool in summer.

Julie - Homeowner - from 2015

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General Reliabilt Windows Reviews

Do It Yourself Options

Dane, thanks for the response. I was hoping to see a bit more of price breakdowns, and am particularly interested in installing the windows myself. I'm currently under orders from the city of Minneapolis to do a large amount of lead abatement, and I therefore must either go through their certified list of approved contractors (a certification in addition to the national EPA certification) or do it myself.

I've chosen to do it myself, but am having a hard time finding companies willing to sell me the windows. Thank you for any help you can offer.

Drew - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Drew, I can't give you more of a price breakdown because there are so many factors that go into how windows are priced out…lots of features, upgrades, installation requirements etc.

If you are going to do it yourself, you will probably have to buy through the big box stores. Home Depot sells the Andersen 100 series, which is a pretty solid window. This is what I would buy for my house if I were going through HD.

The other two brands I think are decent through these retail sources are Simonton and Reliabilt. I wouldn't buy any other brands than these. Pricing is quite transparent obviously since you can walk right in and see what a particular sized window costs.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Reliabilt And Simonton At Home Depot

Hi Dane, My wife and I own a small brick house in Plano, TX that we had been renting out. As divorce is pending, we plan to sell it. It would be preferable to replace all 10 original (1967) windows, and a couple are even broken.

We don't live in the area and I don't feel comfortable giving out the address to potential contractors. Can you give me any guidance on affordable, good brands of windows, potential contractors you trust in the Plano, TX/ north Dallas area? Does it make sense to use Home Depot?

Drew - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Drew, normally I would say not to use HD, but you are getting rid of the house and the windows need to be fine, not great. HD sells Simonton and Reliabilt windows that are good. Ask to get their best installer for the job and ask whether it comes with any sort of labor warranty on the work. Subcontractors from HD aren't the most reliable, but there are some good ones. Just make sure you get someone who doesn't cut corners.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Lowe's Reliabilt Windows

I bought 20 Reliabilt replacements windows thru Lowe's in 2003. I have 4 of those windows that have cloudy panes due to faulty seals. I just sent a claim through a class action suit regarding this damage. I have been unable to resolve this thru Lowe's.

Deb - Homeowner - from 2016

Entry Door Installation Issue

I just installed a Reliabilt entry door from Lowes that was cheaper than most of the other brands they carried. Some of the installers I know recommended I go with Milgard but I chose this instead. There were definitely some installation issues that I had to deal with and when I called them to tell them about it, they basically told me that it was my issue and not theres. Overall, okay product, but their customer service sucks.

Randy - Installer - from 2010

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