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Pella Windows Prices

Pella windows prices run anywhere from $30 to $100 per square foot, depending on the model, upgrades and options you choose from. The company sells a number of products, from the entry level vinyl Thermastar and 250 Series, to their fiberglass Impervia, all the way to their premium Designer wood window. This is the reason for the huge range in window replacement costs.

Pella is one of the best known window brands available - some contractors really like their wood and fiberglass windows, while others think that they have a great marketing department, but their products simply don't measure up to the price tag.

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Pella Thermastar Windows Cost

The Pella Thermastar window generally gets poor reviews, including from the list of top windows from Consumer Reports. The vinyl extrusions and corner welds on the Thermastar leave something to be desired and the overall design and construction is mediocre. The Thermastar is no longer even listed on the company website (renamed the Pella Encompass Series), although it is still sold in pockets of the country in the Big Box stores. Most consumers would do well to choose another replacement window option to maximize their long term value. Compare the Pella Thermastar Series to Jeld Wen Builder Vinyl prices.

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Pella 250 Window Costs

The Pella 250 window is a better vinyl replacement window over the Encompass model, with a better design and overall construction. The 250 model uses a pocket sill, not a great design, but does offer several nice features, including a reinforced sash, multi chambered frame, double strength glass, and a number of grid, frame color and window glass options. The Pella 250 window is available in a picture window, double and single hung, slider and as a bay window. While certainly not a top vinyl window, the 250 Series is a significant improvement over the entry level Thermastar vinyl window. Compare the Pella 250 Series to Alside Mezzo windows cost.

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Pella 350 Windows Price

The Pella 350 window is an upgraded version of the Pella 250 Series. The 350 comes standard with all of the same features and options as the 250, along with slightly better corner welds, a little beefier frame and optional triple pane window glass. The 350 is available in all of the same styles as the 250, along with a casement and awning option. Compare the Pella 350 Series to Simonton 5300 series costs.

Pella 350 Windows Cost

I am replacing a double hung window - 48" x 54" -- the middle is fixed and there are sliders on both sides. My quotes so far are:

Marvin Integrity Wood/Ultrex: $975 (this is actually for a double slider)

Pella 350 series: $1320

MI 3 Light Slider: $610

Pat- Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

I like Marvin Integrity -- however the set up might not be right for you. The Pella 350 window is nice, but it definitely isn't worth money than the Integrity. I'm not a big fan of MI for I can't endorse this option. So I'm left with endorsing option 1.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Pella Impervia Windows Prices

The Pella Impervia window uses a fiberglass frame with clean lines and a thin profile. The Impervia model can be ordered as a double or single hung, casement, awning and as a slider. Performance wise, the Impervia is going to be middle of the road compared to other fiberglass windows.

Some contractors are not big fans of the Impervia, citing poor design and somewhat flimsy construction. I would recommend that consumers get their hands on the Impervia and try to compare the look and feel of it to some of the other options out there such as the Marvin Infinity. In terms of cost, the Pella Impervia Series is comparable to Marvin Integrity costs.

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Pella Proline Window Costs

The Pella Proline window is the company's low end wood window and is now called the Pella 450 Series. The ProLine uses an aluminum cladding and is not bad for a builder grade wood window, with quite a few frame colors and options to help customize the window to your home.

However, there are better wood windows out there, including the two options below. These high end wood windows are where Pella really shines. Compare the Pella Proline Series to Andersen 200 Series costs.

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Pella Designer Windows Prices

The Pella Designer window is an upgraded 450 Series that receives decent reviews from many of the contractors and installers who often use this model. The Designer model offers some nice custom options that aren't available on the Proline model and is going to be 10% to 20% more expensive than a comparable Proline window. The real question for consumers is whether they can afford the Designer (or Architect). They are both very attractive windows that use premium wood species and good design in the frame. Compare the Pella Designer Series to Marvin Ultimate window costs.

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Pella Architect Windows Cost

The Pella Architect window is considered a top rated wood window, with tons of custom options and features to choose from to make a complete custom window. The Pella Architect model is expensive, but does get good reviews from both homeowners and contractors alike. Compare the Pella Architect Series to Kolbe window costs.

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Pella Window Warranty

Pella windows warranty includes a limited lifetime provision on their vinyl windows - pretty standard for the industry. On their wood windows, consumers can expect to get 10 years on the frame and all of the components (hardware, locks, latches, etc.). Pella covers the cost of installation for any manufacturing defects for up to 2 years.

Because the company sells vinyl, wood clad and fiberglass windows, the warranty terms are going to vary based on frame material. Consumers should read all of the limitations and exclusions in full before they purchase Pella windows.

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