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United 8000 Series vs Silverline

Hi Editors, I'm planning to replace the vinyl siding on my 25 year old two-story house and the Silver-line single hung windows that are on it. The house is about 25 years old with more than half the window seals broken and taking moisture. I am looking at the United 8000 series Double Hung windows with nailing flange and built in J channel. Will removal of the Silver-line window allow for the setting of the United 8000 without touching the existing jams and trim? I have sixteen windows and one slider to replace. Your thoughts on the 8000 series needed.

Jerry - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jerry, United windows are more of a low end vinyl window and not a window that I would recommend putting in your home. They will certainly be better than your old Silverlines, but they're not going to off you the sort of long term value that you should be looking for in a window. I would prefer you get a mid range Simonton or a Ply Gem Pro over the United double hung.

Without seeing the existing windows, I couldn't say whether it would affect the existing jams and trim. Certainly a contractor could come out and tell you. I would get a few out there to get a consensus on this question and to offer up some additional brands and bids to compete with the United.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

United Ultra Tite2 Windows

Thank you so much Tim. That is great advice. It is interesting that last month I had one window company come, Unified Windows in New Jersey, and they only presented and pushed one brand of windows, Ultra Tite2, which I had never heard of. They wouldn't even discuss other brands. Plus their installation reviews online are mixed. So that is why my search continues. Based on your advice it sounds like I'm doing the right thing which is good to know!

Dennie - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Different companies are structured in different ways. United Windows makes their own vinyl windows, so that's all they sell. Other contractor type companies might be dealers for a number of brands. It totally depends, there is no single formula, which can make it even more confusing. Btw, United is probably a company you can pass in.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

UNITED 4800 Series vs Reliabilt 3900 Window

Hi Dane, I'm interested in the UNITED 4800 PLUS or the Reliabilt 3900 replacement vinyl windows. I would appreciate your thoughts and opinion. Thank you.

John - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi John, I have to tell you that both of the selections you are asking about are considered builder grade windows, that is a lower cost lower quality window. Interestingly, when I looked at the Reliabilt, which is the better window in this scenario, I found the Reliabilt 3900 window cost to be roughly $440 just for the window itself - from Lowes. For this price (and assuming $125 for installation), you could buy a much better window in my opinion.

If you went with the Okna 400 series for example, I would think you could get the window and installation for $565 ($440 + $125). This also goes for the Zen Nirvana, the Soft-Lite Pro, the Sunrise standard frame, the Milgard Tuscany, the Amerimax Craftsman Portrait and the Polaris ThermalWeld model. All of these windows are solid vinyl windows that will serve you much better than either the United or the Reliabilt.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

United 4800 vs MGM Sienna

I have a rental town home in Maryland. What brand of windows would you recommend? I got a quote for united 4800 series, MGM sienna windows and revere windows. I am so confused!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Maria - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Hi Maria, there are certainly lots of options out there and the process can get more than a little confusing. All three window brands you mentioned are in the lower end of the vinyl window range, however we are talking about a rental so you probably aren't looking to put a ton of money into the project.

If it were me, I would go with something like a Simonton window, maybe their VantagePointe series, or their mid range Reflections series. Simonton makes decent windows and with proper installation, it should serve your interests well.

The other company that is local to your state is Vytex and they make very decent windows and its very possible that a dealer in your area would offer competitive pricing on one of their window models. I would definitely call up the company, ask for the local rep or dealer and get a bid from them for comparison.

Let me know what you find!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

United vs Crystal

Looking for 12 replacement double hung windows, plus converting 2 to a bay...so far I have 3 quotes. The Alside Excaliburs and United 4800s were really close in price, then the Crystal Series 200 was about half that. I'm not sure which I should go with and what the differences are. The United rep said they use shims and caps on every window instead of simply nailing them in. Is that a big deal? Excaliburs have a better warranty. I don't really know much about the Crystals, they can't be as good for that much less.

Alissa - Homeowner - from 2012

[Response To Homeowner]

I've done a lot of work with Sunrise, Soft-Lite, OKNA, Simonton, Gorell. They all have various window series, basically a premium line, a standard one, and then a bargain. For the most part, big differences in price from one estimate to another are because you're comparing across quality lines. I'd go back and ask them about the features to figure out what level of window you're looking for before you compare the costs. To be honest, none of the three brands you mentioned are something I would recommend to customers of mine.

Mike - Contractor in Delaware - from 2012

United vs. Certainteed & BF Rich

I'm looking for replacement windows in New Jersey. I have 4 casements, a double slider, a 9 foot patio door and 2 picture windows. I've got quotes for CertainTeed Bryn Mawrs, BF Rich, and Series 700 from United Window and Door. The quotes are all pretty similar, with pretty much the same warranties and features. I'm not sure which to go with. There doesn't seem to be a lot of info out there on United.

Nancy - Homeowner - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

A lot depends on the contractor. CertainTeed is now made by MI, and I'm not a fan. I don't know a lot about B F Rich. United is a middle of the road window, they aren't great but not horrible.

Carter - Contractor - from 2010

[2nd Response]

I used to use United windows a lot. They are mostly in New Jersey. They are a nice, solid product, that's what I put on my own house. I used CertainTeeds once because a customer insisted and I will never do it again.

John - Contractor - from 2010

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United vs Alside

I'm getting quotes from several companies, including United and Alside. I want a good window without laying out a ton of money.

Aimee - Homeowner - 2010

[Contractor Response]

Excalibur is a low quality builder's window. The design is poor and it has high air leakage rates. The United is a little better, but I'd still look somewhere else. Okna, SoftLite, Gorell all make great windows for reasonable prices.

Matt - Contractor - from 2010

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