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Champion Windows vs Zen Lotus

We are currently looking to replace 12 windows and a sliding glass door. The home is in Denver and all the windows are west facing so they received a lot of sun during the day. The home also backs to a busy street so noise cancellation is another factor for consideration. We have received three quotes below

Renewal By Anderson - $28K

Zen Lotus model with solar ultra s - $14K

Zen Lotus model without solar upgrade - $13K

Champion - $12K

Any thoughts on these or if there are other companies we should consider?

Thanks in advance!!

Chris - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Chris, if you like overpaying for windows, then Renewal is a good option. :) $28K is just too much money for 12 windows and a sliding glass door.

Champion makes quite a good vinyl window, but I think the Lotus is going to be the better window. They're probably close in quality, but I still think I like the Lotus over the Champion by a bit.

The Zen Lotus with the solar ultra glass upgrade would be my pick. This is a good vinyl window, the Soft-Lite Pro, in fact. I think the $1000 is worth it for the glass upgrade. It's going to deliver a much lower SHGC, 0.18 according to their website, which is going to help reduce the amount of heat passing through the window in the hot months.

However, I would go back to the Zen dealer and tell them that the Champion bid is right at the top of your budget and although you want to go with them, they are out of your price range. See what they'll do on price, if they are willing to lower their bid at all. In all likelihood, they won't go as low as the Champion, but I'll bet they will come down a bit from the $14K. Always worth a shot...Maybe they'll give you the Zen with the ultra S for the $13K, that would be great.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Champion, Gilky or Window World

I'm getting my house ready to sell and found out my large three pane casement window cannot be repaired. I had it installed abt 20 years ago, and I think it is a Wendco, which no longer exists, meaning getting the same size may be impossible. I don't think it can be smaller because I have old aluminum siding which can't be matched. I don't want to spend a fortune but want a good quality window.

I live in central KY with installers that include Champion, Gilkey and Window World. Couldn't find any Sunrise, Simonton or Soft-Lite near me. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Don - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

I always have a problem with these questions because my advice is going to be to do it as cheap as possible since you are getting ready to sell. On the flip side, whoever buys your house may be getting in touch with me after the seals fail in 8 years.

The fact is you won't recoup this money so you are not going to want to spend a lot. Get bids from Champion, Gilkey and Window World -- WW will be the least expensive and you should probably go with them as long as visually it makes sense.

Some WW have good reputations and offer lifetime warranties. Just make sure to give the new owner all the paperwork so that if something does happen down the road they will know who to go to.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Champion vs. Simonton And Ply Gem

Hi Dane and/or Tim. I really appreciate your site. It's one of the few places I've found to get some good information on replacement Windows. I've been researching replacement windows for about 6 weeks now and feel no closer to making a decision than before.

Puget Sound/Seattle area home

Need new windows to improve comfort (25 windows)

Quoted $1,400/window for Simonton Madeira

Quoted $1,200/window for Ply Gem 2

Quoted $800/window for Insignia e2 (aka AMI casement window with upgrades)

Quoted $500/window for Revere Berkshire Elite (same AMI casement without upgrades)

Almost decided on Milgard Tuscany windows but had a low quality feeling when testing

Alside has had a bad rap in the past but the Insignia the salesperson brought seemed like a nice hefty window

Not sure what to do now, curious abut Champion but unsure if it's worth the time

The Full Story

My family and I moved into a 1983 two story home last September. After a very drafty winter we are looking for ways to improve comfort in our home. We already have plans to foam insulate under the floor which has many bats of fiberglass insulation falling down and we are going to do some work in the attic. There's no getting around it however, our old aluminum windows, despite being double pain are incredibly chill inducing.

Unfortunately, living in Washington, our choices for quality window companies seem few. I've read many of the blogs and have found the preferred window brands unavailable in our area. For example, Soft-lite, Sunrise and Okna are all unavailable in our area.

We started by having someone come by to give a quote but this guy turned out to be a salesman who tried selling us a Simonton Madiera (which seems like a fine window) for almost $1,400/window.

We quickly learned that this is the norm as we had another come by and offer us Ply Gem 2 series for nearly $1,200/window. Again, the window seems OK but that price seems crazy.

Most recently we had a rep from Apex come by and he offered an AMI window that comes with a lot of upgrades (they call it Insignia) for about $800/window. This was their promo home rate which I don't really know what I think about that.

I have a quote for the same window sold under the Revere brand. This quote comes from Window Universe which are the same guys that run the blog "The Window Dog." I've found that blog to be a great resource and they seem to know their stuff. But the reviews of Window Universe are not very good. So while they seem knowledgeable it seems they have some kinks to work out with their installers. That quote was the lowest I've seen btw, $490/window.

I know Alside windows don't have the best reputation but the sample that the Apex guy brought over was actually one of the nicer vinyl windows I've gotten to mess with. I had all but decided on Milgard at one point but I tried them out at Home Depot and they seemed really flimsy, very light and the sash wobbled as it went up and down. An installer ball-parked me $600-$800/window for Milgards installed. He was a straight-up installer, no marketing or salespeople.

The other window sold in our area that I've been told is good quality is Champion but I know they only sell through their dealers and I really don't want to go through another 3 hour spiel only to end up with another $30,000 quote.

So now, I have no idea what to do. The window I see get the best reviews that is available in our is Milgard but they were somewhat flimsy feeling, especially compared to the Alside window we tried. Am I missing something about Milgard? Any advice?

Dennis - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Wow, $1400 per window for a Simonton Madeira, that is quite a hail mary on the salesperson's part. I'm glad you didn't go with that. Typically on the West Coast, I recommend three brands: Milgard, Anlin and Amerimax, but Anlin isn't available in Washington. It sounds like you didn't like the look and feel of the Tuscany, which is the window I often recommend. I'll admit it isn't the best window out there, but it's a decent middle of the road vinyl window in my opinion. But if you didn't like it, don't put it in your house.

I'm not a huge fan of Alside or AMI so I have a hard time recommending either of these.

If you are getting a bid of $600 to $800 for Milgard Tuscany, then your project must be a bit more complicated than your typical one.

Champion makes a good vinyl window. Tell them that you already have four bids and you want them to come out, measure, and give you their best bid. Tell them you don't have time to sit around and listen to some spiel, you just want their best bid.

Can you get a bid for Amerimax Windows and see if they are available in your zip code?

What about taking a look at the Andersen 100 at a Home Depot and finding a good local installer?

Maybe a quote from Marvin on their Integrity or Infinity, but they might be quite pricey.

This is a tricky one...I'd keep getting bids and be honest with them that you have a bunch of bids and need a good vinyl window in the $500 to $660 range.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Champion vs. Reliabilt 3201

Dane, I'm looking for a good replacement window and I’m having a difficult time choosing one. I’m looking for something mid range. I have been looking at Lowe’s as my installer with Reliabilt 3201 window. Do you have an overall opinion on the quality of this product? Is the 3900 a better option? How did CR rate them? I also received a quote from a company called Champions, the window seems like a better quality product but the quote was much more then Lowe’s. I live in Ohio so it’s very cold and very warm.

I would appreciate your help or guidance.

Matt - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Matt. There isn't much in Lowes that I would consider mid range, most of it is lower end stuff. Perhaps their very best is at the mid range level. Champion makes a good vinyl window, but I've seen their price quotes and they often feel a bit inflated to me.

Since you are in Ohio, there are some good options out there that you may want to explore. For instance, I'd prefer you go with the lower end Soft-Lite Bainbridge over anything that Reliabilt makes. I'd prefer you go with the mid range Soft-Lite Classic or Pro though. Other dealers that will cover your area include Polaris, Stanek and Wallside. I think any of the mid range vinyl windows here will be good and you might be surprised to see the variety of bids you get with another two or three bids.

I would say avoid the Lowes Reliabilt, get a few more bids, and see if anything there is more in line with your budget. Going the cheap route may cost you more money in the long run—and lead to more headaches.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Champion vs. Comfort Window and Doors

I live in Clifton Park, NY and I can’t seem to find either of the window companies you talk about (Okna or Soft-Lite) in my area. There’s the usual Andersen and Pella distributors and a local company - Comfort Windows and Doors and Champion Windows. I am interested in whole window replacement (25 windows) because I do not want to give up glass area and I think it will give better overall insulation. Any suggestions?

Marci - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Marci, try googling "Clifton Park, NY sunrise windows" for instance. I came up with a company that carries the Sunrise Restorations — since I don't know the area, I'm not sure if they cover your zip code or not. They should, however, have some good information on who does service your area if you call them.

You can also call up the window companies I mentioned and ask if they have any reps or dealers that may be willing to give you a bid. Sometimes you have to fill out one of their online forms but try calling first. I'll bet they have a dealer who would come give you a bid.

In addition to Okna and Soft-Lite, try Sunrise, Zen, HiMark, Polaris, ProVia, and Vytex. Two or more of these companies has local dealers in your zip code I'm sure. Stick with their mid range to premium vinyl window series.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Opinion On Champion

Do you have an opinion on Champion brand windows?

Marci - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Champion makes a solid vinyl window. Their prices tend to be a bit higher than they ought to so you may have to negotiate a bit to keep them honest.

Often as winter approaches and the sales person's schedule/bookings lighten from the summer, you can get a better deal.

Overall, I feel like Champion makes a good, but not great vinyl window. Upgrading to a better glass package and perhaps a reinforced sash rail would be two places that would help the strength and performance of the window.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Champion vs Window World

I am looking for a sanity check on a window bid. Is this something you could help with?

After a long chain of events that included cancelling a contract for Sunrise Essentials, I now have an offer for 8 sunrise restorations double hung vinyl windows (4 with grids; 1 tempered and obscured) all 32"x73" for $5500. On the write-up the options are only listed as "with low-e, argon gas, polyurethane frames, and latch lock plus."

Is this a fair and competitive price? The other bids I have are probably not of comparable windows and I don't have many sunrise vendors locally to call. The other bids:

1) Window World - $3200 (probably not the quality I'm looking for)
2) Champion - $5900 (I didn't like the sales approach from Champion)
3) Local window company that wasn't transparent enough about the name of the windows they source - $3800
4) Berkshire Elite - $3592

Heather - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Heather, the $5500 bid for the Sunrise Restorations is in the ball park of fair and is the best window of the five. The Window World is poor quality, the Champion is good but too much for that quality. The other bid I like is the Berkshire Elite for the $3600. It's a mid range vinyl window, while the Restorations is one of the best vinyl windows on the market. They are probably equivalent at the per window price. So the question is do you want a not bad mid range vinyl window or a really top rated vinyl window.

If it were me, I would try to use the Revere bid to see if the Sunrise dealer will drop his price. If he gets to say $5000, I would definitely go with the Sunrise option.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Champion Windows vs Vinylmax Edison

Hello Dane,

I'm looking to replace the windows in my 1979 condo in Colorado. A few are the originals show the wear from the years in the sun and snow. I've received so many different quotes that my head is swimming. Originally I was going to just replace the two sliders (68 x 80) and two windows (42x70 - tempered and a trapezoid approx 42 x68) that were failing. Then I realized they all had seal failure. The quotes with an * are with these 2 doors and 2 windows and the other quotes include the rest of the windows ( 30 x 70; 30 x 18 triangle; 30 x 48; 60 x 36). All windows are double hung.

Champion Vinyl: $8,500 *

Colorado Windo source (Amerimax vinyl): $5,500 *

Renewal by Andersen: $16,000

Windows of America (Edison vinyl): $10,300

I'm thinking the Edisons are the best option. Will you opine please?

Big thanks.

Joni - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Joni, I'll try my best here, but it's difficult with two bids being for the truncated number of windows. Of the Champion vs. Amerimax, I would easily go with Amerimax and save yourself $3K, although I wouldn't recommend going with the entry level Amerimax window. I would upgrade into the Craftsman Portrait or Aristocrat models.

I think I agree with you on the Vinylmax Edison window though. It's a good vinyl window and the price you are getting for everything is quite competitive. I would have the Champion and Amerimax companies bid out the job for the whole thing though and see how it compares. I would think the Edison would still be the best price. Assuming you like the installer(s) and they get good reviews, I'd say you have a clear winner.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

[Joni's Answer]

Thanks for your speedy reply.

If you say the Edison windows are good then I'll go with them. The Customer Service reviews for the company installing these had amazing reviews and they are were an Angie's List winner a few years ago. They also are accredited by the BBB. The Customer service with the others seemed to be not as highly recommended online and my experience with them has been not that positive.

Just a quick question about the Edison, does it matter which model I purchase (4600, etc) or are they all good vinyl windows?

Thanks again.

Joni - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Joni, it won't matter which model you purchase. Usually the different models refer to the style of window you are buying (double hung, casement, etc.) This might not be true for the Edison, but I thought it was. Ask the sales rep -- they will certainly know the answer to this.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Champion Window Quote

As of today, I still like the sunrise window & the installer, I also really like the champion salesman, their window & their installers have good reviews in this area, and have not laid hands on the Polaris ultraweld window yet, but I like their energy numbers. (and this installer also has good reviews) The Simonton dealer has a FB page, and seems to have much positive feedback.

Champion has come back to me, lowered their price about 4K for windows and 8' french back doors for a total of $22604 for everything including doors. (windows are double hung, picture and 1 slider)

Unishield ultraweld - windows only - $16,709.
Energy numbers
U: .26
Shgc: .20
Al: .13
VT: .47
Condensation Resistance: 57

I received a a href="">Slocomb model 144 window quote for $10,800 today for all the windows. I don't like their windows near as well as the champion or sunrise, and as I said above, I've not laid hands on the unishield windows yet.

Their numbers are:
U factor .27
SHGC .21
VT .50
AL < .3 (they didn't get more specific)

Next week, I will be getting a quote on Simonton windows.

All things being equal, would you pay an equal amount of $ for a sunshine single hung window with no outer frame insulation, vs a champion double hung fully insulated? Are the unishield ultraweld or the best simonton windows in the same ball park as either Sunshine or Champion? Let say if there was a $1500 difference - who would have your business?

Are all/any of the above worth the $ premium over the slocomb model 144? (and I read their warranty, and do not like their phrase about sending the window unit back, etc - that line gives me much hesitation)

I plan on counter offering, but I guess I would like an idea of how these particular windows rank vs each other.

Thank you,

Angie - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Angie, there is alot here so lets start at the top. Champion makes a good window and door, but they do tend to be spendy. In my opinion, you are paying that premium for their advertising, etc. But again, they do make a solid product.

The Polaris UltraWeld (I'm assuming that's what we're talking about so I'm referring to the premium vinyl window from Polaris) is very solid and I like this selection over the Champion bid -- both because I feel like the window is better and the price is lower.

Slocomb makes an okay window and the price point is great, but it's nowhere near the UltraWeld in quality. If it were me, I would stretch for the UltraWeld instead of getting just an okay vinyl window in my home.

I would think that the Polaris UltraWeld would be equal to the Sunrise, but that air infiltration rate should not be that high (I was thinking more like .03 or .04 for the UltraWeld) -- which kind of leads me to believe that we might be talking about a different window...the UniShield label is throwing me off.

I would go with the Sunrise over the Champion for the same price, although I would take and compare the performance numbers of these particular windows before I did. I think the sunrise is a better made window.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Champion Windows vs Wincore 7700

Is the Wincore 7700 and the Champion window, of similar quality? The Wincore factory warranty does not include glass breakage, but the remodeling company offers the glass breakage warranty.

Wincore & Champion double hung window quotes:

I just received a wincore 5400 quote for 11,850.

The Wincore 7700 quote for the 27 windows was 13,850. This supplier is a remodeling company, and I can only find good reviews from windows, to siding, to roofing, to bathrooms.

The champion windows came down to 15,850, this supplier also has good reviews in this area.

All things being equal I completely agree the Sunrise Restoration window is by far the best. But price wise, I am looking at other options. 26K for the double hung restorations, and 17,500 for standard sunrise single hung windows, just seems out of line.

Angie - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Angie, I like Wincore, I feel like they make a solid vinyl window. They're not the best out there, but with good installation, I think they make for a good product. I agree with you that $26K compared with $14K is a huge difference and I would go with the Wincore 7700 window. I think the 7700 model is worth the upgraded price from the 5400 Wincore model.

I'm not quite sure how Wincore and Champion stack up -- I think perhaps the 7700 is probably equal to the Champion vinyl windows. I would honestly have to look at all the performance specs to make that call, but that's what my gut tells me. I say go Wincore 7700 with the installers with the glowing reviews!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Champion vs. Pella 250 Series

Do you have an opinion of Pella 250 series v. Champion replacement windows? I am looking for double hung replacement windows with installation. I have talked with Pella and Champion reps, as well as Renewal by Andersen (very expensive).

I am trying to compare vinyl double hung replacement windows with installation. I am finding few manufacturers who have installers within the company, or even long-time relationships with installers.

I have found and received estimates from Champion and Pella (250 series) and also for Renewal by Andersen fibrex windows (very expensive). The Champion warranty seems better, but also seems too good to be true – why would they agree to replace a window damaged by a rock thrown by a mower? For a trip fee?

Do you have an opinion on the comparative quality and reliability of the Champion and Pella 250 series windows? Thank you.

Fred - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

The Pella 250 and their 350 are certainly better than their previous generation ov vinyl windows, but honestly there are much better places to go for vinyl windows than Pella. Champion makes a stronger vinyl window in my opinion and they do their own installation, which means they know the window well and are well versed in the little tricks that often go into installing a specific model of vinyl window.

The one criticism of Champion from some consumers is that the company charges a premium price for a good (but not great) product. This will certainly depend on the salesperson you get etc. The window breakage provision is a good one and they can offer it because they are a big company and have lots of window parts and glass on hand.

Assuming you like the price from Champion, I'd say go for it. Please let me know how it works for you!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Champion vs Zen Windows

I live in Missouri and we recently bought a 15 year old home and the current windows do not fit well or close tight. I am looking for a good vinyl replacement window that also will help with the street noise as our house backs up to a two lane road with a fair amount of traffic. What would you suggest? Thanks

Donna - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Donna, I'm not an expert on all replacement window brands available in your state, but I know of 4 quality options and brands that are sold through local window companies in Missouri.

Sunrise has local reps and their vinyl windows are excellent. Avoid the Sunrise Essentials and go with the standard Sunrise or any of the upgraded models.

Zen windows is a franchised Soft-Lite window, also one of the better vinyl windows out there. Again, avoid the lower end Karma model and go with either the Nirvana or Lotus models instead.

Vista makes a good vinyl window called the Panorama that is well built and might be the most affordable of the bunch.

Champion makes a solid vinyl window - some customers have commented that they seem a bit pricey for the quality so this is worthwhile to note.

A few programming notes: Prices can be all over the board because certain companies may sell lots of one window and get good pricing on it. Get a few bids to really compare how the window and installation costs stack up.

The other really important issue is installation, make sure you find a company with a good local reputation and one that stands behind their work. You want installation teams that have worked together for a while and have experience with the particular window you are buying. Proper installation will play a big role in how long your windows last and how effectively they insulate your home.

Good luck!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

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Champion vs Sunrise Windows

I am getting a bid on Sunrise Restoration. Many of the others you mention among the best (okna/high mark) are not avail in Colorado. Renewal by Anderson is big here, but from what I read on your site, I wasn't overly impressed. Champion is another popular choice here so we may look into that as well. Thanks so much, your site is really helpful!!

[Site Editor's Response]

Jen, the Sunrise Restorations is an excellent window. If it's out of your price range, the standard Sunrise window is well made as well, however the Restorations is one of the best vinyl windows around. Renewal By Andersen composite windows tend to be VERY expensive and I'm not sure they are worth the steep price tag. Champion makes a good vinyl window and you may want to consider that option depending on how it compares to the Sunrise in terms of price. I'd put the standard Sunrise window on par with the Champion window prices.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Champion Windows Complaint

Our Champion Windows and a door were installed quickly. The weather went really cold and the door had frost on the inside of the of the door almost up to the door knob. The service rep tried to tell us it was just condensation and we should expect some. When he was finally convinced (with photos), he said someone right out--three weeks later and our calls finally got someone to fix it. The house has been drafty since the install. Champion's rep gave us foam rubber to stuff in the drainage holes in the windows! Today we found a 1/4" gap under the the trim Champion installers put around the window in the bedroom and the wind blowing through (it's 21 degrees outside). I am considering having the gas company come test the house for energy loss. We spent $16k for Champion windows and it was a MISTAKE!

Ann - Homeowner - from 2014

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Champion Window Review

We had 2 bay windows and a garden window installed in our home last week and I give Champion an A for service, price and quality. We are in the Minneapolis area. The installers were the hardest working people I have ever dealt with. Very meticulous. Protected my plants and did not let my cat out! Having done 2 other remodeling projects in the last couple of years that were horrid nightmares, this one was a pleasure.

Champion met or exceeded everything they said at contract signing. No extra charges, windows came right in between committed time range and work started and finished exactly in the time frame stated. The windows are high quality and installed perfect. I am a tough customer as I work in Marketing for a Fortune 500 company and expect excellent service and quality. $11,704.00 included installation, taxes, etc. We also ordered their top of the line windows.

Jeanne - Homeowner in Minnesota - from 2013

Champion vs Sunrise Windows

I looked at both Champion and Sunrise to get a quote for 21 double hungs and 1 half round windows. I also need some sills replaced and 9 of the windows required colonial grids. The prices were nearly identical, less than $50 difference per window. I have a quote from one other company scheduled so I'll meet with them before I decide. So far, the Champions look good as far as quality of the window, but I think the Sunrise might be a little better. I have to look into them more to be sure, but I like both.

Andrea - Homeowner in Alabama - from 2011

[Response from Contractor]

Champion windows are good, but the Sunrise Essentials may be even better. The Champion is decent, and they deserve their reputation as a good window company, but the Sunrise products are kind of a sleeper hit. If they are priced comparable to the Champions then you're getting a deal on the Essentials. (Click to use our window replacement cost calculator). A couple more estimates wouldn't hurt, but you can't really go wrong with Sunrise.

Don - Contractor - from 2011

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How They Compare

Champion makes a decent window, although I don't think they're as good as any of the following; Stanek, Gorell, Softlite or Sunrise. All of the numbers they list, like R-value, DP rating etc are a waste of time. The Total unit U-value is the only one to really look at. The one thing in colder climates is that the Champion 365 is a poor choice because it allows too much passive solar gain. Other than that, it's an OK window if you're on a budget but you can do better.

Holden - Contractor - in 2011

Champion Window Quality

I had Champion windows put in last year and the best I can say about them is they're average. They didn't fit well, and they had to use a ton of foam insulation to make up for it. These were the installers sent out by Champion, not someone I picked. The window works, it opens and closes and locks, but that's it. They are drafty and cold and my energy bills are no lower than they were before. I feel like the whole thing was a waste of time and money.

Ron - Homeowner - Cincinnati, Ohio from 2011

Champion vs Gilkey Windows

If you're set on Champion windows, trust me and take a look at Gilkey first. They have a more limited line because they're a smaller company, but they have the same quality customer service and commitment to their product. I think their windows may even be a little better.

Ken - Homeowner in Ohio - from 2010

Champion Windows vs Sunrise

Sunrise Restorations, Vanguard, and the regular Sunrise are very similar. Some of the features that are options on the basic model are standard on the higher priced lines. They have fiber core reinforcements, which is nice for some installations but unnecessary for others. You might get more for your money if you get the basic Sunrise with triple panes and then add the features that you want. They do have a really great patio door, equal to Softlite, HiMark, or Okna. Pella, RBA, and Champion are overpriced and overrated.

Daniel - Contractor - from 2010

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Champion Pricing Techniques

I got a quote from Champion and I didn't like the way they do business. They gave us a price that seemed high, but then they started talking about discounts and "special" offers and eventually they gave us a lower number, which was way better than the first but pretty much the same as every other company we talked to. Why can't they just give us the real price? It was kind of insulting, like they don't think I'm smart enough to figure out they offer that crap to everyone. The windows seem to be well made, and from what I've heard they have good customer service and really stand behind their windows. That wasn't enough to make my buy from them though.

Buck - Homeowner - 2009

Champion Window Quality

The Good: Champion windows are well made, and they send their own installers, which means whoever puts it in knows the windows and their warranty will cover labor.
The Bad: They're more expensive than similar windows, but you're also paying for the warranty and service.
The Ugly: They have very aggressive sales tactics. They promise all kinds of discounts and special deals, but only if you sign today. But then a couple weeks later they'll claim it's a different offer, but they still take off the same amount. It's unpleasant but the end price is usually close to their competitors.
Advice: They're a good company, with a good product. They are definitely a good choice, I think most people would be happy in the end, even if the salesmen are a bit sleazy.

Ken - Homeowner in Ohio - from 2010

Champion Window Customer Satisfaction

I recently got 5 replacement Champion windows and they are great. It's not like they are best replacement windows out there, but they have nice design and features, you can lock them partially open and the locks are very strong. They were the most expensive of the ones I looked at but I think they're worth it. The installers were on time and did a nice job. My only real complaint is I thought my heating bills would be a little lower and they aren't, but the outside sounds are quieter. All in all a good experience.

Nick - Homeowner in Idaho - from 2009

Sales Tactics

I called Champion and I just wanted to ask some questions on the phone, but they really pushed a home visit. The rep that came out was nice and spent a lot of time going over the options. He had sample windows and heat lamps and thermometers, it was very professional and good. He did all his measurements and gave us the quote. We had talked about replacing 14 windows plus a storm door, and we decided to do the three windows on the second floor, and if we were happy with how they did in the winter we'd get the rest next spring.

The quote started out around $5,000, which was a lot higher than the other people we'd talked to. But then he started offering different discounts. This much off if we go ahead and do them all, then some more for signing today, on and on. It ended up around $1800 (so $600 installed each) but we had planned on waiting a couple days before deciding anything. He kept pushing, offered a free storm door plus a guaranteed discount on future windows if we signed. Their contract says you have a few days to cancel so we went ahead and signed just so we could go eat dinner.

Two days later we decided to cancel and keep looking before making a decision. They eventually agreed to cancel it, but I had to sit through another long sales pitch while another guy tried to change my mind with even more discounts. I would recommend to price out windows beforehand with a window cost estimator so you know what to expect

Walden - Homeowner in Kentucky - from 2007

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