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Apex Energy Solutions Windows Reviews

Read 14 Apex Energy Solutions windows reviews to discover the strengths and weaknesses of their Insignia and 8000 series, made by Alside windows.

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Editor's Apex Energy Solutions Reviews

Apex Energy Solutions sells the Insignia window, which is a relabeled Alside 8000 window, pretty similar to the Alside Preservation model. The Preservation is a good vinyl window, although often marketed as a top-of-the-line vinyl window, which it is not, but it may be quote out in price as such. The Preservation vinyl window uses a block & tackle balancing system (which is preferable to a constant force balancing system). However, like most Alside products, the Preservation window uses a capture or snap in sill that is no inferior in design to a true sloped sill, particularly if you live in areas that are subject to lots of weather where the weep holes can get clogged up over the years.

I would be wary of the whole promotional home discount, this is a marketing approach instead of an actual discount price. Make sure that they are transparent with their pricing, none of this "our amazing price quote today is only good for another week, then it's going to jump 25%" - this is typically indicative of more shady practices than a reputable company.

Tim - Site Editor

Apex Energy Windows vs. Enviroguard BT

Dane, I have read some of your reviews. I am in Atlanta and have single pane windows that nee replacing. Apex Energy knocked on my door and have bid the 21 window project at $17,000. I have also received a bid for the Enviroguard BT Double Hung Window (Precision Millworks) for $25,000. I am a middle of the road guy looking for best value for the buck. Not most expensive, but not cheapest. Do I need double or triple pane in Atlanta? Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

Mark - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mark, you should be just fine with a double pane window in Atlanta. Triple pane makes sense for cold climates like Wisconsin, but not down south. I have to say I'm not a fan of Apex Energy. Their prices are too expensive for the quality of window and I don't care for their marketing techniques myself.

I'd never heard of Enviroguard BT windows. They are very pricey, especially for a product that carries a 25 year warranty on the frame and parts and has a .48 U-value and 2.1 R-value. Hell, the entry end Kensington Kingston model delivers a 3.8 R-value and .27 U-value with a lifetime warranty. If it were me, I'd pass without another thought.

Having said that, Atlanta isn't exactly teeming with vinyl window options.

I'd probably start with Zen windows. They aren't cheap but they sell Soft-Lite windows (relabeled under their own names). Even their Karma (the Soft-Lite Barrington window) would offer better performance data than what you have bids on. I would prefer you get the Zen Nirvana (Soft-Lite Classic). This is a very good mid range vinyl window.

The other option that springs to mind is to find a reputable Simonton dealer. The Reflections 5300 and 5500 are good mid range models, as well as the Impressions 9800 series.

I would start here and see what you can find.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Apex Insignia In My High End Home

We are remodeling our home, which was built my father, an engineer, who was very particular about everything that he put into the house -- siding, windows, trim, etc. It's time to get a more energy efficient set of windows.

We had a salesman come round and pitch us on the Apex Insignia windows. We would be replacing 22 windows and the quote was for $13k. My father put in some very nice wood trim that I'm worried will look poor with the vinyl windows. What do you think?

Dionne - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Dionne, the Apex Insignia wouldn't be my first choice in a vinyl window. The window is not a bad product, but I've never heard them talked about as the best. If your father really only put in the best materials, I'd consider going with a top quality vinyl window with a wood laminate interior that fits with the species and tone of wood you currently have.

I'd recommend checking out Sunrise, Okna, Soft-Lite, and maybe Polaris. This gets you a quality product with the look of the wood, but not the cost, maintenance or lack of energy efficiency of a real wood window.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Apex Insignia vs ProVia Windows

Hello, Dane,

I’ve read through all the reviews and we have also been approached at our home by Apex on their Insignia windows. This prompted us to look at our windows and check other companies. We need to replace about 29 windows and Apex quoted 27000. Champion quoted 31000. Pella for their Vinyl was about 42000 and Andersen for their Vinyl came down to 52000. We also contacted a 3rd party that installs ProVia, Wingard and Beechworth.

Thinking that since ProVia was made by the Amish it was a quality product. We were almost sold on Apex till I read these reviews. We are in the Kansas City area. Can you provide some direction for us. Paying 42000 or more is not an option for us. We don’t know if there are any other options in our area. We did read that the 3 pane window is efficient but the other companies did not think 3 panes were necessary.

Thank you.

Cheryl - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Cheryl, it sounds like you are getting a number of bids, which is great. Not an inexpensive project I must say. I would rank Champion over Apex and Pella for sure. But I'd put ProVia over Champion and would hope that the bid would not be more expensive than the Apex bid you have.

In your upcoming bids, see if they will breakdown the bids by windows and work/installation. At around $1000 per window, that's a high average and it would be instructive to see how the bids are allocated.

Sunrise and Soft-Lite should be available in your area. I would look for a local company that carries these two brands and get a bid from them. These two companies make windows that are better than most of what you have seen so far. The exception would be the ProVia Endure, which is on par with the Sunrise Standard window.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Apex Insignia vs. Zen Nirvana

Hi Dane and Tim, I have been reading through your website for some great info on windows, thanks for doing all that. I am trying to figure out the best windows, Apex Insignia or Zen Nirvana.

My Quote from Apex and their “promotional home” is $11,600 for 21 Windows (3 are small squares)

Zen Nirvana is $12,075 for 21 Windows (3 are small squares)

Zen Lotus is $13,500 for 21 Windows(3 are small squares)

Obviously, Lotus is the best, but what is the best between Nirvana and Insignia?

- Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Kevin, the Apex Insignia is an okay window and that sounds like a fair price. The Apex Insignia is a relabeled Alside window, which isn't generally regarded as a top tier window manufacturer by most pros I know.

The Zen Nirvana is a relabeled Soft-Lite Classic window and quite a nice model. If it were me, I would go with the Nirvana over the Apex Insignia in a heartbeat.

I don't know if I'd pay an additional $1500 for the Lotus, which is a relabeled Soft-Lite Pro. I'm not sure I think its worth it, unless that price difference is negligible for you.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Apex Insignia Windows Quote

Hi Tim, I live in Indiana in a subdivision that was built over 20 years ago. Our 3000 square foot house was built with pretty low end windows that I want to upgrade. We have 30 windows, 3 of which are smaller picture windows. We have collected three bids. Apex Insignia is $22,000 if we advertise their services in our yard, $28,000 if we don't. Also, didn't appreciate their high pressure sales job.

Alside Mezzo line was $20,500 and the salesman is local, which I like. He works for a local company here that has very good reviews and have been in business for over 30 years.

Last bid is the Window Source 6000 series for $19,875.

We don't plan on being in this house for more than 7 more years so I'm a bit at a loss for what to do.

Paul - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Paul, of the bids you have, the Alside definitely sounds like the best. I don't think the Mezzo is the best window out there, but it's got good air infiltration numbers and is a decent mid range vinyl window.

There are much better brands out there than Alside and Apex with better reptuations -- Sunrise, Soft-Lite, Okna, Polaris, Vytex, and Zen come to mind. However, since you are only going to be in the house for 7 more years, I wouldn't spend much more money on your project than $20,000. The Mezzo will be just fine for that length of time.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Apex Windows vs. Sunrise

Hi there, we live in Northern Indiana wanting to install triple pane 5 Patio Doors, 16 Window Sliders, Bay Window ( 66x57 with 3 panes ) and 12X69 window.

Total Square footage = 528

Quoted $22,500 ( $42.61/sq ft ) by Apex as part of home promotion ( market ploy ).

Have been reading good things about Sunrise Windows.

Your thoughts?

Laura - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Laura, I would be very wary of Apex for the promotion approach they use. It just doesn't install a lot of confidence in me.

Sunrise is an excellent company and their Classic or Standard vinyl window is very good. Their premium Restorations is excellent.

For long term value, I would absolutely recommend Sunrise over Apex.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Apex Energy Solutions vs. Universal Windows Direct Plus Window

Hello Dane, I'm in Charlotte NC and looking at replacing 22 windows. I have quotes from both Apex Energy Solutions and Universal Windows Direct Plus. They are close, but I'm trying to determine quality difference and anything else about the companies. Apex offers just the 1 product Insignia windows, and Universal has 4 types and we are looking at the 2nd level up (the plus).

Any thoughts or insights would be appreciated.


Mike - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mike, I don't know enough about either company to give you a strong opinion either way. I tend to hear better things about Universal Windows Direct than about Apex Energy Solutions. Based on this, I would go with the Universal Windows Direct, but I would ask them to provide you with some performance data on the window series you are considering. I would pay particular attention to air infiltration, which should not be above .12.

That's sort of my over under for a decent mid range vinyl window. Feel free to send me the data and I'm happy to give you my opinion.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Apex Energy Solutions In Seattle


I just came across your website today while desperately digging for information on Apex Energy Solutions and their Insignia window. I read through the emails and responses you wrote on this topic, and I have a similar story to most of them - Apex came to my door and wants to do a "promotional home" deal with us, offering a discounted rate for their windows.

From your responses, it seems like this price isn't great for the actual window they sell. Who would you recommend I look into to get a comparison quote in the Seattle, WA area? Previously, some other guy came to our door and gave us a quote that was about 3 times the price Apex gave us, but I have yet to look for someone on my own.

We have 12 windows to replace and I don't need the nicest window ever, but I want to make sure I'm not paying way too much for the quality of product they are selling.


Priscilla - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi, first off, I would be pretty suspect in general about people knocking on my door and pitching me services—this is not the way most well run, professional companies do business. I would definitely be wary of going with the Apex Energy Solutions, which sells a relabeled Alside window. It really isn't a window most industry experts would recommend.

Seattle is a tricky area, there aren't a lot of good vinyl windows up there, which is odd considering how important windows are in keeping water and moisture out of your home and walls.

One option is to do a search for window installation on yelp and find one or two installers with the very best ratings. Then call them up and ask for a quote and see what windows they recommend.

Milgard is available up there. Simonton should be as well. I would go with their top end vinyl windows.

Sunrise might have a dealer in your area, I would check here first using their website.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Apex vs. Zen Lotus Windows

Dane and Tim, your site has helped educate me on the differences in windows. I am looking to replace 22 windows in an 1895 Queen Anne on the southside of Atlanta, GA.

I currently have three estimates and wanted your thoughts as well as potential other vendors to contact

Zen Windows Nirvana - $11,858

Zen Windows Lotus - $14,058 (+2200 on the Nirvana)

Apex Windows - $15,571 (told me that a price increase will occur on March 1 to try and pressure me to make a decision)

Marvin Infinity - $31,000 (about $5,000 is for sill work to replace some of the old wood (5 windows)

Thanks for your help!

Paul - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Response]

Paul, the best bids you have are on the Zen Nirvana or the Lotus. Nice pricing on both. I would probably spend the extra two grand for the Lotus window, which is a relabeled Soft-Lite Pro and quite a good vinyl window.

Apex is sort of known for their high pressure sales tactics, no need to look here.

Marvin Infinity series is a good window, but simply not worth additional $15K.

I think this is sort of a no brainer, but I would see if I could get Zen to come down a bit in price (even though it looks good to me). Never hurts to try.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Apex Insignia vs. Other Brands

Dane and Tim,

I saw your reviews of replacement windows being quoted by Apex Insignia @:

Anyway, it seems like you are independent and objective.

We are being offered the promotional home deal you’ve written about and are wary of these kinds of “deals.”

This looks to be a good quality PVC window with 3-panes and reasonable manufacturing add ons like foam insulation, etc. They would replace original 2 pane wood windows that were pretty high quality back in 1991 when installed. However age and loss of seal have caused these windows to have some foggy spots and they do require painting and TLC.

But of course we don’t know what we don’t know. Our home is high-end and we’re not interested in a bargain for a cheap product.

Can you help us? Is there a better type of window that we should look to? Other issues we might need to understand?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Brentwood, Tennessee

John - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi John, so I don't know much about Apex, but I do know that they sell a relabeled Alside, which I wouldn't really recommend for a high end home. I would start collecting more bids from companies that sell top vinyl or fiberglass window brands in your area. Simply google "Brentwood, Tennessee soft-lite windows" for instance and see if any local companies come up.

Top brands would include soft-lite, sunrise, okna, polaris, marvin, zen, and vytex. Not all of them will be available, but hopefully two of three. Collect the bids and then go from there! Send me over the bids when you receive them and I'll throw in my two cents!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

[John's Response]

Thank you, Dane. Apex is being pretty aggressive with a per window quote of roughly $700 all in. I am getting a look at Marvin-but they told me $1,000 per window as a starting place for aluminum clad wooden windows. That seems pretty darn pricey, but this has been a hot market in real estate so it may reflect high demand.

Once I get a bid, I will let you know. Again, thank you for your help.


John - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

John, I'm not sure I would pay $700 for a relabeled Alside window. Marvin is a whole class of window above — but I completely get not wanting to pay $1000 a window. I still would like to see if Sunrise or Okna for instance is in your area and you can get a bid from them.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Apex Energy Systems vs. Soft-Lite Windows

Hi Dane, I have really received great research thought from your platform. I live in the Denver area and was approached by Apex Energy Systems door-to-door. After receiving a bid of $25,000. For 25 double hung and slider windows (including a 3-pane 8 ft patio glass door), I began to research window manufacturers and dealerships.

I settled on Soft-Lite window manufacturing, and searched for dealer/installers.

I was sure I would be offered something considerably less, but received a $24,000. bid for the same 26 windows, but utilizing the Nirvana model (same as the Pro series by Soft-Lite).

Question 1: These bids seem high considering other bids submitted to your review site.

Question 2: Are variances of $24000 versus $11,000 to $13,000 possible between different parts of the country?

Thank you for your response.

Frank - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Frank, I don't think that the region of the country would affect the price in that way, although there are price discrepancies between rural and urban settings based on cost of living, rents, labor, etc.

There are however wild swings in price based on the project requirements and from one contractor/company to another.

My advise to you would be to get two more bids; one from an Amerimax dealer in your area on their mid range Craftsman Portrait Series. The other from a Milgard dealer on their Tuscany vinyl window.

Both of these windows ought to be available and I feel like these bids should be enough to give you a good sense of the true market price of your project. If you can, ask them to break down the labor/install portion of the project from the windows. This will help you see where the costs are.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

APEX Energy Solutions Prices

We have 17 windows that need replaced (16 double hung and 1 slider).

We got a quote from APEX energy solutions.

They use one type of window - Insignia - 3 pane standard

They compared this window to the Anderson Fibrex and the Pella Architect

There quote was $11,877 for windows and labor.

Is this a good price or should we look elsewhere?

I look forward to hearing back from you

Diane - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Diane, the Apex Insignia window is a relabeled Alside 8000 window, which is probably the company's best window, but Alside is generally not considered a top tier window manufacturer. Not really anywhere close in fact.

I'm pretty sure that the Insignia is a vinyl window (am I wrong on this?)...so the sales rep comparing it to the Andersen fibrex (a composite frame window) and the Pella Architect (a high end wood clad window) is a ridiculous statement.

I would ABSOLUTELY keep looking. At the very least to get some more bids to compare it to.

I'll list ten window brands I like...at least a couple will be available in your area. Go with their mid range series for maximum long term value for your money

sunrise, okna, soft-lite, milgard, zen, hi mark, polaris, kensington, anlin, amerimax...

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Apex Insignia Window Review

I have two different company visit one selling Venetian and the other Insignia windows. The quote for 23 windows and one door. Venetian windows were close to 21,000 and the Insignia was about 18,400. I know that Alslide makes both windows which is the better window and price. Thank you

James - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Hi James, thanks for your question, it is an interesting one. First off, I'd never heard of Venetian windows by Alside and when I went to look them up online, I couldn't tell exactly what I was looking for. I'm going to assume that its this Energy One company that looks like it has branches in Austin, Dallas, Columbus, San Antonio and Phoenix. But I could be wrong.

Alside manufactures a number of windows that they then relabel under different names, including the Revelations and Apex Insignia. In each case, they seem to market the windows as uber performing vinyl products that are at the very top of the food chain in terms of quality, parts and features. I don't think there are many credible contractors and installers who would agree with the idea that any Alside window is a top performer in the industry.

I will say the Insignia window is quite good, I was impressed with the list of features used on this window. However, it is being pitched to you at $800 per window. The Venetian is being pitched to you at $915 per window.

In my opinion, no Alside window in the world is worth that much. It looks like you are located in Georgia, is that right? If so, I would recommend getting a bid from PGT, Zen Windows and possibly CWS (Custom Window Systems) and see how their window bids compare in price.

If you put my feet to the fire, I would say go with the Insignia window over the Venetian, but I would urge you to get some additional bids before proceeding with either of the bids you have.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Apex Energy Solutions Review

Are you familiar with Apex Energy Solutions? They sell the Insignia window which they claim is the 8000 series or top of the line that Alside makes. Their strategy is to go door to door supposedly looking for "promotional homes" where they offer you a big discount to buy their windows then help market their product, instead of pursing traditional advertising channels. Are these the high quality windows they are telling me they are? Is this a reputable company?

Jen - Consumer - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Apex Energy Solutions is the Alside 800 window, pretty similar to Alside Preservation windows. The Preservation is a good vinyl window, although often marketed as a top-of-the-line vinyl window, which it is not, but it may be quote out in price as such. The Preservation vinyl window uses a block & tackle balancing system (which is preferable to a constant force balancing system). However, like most Alside products, the Preservation window uses a capture or snap in sill that is no inferior in design to a true sloped sill, particularly if you live in areas that are subject to lots of weather where the weep holes can get clogged up over the years.

I would be wary of the whole promotional home discount, this is a marketing approach instead of an actual discount price. Make sure that they are transparent with their pricing, none of this "our amazing price quote today is only good for another week, then it's going to jump 25%" - this is typically indicative of more shady practices than a reputable company.

The bottom line Jen is that the only real way to compare the Apex Energy Solution price and quality is to get 2 to 3 more bids from some local companies in your area. Compare U-factor, SHGC, Air Infiltration numbers, as well as features and components. Let me know how it goes!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Apex Energy Solutions Take 2

I had inquired about Apex Energy Solutions a couple weeks ago. I am forwarding you the specs from 3 of their windows. Can you comment on quality here? From what I am attempting to learn, it seems like they score very well, unless I'm missing something?? This is for the 2 lite slider, will send the double hung and casement specs separately.

Do you see anything that concerns you here? Thanks,

Jen - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Jen, the U-factor is very solid on the specs you showed (.19), I'm assuming this is for a triple pane option? The AI is high (.014), typically anything over say .09 is not ideal (the top vinyl windows have an air infiltration rating of .05 and lower).

Assuming you are getting a good price point on the window and installation (you'll only know this if you have additional bids to compare them to) and you feel comfortable with the installers who are coming out to do the job, I think the Alside Ultramaxx of Apex 8000 window is a decent option.

Good luck and let me know what you decide and how it works out!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

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Apex Energy Solutions Take 3

Yes, triple pane. I am getting a bid on Sunrise Restoration. Many of the others you mention among the best (okna/high mark) are not avail in Colorado. Renewal by Anderson is big here, but from what I read on your site, I wasn't overly impressed. Champion is another popular choice here so we may look into that as well. Thanks so much your site is really helpful!!

[Site Editor's Response]

Jen, the Sunrise Restorations is an excellent window. If it's out of your price range, the standard Sunrise window is well made as well, however the Restorations is one of the best vinyl windows around. Renewal By Andersen is a composite window and VERY expensive. Champion makes a good vinyl window and you may want to consider that option depending on how it compares to the Sunrise in terms of price. I'd put the standard Sunrise window on par with the Champion vinyl window.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

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