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Sunrise Window Prices

Sunrise window prices generally range from the mid to upper end of the vinyl pricing spectrum depending on which model you select. Sunrise is very well regarded by contractors, installers, consumers and industry insiders for the quality windows and craftsmanship. Read Sunrise windows reviews.

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Essentials (Vinyl)

The Essentials series is Sunrise's budget window, although it's still probably a better option than some window companies mid range option. It has a decent glass package, with an AI of 0.10 and U-Value of 0.30. Instead of the extrusions and sash design used in other Sunrise lines, it uses less durable versions of each to reduce production costs. The colors are limited and it only comes in a double hung, slider, and picture window. It does okay in smaller openings or if you are on a budget, but most homeowners should try to stretch to the Standard Sunrise model. Compare the Essentials model with the Masters Grande model from Amerimax.

» Essentials Series Pricing

Standard Sunrise (Vinyl)

The Standard Sunrise is an upgrade from the Essentials, with a nicer extrusion but not a lot of bells and whistles that the Verde and Restorations models have. It does has more color options and several glass packages to choose from. Unlike the more expensive Sunrise models, it doesn't use a fiberglass sash reinforcement and has separate tilt lock buttons. A very nice mid range window and one that many contractors would recommend. The Sunrise frame is comparable to the Okna 400 window.

» Standard Series Prices

Sunrise Verde (Vinyl)

The Verde is basically the Standard Sunrise, but includes a foam filled chamber in the extrusion, a foam wrap, and Solar clean glass. Good design and function make it a solid choice for a middle grade window. Compare the Verde model with the 2200 from PGT - check PGT windows prices here.

» Verde Series Costs

Sunrise Vanguard (Vinyl)

The Vanguard is similar to the Verde, essentially a Standard Sunrise frame with a fibercore reinforced sash and a recessed lever lock. Unlike the upgraded Restorations, it has separate tilt buttons and is available as a single hung, which is somewhat rare. The Vanguard is somewhat of a specialty model that was originally only available to certain distributors (it's unclear to us if this is still the case). Comparable to the Gorell 5300 Series.

» Vanguard Series Pricing

Sunrise Restorations (Vinyl)

Sunrise's top window line, the Restorations is also their most expensive model. Reinforced with fibercore on both the meeting rail and the vertical sash, it also features a Max Edge spacer and foam filled chambers. The frame and sash are fairly narrow, which give it clean lines and more glass area. Along with a high transparency screen, it has a clever tilt sash mechanism. The high quality finish makes it look close to real wood. A U-value of 0.28 and AI of 0.04 mean it ranks pretty high in energy efficiency. It is one of the favorite premium windows for both home owners and professionals alike. Compare the Restorations model with the Soft-Lite Elements.

» Restorations Series Prices

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