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Jeld-Wen Windows Reviews

Read 19 Jeld Wen Windows reviews from both homeowners and contractors on their Builder Vinyl Series, Siteline EX, IPEX doors, Premium Atlantic, Custom Wood and much more. For pricing and product analysis on all of their models, check out our page on Jeld Wen windows prices.

Page Last Updated: February, 2015.

Editor's Jeld Wen Window Review

Jeld Wen is a one of the larger window and door manufacturers in the United States and that means they are going to have both glowing and not so glowing customer window reviews. As a very general statement, Jeld Wen has a good reputation for their doors and an okay reputation for their windows. I know several excellent local companies that carry Jeld Wen and sell lots of them and assure me that they don't have any more problems with them than say their Milgard windows. On the other hand, we do get our fair share of Jeld Wen windows complaints from customers who have ordering and installation issues that don't always get resolved (at least to the satisfaction of the homeowner).

For consumers considering Jeld Wen products, I would recommend ordering through a company that has a long track record working with Jeld Wen and has experience and confidence handling issues with them that might arise during the ordering, delivery and installation phases. One other reminder for homeowners - no one cares about your home more than you. For better or worse, homeowners need to review orders that come in (espeically large orders where there are lots of moving parts) to make sure that what you ordered is correct. This can be confusing and sometimes impossible, but the very act itself shows the installers or contractor that you are on top of things and should keep them on their toes as well.

Jeld-Wen Aluminum Clad Wood Windows

We began building our log home May 2004 and ordered all of our Jeldwen doors and windows through Home Depot. The Home Depot held our windows and doors until we were able to have them delivered for installation by the builder, which was not until October 2005. The log home was finally completed in August 2006 when we received our certificate of occupancy. After moving in, we noticed drafts coming through the windows and condensation on patio doors. We had the Jeld Wen representative, Adam, come out on several occasions and he was unable to determine what or why air was flowing through our bay window and several other windows or why the patio door had condensation between the glass, and the warped door on our side porch. This went on for TWO YEARS.

He then came out in June 2009 due to three of the windows that were in separate areas of our home, the bottom sashes warped more than two inches in the center from the outside edge at frame on the 3'0"x 5'0" windows. He also looked at the patio door and the side door that were having issues, along with the bay window. It was determined at that time that the side door that had the air flow was only 6'5" instead of 6'8" as we had ordered, and where the bay window was made at the factory was racked. Where the bay window was mulled together at the factory was not buitd square. He told us that he would have to discuss it with his supervisor. In September 2009 the warped sashes were replaced, however, the rep informed us that the condensation between the glass of the double pane with mullions patio door AND the door that THEY made at 6'5" instead of what we had ordered (which was 6'8"), and the bay window would NOT be covered under any warranty due to the fact that we did not let them know within the two year warranty from the time they were ordered.

We did not take delivery of the product until the warranty was expired and Home Depot informed us that this was an issue that we would have to take care of directly with Jeld-Wen and there was nothing they could do. Claim Denied. Now we are stuck with 27 windows and 4 doors that DO NOT keep the cold air out during the winter. The air flow through the windows and doors during a windy day will extinguish a candle flame. We have to put up the plastic over windows to keep out the cold in the winter and towels at bottom of doors along with additional weather stripping to prevent some of the air from coming in. We don't have the extra money to replace the inadequate windows and doors. I would NOT recommend these windows and doors to anyone. They have the worst customer service and communication of any vendor that I had to work with while building our home. These windows and doors are not what we were explained as exceptional and energy saving windows. These are worse than the cheap builder grade windows at efficiency. I have saved all of the emails between the company rep along with their customer care warranty department, Barbara, regarding the above issues and am VERY dissatisfied with their attitude and response.

Debbie - Homeowner - from 2015

Editorial Response

Debbie, that sounds like a nightmare and one that, unfortunately, happens to homeowners time and time again. This is certainly not the first time we've heard of a saga that is more or less this exact situation. It sounds as if it has become one big blame game between the manufacturer, the company that you purchased from (Home Depot) and the installer who did the actual work. And in the end, it's you whose left with windows and doors that don't fit the openings and leak. My only suggestion would be to call up one or two local installers with good reputations and see if they will come out and give you their opinions on your window and door situation. They should do it for free or close to it and, although its probably a hail mary, they may be able to provide you with a solution that doesn't cost you too much and addresses some of the most blatant leaking.

Pete - Industry Expert - from 2015

Jeld Wen Double Hung H Windows

I installed all Jeld-Wen Traditional Wood Double Hung windows as replacements throughout the entire house. They were acquired through a major home improvement store. Given the window price and cost-to-benefit ratio, they were a huge improvement over the 1950 vintage windows with respect to leakage, thermal, glazing, and maintenance factors. The window materials and construction were of average quality and representative of the purchase price compared to Anderson and Pella.

In general, I was pleased with selecting the JW double-hung windows with the exception of a JW fixed picture window with double hung flankers (4'H x 8'W), custom ordered due to jamb and rough opening widths. After receiving the window, I was very disappointed to find the following flaws: 1) the overall window width was ½" longer at the top compared to the bottom, resulting in an out-of-square window that neither met the specified dimensions or allowed the attached brick mold to fit within the existing brick opening, 2) the flanking DH windows were not aligned with the picture window plane resulting in a slightly inverted bay window profile at the top of the window, 3) JW achieved the 5" jamb width using extension molding instead of fabricating from a single board, 4) the JW installed fasteners did not retain mullion or jamb extension moldings requiring the addition of finishing nails, 5) the poorly attached sill extension molding made it difficult to attach the stool molding to the sill compared to a window with a single board sill plate.

It's apparent the individual fixed and double hung windows were constructed using a system to ensure the window frames are square and meet specified dimensions. However, when two different window styles were joined together, it was apparent that no such system was in place to ensure correct alignment and dimensioning. For the price, I can recommend JW's individual window styles fabricated to standard off-the-shelf window frame and jamb dimensions, but I cannot recommend JW's customized or combined fixed and double hung windows.

Tom - Homeowner - from 2014

Jeld Wen vs Silverline

Jeld Wen has always made very good doors and I recommend them to many of my customers in my area. On the window side, I'm not as big a fan. I think there are better designed windows at the same price point and I usually steer my clients towards these. Jeld Wen is a big name though and if my customer feel more comfortable going with a national name, I would prefer to install Jeld Wen over other companies that market in the big box stores such as Silverline, Reliabilt (made by Atrium) and Pella Windows (their vinyl, not their high end wood clad). Their vinyl windows aren't bad, they just can't compete with companies like Amerimax, Sunrise and even Milgard.

Bobby - Contractor - from 2013

Jeld Wen vs Milgard

I have a condo in Mammoth Lakes that I'm looking for new windows. The place is in Northern CA and the winters can get really cold, so it's really important that the ones I choose are energy efficient. I'm mainly looking at Jeld-Wen and Milgard, and I don't know which is better. I want to get windows that will last a long time and hold up with all the wind and snow we get here. I don't really care about the price of the windows as long as I get quality.

Emily - Homeowner in California - from 2012

[Contractor Response]

If price isn't a concern, then I'd look at SoftLite, Gorell, and Sunrise. If you can get them where you are, they are going to be much better options than either the Jeld Wens or the Milgard, although Milgard has a decent reputation. The brands I mentioned have higher energy efficiency and they'll last longer too.

Wayne - Contractor - from 2012

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Jeld Wen Windows vs Pella

I was about to order Jeld-Wens, but I took the quote with me to a Pella showroom and I was surprised. Pellas are a lot nicer, as far as looks and quality both, and they are less expensive that the Jeld-Wens. I went with the Pella Architect, they seem really well made. The Jeld-Wens we looked at are rolled aluminum and can dent. The Pellas are extruded aluminum clad, so they won't dent and water can't get in.

Danny - Homeowner - from 2011

Jeld Wen Vinyl Window Review

As small as our town is, we have Andersen, Jeld Wen, and Pella vinyl windows brands. All of them look pretty good, but so far I'm leaning towards the Jeld-Wens. For the money, I think they give you the most bang for your buck. If you're putting them in yourself, it isn't too hard a project, but make sure your measurements are good.

Chandler - Installer in Georgia - from 2011

Jeld Wen Siteline EX vs Kolbe

For a remodeling project, I needed a wood clad double hung. We've been looking mainly at the Kolbe Ultra & Classic, as well as the Jeld Wen Siteline EX. The Siteline, I learned, advertises that it is extruded aluminum, however it's rolled on aluminum. The Kolbe Ultras are real extruded aluminum, so they shouldn't have the problems rolled on can. Kolbe Classic is rolled, and it seems real similar to the Siteline. They are priced pretty much the same, although the Ultras are a bit more ($2K for the entire project). I'm not sure if it's worth the extra money for the Ultras? If not, which of the others should I get?

Helen - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

Definitely go with the Ultra. Rolled aluminum isn't nearly as good, and I don't like Jeld Wens of any type. The Kolbe Ultra is a great window, it's well made and will last a long time. Jeld Wen bought 3 low-quality window companies to get their start, and they haven't improved on the quality at all. I've never seen a house with Jeld Wens that didn't have a ton of issues. If they're the best you could afford, it wouldn't destroy your house or anything, but you probably would always wish you'd picked different ones.

Miller - Contractor - from 2011

[2nd Response]

If you've narrowed it down to those, I wouldn't even consider it a comparison. The best Jeld Wen can't compare with the cheapest Kolbe. Either Kolbe would probably be fine, but the Ultra is a little nicer - I don't like rolled on aluminum much.

Wayne Installer - from 2011

Jeld Wen Customer Complaint

I ordered Jeld Wens from Home Depot and it's been a total pain. One window we had to send back twice before we finally got one that wasn't damaged. All of the sliders were going in the wrong direction, and another was narrower than we'd ordered. Every time we had to send something back, it would take a couple weeks to get the replacement. The only reason I haven't walked away from them completely is that they keep giving us discounts and refunding some of our money. A lot of the problem is poor packaging, they are basically wrapped in plastic wrap with some cardboard at the bottom corners, so they tend to get beat up in shipping. So far the people have been nice, but it's pretty crazy to have so many problems.

Kerry - Homeowner in Texas - from 2010

Jeld Wen Customer Service

Renovating a Victorian home, I bought solid wood clad custom windows from Jeld Wen and they've been nothing but trouble. The first winter, 3 windows had the glass near the locks crack, and the rep told me the glass wasn't under warranty. They didn't even make it through one season! I spent over $20k with them and now they want another $1000 to send replacement glass. That's lousy customer service, they aren't standing behind their product and they won't be getting any business from me or anyone else I know if I can help it.

Renata - Homeowner in DC - from 2010

Jeld Wen vs Simonton

I'm considering Simonton Prism Platinum and Jeld-Wen Builders Vinyl, and I could use advice. I'm getting 17 double hungs, 2 pictures, and a slider. Both are Low-E, both qualify for tax credits and have similar warranties. I don't care about the price, I just want the best window.

Mary - Homeowner - from 2009

[Contractor Response]

The Simonton Prisms have a stronger frame and they'll last longer with fewer problems. They are, however, a lot more expensive than the Jeld Wens. If price really doesn't matter, the Simontons are a much better choice.

Daniel - Contractor in Texas - from 2009

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Jeld Wen Pozzi vs Hurd

Jeld-Wen's top line is Pozzi. Hurds are decent, but not as good as Pozzi. Hurd actually has a better warranty, but in 2008 they were bought by another company, who decided not to honor the warranty. A great warranty is meaningless if no one wants to honor it. That made a lot of contractors and dealers mad, and they stopped working with Hurd altogether. I'd go with the Pozzis.

Trevor - Industry Insider - from 2009

Jeld Wen Windows vs. Ply Gem

Any opinions on Plygems versus Jeld Wen vinyls? I'm looking at windows that are Energy Star certified and qualify for the federal tax rebate. My house is in Idaho, hot, dry summers and mild winters.

Lisa - Homeowner in Idaho - from 2009

[Contractor Response]

I wouldn't recommend either, although there are worse out there. Some of the Plygem lines are good but not all, they bought some from Great Lakes that are fine but the former CertainTeeds are not. If you have to pick one of these, Plygem is better, I really don't like Jeld Wens. I'd keep looking if those were my only two options.

Manny - Installer - from 2009

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