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Get a breakdown on Window World prices and costs on their most popular windows and models, including Alside and Comfort Window models. Window World is one of the largest discount vinyl window manufacturer that has a presence in most areas and states around the U.S. Some contractors dislike their windows and sales tactics, while others feel they offer a decent product at a low price. What seems very true for the consumer is that they need to vet the actual subcontractor or installer who will be doing the work. Some of the installers have good reputations, however there are lots of bad stories about shortcuts and improper installation, which results in higher costs for the consumer over the long term.

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Window World 3000 Window Prices

Window World vs Superior Window

We have had two quotes for windows that are so different that it makes us wonder about the companies. The quote was on 20 windows in the Houston area – one quote (Window World) was $6800 and the other (Superior Window) was $15,000. It appeared the windows were the same except Superior Window did seem to have steel inside the frame which I don’t remember if Window World did and he indicated that was to prevent bending. With such a wide range on quote, brings questions to mind. Any reviews you can share about the two companies to assist with a decision?

Jeanne - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jeanne, vinyl windows often look the same -- it's like if I looked under the hood of two cars they'd look exactly the same to me. There are very significant differences that will become evident 5, 7, 9 years down the road as parts break or locks fail etc. The vinyl extrusions, tolerances, manufacturing processes, glass, components, fit, finish etc all factor into making a quality vinyl window or a cheap one. That doesn't factor in installation, which is obviously an important component as well.

Window World sells what I consider to be a poor product from a long term cost perspective. But their prices are cheap, I'll give them that. Some consumers have told me that their local WW branch comes out and fixes the windows every time there is a problem, which begs the question, why not go with a cheap vinyl window that comes with a lifetime warranty? On the flip side, I've heard of very poor experiences with WW (its a franchise so each one is run independently). When there were issues, they were left high and dry more or less. This can make for an expensive and frustrating experience if you have to switch them out again after 8 years.

I don't know much about Superior Windows so I can't comment on their windows. They probably buy their vinyl windows from another company and relabel them -- I'm basing this on their website. The price they quoted you seems high, although I have no idea about your project details. I would ask them to give you the specific numbers for the exact window you are buying (see below) and compare the bid to a couple more bids, which I think you should get.

I would say that the WW is going to be the lowest bid you get and the Superior is going to be the highest. $750 a window should get you a VERY good vinyl window. Zen windows sells Soft-Lite windows and their Lotus and Nirvana models are quite good. I believe they have a branch in your area. Don Young also makes a good vinyl window and they make a very good aluminum window. Get a bid from them as well.

U Factor: .30 or lower, lower the better
Air Infiltration: .12 or lower, lower the better, .05 or lower is considered excellent
Design Pressure: 30 or higher, the higher the better

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Window World Alside 3000 Window Costs

Hi Guys: we have had bids on replacement vinyl windows here in Tucson, AZ. We will be replacing 8 sliding windows and 6 picture windows (all aluminum single pane from the 70’s). Obviously, energy efficiency is paramount here in the Arizona desert. I can give you a list of window sizes, etc if you wish!

So, for the Windows World windows (aka Alside 3000), they are double pane, low-e, argon filled. Several of the windows will have Cardinal 340 glass (west and south facing). And several windows need tempered glass since they are less than 18” from the floor. For this there are a total of 14 windows and the cost is $7,998.

We had the local Anlin dealer out here (American Windows and Solar). He quoted the Anlin Del Mar window. A total of 17 windows. The difference in number of windows is that several of the picture windows are too high (70”+) and Anlin doesn’t make windows that high. So we split the windows into sliding windows on the bottom and picture windows on the top. This has the added advantage of only requiring tempering on the bottom sliding windows. All windows have the same described features as the Alsides -- double pane, low-e, argon filled. Several of the windows will have Cardinal 340 glass (west and south facing). For all 17 windows, the price was negotiated down to $17,000.

So my question is, other than installation quality, is the price difference reflective of the window quality? I don’t mind paying for quality but just need reassurance or feedback that this is worth it. From what I have been able to glean from your (and other sites) the Del Mar are superior. But double the price?

Also, I can scan both quotes and email them if you would like to see them!

Peter - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Peter, the simple answer to your question is yes there is a huge difference in the windows. Window World uses a relatively poorly made vinyl window that will begin to break down somewhere in that year 7, 8 , 9... Anlin makes a good window, but $17,000 is a huge difference than the $8K from WW. I think you need to get two more bids -- one from a Milgard dealer on the Tuscany vinyl window and from an Amerimax window dealer on the Masters Grande or Craftsman Portrait. Perhaps also a Simonton dealer on their Impressions or Reflections series (their better window lines). This is going to give you a better idea of the price ranges you're looking at and I think give you a middle option between the Anlin and WW.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

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Window World 4000 Prices

Window World (and others like Castle Windows in the northeast) offer teaser deals at very low prices for their entry level product - typically an Alside Excalibur or Comfort World 4000.

Contractors are not typically keen on builder grade windows in general, and these are no exception. The issue with the window centers on the snap in sill which can over time have issues with moisture and debris getting trapped inside and mildew and mold can occur over time. The performance numbers are not great here either, especially the air infiltration, which means the window can let in air through poor seals and weatherstripping.

In my opinion, this window is probably best for rentals or house flips. For better long term value, you should upgrade to a nice mid range vinyl window like the Milgard Tuscany or Wincore 7700 series.

Dane - Site Editor

Window World 4000 Quote

I have a manufactured home and need to replace 10 windows. The bids include removing siding and pulling out the windows, reinstalling brand new windows with the fins and replacing the siding. o

Window World 4000 (low-e glass, argon, grids): $545 per window

Thermal Windows and Doors 9000 (triple pane): $650 per window

Jock - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jock, the Thermal 9000 window with the triple pane is the clear winner in my book.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Window World 4000 Bid

I have two very different bids and would love to get your take. It's on 23 windows plus 3 sliding vinyl doors.

Window World 4000 Bid: $22,000

Pella Designer Bid: $60,000

Anna - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Anna, I'm not sure I like either one of these bids. The WW4000 is a low end vinyl window and the Pella Designer is a high end wood window. I'd prefer you get a high quality vinyl wndow that would fall $10K above the Window World bid.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Window World 4000 vs. Allstate

Dane, I am replacing 11 windows and have two bids to choose from. Window World 4000: $3220

Allstate Windows: $4400

Susan - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Susan, I'm not sure I like either of these options. I would suggest you keep searching and find well known reputable brands to get a couple of bids from.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Window World 4000 Series Quote

We have 4 estimates for our latest project. This includes a casement, a picture window, 23 double hung windows, and one casement.

Sunrise Restoration: $15.8K

Berkshire Elite: $12.9

Alside Mezzo: $11.5K

Window World 4000: $11.4K


Nick - Homeowner - from 2018

Window World 4000 Quote

I have 1 sliding door and fourteen double hung windows. I have a townhouse and need help with the following quotes.

Window Nation Grandview: $15,440

Earthwise Window: $10310

Window World 4000: $8,980

Debra - Homeowner - from 2018

Window World AMI 4000 vs. Pella Encompass Series

Dear Dane, I am currently looking at replacing 16 windows in my home. I live in Memphis TN and its very hot and humid. I've had five companies prepare quotes and there is such a huge difference in pricing I'm a bit overwhelmed and wondering why such a big price jump from one to another. Any guidance into quality or fair price would be appreciated.

I have eight windows 36x74: Six windows 32x62: Two windows 32x68

Sears offered Wincore 7700 installed $13,000.

Window world offered AMI 4000 series installed $6,880.

Pella offered Encompass series installed $12,774.

Champion offered 365 series installed $20,655.

Contract Pro offered Kensington 3000 series installed $8,000.

Jennifer - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Jennifer, to answer your question, there is a huge variation in price because companies are not obligated to give you their best price. They can throw out any price they want and hope that you say yes. Now let's try to get you the best window at the best price.

Window World uses a poorly made window, so toss that bid.

I'm not a fan of the Pella Encompass, so I'd toss that one.

Champion makes a good vinyl window, but the bid is way too high.

I like the Wincore 7700, but your bid sounds expensive and the company that bid that out is sometimes more expensive than they should be. I'd like the bid at $10K.

I like Kensington HPP, but they don't sell a 3000 series window. They do sell a Kingston 300 series, although they usually drop the 300 part on the website. I know they have had warranty issues in previous years with financial problems with ownership changes. Since 2013, they have become quite a reliable company. Having said that, I would be wary about using their entry level window. Can you get a quote on the huntington model. If you got that one for $10K I think that would be the option I would go with. The window offers very good performance and is a generally nice looking vinyl window in my opinion.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Window World Vinyl Vs. Don Young

I need to replace 16 windows, plus two octagon shaped windows.

Window World Double Hungs: $7,675

Don Young Single Hungs: $7,900

Scott - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Scott, I would go with Don Young over Window World. They make a better window for sure.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

WW Price Quote

I have the following bids for 8 vinyl double hung windows with low-e glass, and argon fills.

Champion: $5900
Sunrise Restorations: $5500
Berkshire Elite: $3590
Window World: $3200

Heather - Homeowner - from 2017

Window World 4000 vs Simonton Prism Gold

Good afternoon Tim and Dane:

I have been looking to your site for reviews of windows…hoping you can help us decide on which would be the best window for the price. We have had several companies come out and here are the quotes we received for full house replacement (26 windows) We will be going with double hung for the most part with exceptions of a large picture window in the living room and a ¼ - ½ - ¼ in the family room with the ½ being a picture:

Alside Mezzo - $17,054

Simonton Prism Gold $16,158

Window World 4000 - $12,096

Window Works $19,718

We’ve read and heard the negative reviews of Window World and obviously their price was the cheapest. Window Works is a local company in Bolingbrook, IL., but they play the “pricing” game with the here is your “buy now” price” ($19,718), “here is your buy by end of month sale price” ($23,386) and here is your “buy by the end of the year price” ($23,278”). They have good reviews on Angie's List for overall customer satisfaction. The Alside and Simonton windows price is from a local company that installs both of their products. they also have positive reviews on Angie's List.

Any advice would be great.

Ronald - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Ronald, I would toss the Window World 4000 bid as I don't like the window they use and think it's cheap. The only way I'd ever recommend WW is for consumers who know friends who have had the WW 4000 vinyl windows installed years ago and have had good experiences with the local branch fixing whatever problems arise (which they will).

Moving on, I personally don't like the buy it now price and find it kind of shady, but I know it's used by many local companies. But the bid is the highest of the bunch and I've heard so little about Window Works that they can't make THAT great a vinyl window, so I'd toss that one as well.

I happen to think the Alside Mezzo is a decent vinyl window, but if it were me I'd go with the Simonton Prism Gold. Not the fanciest window on the market, but of the bids you have, I think it offers the the best price point and value for your money. Assuming the installation is good and thorough, I think this window will serve you well.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Window World 4000 vs Wincore 5400 Series

I have Relief Windows coming in to quote me on 14 windows later this week. I'm in the Baton Rouge area.Window World quoted me $4,846 for the 14 windows in the 4000 model with the SolarZone Elite package. As you know, they don’t have a great reputation on installations; however I have seen that the Baton Rouge branch seems to be better than most. Any advice is appreciated.

Jerry - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

I have heard that the Window World in Baton Rouge is good, however, they are still selling a window that is sub par. Some consumers make the point that if the window comes with a lifetime warranty, why not go with a sub par window. The problem with this option in my opinion is you're still going to pay for the labor of pulling out the windows and replacing them, which can be roughly a third of the cost.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

WW 4000 vs Vista Panorama

Hi Dane, I was hoping to find Vista Panorama windows on the list for comparison, but I have read a bit about Vista on your site and I have seen that you indicate it is a mid range "pretty decent" window. I have a quote for $920 installed for 2 double hungs and one picture window with Low E argon, .29 double hung to .26 picture.

Considering adding more double hung windows and the quote installed was $288.
I'm getting calls in now for more quotes (from your site), but the other quote I already have is Window World 4000 series with solar zone glass and foam filled frame for $1,364 (same 3 windows).

Angela - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

The Vista Panorama is loads better than the WW 4000. The price quote you received does sound very solid. I like the fact that you have a contractor who has installed the window before, because he (hopefully) knows all the little tricks that may come into play with the installation.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Window World 4000 vs Window Express

We are looking at replacement of 8 windows, 5 double hung, 3 half round. We have had estimates from Window World, Lanham Window Company (a local family owned business operating for 42 years in the area) Window Express and Renewal by Anderson. The WW estimate is for the DH4000 series with upgrade low e glass. The other windows appear to be similar. The difference between WW ($4K) and RBA ($26K) is huge. Window Express is close to WW and the local company is 75% higher than WW.

The WW warranty appears to be the strongest. We have 2 neighbors who have used Dallas WW during the last 4 years and both are extremely satisfied. Your reviews of WW (not WW Dallas specifically) say a better product is available but with the lifetime warranty on pretty much everything they seem like a better value. Please comment. Thank you.

Dean - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Dean, while Window World provides a lifetime warranty on the windows, the company isn't typically going to just send out all new windows when you have a problem. They might send replacement parts, but you would be responsible for the cost of labor, which is where the cost is going to be. In general, the WW4000 series will start failing in small ways at years 6 to 12. I hear so many horror stories or say seals failing and windows fogging up and consumers simply not being able to get the company or rep they worked with to address their issues. I'm not even talking about Window World necessarily -- window companies in general. They want to make the next sale, not address issues on a window that was purchased seven years ago.

I wouldn't buy a window based on a warranty myself and I wouldn't buy Window World, but that's just my opinion. I would buy a Simonton, Milgard, or Ply Gem window over a Window World product any day of the week. They would run more like $400 per window installed.

RBA is always ridiculously overpriced and isn't worth the money. You can go out and buy an Andersen 100 window from Home Depot for $300 a window and it's virtually the same thing -- nearly the exact same frame.

Don Young makes a good vinyl window and an even better aluminum window. Zen windows might be available in your area. I've never heard of the two other companies you mentioned, so I can't comment on them.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Window World 4000 Pricing

I'm looking to replace 15 aluminum windows and I live in the hot Arizona desert. I have very large windows, many receiving full sun all year long.

7 72x72

3 96x72

4 48x72

1 46x54

Here's the estimates I have so far. I realize the Marvin is a fiberglass frame where the others are vinyl. While I love the fact that the frame is a bit smaller, I just cannot afford the Marvin.

Marvin Infinity $31,268

Window World 4000 $8,554

Simonton DaylightMax 7300 $15,533 (this quote is 1.5 years old)

Amerimax Craftsman Portrait $12,900

What other Windows would you suggest that are budget friendly for the hot AZ sun? Or which of these would you suggest? I expect to stay in this home for another 8-10 years. Any guidance you have is very welcome. The world of Windows is very confusing.

Stacy - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Stacy, I understand that the Marvin Infinity is out of your price range, that's quite a lot of money to spend. The Window World option may have to be replaced again before your 10 years are up, so let's get rid of that one. The Daylight Max is a decent window, but the Craftsman Portrait is certainly equal to it and is several thousand less so the Amerimax is my pick for sure.

If you are looking for a couple more bids, try local companies who sell Milgard and Anlin, specially the Milgard Tuscany and the Anlin Del Mar. These are both on par with the Amerimax and should provide some good apples-to-apples cost comparison.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Window World 4000 Prices

I am going to replace most of my windows (28 in total – 8 will be picture windows, rest will be either single or double hung). 15 of these windows, get full west sun. 6 of these will be upper level picture windows.

Window world double hung 4000 series, with a solar shield package, gave a quote of around 15k, after speaking with some other people that have recently installed windows with them, there should be considerable flexibility in that price.

Also planning on replacing a patio French door. Changing out a 2 6'8" doors with transom, to 2 – 8' doors. Window world gave a price of $3250 for a therma true door, and the sunrise installer gave a price of $4932 for their steel door. Their brand is Provia.

Angie - Homeowner - from 2016

Window Window Alside Cost vs Ply Gem

Please help, I am trying to figure this out, I have 2 quotes, one from Window World in cedar rapids Iowa on an Alside window; double pane, Jam box replacement and interior trim replacement, wood grain vinyl inside and white outside for $8100.00. The other quote is from the Window Source in cedar falls Iowa, these are PlyGem 9000, double pane insulated frame, all the rest is the same wood grain vinyl interior and white exterior for $8300.00.

Brody - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Hi Brody, I would probably give the nod to the Ply Gem, although it depends what model or series Alside we are talking about. I like the Mezzo from Alside, although certainly there are better brands available than either of these two options. How many windows is this for?

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

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Window World 6000 Prices

The Window World 6000, or Comfort World 600 series is manufactured by Associated Materials Inc (AMI), the parent company of Alside and Alpine, among others. The 6000 is a very similar window to the Alside Ultramaxx, basically just a relabel of the window in fact.

The Ultramaxx is considered a decent window; basically a step up version of their Sheffield Series. It uses the capture sill, which many industry experts consider a flawed design, although the company disputes this claim. The Ultramaxx uses a sturdier frame and better seals than the Excalibur.

The 6000 series comes as a double hung, awning, slider, casement, bay, bow, or as a basement window. All in all, not a bad window, although for the price tag, there are probably better windows out there in my opinion.

Compare to the Silverline 9500 Series - more Silverline Windows Prices

Dane - Site Editor

WindowWorld 6000 Window Costs

I live in Palm Beach County and have gotten the following bids on 20 windows (mostly single hungs, but a couple arched windows and pictures). We also have 3 big sliding patio doors, including an 8’ x 9’, 8’ x 8’, and 8' x 6'.

MaxGuard Triple Pane Vinyl Series: $49K
- New South Triple Pane Vinyl Series: $47K
- WindowWorld 6000 Triple Pane Vinyl Series: $41K
- CitiQuiet Aluminum PGT: $38K
- FHA CWS Vinyl Series: $39K


Glenn - Homeowner - from 2018

Window World Quote

Hi Tim, I want to replace my aluminum windows with double hungs. We have a Window World estimate for their higher end window with triple pane glass. The bid covers 5 standard size window, 1 smaller, 1 large triple slider and 1 basement window.

The bid is for $7,200 and includes all of the windows, removal, installation and clean up.

Laurie - Homeowner - from 2018

RBA Cost Bid

I have 4 estimates on 8 windows (all 36 inch by 59 inch), 1 smaller bathroom window, and 1 bow window (3 windows mulled together).

Renewal by Andersen: $16,000
Castle Window Quote: $6600
Viwinco Cambridge Bid: $5400
Window World Bid: $5270

Ramona - Homeowner - from 2017

Window World 6000 vs Zen And Berkshire

Wow, after reading a ton of reviews on your site, I have become overwhelmed. There are a lot of window manufacturers and a big price difference. Here's the quotes that I've gotten:

Window World 6000 - $8201

NT Windows Presidential - $11387

Berkshire Elite - $9700

Zen - $15980

Sunrise - $15730

I live near Dallas, TX and have 22 windows with 2 being odd shaped with arches on them that I have found to be really expensive. I want a good window, but I don't need anything fancy or anything. Is there really that big of a difference in quality in these manufacturers? What are your thoughts on these? Is there another manufacturer that I should consider that would be a good value for the money?

Joseph- Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Joseph, you are right that the process can get overwhelming, but you have a bunch of bids so you've done your due diligence and now let's take a look.

I rarely to never recommend the Window World and I'm not about to now. The one caveat to this would be if you know that the Window World in your area has a great reputation -- some do. If you know this isn't your forever home, you could consider it.

NT Presidential is quite a decent window -- a solid mid range

The Berkshire Elite is a good window, but I'd probably rather the NT with the added costs.

Normally, I recommend the Zen and Sunrise, but that seems kind of steep to me.

Call up a Don Young dealer in your area and get a quote on their vinyl windows -- they also make a great aluminum thermally broken window as well.

Shoot me back this quote and let's go from there!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

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Window World Door Prices

Window World Patio 6500 Prices

I'm replacing two sets of French doors: 61 inches x 80 inches. We wanted to get integrated blinds. Here is what I've gotten for bids so far.

Milgard Tuscany: $2400 per french door

Window World 6500: $3k per french door

Amerimax 2200: $3K per french door

James - Homeowner - from 2018

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