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Alside Windows Reviews

Read 19 Alside windows reviews from homeowners and contractors to explore popular models such as the Excalibur, Sheffield, Ultramaxx, Mezzo and Preservation. For pricing information, see our page on Alside window prices.

Page last updated February, 2015.

Alside Preservation Windows Review

Preservation windows are made by Alside. They market them as their exclusive high end window, but I would put them as a solid middle of the road window that is often sold for a high end price. That's a problem, the average person doesn't know that the Preservation isn't a top tier vinyl window like the best models from Sunrise Windows or Polaris. You may want to get some additional bids for the sake of comparison.

Pete - Installer - from 2014

Alside Sheffield Windows Reviews

Last year my wife and I had Sheffield Alside windows put on our home. Within a few months they were leaking air, which was awful because it was cold and drafty all winter. They ended up being no better than the 20 year old windows they replaced. I don't know if it's the actual windows or if we had a bad installer. I've been trying to get him to come take a look, but he keeps putting me off. Our neighbors had their windows done around the same time with Renewal by Andersens and they haven't had any of these problems.

Dan - Consumer in Colorado - from 2011

Alside vs Window World

Window World uses a lot of subcontractors, which I really don't like. You never know what kind of workmanship you're going to get. They use Alside as their main supplier. You can get a good deal if you need some simple white double hungs, but if you want energy efficient features or different style windows, you'll find a lot of extra charges. Generally, you can do better than Window World. If I'm going to live in a house I want decent windows to keep the energy bills reasonable and the house comfortable. For a rental or if you're planning to move, cheap models makes a lot of sense.

William - Contractor - from 2011

Customer Satisfaction With Alside

Window World was the 3rd and lowest quote that I got for my windows. I had all of my condo windows replaced, and the difference in sound was amazing. The bed that's right by the window used to be cold at night, and now it's a comfortable temperature all the time, I'm finally sleeping all night without waking up for more blankets. They are a lot like Alside Excalibur, a decent window but nothing fancy, good when you have a tight budget and decent weather to work with. They probably wouldn't do in a place with harsh winter, but they look good and have a nice lifetime warranty. The installers were great, they worked fast, left it clean, and were very professional.

Daniel - Homeowner in California - from 2011

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Excalibur Window Review

I've seen a lot of windows, and I think that the Alside Excalibur has both a poor design and shoddy manufacturing. Air infiltration is a particular weakness here. The official test numbers aren't that good, but once installed they are even worse. The manufacturer takes a cheap, poorly designed window and then does a terrible job of making it. I wouldn't recommend it.

Tony - Industry Expert - from 2010

Alside vs. Okna Windows

I've seen a lot of reviews that trash the Excalibur and talk about how much better the OKNA 500 is. That's ridiculous! The OKNA 500 is about twice as much, of course it's going to be better. The Excalibur is a low-cost window, so if you're going to compare it should be against ones that cost the same. It's a decent window for the price.

Brian - Consumer - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

Brian, the easy answer is that of course you get what you pay for. For the most part, bargain windows aren't really a bargain. After only a few years, warping and bowing of the frame can cause leaks. Replacing a $300 window after five years compared to replacing a $600 after 30 years, it's pretty clear that the more expensive window is cheaper in the long run. Evenwith good customer service willing to cover the cost of the replacement windows, the installation will cost you.

Dan - Contractor - from 2010

Excalibur vs Silverline 9500 Series

I'm getting replacement windows, is the Silverline 9500 better than Excalibur? Any others I should look at?

Walden - Homeowner - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

If you're flipping or renting the property, those are fine, but if you plan to live with them I'd look at something better. Softlite, Okna, Gorell, Sunrise, Simonton, PGT, Great Lakes. They are all a lot better. If for some reason you're determined to get one of those, the 9500 beats the Excalibur.

Jeremy - Contractor - from 2010

Alside vs Harvey

I got Alside Excalibur and Harvey Classic quotes for my house outside Boston. I need 12 double hungs and 2 bay windows. I liked the contractor, is was the same guy for either window. The Alsides will be $7500 and the Harveys $8700. I'm not sure if the Harveys are better, or at least enough better to pay that much more.

Bryan - Homeowner in Massachusetts - from 2009

[Contractor Response]

I wouldn't use the Alsids no matter how much cheaper they are. The Harvey window price you got quoted is excellent.

Wayne - Contractor - from 2009

Alside vs Gorell Windows

I have 23 windows to replace. I'm looking at the Alside Ultramax for $14,500 or Gorell 5300 for $11,500. Any ideas how they compare?

Dan - Homeowner - from - 2009

[Contractor Response]

The Gorell is much better, no question. I can't imagine why Alside would ask that much, they are lower quality than Gorells.

Larwence - Installer - from 2009

Alside vs Simonton Windows

I have a bunch of windows to replace - sliders, double hung, casement, and a sliding door. I've pretty much narrowed it down to a few choices. They all qualify for the $1500 tax credit, which is nice. I'm looking at:

Alside Sheffield (with Climatech & Super spacer): $6400
Simonton Prism Platinum/5500 (w/ Super Spacer): $7700
Great Lakes Grandview 4000: $7500
Great Lakes Grandview 5000 (triple pane): $8300

Sheffields are affordable but there's usually a reason when one thing is a lot cheaper. I've heard good things about Simontons, but are they worth that much more? And I don't know a lot about Great Lakes but they look good and I think the price isn't that bad.

Jack - Homeowner in Colorado - from 2009

[Response From Contractor]

The Simonton is always a good bet. Great Lakes makes good windows, and they have good customer service. Either would be ok. I would stay away from the Alsides unless the money is a problem.

William - Contractor - from 2009

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Importance Of Installation

As an installer, I've worked with a lot of Alside Excalibur windows and I think they are some of the best in the business. They look good and are pretty sturdy for the price. What people don't realize is that the dealer and the installer are more important than the manufacturer. You want to buy from someone who cares about customer service. The installer is just as important - a good installation can make a lousy window work pretty well for a long time, and a bad installer is going to leave you with a leaky, drafty window, no matter how much you paid for it. A bad installation is probably going to void your warranty as well.

Dave - Installer in California - from 2009

Alside Customer Satisfaction

Five years ago I replaced all twenty windows in my home with Alsides. I live in Washington, DC and we have extreme heat in the summer and cold in the winter, and we haven't had any problems with dratfs or cold spots. I think my installer did a really good job. They talked a lot about insulation and ended up using a foam around the windows and some aluminim cladding on the outside. We've been really happy with them.

Rick - Homeowner - from 2009

Alside Sheffield Windows Reviews

I've put in a lot of different windows, and the Alside Sheffield is one that I really hate to see. I think it's just cheap. Instead of a sloped sill, like every well-designed window out there, the frame has the same extrusion on all sides. It's a cheap shortcut that saves millions on factory equipment. Unfortunately, most home owners don't pay attention and they'll buy it anyway. Another problem the Sheffield has is the handle. When you lift up it puts stress on the glass. It's just a cheap and ugly way of doing things - a good window will have the handle in the sash rail.

Hartley - Installer - from 2008

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