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There is always going to be debate as to what the best replacement windows are - and with good reason. Contractors, homeowners and industry experts all have their favorites and least favorites based on personal experience. Below are our manufacturer recommendations organized by frame material and price point. For additional information on pricing, see our window replacement cost estimator.

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Best Entry Level Vinyl Windows

Simonton Daylight Max Series

What We Like: The Simonton 7300 series, also known as the Daylight Max, is a nice looking window that uses a narrow frame that adds to the pleasant aesthetic. It suffers a bit on the performance end, but isn't bad for an entry level vinyl window. Consumers can expect a .32 U-factor and .11 air infiltration.

My advice for consumers would be to upgrade to a better glass package in order to lower the U-factor and SHGC, especially on those south facing windows that get lots of sun.

More Simonton window costs.

Best Window In Its Class

Ply Gem Pro Series

What We Like: The Ply Gem Pro window is a better than the Contractor, more of a solid mid grade window, but is still often marketed as a builder grade window - thus the name Pro. The Ply Gem Pro does not include a reinforced sash as you will find on the Premium Series, but doesn turn in fairly respectable numbers

More Ply Gem pricing.

Milgard Styleline Series

What We Like: Milgard's Styline is a thinner framed, more modern looking window with uneven sight lines and more glass than the Tuscany. Performance wise, you are giving up some energy efficiency, but for the price point, the Styleline is a good entry level window. Milgard is a good option on the west coast and western half of the country in general. They also make a vinyl window specific to Texas, so consumers here ought to take a look at this option.

More Milgard window prices.

Wincore 5400 Series

The Wincore 5400 series is the lower end vinyl window from the West Virginia based company that was established in 2007 by former employees of Simonton. The 5400 window comes standard with a contoured frame, double strength glass, argon fills and low-e glass. It uses a sloped sill, cam locks, constant force balance, a U-channel spacer, and contoured grids. It is is available as a double hung, picture, slider, bay, bow window, and in several geometric shapes. All in all, a decent entry level vinyl window

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Silverline 9500 Series

What We Like: Silverline isn't really known in the industry as a high quality manufacturer. However, their 9500 Series is pretty decent for a budget vinyl window. This entire category is tough because we don't usually recommend entry level vinyl windows to consumers. We feel that mid range vinyl windows offer better long term value for homeowners. Nonetheless, we also understand that there is a place for the budget category.The Silverline 9500 series just barely squeaks in our budget category.

More Siliverline windows costs.

Best Mid Range Vinyl Windows

Here are four top contenders and manufacturers in the mid range vinyl window category. This is the category that we often recommend for budget-conscious consumers as it often offers the best long term value or bang for your buck. While it's true that the prices here are not what many consumers define as cheap, these windows will last for a couple of decades (assuming good installation) and shouldn't cause you too many issues.

Okna 500 Series

What We Like: The Okna 500 window delivers some excellent performance and overall craftsmanship. Consumers can expect a U-value of 0.25, AI 0.02, SHGC 0.28, and DP50. In addition, it has some upgraded features for the Okna 400 series, including a better sill wall and Duralite spacer.

More Okna window prices.

Best Window In Its Class

PGT 2300 SpectraGuard Series

What We Like: PGT is a Florida-based manufacturer and makes quite a few good mid range window models. The 2300 SpectraGuard as one of our favorites and is often priced very competitively The only real issue with PGT is their somewhat limited distribution. They are definitely available in Florida and Georgia, but they may be hard to find in states away from the coast.

PGT Costs

Soft-Lite Classic Series

What We Like: The Soft-Lite Classic is an older model, similar to the Soft-Lite Pro, and comes standard with some very nice features and options. The Classic tops my list for quality mid range vinyl windows. Many dealers and distributors don't carry the Classic and therefore you can find some great deals out there.

More Soft-Lite window costs.

Zen Lotus Series

What We Like: Zen is a franchise of Soft-Lite and has quite a number of branches in major cities in the mid west and along the east coast. The company typically sell three models, the Karma, Nirvana, and the Lotus, which are actually relabeled Soft-Lite Bainbridge, Classic, and Pro Series. The Pro Series is a good window and comes with a .07 air infiltration, which is quite good. Not in the top tier of vinyl windows, it is a very solid performer.

More Zen prices.

Best High End Vinyl Windows

Here are four top contenders and manufacturers in the high end vinyl window category.

HiMark Enviro-Star 800

What We Like: The HiMark Enviro-Star 800 is considered an upper echelon vinyl window that is made by Okna and sold through HiMark, which is an exclusive dealer and requires that consumers use HiMark installers for the job. This ensures quality installation, that will typically cost a bit more. (I personally think this is a good trade off in most cases.) The window offers EXCELLENT performance data, looks great, and is extremely well made. One of if not the best vinyl window out there.

More Himark pricing.

Best Window In Its Class

Sunrise Restorations Series

What We Like: The Sunrise Restorations window is reinforced with fibercore on both the meeting rail and the vertical sash, features a Max Edge spacer and foam filled chambers. The frame and sash are fairly narrow, which gives the window a nice slender and clean look. The window incorporates a clever tilt sash mechanism and comes standard with a high transparency screen. In addition, consumers will be impressed by the high quality frame finish. Performance wise, consumers can expect the low-e glass and argon fill option to deliver a U-factor around of 0.27 and an air infiltration of 0.04, both quite impressive.

More Sunrise window prices.

Okna EnviroStar Series

What We Like: So the Okna 800 EnviroStar and the HiMark 800 are the same window. But we had to include again because it's our favorite vinyl window. The 800DX is durable and strong with a frame thickness of 0.80, U-value is 0.25, and air Infiltration is 0.01, which literally cannot be beat in terms of the AI numbers. The Okna 800 is available in a variety of colors and finishes for both the interior and exterior, plus some excellent hardware options including brass.

More Okna windows prices.

Soft-Lite Elements Windows

What We Like: Performance speaks volumes: an air infiltration of 0.01 - 0.02 and a U-factor of 0.19. Both of these numbers are near impossible to beat. The window is slender and attractive, using a bead and cove design, and comes with a whole host of impressive components and features. The Elements come with an upgraded spacer, the non-metal Edgetech, which is an optional upgrade on the LS. The Elements double hung also has a tilt that works with the locking mechanism that allow you to tilt the sashes for easier cleaning. The bead and cove design, although not noticeable from the street, looks great from close up.

Kensington Quantum 2 Windows

What We Like: The Kensington Quantum 2 is the company's premium vinyl window that is incredibly energy efficient. The double hung comes standard with triple weather stripping, warm-edge spacer, a fusion welded frame, recessed tilt latches, an ILSTM interlocking six-degree sloped sill, and a stealth locking system. It's a very nice unit and very well made.

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Best Fiberglass Windows

Here are four top contenders in the fiberglass market. For more in depth head to head comparisons and prices, see our pages on the best fiberglass windows.

Marvin Infinity Series

Price Range: $600 to $750 fully installed

More on Marvin Infinity window.

Best Window In Its Class

Marvin Integrity Series

Price Range: $500 to $650 fully installed

More on Marvin Integrity window.

Inline Windows

Price Range: $800 to $900 fully installed

More on Inline windows.

Milgard Ultra Series

Price Range: $550 to $650 fully installed

More on Milgard windows prices.

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Best Wood Windows

Here are four top contenders and manufacturers. For more in depth head to head comparisons and pricing, please refer to our article on the best wood windows.

Marvin Ultimate

Price Range: $800 to $1000 fully installed

More on Marvin windows prices.

Best Window In Its Class

Jeld Wen Auralast Series

Price Range: $400 to $650 fully installed

More on Jeld Wen window reviews.

Andersen 400 Series

Price Range: $700 to $900 fully installed

More on Andersen window prices.

Loewen Standard Wood Clad

Price Range: $900 to $1000 fully installed

More on Loewen windows.

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Best Aluminum Windows

Here are our top two aluminum windows for consumers who need a very strong window to stand up to hot climates. The big knock on aluminum is its lack of energy efficiency.

Don Young

Don Young's aluminum windows are available in Texas and several surrounding states. They make a very good aluminum window, particularly the single hung. come standard with Cardinal's Low-E366 glass.

More on Don Young Aluminum Options.

Best Window In Its Class


Gerkin is a smaller, more regional window manufacturer out of Iowa (although their factory is just down the way in Nebraska) that enjoys a good reputation by most contractors who know the brand. They are often mentioned for their aluminum windows, allow we have no specific performance numbers. They do make a good, strong aluminum window.

More on Gerkin Aluminum Options

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Best Composite Windows

Here are two top composite contenders and manufacturers. Check out all composite windows here.

Okna Starmark

The Okna Starmark window has a thick frame, which makes for a strong and durable window, but also means less glass area. It is considered one of the best composite frames, but home owners with smaller window openings might prefer something with more glass. This model is comparable to a Renewal By Andersen, although the Okna often gets better reviews at a lower price. See more Renewal By Andersen reviews.

Price Range: $700 to $800 fully installed

More on Okna window reviews.

Best Window In Its Class

Andersen 100 Series

The Andersen 100 Series uses a fibrex composite material, made from a mix of extruded PVC and wood. Designed to compete with high end vinyl windows, the 100 Model is a high quality composite that is available in tons of exterior and interior colors and finishes, making it one of the most versatile windows on the market in terms of its overall look. This is perhaps its biggest selling point for many consumers.

Price Range: $500 to $650 fully installed

More on Andersen reviews.

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General Questions On The Best Windows

Low to Mid Replacement Windows

I would love to get some recommendations on low to mid quality windows. I'm considering I’m looking at Ply Gem, JeldWen, Krestmark, and even possibly Milgard. I'm open to anything really, this is just what I saw out there.

Thanks in advance and thanks for the great reviews you post!

Spence - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Spence, thanks for the kind words, we try our best. The Simonton Daylight Max sold through Home Depot is a well priced window. I'm only solo on their installation, but the window itself is solid. The Milgard Styleline Series is quite good for the price. The Kensington Huntington is their low end window, but really quite a solid vinyl window. I also like the Okna 600, which will be more expensive than most of the others, but it's built as an affordable alternative to their higher priced windows like the 500 and 800.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Premium Vinyl Energy Saving Windows

Tim, what are the premium vinyl top energy saving windows as well as warranty x 2018?

Annette - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Annette, I think you're asking which specific models offer the best energy savings and warranty? The only problem with my answer is going to be that not all manufacturers have dealers in all places so you will have to do a quick google search, for instance "sunrise windows in Columbus Ohio" --

The premium vinyl window from each of these companies will be the most energy efficient -- Soft-Lite, Okna, Sunrise, Polaris, HiMark, Kensington, Vytex, Marvin, and Zen. I'll throw in some second tier options as well -- Simonton, Great Lakes, and Vinylmax.

Check out our Best Replacement Windows page for more specific information and additional options as well.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Reliabilt 3900 Or Pella 250 Series

Have estimate for Pella 250 series and Reliabilt 3900. Which window do you recommend?

Dixie - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Dixie, these windows very close to one another in terms of quality. I think I would choose the Pella 250 over the Reliabilt 3900 if push came to shove. I'm not sure either of these windows would top my list though...have you checked out our Best Entry Level Vinyl Windows section?

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Best Replacement Windows Cost

Hello, I have had presentations from Install America, Tip Top and phone/email communications with Brad at Zen Windows. After these meetings, I am very interested in the pricing of the Soft Lite Elements and Imperial with an exterior color (15 - 35 x 70" double hung replacement windows).

Erica - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Erica, I can't give you any exact pricing, but the Soft-Lite Element or Imperial LS will be more expensive than any of the windows you have looked at so far, but also quite a bit better. Once you get the bid from your Soft-Lite dealer, make sure to use the bids you have to see if the Soft-Lite dealer will come down off his initial estimate.

Or when he comes out, tell him you already have three bids and price is an issue so if he would give you his best price out of the gate you would really appreciate it!

On average, that window will run $650 to $850 for a normal sized window completely installed.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Best Window On The Market?

Hi Dane, We finally got our other quotes:

Ideal windows R5 for 23 windows and 8' patio door $14,717 (the sales guy got a little too aggressive for my taste)

Soft-Lite Imperial LS - we were quote $481 per window, $2300 for the patio door.

Let me know if this is reasonable and if you ever heard of Ideal windows.

Thank you.

Olga - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Olga, Ideal windows make a good mid grade vinyl window and the price quote received looks very fair. However, the Soft-Lite Imperial LS is a fantastic window (one of the best windows on the market) and that is a great per window price you received! I would absolutely go with the Soft-Lite quote if it were me.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Best Windows In Sacramento

I've received several bids but I was concerned because I have no idea what he is talking about and I did look in the brochure he left, but it does not tell me anything. I want to get other bids, but I do not even know what I am comparing anything to or what is different or better. Unfortunately I do not really know anyone in my city who has done these kind of remodels, and feel so out of sorts on getting informed. Looked on line and found your blog, so thank you. Any information or guidance is greatly appreciated.

I live in the Sacramento California area. I have a 2 story condominium built in 1971, facing a somewhat busy street. I think for the most part it was a rental before I bought it in 2002, so there were no upgrades and it still had the green 1970's carpet and mirrored walls, lol. When the market tanked I found myself upside down so no room to do a HELOC, or to refinance. I will probably be here for another 5 years and hope to rent to a Grad student/couple attending Sac State.

Portia - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Portia, if you are in Sacramento, I would get a bid from a local company who carries Milgard, Anlin and Amerimax. These are kind of my goto west coast window recommendations. Go with their mid range vinyl window model for each. You may also want to get a bid from a Simonton dealer, although I would stick to the Reflections 5300 or 5500 series or the Impressions Series from them.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

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