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Read 145 Sunrise windows reviews on their Essentials, Standard, Verde, Vanguard, Restorations, and Coastal series and find out what contractors and homeowners think about their quality and customer service.

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Editor's Sunrise Windows Reviews

Sunrise Windows And Doors is a top vinyl window company, comparable in quality and price to Okna and Soft-Lite windows. Their entry-level Essentials Series uses a different extrusion from their standard window and honestly customers should consider stretching to get their standard window frame, which is an excellent value for the money.

All of the upgraded Sunrise models, including the Verde, Vanguard and Restorations are essentially upgrades to this standard extrusion. Their high end Restorations Series is one of the top rated vinyl windows that money can buy. Sunrise is based out of Michigan and they have strong distribution in the area and in many of the Eastern States (as far south as New Orleans, you literally can't get much further south than this!) Unfortunately, Sunrise windows are not available in the western states.

Company Update: Lansing Building Products purchased Harvey Building Products the same time Markel Ventures bought the majority stock in Lansing back in March/April of 2020. In 2016 Soft Lite sold to Harvey BP, which is who now owns Sunrise. Gorell Windows sold to Soft Lite in 2012.

Dane - Site Editor

Sunrise Essentials Windows Reviews

The Sunrise Essentials series is the company's entry level option, although it's still probably a better option than some companies mid range vinyl window. It uses a constant force balance and does have a true sloped sill, which is the much preferred design. The Essentials uses a less durable extrusion and sash design than the upgraded Sunrise models and this will affect the overall strength and longevity of the window.

Performance wise, the Sunrise Essentials delivers a .29 U-value, .27 SHGC, .07 air infiltration, and .56 visible transmittance. These are good numbers for an entry level window.

The Essentials series is available in a limited number of colors and it only comes in a double hung, slider, and picture window. Most homeowners would do well to stretch to the Standard Sunrise model.

Dane - Site Editor

Sunrise Essentials vs. Wincore 7700

I'm considering replacing 2 double hung windows and currently have bids for $600 per window on the Sunrise Essentials and $480 on the Wincore 7700. The Wincore dealer put in windows in my neighbors house and they really liked them.

I was curious how you thought these two companies stood up to one another. Thanks!

Billy - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Billy, both Sunrise and Wincore enjoy good reputation as brands in the window industry. Sunrise is a definite step above the Wincore in terms of reputation though.

Having said that, $600 for the Sunrise Essentials window is quite a bit of money. The Essentials is their lower end window. I would much prefer you go with their Sunrise Classic window.

The Wincore 7700 window is the company's premium window over the 5400 series they also offer. The Wincore 7700 at $480 per window is quite a good price. The fact that your neighbor has them, can vouch for them as well as the installer, seals the deal for me.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Essentials vs. Zen Nirvana

We are replacing 19 windows in our Maryland house. We got several quotes and can't decide which window to go with.

The quote for Zen Nirvana (soft lite classic) and the Essentials by Sunrise came in very close in price. The companies are highly rated on Angies list.

Please help us with our choice

Dulcie - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Dulcie, if we are comparing the windows, then the Soft-Lite Classic wins over the Sunrise Essentials. The Essentials is the company's lower end vinyl window (it uses a less robust frame over their Standard frame). The Soft-Lite Classic is the mid range offering from Soft-Lite and is quite a good vinyl window.

I like the fact that the companies are both highly rated on Angies List, that is important.

The easy call here (in my opinion) is to go with the Zen Nirvana over the Essentials.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Essentials Price Quote

Tim, thank you for your continued assistance. I was finally able to get a quote on a Sunrise product. However, it is a Sunrise Essential, and the quote came in more expensive than the quotes I have received for the Alside Mezzo, Norandex X300, and Andersen 100 series. It is getting overwhelming trying to sort out which product is right for a sunroom that is not insulated or heated and cooled. Out of those options, Alside, Norandex, Andersen 100, and Sunrise Essential, which would you choose?

Sam - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Sam, I'm not shocked that the Sunrise Essentials quote came in higher than the other quotes. I would go back to the Sunrise dealer and tell him that you would like to get his absolutely lowest price on the standard Sunrise. This is a better frame and overall window than the Essentials, which is their entry level vinyl window option. The standard Sunrise is an excellent product and one that should offer some very nice low term value.

If I had to put the windows you currently have bids on in order from best to worst, this is what I would say... If you threw the standard Sunrise in there, it would be the obvious winner over these others.

Alside Mezzo
Sunrise Essentials
Andersen 100
Norandex X300

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Essential vs. Vytex Grandview

Hi, which one would you pick and why, Sunrise Essential or Vyteck Grandview, if replacing 34 double hung windows assuming equal installation quality? I was quoted $16,700 by a Sunrise installer and $21000 by Vytech installer? Thank you, Bill. P.S. your website is fantastic!

Bill - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Bill, the Vytex Grandview is the better of the two windows, but not by a whole lot. The Sunrise Essentials is the company's entry level vinyl window and although good for an entry level window, I'm not sure that this would be my pick if I were planning on staying in my home long term. I would prefer you got pricing on the standard Sunrise window and see how that compared to the Grandview. My guess is it would be a bit more expensive that the Grandview.

I would go back to the Sunrise dealer and ask him to give me the Sunrise standard window for the price they quoted me out for the Essentials -- they won't do it, but I'll bet they start offering you a better deal than their initial gambit.

I would also go to the Vytex dealer and tell them that if they can match the Sunrise price then you're ready to sign a work order and get something on the books.

Both decent windows for sure -- now it's time to see where their floor price is.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Essentials vs Amerimax Craftsman Portrait

Good Day...I wonder if you could shed some light on two windows I am considering for our home in Colorado. Amerimax Craftsman Portrait vs Sunrise Essentials. They have both given me bids that are close and I like both companies and contractors. I would like to know which of the two are a better window overall.

Thank you for your help,

Sandi - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Sandi, that's a great question. Both the Amerimax Craftsman Portrait and Sunrise Essentials are both very solid middle of the road vinyl windows. The Sunrise Essentials is the entry-level sunrise window, however I think it is equal in quality and craftsmanship to the Ameriman Craftsman Portrait window.

Honestly, I'm not sure I can recommend one over the other, that is how close in quality they are to one another. On the plus side, you have two excellent options and what would tip the scale for me is which of the companies is willing to come down off their initial bid.

Take a look at one of our articles on negotiating a window bid and maybe throw an email out to both of them and see what you get. It certainly can't hurt and I'm willing to bet that each of them drops their price at least a little. Assuming that the installation is equal in terms of quality and the overall reputations of the companies are equal, I would go with the company that gives you the best price.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Sunrise Essentials Windows vs Pella 250 Vinyl

Sunrise essentials vs Pella 250 vinyl windows. Which is best?

Brian - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

While the Sunrise Essentials isn't the best window out there, its a decent window with a .30 U-factor and a .10 air infiltration rate. This is going to be better than Pella's entry level window, the 250 model. If it were my house, I would go with the Sunrise Essentials. If at all possible I would try and stretch into the Sunrise window (sometimes called the standard or classic model). Pella has definitely stepped up their game with the 250 and 350, but I still don't think they can hold a candle to the top tier vinyl window manufacturers.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Sunrise Essentials vs Harvey Windows

Hi I really like your site.

We have been shopping for vinyl replacement window for a while and vetting different contractors.

We have a 100 year old home with old pulley style single pane windows & single pane storm windows on the outside.

The old homeowner jumped the outside window casing with the vinyl siding they put on years ago and just rests against cheap aluminum molding which cases the window on the outside.

To be done properly – the siding needs to be cut back to expose original casing & would install J-channels & flashing and clad casing & sill in PVC.

The window company they work with is Sunrise.

Sunrise Essentials are the economy brand. Restorations are their better model however too expensive.

We are getting 10 double hung & 1 slider, double pane with Low E & Argon Gas, grids 6 over 0 on the upper sash only, ½ screens (no grids on slider) – plus the additional work which needs to be done noted above.

In addition, we are getting 4 vinyl replacement a Sunrise basement hoppers.

This company is highly rated on Angies list and has been around for 67 years and are known for good work. We have gotten them to bring their price down 2X so far.

The final cost for 15 window (10 double hung, 1 slider & 4 basement hoppers) with installation and extra work on outside is $8075.

I believe this company will do the best work of all we interviewed (approx. 10 different contractors), however given that this is the economy model of Sunrise windows (Essentials) and they do not seem to have the greatest of reviews – do either of you have any input? The windows also do have a lifetime warranty on many aspects and the Labor has a 2 year warranty.

Other companies were going to use Simonton, Harvey, Ideal & 1 a local company to NJ only (Surburban Building Products).

I would really appreciate your thoughts on mostly the Sunrise Essentials brand. This place is a little more expensive than other however $8075/15 windows = $583/window with the xtra labor involved seems fair, however for this type of window is it fair and most importantly is it a good window????

Dan - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Dan, the Sunrise Essentials isn't a bad window, but it does use a slightly different, and less well built, extrusion from the Standard and upgraded Sunrise windows. With a low-e glass, the Essentials should deliver a .10 air infiltration and .30 u-value. Not bad numbers for an entry level vinyl, but if it were me I would do what I could to get into the Sunrise Classic or Standard frame, which will be less expensive than the Restorations. If they have access to the Essentials and the Restorations, then they should be able to order the standard Sunrise window.

In terms of the company, I'm a bit confused, the one pushing the Essentials you say has been in business for 67 years and are known for doing good work (I like this!), although later on you say they don't have great reviews (I don't like this).

I agree that the price is fair given all of the installation/repair work they need to do. This is one reason why I'd like to see you go with a little better window than the Essentials, because you want these windows to last so you don't have to pay for repair work in year 12. Again, I'm not saying the Essentials is a bad window at all, it's probably on par with some of the better Simontons, better Ideals, and mid range Harvey Classic. I think if pushed and they couldn't get the Sunrise Classic, I would still probably go with the Essentials. If so, you may want to ask if you can get a metal sill reinforcement upgrade, something to ease your mind about the overall strength of the frame.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Sunrise Essentials Review

I've only installed the Sunrise Essentials windows one time, but I didn't like them. It took six or seven shims in the jambs to keep the top sash from falling. The other Sunrise products I've seen haven't had any problems, and it could have been a fluke that the Essentials were so bad, but I think they're just a low-value window for dealers and builders to push when budget is an issue. The sashes, balance system, locks, everything is different from the regular Sunrise windows.

Mike - Installer - from 2009

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Sunrise Standard Windows Reviews

The Standard or Classic Sunrise window is certainly an upgrade from the Sunrise Essentials model. It uses a nicer vinyl extrusion that is actually the same basic frame for all of the upgraded window series from Sunrise, including the Verde, Vanguard and Restorations. The only difference between the classic Sunrise and the upgraded models is the standard upgrades that come with the higher end series.

The standard Sunrise should be available for ala carte upgrades though, which provides consumers with some nice flexibility in terms of tailoring the window to their specific situation or needs. Overall, the standard Sunrise window is a high end mid range vinyl window that many industry experts would recommend for good long term value.

Tim - Site Editor

Sunrise Windows In Alabama

Hi Tim. My husband is a little concerned about going from wood to vinyl but that just seems to be the growing trend. Are wood windows worth the cost and approximately how much more do those cost in general? In your opinion is it better to go with high quality vinyl ? Our budget is $40k for 39 windows.


Meggan - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Meggan, I totally get that. The trend is interestingly much more practical than other trends in the home improvement business. I will include an article comparing the two. Before I post that, let me say this. In the South especially I would go with a high quality vinyl with an interior wood laminate (assuming you want to see a wood grain).

Sunrise makes a nice looking wood laminate that we put in a friend's home in Baton Rouge and eight years later she loves her windows. They are super energy efficient and will hold up so much longer than wood and offer such better energy efficiency.

Article Link Here

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Sunrise Versus Zen Windows

Hi Dane, I am buying a brick home in Statesville NC 28677 that was built in 1922. There are 2 dealers not far from my area and they sell Zen windows and Sunrise windows. One is Zen Windows Greensboro ( they also have an office in Charlotte) and the other is G & S Contractors in Mooresville. I have read numerous reviews on your website and have now thoroughly confused myself. The house still has the original double hung windows with weights and I would like a mid-range vinyl.

Do you have any recommendations that you can share with me? This is only one of many projects that will happen with the house so while I don't want to sacrifice quality I do want to get a reasonable price. I'm also a retired flight attendant on a fixed income and would like to know what questions to ask a sales representative.

Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Susan - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Susan, so both Zen and Sunrise are good options. The Zen Nirvana, their mid range offering, is actually the Soft-Lite Classic, a good vinyl window. I would probably give the nod to the Sunrise Standard model, but not by any appreciable amount. You might also want to check for an Okna or a Polaris dealer in your area as more comparison price points to consider.

If I were making the decision between the Zen Nirvana and the Sunrise window, I would probably pivot from a product comparison (very similar in quality and craftsmanship) to the company doing the install. I would check online reviews, reputation, labor warranty, and how long they've both been in business to see if I can't pinpoint which company stands out over the other.

Assuming you are comfortable with the price quote, then I'd pull the trigger. Good luck with the project!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Sunrise Standard vs. Okna 500

Hi Dane and Tim, my wife and I are in the market to purchase new windows (16 total) for our home. There are more windows in the house we are not replacing because they were replaced (they are all Pella windows, but we are unsure which model) within the last two years by the previous owner. We live in the Washington DC area and we expected prices to be higher than average, but would still like quality windows.

We contacted several companies in the area and received the following quotes. We live in a house built in 1962 and the second cost includes possible lead removal, but the windows have been replaced at least once and we are unsure if the lead has already been removed.

1. Okna 500 $12,855.40 / $13,767.40

2. Zen Lotus (Soft Lite) $10,872 / $11,875.95

3. Sunrise Standard $10,212.38 / $10,550.78

4. ProVia Endure $9,689.19 / $10,027.64

I have attached a spreadsheet which further breaks down costs per window if that is helpful. The Okna quote was broken down further than the others, which is why installation and features is separated. However, all of the features and installation is comparable across all windows. Are the windows we are looking at good options?

We would appreciate any feedback you can provide on quality versus value for our quotes. Windows are an important investment and we want to make sure we are getting the most bang for our buck. Thank you for your help and your blog; it's been very helpful.

Chris - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Chris, first of all, all excellent brands and models. The Okna 500 and the ProVia Endure are probably the two best windows, followed by the Sunrise and Soft-Lite Pro.

Based on the prices and long-term value, I'd say the ProVia bid is the best, followed by the Sunrise Standard.

If this were my forever home, I might consider the Okna quote, but if the ProVia dealer is a quality outfit with good reviews, I might stick with this one.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2020

Sunrise Windows vs. Provia Endure

Hi Tim, I have 5 quotes for 13 replacement windows 12 double hung and 1 awning for the kitchen in the greater Milwaukee area.

Quote #1 Provia Endure triple pane local contractor 11,856.00. The rest are double pane.

Quote#2 Sunrise 8,810.00 local contractor as well, neither with financing options.

Quote#3 Feldco Sophia 9,000.00 after discounts 8.99% for 8 years.

The final quotes are from Pella with friends/ family discounts on top of two options of sale financing due to covid19.

Financing is as follows 5% off 5 months no payment 5 years 0% interest or 5% off 2.99% for 12 years. Pella 250 series just under 11,000 or because they don't do faux wood laminate on their vinyl windows we also got a quote for their Lifestyle aluminium clad wood window 22,000. Wood look is important to us so the 250 is out probably for that reason alone.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts love the info you and Dane provide. If we were to say go with real wood are you confident that Pella has fixed the rot issue they had with the Proline windows which Lifestyle Series has replaced.

Thank you.

Brandon - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Brandon, the Sunrise window bid is the best deal by far. The ProVia Endure is the best window, but that's an expensive bid. Feldco isn't worth the price, not when you have the Sunrise bid. The Pella 250 can't hold a candle to the Sunrise window. If this were my project, I would figure out a way to make the Sunrise window bid work.

If I were going with real wood (which I think is a tough decision to justify given the increased cost, maintenance, and reduction in energy efficiency), I would go with Marvin Ultimate, Andersen 400, or the Jeld Wen aurlast wood clad windows.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2020

Sunrise Classic Bow Window

Tim--Still reading your reviews for Sunrise windows and so thankful I found your website. Learning a lot. We got a quote from a Sunrise Classic dealer to replace our 112"x54" bow window which is original to the house (49 yrs old). I'm liking the aesthetics of a 3-lite slider with 1/3,1/3,/1/3 configuration. Cost quoted was $1750 total and this dealer has a good install rep in the area. The only other Sunrise dealer near me sells only the Restorations line and he quoted $2950.

I called the factory and they told me both Classic and Restoration series are structurally the same, just more "bells and whistles" for the Restorations but the factory also told me that for upstate NY weather the Classic should serve us fine. Got other window quotes which range from $1700 for Simonton up to $4500 for high-pressure salesperson. Just looking to get your opinion on $1750 price on my size replacement flat-front slider.

Deb - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Deb, $1750 to replace a bow window with a three lite slider is a great price. I agree that the Sunrise “Classic” is more than adequate. The Restorations is an awesome window built on the good bones of the Sunrise window design. I think you should go with the well priced $1750 especially since the person has a good reputation in the area. No question...

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Sunrise Windows vs. Okna

Hi Dane and Tim, we recently bought a new house in the Atlanta area that needs replacement windows and doors. We plan to be in this house at least 25 years, so are willing to spend for a premium product/install if it makes sense.

We have 47 windows: 32 double hungs, 5 picture, 6 transoms, 1 twin casement, and then a round top picture window with 2 sidelites in the foyer. We're also replacing 5 doors (2 of which are french double doors). The transoms are proving to be a pain. They are all in the family room and there is 1 over a double door, 1 over a single door, 2 over picture windows, 1 over a single double hung, and 1 over a 3-wide double hung. This last one is an issue for some manufacturers as they don't make transoms that long.

Also, the transoms are a non-standard size and pretty narrow already, so I'm afraid of how they'll look if we lose glass space. Also, the entire door + transom units are too short to just replace with 8 foot doors and take out all the transoms. There is also some rot on the brickmould, so we want to get that taken care of, either by replacing with PVC (or similar material) or capping once the wood rot is fixed to prevent future issues.

We originally got 4 quotes for the windows after we first moved in, a builder grade wood window through a contractor, another contractor sent out the Pella rep he uses, then Apex just happened to cold-call us during this time, and finally Window World. For various reasons, we weren't comfortable with any of these, so put a pause on the project.

After doing more research (including a lot on your site), we've requested quotes from local dealers for Marvin, Okna, and Sunrise. Also, I found a highly rated local installer through Simonton's website. So, all of the following quotes are with companies that have solid local reviews, employ their own installers (rather than use subcontractors), etc.

Company 1: Infinity by Marvin Windows and ProVia Steel doors: $102,500 before a 25% "discount" (which looks like it just brings their inflated prices down closer to fair market value) brought it down to $76,920. The doors were just over $18K of the original $102K. This quote did include a color on the windows. They would use a Hardie product to replace the brickmould rather than PVC.

Company 2: The dealer I found through Simonton's website actually gave us 2 quotes: Great Lakes ComfortSmart Series (including a color on the windows): $25,400 for windows and VinylMax Franklin (white): $22,700 for windows. Both quotes included ThermaTru fiberglass doors for $9,100.

Company 3: This was the local Sunrise Restorations dealer. Sunrise doesn't make a transom wide enough to go over the three wide double hung, and after mentioning our concerns with the rot on the brickmould, we decided with the salesman to look at a full frame replacement that comes with the brickmould in a single unit from the factory and completely eliminate the transoms and replace with taller windows and doors. Unfortunately, this means that we need to order custom height doors. The quote is $44,400 for the windows (which there are now fewer of without the transoms) and $14,800 for ProVia doors. The windows included one of Sunrise's factory option colors, but if we went back to white it should knock a bit over $3K off the quote.

Company 4: This was the Okna dealer. The salesman quoted the 600 since we said we wanted SDLs (I guess these aren't an option on the 500). He said the only difference between the 600 and 800 is that the 800 has a few extra bells and whistles and a slightly better Air Infiltration rating, which is already excellent on the 600. So, that quote was 25,200 for white windows (31,600 for custom color) and 13,800 for ProVia doors, including a discount for paying cash.

The Okna dealer said they mostly do (and prefer) cladding, but would do a PVC brickmould replacement if we asked.

So, here are some of the many questions we have as our head is spinning from these quotes:

What is your opinion on fixing brickmould? People we talked to are either on "team cladding" as they say long, thin pieces of PVC can warp over time in the Atlanta heat, leading to caulking failures and water getting in to the frame. People on "team replace with PVC" say no matter how well you do the aluminum cladding, water will eventually get behind there and cause rot. Not knowing who to believe actually makes me want to lean towards the Sunrise full frame replacement, but that's just so expensive....

How long would you expect a full frame replacement to take vs. a traditional replacement? The Sunrise dealer said a full frame replacement would take 10-12 days, while every other dealer has said 2-3 days for a traditional replacement.

What info do you have on additives to vinyl? The Sunrise dealer said that they offer the only window in the Atlanta market that is pure virgin vinyl and that other manufacturers add additives/fillers such as chalk (which he said Okna uses). The Okna rep said they use pure virgin vinyl (which he defined as no re-ground vinyl), and that the only additives they use are "UV inhibitors" (I forget the exact term he used), and no chalk. So, again, we don't know who to believe.

Do you know of any other manufacturers that offer full frame replacements like Sunrise does?

I can't believe I'm leaning this way, but I'm leaning towards spending the extra on the Sunrise quote, though Okna is very much in play. The prior owners didn't maintain the house very well, so it would make me feel better to remove the full frames and fix whatever issues might be back there. Also, eliminating the transoms with the Sunrise full frame replacement is our preferred solution for dealing with the transoms.

Thanks, and sorry for such a long email.

Robert - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Robert, the Okna quote is the one that stood out to me. Great price for the custom color as well.

I'm not from the South, but I have heard stories of warping on the brickmould from humidity over time. For this question, I would rely on opinions from contractors and window installers who work in the area. There's just no substitute for experience and unfortunately I don't have that experience.

That's a tough question between the full frame replacement and the replacement windows. It's sort of the age old question and difficult to answer. I think if you're staying in your house long term, you may want to consider the Sunrise.

On the vinyl question, both Sunrise and Okna use quality vinyl, no difference. That whole sniping thing is just salespeople trying to get the edge. Both windows are high quality.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

[Robert's Reply]

Dane - thanks for taking the time to reply. I'll try the forum you recommended, as I'm still going back and forth on how to deal with the brickmould. The frustrating part is that different "experts" we've talked to in Atlanta have different opinions, and some of them very strong opinions that are the complete opposite of other "experts."

We are leaning towards Sunrise though. Our house isn't that old (built mid-90s), but the prior owners were pretty bad about maintenance. It would just make me feel better knowing that all problems are identified and fixed for a house we plan to be in long term.

Robert - Homeowner - from 2020

Sunrise Windows In San Antonio

Hi Kellen, we are looking to do some window replacements in our home in San Antonio, TX. Most of our windows face north/south and don’t get a lot of direct sun. We have 16 windows and want to keep it simple with single pane windows.

What brands would you recommend that deliver value but don’t break the bank? My other concern is finding contractors that have experience installing any specific brands that you recommend.


Jason - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jason, there may be a Sunrise dealer in your area, I would first check their website to see. Don Young is a strong company in Texas, their vinyl windows are solid, but their aluminum windows are very good.

Zen Windows sells a Soft-Lite and their Nirvana and Lotus series are quite good. Simonton makes a couple of good window series, including the Reflections 5500 series.

This is where I would start. I'd have the window dealer install the windows as they work with the same brands day in and day out.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Sunrise Platinum Window Option

Dane or Tim, I’m not sure who to send this questions to, so I’ll address it to both of you, and hopefully one of you can help. You have the best website on this subject, and I appreciate all the great advice.

We are trying to replace our old 1992 wood windows with windows that are better quality and maintenance free. We have multiple bids and are genuinely confused. Here is the raw data, followed by my questions.

We have 26 windows in our two-story house in Brighton Michigan. Most are double-hung, with one of the windows a set of three ( ¼ ½ ¼ ). We are seniors and this is a big expenditure for us. We plan to live in our house as long as possible. We can afford $15,000 and possibly up to $19,000 (with a stretch).

Our bids so far . . .

Renewal by Anderson, composite $43,000 (we dismissed this bid)
Pella by Lowes, Vinyl 350 series $15,320
Wallside, vinyl $14,239 (lowest price after negotiating)
Sunrise Platinum, triple pane composite $20,200 (I’ve negotiated this down from $35,000 – must be a lot of fluff in their pricing)
Sunrise Restoration $19,738 (he says this is his lowest price)
Soft-Lite Elements, $21,932

Here are my questions.

1. Your reviews of Sunrise Restorations are very good, and they are very nice windows. Is $19,738 a good price for our 26 windows? (Note, there is only one Sunrise Restorations authorized dealer within 75 miles of our home, so it is hard to get a second bid on Sunrise Restorations, and the dealer says this is his lowest price.)

2. The low-to-moderate vinyl windows (Pella 350 and Wallside) range around $15,000, and the better quality Sunrise Restorations and Soft-Lite Elements are around $20,000. Is it worth the extra $5,000 to buy the higher quality windows? I know this is not easy to answer, but any comments are appreciated, as it is a hard decision to make.

3. Small question: we would like a Garden window in our kitchen, but some of the installers say it is not a good idea, because of the exposure to the elements and possible leaking. Any comments?

We appreciate any advice you can provide.

Carl - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Carl, good on you for getting all of those great bids. You really have some great windows in there! Also, it sounds like you have worked hard to get the best pricing from each so that's awesome.

The big question for me is whether to go with the Wallside for $14K, the Pella 350 for $15K or the Sunrise option(s) for $20K? Essentially -- are top tier windows worth $5K more than mid range vinyl windows? I tend to think they are, but it has to be a function of the remaining time in the home. If this is my forever home, then absolutely yes. If this is my home for the next five to seven years, then no. It gets tricky if the answer is somewhere in between.

The price on the Restoration is decent. Not great, but decent. If the dealer has a good reputation for quality installation, then it makes sense that they charge this amount. I'd rather pay an extra $1500 or $2K for a window to be properly installed.

The Restoration frames are thin and look nice, so if aesthetics of windows are important to you, then yes go this route. If an average looking vinyl window in your home is perfectly fine, then don't pay the extra.

I tend to agree with the installers on the third point.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Sunrise Pure Core Platinum Bid

Dane, I have a quote on the Sunrise Platinum AR-90 window, as well as one on the Great Lakes Comfort Series. The prices are the same, virtually, but was wondering which one you thought was the better deal. Thanks.

Gianni - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Gianni, the Great Lakes Comfort Smart is a solid mid range option, the Sunrise Standard is the better window in my opinion.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Sunrise Vinyl Windows or Marvin

I am replacing 19 sliders and 1 sliding patio door here in Michigan. I'm considering either a Sunrise vinyl window or a Marvin fiberglass window. I was curious how you thought these two materials stood up to one another.

Rajen - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Rajen, I don't think it matters whether you get vinyl or fiberglass, but it does matter whether you buy a quality window or not. Both the Sunrise vinyl window and the Marvin fiberglass window are excellent. I'd probably prefer you go with the Sunrise or the Marvin, but you can't go wrong with either.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

Sunrise Classic vs. Alside Preservation

I received quotes from two different installers after meeting them at our local Spring Home Expo. Both of these firms are local and have been in business for over 20 years. The quotes are different in price I am trying to understand if I am making any quality trade-offs between Sunrise and Preservation. The quotes include materials, permits, disposal and labor.

Both Include: 18 Casements, 1 Awning

7/8 Insulated, Double Pane Glass
Argon Gas Filled
Ultra U+8 Coating, Low - E
Foam Filled Frames
Full Fiberglass Screens
Total Price - $12,940

9071/9072 - Preservation Series
EnergyMax 7, Double Pane, Low - E
Argon Gas Filled
Total Price - $16,842.29

I would appreciate guidance on these quotes.

Rod - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Rod, the Sunrise Classic is the right call here, especially if the installer has a good reputation. I'd pick the Sunrise Classic/Standard over the Alside Preservation window even if the prices were the same. Sunrise has a very good reputation for making a quality vinyl window and their standard bearer window is very solid. You have a good glass package and the foam filled frames are great. The Sunrise all the way.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

Sunrise Standard Window vs. Zen Lotus

Hi Dane, I wanted to get your feedback on some updated bids for our project and see what you think. We have moisture rot in a number of window sills and broken seals on some of our existing windows, so the project has grown to replace 63 windows of various sizes.

The 63 includes large picture windows, double hung, and some eyebrow, half dome and rectangular transoms.

I took your suggestion and found local sellers for Okna, Zen and Sunrise. All have very favorable online ratings and do their own installations. I would be comfortable with any of these companies.

First company quoted us $59,250 for the Okna Insultec double pane.

Second, Zen Windows gave us a quote for the Lotus (Soft Lite Pro) double pane for $61,575

Third company came in at $46,900 for the Sunrise Standard window.

Two other thoughts...the Okna dealer said they cap the exterior with aluminum when the finish the install, while the Sunrise company suggested that is just a way for them to cover up bad installation damage.

Second, our current windows are wood and painted custom colors in the interior of our home. If we go with any of these vinyl windows, we are forced to change our color scheme and add the cost to repaint our interior trim. Would there be value for us to consider a high quality wood window like an Andersen 400 that we could paint to match our current interior?

Thank you so much Dane for your help!

David - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

David, the Soft-Lite Pro and Sunrise Standard window are on par with one another. I would rank the Okna Insul-tec above these two by a bit, not much though. Seems to me the best deal of the three is the Sunrise quote.

Properly done, aluminum capping is a great way to protect the integrity of the exterior wood if you are concerned about wood rot. I've never heard that a company would do it in order to cover up installation damage. That indicates a pretty shady company and I would think that the companies installing these quality brands wouldn't resort to this. I would let the online reviews of the company be my guide here. Basically, I've never heard of a quality company using capping to hide their install mistakes -- I would think eventually this would come to light and burn them.

Should we consider a high quality wood window to match our current interior? I would be very hesitant about spend $75K or more on good wood windows that you will have to replace in 25 years. Have you ever considered the interior wood laminate options with the Sunrise or the Okna Insultec? They do a nice job of imitating the look of wood without the cost, maintenance, or loss of efficiency.

Both companies offer quite a few species options and tints that may match your interior color scheme. The laminates do add to the cost of the vinyl window, but it would be a lot less expensive than the alternatives.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Standard vs. Polaris UltraWeld

I have 5 double hungs and a twin casement that need to be replaced. I've received two bids, once from Polaris on the Ultraweld and one from Sunrise on I guess their standard window. The bids are basically the same; the Polaris one is $3065 while the Sunrise is $3046. The Ultraweld comes with foam fills but not on the Sunrise.

They both seem like good windows. Which one would you go with?

Gene - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Gene, on the face of it, it sounds like a wash, but the Ultraweld is probably the better window over the Sunrise standard. Honestly, I'd go with the company that has the better track record, and better reviews. I think ultimately that will matter more than the windows themselves.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Standard Window Full Frame Replacement

Hi Tim, I have been on your website and learned a lot from your feedback to the posted questions. I wondered if you could give me your opinion on a price quote I have received for a Sunrise standard window full frame replacement. The existing wood trim on both existing window openings is water damaged and rotted and so I have decided to go with the full frame replacement with exterior vinyl brick moulding and interior wood trim.

There are two windows per opening making it four windows in total. The new windows are Sunrise standard horizontal sliders. The quoted price is $3290, which works out to approximately $820 per window. The total size of 2 of the windows is approx. 60” x 48” and the other 2 48” x 48”. Does this price sound reasonable to you?

Thank you for any help you can give me on this.

Paul - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Paul, that does sound pretty reasonable for the Sunrise and replacing the interior and exterior trim. That's not to say it's his best price though. I'd get a couple more bids just to see how they come in. I wouldn't imagine you'd get it for anything less than $2700, but that's a $500 savings. Up to you of course, but it might be worth a couple more opinions/bids.

The Sunrise window is a solid unit so you have a good bid to work off.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Classic / Standard Window Costs

If I have a bid on the Simonton Reflections 5500 for $470 per window, but am also considering the Sunrise Classic window, what would be the upgrade price that makes sense?


Dan - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Dan, first off that's a fantastic price per window for the Simonton 5500. I really like this window at this price. The Sunrise is the better window for sure. I think if I could get the Sunrise Classic for $550 per window I would definitely consider either option.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise 2100 Window vs. Statewide Energy Solutions

I previously had a quote for the Sunrise Restorations and loved the window. However, it was out of my price range. More recently, I've had bids on the normal Sunrise, as well as a window made here locally called the Texas Energy Maxx from Statewide Energy Solutions. This window seems well made, is a single hung and has a U-factor of .29. I have 11 single hung windows, along with a three lite slider with screens. The price tag is $6770.

The Sunrise quote from American Replacement Window uses a 2100 glass option, no grilles, and is on 11 double hungs and a two lite slider with screens. Pretty much the same bid but using double hungs instead of single hungs. The price tag here is $6998.

David - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

David, the normal Sunrise is a good vinyl window, not as good as the Restorations, but good nonetheless. The nice thing about the Sunrise Window is you can upgrade anything you need to on an ala carte basis.

I don't know anything about the Texas Energy Maxx series or Statewide Energy Solutions. They look like they get generally positive reviews, but I don't think the price difference justifies going with an unknown window manufacturer over one that has a long history and tons and tons of online reviews.

My vote would have to be for the Sunrise window option.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

[David's Reply]

I have been using your website for research for at least 10 months and you and I are in agreement. Guess you guys are enlightening because those are the things I am concerned with and questioned the contractors about.

Mike with American demonstrated to me with his demo with the Sunrise window that I would be getting the items you mentioned: a reinforced meeting rail, vertical sash, foam filled chambers, tilt sash mechanism, and a high transparency screen.Going to pin him down on these and installation expertise before signing.

You guys are awesome!!! Love the Sunrise as long as I get what is promised and it is installed right.

One thing puzzles me, the co-owner of Statewide repeatedly said they had nothing to do with Statewide Remodeling in Dallas but I noticed in a not-so-good review that the other co-owners first name was Bruce, same as the Statewide Remodeling co-owner. Moot point now I guess but strange coincidence at best. Just FYI!

Thanks again.

David - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

David, curious about the Statewide Remodeling. The logo looks similar on the two websites, but beyond that...if you really want to find out, see if you can find the last name of Bruce from one site, then call up the other company and ask for him specifically. That would be interesting if they were the same person.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Omega 12 vs. ProVia Aspect

Good Morning, we are needing to replace all of our windows in our home. I am wondering what your recommendations are between the Sunrise Glass # Omega 12 or the ProVia Aspect? I appreciate any assistance you can give us...… Thank You Teresa

Teresa - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Teresa, both of these windows are quite nice. Personally, I would opt for the Sunrise with the Omega glass. However, I would take a close look at the company who was doing the work. If I liked the company who sold the ProVia aspect more than the Sunrise dealer, this could be the deciding factor.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Price Estimate

Hi. I would like your advice on pricing.

N2100a, ultra u plus glass, dual pane IGU, argon gas, max edge spacer. Pocket replacement. No low e coating, no noise reduction, no solar clean. Yes to standard screen.

NFRC slider: U .29, SHGC .28, VT .53, CR .59, AI .11, 85% UV blocked. Not energy star.

Ballpark, what should this run installed in the Chicago area? 3 sliders (bedrooms) and bay window (casements on the sides. If cost prohibitive, we’ll skip the bay and just do a picture and 2 sliders.

Jill - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jill, my best guess would be $450 to $550 installed, really depends on the size of the windows.

A price estimate on a bay window is impossible without know all the specs and installation requirements.

Collect a few bids and these will tell you the fair market price for the project. Once you get them, send them over to me and I'm happy to give you my opinion on the best value on the bids you have.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Standard vs. Feldco Sophia Series

We have a 1920s house outside of Chicago and we have a bid to replace 24 windows and an entry door. Feldco gave us an estimate that came to $17,000 on their Sophia window series. I wasn't sure if this was a good window or not.

We then had a rep from Sunrise comes out and bid the project on their Standard series windows. His estimate was $14.5K. I wondered how you thought these two bids compare.

Brian - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Brian, I don't hear much about Feldco windows, but I know they have a strong presence in Chicagoland. The Sophia series is pretty good so I wouldn't necessarily rule it out.

However, Sunrise has the better national reputation and is well regarded by many contractors and window installers in the know. The standard Sunrise is quite a nice unit and you can add any upgrades a la carte if your needs require them. The Sunrise quote is also lower, so in my book this is a pretty easy answer. They offer a good warranty and are known for a quality product that stands the test of time.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise vs. Vista Panorama

Hello Dane, I've got a lot of useful info from your Website. However, I can't find the exact info I needed so asking this question; sorry if I missed something.

We are going to replace two twin casement windows in a 30 years old house in Central VA. Each window is approximately 58 inch high and each single window is approximately 26.5 inches wide so the pair is approximately 56.5 inches wide including central spacer.

As replacements, we would like to get two white vinyl double-pane double casement windows with screens and without any grilles. One of the windows is for 2nd floor bathroom and should have tempered glass. We don't need high-end Low E coating since it blocks light so asked for "regular" low E.

I got several quotes from local and nearby (Richmond VA) installers:

Vista windows (just Vista, the salesman said but looking at the literature I believe it's Panorama), $1765 total. The installer uses theirs own labor and has glowing reviews;

Sunrise windows ( again salesman said "just Sunrise" but he is sure it's neither Essential nor Vanguard or Restoration), $3631 total. The installer, a small business, uses his own labor and has glowing reviews;

Preservation windows, triple pane, $4140. Salesman said they don't have double pane and was overall sort of pushy. Don't know if they contract labor or not;

ProVia windows, windows themselves $1797 plus installation $1760-$2640 ( they didn't visit us). Installer said they work with ProVia for a long time, are properly trained and have good reviews. So the total for ProVia will be $3557-$4437.

I like Sunrise windows more than others since they has a narrow frame and I'll be losing less glass space than with other replacements. On the other hand, Vista is almost 2 times less expensive. True, it's frame is a bit wider than the Sunrise but it's only like a third of inch.

Could it be that Vista windows are so much inferior that it's reflected in the cost? Or the installer hides something?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Andrei - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Andrei. Vista has only one line of vinyl window, the Panorama. Not a bad bid -- their window is solidly middle-of-the-road.

The Sunrise window is sometimes referred to as the standard or classic model and is quite good. Better than the Vista Panorama, but I have a hard time saying its worth 2x.

The Preservations bid and the ProVia bids are too expensive for the quality of window they are offering.

My advise would be to go back to the Sunrise dealer and tell them that you like their window the best, but it's out of your price range -- especially considering you have a bid from Vista for about half of what he is offering. If he could get the bid to more like $2400, you would be willing to sign the work order today. Then give him a few days and see if he sweetens the deal for you.

I would put my over under at around $2700. If Sunrise can't get the price under that, then I would go with the Vista, which is not as good as the Sunrise, but with solid installation is still a very decent vinyl window.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise And Soft-Lite Casement Windows

Hi there, I'm in the market for replacement windows and came across your website. It's been really helpful. I'm trying to decide between Sunset and Soft lite casement windows. It's somewhat challenging to get the specs to compare the two. If you could share the window cost sheet that would be great.

Tom - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Here Tom, I hope this helps. Both Sunrise and Soft-Lite make good casements. Both companies also make several lines or series of windows so I would need a bit more info to tell you which is the better deal.

If its the standard Sunrise window and say the Soft-Lite Pro or Imperial LS, I would say you are comparing apples-to-apples. In that case, I would shift your focus from window to installer/company as the way to make your decision.

Check their online reviews and reputation, find out about labor warranty, etc. Choose the best company who you feel are going to address any issues that might arise during the project.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

[Tom's Reply]

It is between the Soft Lite Imperial LS casement and the standard Sunrise casement. I know it depends on existing conditions, but what is the general rule for going with a full replacement option vs insert option? I've got pricing for both. Would be nice not to have to spend the money but hard to know if I should or not. Any guidance would be helpful. Home was constructed in mid 1990's.

Tom - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Tom, the full replacement vs. inserts question is a tough one. You lose some viewing area with the inserts, but its cheaper. It may not be quite as watertight (totally depends on how well the flashing, sills, walls, etc. are holding). Full replacements are more expensive, but are a tighter fit and often more watertight (again with the same caveats).

I have stucco on my house, so to do full replacements means taking out six to eight inches of stucco around each window, replacing the windows, patching the stucco and then color matching. This last step is so time intensive that it almost makes sense just to repaint the stucco on the whole house. Therefore for me, I will replace all my windows and paint the stucco (thankfully they now make this breathable paint) in one fell swoop when the time comes.

I think this is where tons of bids comes in because you can basically solicit lots of free and professional opinions. I'm sort of a believer that you get as many bids as you need until you know the answer for your project without question. I would ask each installer what they would do if it were their house (I find you get the most honest answer with this question).

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

[Tom's Reply]

Thanks, Dane. You've been very helpful. I think we're going to go with Sunrise and new full replacement. Pricing for inserts was only $800 less (on a $21K job). I have a lot of dual casement windows and they said it's not much savings to do inserts. So, worth the $ in my opinion.

Good luck with the stucco!

Tom - Homeowner - from 2017

16 Sunrise Standard Windows

We just got an estimate on 16 Sunrise Standard Windows. 14 double-hung of various sizes and two half round architectural windows. Installation price after a 25% discount was $19,000. See attached picture of the estimate detail.

We feel like this is a very high price, but we are in despair ate need of windows. Any help would be great.

Ryan - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Ryan, I took a look at the estimate and I find it very high as well. I don't see how they are charging over $1000 for a Sunrise window on relatively standard sized double hung. I have no idea what kind of installation requirements you have, but I would certainly take a couple more weeks and get a few more bids.

I'm not sure where you're located, but take a look at our recommended window list and see if any of the brands are available through companies in your area.

Negotiate a window bid.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Sunrise vs Simonton 6500

I got a quote for 3 double-hung windows, 5 sliders, and 1 glass patio door. The quote from Sunrise was around $9000 and the quote from Simonton 6500 was around $10,700. What are the pros and cons between the windows because the both have a double lifetime fully transferable warranty. Both windows seem equally good and durable.

Carl - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

I love getting questions like yours because they make my job soooo easy. The Sunrise windows are far and away the better window over the Simonton Vantage Pointe. And $1700 great is that? Go with the Sunrise and if ask the dealer to go over any potential upgrades such as foam fills, sill reinforcements, or simply an upgraded glass package. For the price of the Simontons, you could get some awesome upgrades and have a really great vinyl window.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Sunrise, Marvin And Jeld Wen Comparisons

I wrote a couple of weeks ago. We are replacing 15-20 Jeld-Wen casements installed 17 years ago. Bottom stiles started disintegrating in 2007. Wenco replaced several at that time under warranty but Jeld-Wen not willing to stand behind warranty after they merged. We have been exploring your website and have found it very informative and quite helpful

Yesterday we requested proposals from local Marvin and Sunrise reps and are considering a request for Jeld-Wen AuraLast Wood despite our past experience with them. I have had a satisfactory experience with a local contractor that handles them and suspect they would be quite competitive price-wise. Have you had enough exposure to AuraLast Wood to feel comfortable giving me your opinion of their value in comparison with Marvin and Sunrise? Would appreciate hearing your thoughts.

Joyce - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Joyce, I would certainly put Marvin and Sunrise above Jeld Wen in terms of quality and craftsmanship. Sunrise would be my pick, they make an excellent vinyl window. Marvin makes good fiberglass windows that are going to be more expensive. I have heard good things about the AuraLast wood, but I don't think it's been around long enough to say for sure whether it will last for 20 to 30 years. It's still wood, which is an organic material that doesn't offer the same energy efficiency or the long term durability of a quality vinyl. But it does look quite nice :)

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Sunrise Classic Windows vs Simonton 5500 Series

I am replacing 13 windows and 2 sliding glass doors. I gotten a bunch of quotes and here are my final two. The Sunrise is supposed to be the better brand right? Is the Standard Sunrise window worth $2,000 more than the Simonton 5500 window?

Simonton 5500 series and Profinish Contractor Doors: $9,300

Sunrise model and Atrium 332 Series Patio Doors: $11,300

Monica - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Monica, it's a tricky question and I kind of want to say no if it were just windows, but it might be right at the make or break price difference if you include the doors. I would go back to each one and see if they are willing to come off their price at all. Tell the Sunrise dealer that if he can get close to the Simonton quote, then you're ready to sign. Why isn't the Sunrise bid include a Sunrise door, that seems a bit strange to me. The Sunrise patio door is going to be better than an Atrium door.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Sunrise Windows vs Preservation

My wife set up an appointment with a company that sells Preservation windows. WOW - 2 hours of my life I'll never get back AND he made me miss my VFW meeting! In short, after all "discounts" he had to offer, just under $6800 for 4 installed windows ($1670 each). I'll board my windows up with foam & plywood before I buy a vinyl double hung for that price.

The next day I had my local trusted contractor come over for his 2 cents. A little back ground - He's built homes for 40 years, and has done everything from hardwood floors & cabinets to entire start-to-finish home builds for many people I know including my own relatives. Very trusted and well known for the quality of his work. I went over the pocket window vs. full frame replacement options with him, and he advised full frame installs as the better long term option. It made sense to me when he explained that when we re-side our home in the future, we'll still have the ability to flash the window correctly before the install of then new siding (vs being stuck with a pocket window wrapped inside the old original frame).

I was originally worried about opening up too much of the window opening without removing the siding to reseal everything in, but he's confident we can get everything sealed back up appropriately with the full frame installation. His window vendor is Wisconsin Builders Supply and they only carry Andersen, Alliance, Semco, Jeldwen and Therma-Tru. However, he said he would install whatever windows I want even if he doesn't order them though his vendor (which would likely be better pricing with his discount there).

He has heard of Sunrise & ran across them in homes, but has never installed them before. He doesn't run a full crew anymore in his older/wiser years, and instead generally sticks to smaller jobs he can get done on his own or with the occasional 2nd set of hands. He expressed that, as an option, he'd work with me as the 2nd set of hands on the removal & installation. Also he'd charge time and material for the work. I'm an experienced wood working hobbyist, but have never done window or door installs. This seems like the perfect opportunity to learn how to put in windows properly and get a break on the install costs too. Perhaps at some point, I can even install the remaining windows in our house without the help & expense of my expert. It's an added bonus that my contractor was taught by my grandfather whom built homes for a living way back when. Grandpa actually threw a hammer at this very guy on one occasion to get him moving a little faster - I look forward to hearing the story directly from the guy!

All that being said, here's my current looming questions I'm hoping you might answer:

Is there anything from Andersen, Alliance, Semco, Jeldwen and Therma-Tru (in a vinyl full frame double hung) that can compete with the Sunrise's double hung price, warranty, and performance? If no, no need to explain (my own research points to "no"). If yes, which lines should I get pricing for?

The local Sunrise distributor gave me the window price over the phone it seemed they would sell directly to me. Is there any reason my contractor wouldn't be able to install the Sunrise windows without issue given his level of experience? Or, is it better to have the distributor install them since they put these window units in so regularly?

I called Sunrise to see if they would warranty a window not installed directly by one of their distributors. The guy in the warranty department said yes, it would be warrantied as long as the distributor is willing to sell us the window. Can you comment on this based on your experience and insight with Sunrise?

The way I understand it, Sunrise offers 2 full frame install options. #1 Built-into-frame brick mold with screw holes that get covered by a snap on strip. #2 is the window frame with a standard screw strip as commonly seen on new construction. Any insight on the 2 options? My current old windows have a wood brick mold that will be removed leaving room for either option. My contractor says we can cover the option #2 screw strip with aluminum wrapped wood so it can be removed and properly flashed when we re do siding at a later date. Seems reasonable, but I like the look and ease of option 1. What are my flashing options at siding replacement time with the built-into-frame vinyl brick molding?

The full frame installation from Sunrise offers a pre-assembled interior trim package. Have you seen these, put them in, or have an opinion? They look slick, but are they worth the money? I'm fully capable of doing all the interior trim work myself, and it would perfectly match the existing stained oak trim in the home. I'll price it both ways and let you know what I come up with. Are double hung the best bang for the buck in the Sunrise brand? Are they the least problematic of Sunrises' available window types? Is there a more efficient vented type we should also consider? I'm leery of all casement windows (of any brand) due to their reputation of the hardware failures. I'm on the fence about sliders & the wife isn't crazy about that look anyway. Lots of questions - I know. I only ask all this since I'm leaning towards having a guy install them that hasn't ever put in this brand.

Our local Sunrise distributor/installer has a great quality reputation and a high price reputation too. I do have an appointment next week for them to come out to measure and price the different install options. I'm also stopping at their showroom today too to take an in person look and discuss ordering options and costs involved for each. I've tried and failed to find a local dealer for Polaris or Soft-Lite thus far. Their websites brought up no suggestions either when I was researching them. But I did take your que and submit e-mails to both of them via their websites requesting the nearest couple of dealers to our location. Hopefully I'll hear back from both companies. I'll let you know if get prices from them so your future readers in our area might compare. Thanks again for all your insight.

Tom - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

1. I'm not sure I would say there is anything that can compete with the Sunrise from that list, but I do think the Andersen 100 composite window is a decent performer and quite a nice looking window. Beyond this I can't vouch for any of the other brands.

2. I wouldn't think there is anything specific to the Sunrise that would pose an installation challenge above and beyond any other window. So if your contractor feels comfortable doing the window installation and you trust him, I would say go for it.

3. I would just check with Sunrise to make sure there isn't anything specific that would void the warranty during the installation — perhaps a certain type of expanding foam. They should be able to tell the contractor if anything exists.

4. New construction typically offers a sturdier install that does not involve screws through the frame, instead they go along the nailing flange. The downside is replacing the windows at a later date and what this means for your exterior siding -- it can be quite expensive to remove the siding, flash etc. This is where buying a good window that lasts 30 years becomes very important, so you don't have to go through the expensive process very often. In the perfect world you could coordinate both jobs. There are pros and cons to both approaches and I think you and your contractor should sit down and go over both ways, the costs involved, and come up with an answer that makes the most sense for you from a long term perspective.

5. I haven't seen their Sunrise interior trims, but it would be nice to stain and match the existing trim --

6. I take your point about casements, although I personally like them. I would say that double hungs are the most popular window and one of the most energy efficient -- along with casements. Sliders are nice for bedrooms, but won't be quite as energy efficient as hungs. I like sliders personally because they are so easy to open and shut in bedrooms. I think at the end of they day it all comes down to preference. Choose what you like.

7. At the end of the day, it is always better to have someone put in your windows who installs that brand and that brand only, however it isn't rocket science. As long as your contractor installs the windows properly and thoroughly, you are going to be fine.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Sunrise Vinyl Windows vs. Vytex

Hello-Can anyone provide any feedback on Sunrise vinyl windows vs Vytec vinyl windows (installed by window nation). Which is the better window? Any help/input would be must appreciated, thank you.

Bob - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Bob, Vytex makes a good vinyl window, I'd put them in the second tier of vinyl window manufacturers -- let's say there are four tiers with one and two being quality producers. I would put Sunrise in the first tier. However, each company makes a number of series or models, from an entry level to a premium. I'd say the top two from Vytex are quality windows. Sunrise has a standard window -- this is a good window. Any of their upgraded models -- Verde, Vanguard and Restorations -- are considered excellent.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Sunrise Windows vs Window World

I am needing some advice when it comes to windows. I am in the process of receiving quotes. Should have a total of 5 by the end of the day. The suppliers are Window World, Sunrise (& restorations), Universal Windows Direct and Champion.

I am going to replace most of my windows (28 in total – 8 will be picture windows, rest will be either single or double hung). 15 of these windows, get full west sun. 6 of these will be upper level picture windows.

Window world double hung 4000 series, with a solar shield package, gave a quote of around 15k, after speaking with some other people that have recently installed windows with them, there should be considerable flexibility in that price.

Restorations windows, 20 double hung, (8 picture windows) with the 12 layer coating quote was 27K.

Sunrise, Sunrise windows with the 12 layer coating package, 20 single hung windows (8 picture), was over 17K (636 per window). They said the only difference between the restoration package and the sunrise package is the outer frame is not insulated like the restoration style. Also a difference in the locking mechanisms.

Also planning on replacing a patio French door. Changing out a 2 6'8" doors with transom, to 2 – 8' doors. Window world gave a price of $3250 for a therma true door, and the sunrise installer gave a price of $4932 for their steel door. Their brand is Provia.

Any suggestions? To me, I prefer the quality of the restorations and then the sunrise, and believe I will get a good install from that company. But I also think the price is very high, especially considering 8 of them will be picture windows. I am considering counteroffering, but I would like your opinion of the sunrise/restorations vs the other brands. The Universal Window Direct supplier in the area, has good reviews.

Thank you for any help,

Angie - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Angie, I'm not in the habit of recommending Window World -- I don't think their windows are well made and don't offer the sort of long term value that make the initial low cost worth it. The Restorations price bid sounds high to me. The Sunrise on the other hand is a great window AND its nearly the same price as the Window World 4000.

In terms of the doors, I would also not recommend Window World (are you sensing a pattern here), but I might get another bid from maybe a Simonton or Jeld Wen -- if for no other reason then to take it back to the Sunrise dealer and say, "I really want to use your company, but your bid is still out of my price range. If you could get the price down to (insert whatever dollar amount you feel comfortable with), I would be willing to sign today. Something like this, it usually works if they have any spaces on their books.

Bottom line, the Sunrise is the clear winner, their door bid seems a bit high but that might not be totally true -- another bid or two will tell you the answer.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Sunrise Windows vs. Kolbe Latitude

I have 38 year old single pane Weather Shield double hung windows in my home (1978 Ranch). A couple have been replaced with SIMCO sash kits prior to us buying the home. One of those is already showing air leakage problems (condensation on the glass in winter). We've settled on insert replacements since a full siding replacement is not an option for us at this time. My sons bedroom window is leaking air and condensating so bad that the wood sash started to mold at the end of last winter. Origonally we wanted Andersen 400s but cant afford the 720 window price tag per window (uninstalled). The comparable Kolbe was $893 (uninstalled).

Quickly we're realizing a good vinyl insert is going to be the best price point for us. We're more concerned with good function than keeping the look of the wood on the interior. Our son's bedroom window is the one we've price out to try to compare costs. It has an inside frame opening of 43 7/8" wide by 53 7/8" high. We really like the warranty and reputation of Sunrise windows - got quoted a single window price of $559 from our only local distributor. I have that distributor coming to do a full quotation for everything we have. They're offereing $250 off for 4 purchased windows.

Is that a decent price for that size and brand I think it is, but can't seem to find 3 other comparable vinyl manufacuters with distributors in our area to get quotes from. I have a quote for a Kolbe Vinyl Latitude insert replacement for $354. I know the quality won't be as good, but is the difference worth $200 per window for Sunrise? Any knowledge of the difference in customer service or warranty? Lastly what, if any, manufacturers should we be looking at for vinyl double hung windows in our area? We live in La Crescent, MN 55947. I have 12 double hungs to replace on the first floor, and 2 smaller sliders in the basement. We'd like to do a few a year and plan to stay in our home - not flip it. Any advice you could give would be great.

Tom - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Tom, sorry to hear about your current issues, but it does sound like you are on the right track with the Sunrise.I'd say the $559 per window is a good price and it sounds like they are offering some sort of discount from this. So yes, this is a good price.

In terms of the Kolbe, I haven't had much experience with the Latitude. They are more of a wood window company, so I wouldn't take the chance with their vinyl window "pick up." If it were me and I was going to be in my house for longer than 10 years, I'd go with the Sunrise. If you aren't going to be there that long, then you may want to consider the Kolbe (I sort of hate this advice for the next homeowners but its the truth from a purely economic standpoint).

I believe that Polaris, Soft-Lite, Andersen (100 series composite), and Marvin are all available from dealers in Minnesota. I would focus on the first two as nice comparisons to Sunrise. Let me know what the bids come back at and I'll give you me 2 cents!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Sunrise Window Options

Thank you for the reply Dane. I have decided to proceed forward, based upon the excellent reviews of sunrise products. And I have built a good relationship with my contractor guy and know that when I pay the $2k, he is not going to do the job then disappear or other potential issues ("I broke my leg and can't get back to your project for 6 months").

As a follow up question, Sunrise has several options both for appearance and performance for their windows. Would you recommend an "options package" that isn't overkill but also has those essential options to get the most out of the window?

Bryan - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Bryan, I would always recommend getting whatever upgrades make the most sense for your project and lifestyle. On the flipside, you can always go more basic on any feature that you don't deem as necessary in order to keep your costs under control.

Here's an example of the latter. My mother-in-law got a bid (on Sunrise windows, ironically) but they were out of her price range. The only other bid she had was from Window World and I urged her to find a way to make the Sunrise works. So we had the local dealer come back out and it turned out that when he bid it out, he used the metal hardware and low-e2 glass that she didn't feel were necessary for her home. She actually liked the look of the plastic hardware and was fine with the more simple low-e glass. It ended up bringing the price down into the range that made it palatable for her pricewise.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Sunrise Windows vs Amerimax

After reading so many reviews, I am surprised the Sunrise didn't even get a mention. Is that because you think the price isn't worth it over, say, the Amerimax window? I hear a lot about sunrise having quieter and more energy efficient windows than most others. Honestly, we have original aluminum windows from 1978, many of which are damaged, so anything on this list would be better than that. Still, I want to make sure I get the best bang for the buck and if I can find a superior product, I generally will want the absolute best I can afford.

We are going to the showrooms for Zen and Colorado Window Source (Amerimax and Sunrise) this weekend and will hopefully make a decision soon after that. At least I was able to find affordable AND quality options. RBA was our first quote and we freaked out. Thanks.

Josh - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Josh I really like Sunrise windows, but the quote you got was what seemed like the standard Sunrise model and it was $4K more than the Zen quote for the Classic model (I think my numbers are right), which I would say are comparable windows at a much better price point. The Sunrise is a better window than the Amerimax, that's true, but I'm not sure it $6K better :)

People often freak out when RBA comes out to give them a bid...and rightly so. Let me know what you end up going with and how it works out!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Sunrise Ultra Plus Vinyl Replacement Windows

I received a quote for Sunrise Ultra Plus Vinyl replacement windows however, I can only find information on Essentials (which everyone says to avoid) and the Verde, Vanguard & Restorations. Do you know if this model is part of the entry level essentials platform or the standard/upgraded platform of the other 3?

Tom - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Tom, the Ultra Plus is the type of glass used on the window. It is very likely that the window frame you have been quoted is on the standard Sunrise window. So it's the Standard Sunrise vinyl window with the Ultra plus low-e glass. This is a very nice window. If you do want any of the upgrades that sunrise offers, you can typically add them to each window as needed and the per window cost will reflect any upgrades that you opt for. Does this make sense?

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Sunroom Windows Questions

We would like to have our screen porch enclosed keep elements (rain, snow, dust, allergens) from coming in and increase the usability of our space, however, we also do not want to make this into a full addition. We have received 3 estimates (so far). 2 came back with sunroom recommendations and the 3rd came back with a recommendation of installation of Sunrise windows.

Our intent is to be able to extend the time frame of this space (earlier in spring, later into fall\winter) and create a space that our 3 year old can extend into when we can't physically be outside with him (we live on a busy corner). I understand that naturally any window will allow for some "greenhouse" effect to warm the space and we are even considering a baseboard space heater only to extend the time frame, not to make it usable in true winter temps. Based on the conversation with the contractor and the research I have been able to do (thanks largely to your website which was very informative!) I am thinking he is recommending the Sunrise Restoration Windows (he referenced low-e glass, argon gas and a smaller profile).

Several questions:

1. Are Sunrise windows a good option for our solution? Or is there another line of window you might recommend? (more sunroom windows reviews)
2. Is there a Sunrise line that is better for this solution in order to balance cost? (your website mentions increased energy efficiency for Restoration, but we are using it on and uninsulated room)
3. Insulated glass vs tempered glass? (what is really needed? want to make sure our 3 year old is safe)
4. Will our planned usage affect the life of the windows or warranty?
5. Anything else we should consider?

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Short the purchase of the home, this would be our first big expenditure.

Nick - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Ryan, sorry for the delay in my response, I was spending the week with my kids so I have been a bit out of touch.

1. and 2. So, Sunrise vinyl windows are an excellent brand and the Restoration line is very good. The Verde and Vanguard models are also very good and should be a bit cheaper, but not always (some contractors get solid pricing on the Restoration line that is pretty close to these two other models, which are actually not THAT different from the Restoration model). The standard Sunrise frame, with their basic low-e glass would probably work fine, but it's not going to provide the same quality over time as the Restoration. From a long term value, I would say stretch to the Restoration and insist on a good quality install.

3. A standard low-e glass is fine. Laminated or tempered glass is not necessary, unless you require a hurricane or impact type window for the coast. The laminated option also provides some increase in soundproofing qualities, but nothing too substantial.

4. Using the space as a sunroom will not have any effect on the warranty or the life of the window.

5. The only other issue I can think of is whether you might want to consider a higher SHGC on the glass to allow in more heat during these cooler months in order to extend the time period that you can use the sunroom each year. Ask your contractor - I assume he knows the Sunrise rep - if this makes sense (perhaps not).

Good luck with the project and with your 3 year old!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Sunrise Ultra Plus Windows

Your website is very helpful, thanks. I have two questions for you. First question: for the Sunrise window, I can only find the Ultra-U Plus, Ultra-U Plus 12, Ultra-U Plus8 (3 panes), Ultra-U Plus10 glass systems. What are these options related to Sunrise Verde, Vanguard, or Restorations models (no information in sunrise web site)? What is the difference between these two sets of model.

My quote question between soft-lite and Sunrise. I got quote from Soft-lite LS Solar Lowe Double Pane with Super Space with $10100, and Sunrise Ultra-U Plus12 with interior Low E coating with $11000. The Sunrise Interior Low E Coating is a new option for Sunrise windows. Soft-Lite LS with U:.27, SHGC:.18, VT:.41, AL:.02 and the Sunrise with : U:.24, SHGC:.22, VT:.48, AL:.04. Please give me your comments, and help me to make my decision. Thanks

Ning - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Hi Ning, thanks for the question. The Ultra-U Plus is a dual glazed window glass system that is an energy efficient upgrade, which should be available on any and all available Sunrise models in your area (often dealers have access to most but not all models). There are a number of options, U-8, U-10, U-12 - the numbers specifies how many layers or coatings are used in the glass making process.

I would say that the standard Sunrise frame window is good and the upgraded models that you refer to (Verde, Vanguard, or Restorations models) are all very good.

As to the comparison between Soft-Lite and Sunrise, both of the performance number sets you are looking at are excellent. Assuming the installation quality is the same, I would save $1000 and go with the Soft-Lite window costs. I don't think the new glass system is worth that price. But, focus on the installation as much as the window itself and make sure you are getting a quality install and labor warranty on the installation.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Sunrise Windows vs Simonton Pro Finish

I know very little about windows, but it's time to replace ours (I do know this much!). I don't need a top-of-the-line window, but also don't want to buy a cheap window either. We have 3 estimates on 8 bedroom double hungs and 1 larger window that is I suppose three windows, two double hung windows on either side and a fixed window in the center.

These are the brands we have gotten offered:
Lindsay Sun View Series
Simonton Profinish Builder Series

Standard Sunrise Series

Theresa - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Theresa, the best of your bids is on the Sunrise by far. I don't know what prices you were quoted out on so I can't comment on this aspect of the bid. I don't actually know about Sun View windows so I'm going to assume they are a lower end mid range window. The Simonton Pro Finish Builder is the entry level Pro Finish model -- if you had said the Pro Finish Master series I would say this is a solid window and approaching the quality of the Sunrise you have.

You might want to go back to all three and see if you can negotiate the price down as much as possible and see where the prices end up. So far, the Sunrise is the clear winner for me.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Sunrise or Pella Wood Clad

I have a price quote on the Pella Pro Line. It's a nice looking wood windows, but I'm concerned about the wood rotting over time. Our neighbors recently got a bid on Sunrise windows and he said they have a wood looking interior. What is your opinion on these two brands?

Brian - Homeowner - from 2014

[Contractor Response]

Pella makes a very nice wood window, but they do tend to break down over time. As far as rotting, they come in an exterior cladding so that shouldn't happen, although you will have to stain or otherwise protect the wood. You should do this every five years or so.

Sunrise makes a good vinyl window and they do offer the interior laminates. Some wood enthusiasts don't like how they look, but I tend to think they are hard to tell apart except at close range.

There are a lot of issues with wood and I tend to think vinyl offers more advantages, price being one. Get bids from both and make the comparisons yourself.

Wayne - Contractor - from 2014

Sunrise vs Seaway Windows

I have project bids from Sunrise and Seaway windows and the price per window is only like $50 difference, the Sunrise being more expensive. However, I feel like the Seaway warranty is better so it makes it a tough choice. Any input on these companies?

Brenda - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor's Response]

Sunrise makes some very nice windows and for my money is one of the top 3 or 4 vinyl window manufacturers in the field. I'm not very familiar with the Seaway products, but I did visit the website and I was impressed with the list of features and the performance numbers on the Ovation.

I will say that the numbers were based on a triple pane glass so I would be interested to know how the standard double hung with dual pane and argon fills fare, this would be a more fair set of numbers to put on the site. I think if you get a good bid from them and feel better about their installers than the Sunrise dealer, go with them. If not, stick with the tried and true and go with the Sunrise.

Scot C. - Contractor - from 2011

Sunrise Casement Windows

For casements, I'd take a look at Okna, Softlite, Sunrise, and Gorell. One of Sunrise's new lines has the thinnest profile I've ever seen on a casement, which gives you more glass and more natural light if that's what you're after.

Keep in mind that you can usually order vinyl windows with a wood grain finish, but if you buy a white one and stain it you won't get the same results. If it's in your budget, take a look at Milgard and Marvin fiberglass windows.

Steven - Virginia contractor 2011

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Sunrise Verde Windows Reviews

The Sunrise Verde window uses the same frame as the "classic Sunrise," but comes standard with foam filled chambers, a foam wrap, and the Solar Clean glass package. (These features would have to be upgraded on the standard or classic Sunrise.) The Verde incorporates both good design and function that should make it a window worth looking at, depending on whether your local dealer carries this particular model (not all dealers are going to offer the Verde model.)

Dane - Site Editor

Sunrise Verde Window Bid

Hello, Dane. Thank you so much for your response to my original email!

I managed to get some more quotes. We are trying to replace 6 double hang windows, have the trim for them wrapped in metal. Plus, we are looking to have trims for the rest of the windows (10 of them) plus the main door and garage door repaired and wrapped in metal so they will be low maintenance – now they are just painted wood and they are starting to get rotted or chewed through by mice.

I have listed the quotes by the vendors according to how much I trust them to do good quality work (#1 trust the most, #4 trust the least). They are all highly rated according to Google, Home Advisor etc reviews. Some companies offered quotes for trim repair/wrap only based on per window – so I've just multiplied them by 12, although I don't know if they will charge higher for larger windows or two-car garage door wrap.

There is one additional company (let's call this Company #5) that we are still waiting for quotes from. This company deals with Ply Gem, Anderson 100, and Simonton, as well as Marvin. I would put this company comparable to #2 below. This is a company that we've worked with and says they are confident that they can match or beat other quotes (of similar products).

All window quotes below are including installation (insert, not full frame) and metal wrapping the trims.

Company #1
Sunrise: $7,505 – no model name, but the description says it has: Ultra-U Plus Glass system (multiple layers of UV reflective coatings on the glass), a non-metal spacer (MAXEdge), an Argon gas fill, U factor of .29, triple-strip weather stripping, .04 air-infiltration rating, foam-filled vinyl frame.
With the trim wrap work: $8,898

Company #2
Revere Elite: $5,642
With the trim wrap work $8,042
They also offer Simonton (6500/Reflection) and said it will be $500-600 more.

Company #3

Sunrise: $5,220 - says standard for everything except S2100A Latitude glass and "fiberglass screening"
With the trim wrap work: $8,520

Sunrise Verde: Says about 20% more, so must be about $6,264 - insulated frame, Opti-View screen and Solar clean coating
With the trim wrap work: $9,564

Marvin Integrity: $7,573
With the trim wrap work $10,873

Alside Mezzo: $5,191
With the trim wrap work: $8,491

Company #4

Sunrise: $7,202 – not sure which model, the rep just said "Sunrise replacement windows" – no additional info provided.
With the trim wrap work: $9,722

Revere Elite: $6,140
With the trim wrap work: $8,660

What does the model of Sunrise that vendor #1 sound like? Is this Verde? Does it sound like a good window based on the description?

If we are going to go with all trims metal wrapped, #1 sounds like the best option, especially if them can come off $200. Would you agree? Are there windows from the Company #5 (that we are still waiting from) that I should ask for quote for (Simonton, Ply Gem, Anderson 100, Marvin)?

Company #1 also sells Marvin, but I'm afraid $8000s is in the top range of our budget and we won't be able to afford it anyway.

FYI, we are in Minnesota. It's possible we may move in 5 years or so, but we are not sure, so we are looking into this as if we will live in the house indefinitely. We are in middle class neighborhood.

Thank you in advance for your feedback! I find your website super helpful so I hope you will continue it for many more years for everybody's benefit.

AMT - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

AMT, so....this is a tricky response when you say you are moving in 5 years. If I were moving houses in five years, I'd choose one of the lowest overall project bid. However, one of the lowest bids is Company #3, the Sunrise with the trim wrap work at $8,520. This is probably what I'd go with because the Sunrise is the better window than the Alside Mezzo. The Mezzo is the same window as the Revere Berkshire Elite.

Essentially, you have a bunch of different bids on two windows -- the Alside Mezzo and the Sunrise Classic. The Sunrise Verde is simply the Sunrise Standard or Classic frame with the three add ons. So when you get a bid on the Sunrise, it's for their "Classic or Standard" frame. It's a very good window that you can add upgrades to or you can get their bundled upgrades that they label their Verde, Vanguard, or Restorations series.

I'd go with the Sunrise #3 bid because the final cost is so close to the Revere and Alside bids, but it's for a better window. Of course, the reputation and work of the actual companies is something to factor in as well.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Sunrise Verde And Pella 350 Series

We have 17 windows and one large sliding glass door to replace. I have several bids. The first is the Sunrise Verde and they want $2750 for the sliding door. The windows are $11,500. Window World also gave us a quote. Their lower end 4000 series is $6800 and their best model would be $7300 for the windows only. I was also thinking of getting a Pella quote based on the consumer reviews for their 350 series. Curious what you would do here.

Joe - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Joe, the Sunrise Verde is by far the much better window here. However, your'e moving in two years so that really puts a kink in my advise. I think I'd probably go with the Window World option if I was you. If you were staying longer, I'd definitely suggest sticking with the Sunrise Verde.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Sunrise Verde vs. Sunrise In House

Hi Dane, I think I've narrowed it down to two companies, one is the only dealer in Colorado to install the Sunrise Verde line, the other installs an in-house line of Sunrise. I would love to know your thoughts.

Both companies have good reviews, I had a bit more faith in the Verde salesman (and they have full-time employees do the install), the in-house guy didn't impress me as much, and they have sub-contractors (although he claims they have used the same group of guys for 2+ years).

The Verde is coming in around $1000 cheaper (on a 18k bill for 25 windows, that's not enough difference to make or break a deal).

Both have the s2210x glass. They both have insulated frames.

The in-house model has fiberglass reinforcement throughout the frame and sash. The Verde includes the solar clean treatment. Both have optiview screen.

I guess my question-- is the fiberglass frame/sash worth a grand? I have two windows around 3 feet wide, the rest come in under 30 inches.

Carl - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Carl, the Sunrise Verde is typically an upgrade from the in house Sunrise. I do like the fiberglass reinforcement though. The Verde should come standard with foam fills. I think I would probably go with the Verde and the installer who seems a bit better.

Dan - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Verde vs. Provia Endure

First off, thank you for your website. I enjoying being an educated consumer and your insight has been incredibly valuable in the daunting world of windows.

I'm looking to replace 25 windows in my old Denver house. I've done my due diligence and gotten bids from various, well reviewed, installers who are all pushing their partner brands-- Milgard (Tuscany), Simonton (5500), Amerimax (Craftsman), Provia (Endure) and Sunrise ("Premium"... an in house line supposedly with various components of the Vanguard, Restoration and Verde lines).

I'm not terribly impressed by the Milgard or Simonton. A few years ago I installed Amerimax in my basement and think they're fine (I used your site to help pick them over the Simonton), but I am particularly intrigued by the Provia and Sunrise for this project, which sound like a "step up" from the other lines.

Wondering your thoughts on these two windows. The Sunrise is coming in a bit more expensive, but not enough to truly make or break the decision... particularly because (ideally) these are an investment and (hopefully) will last for years/decades

Your insight is appreciated.

Carl - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Carl, the Sunrise premium models are better I would say than the ProVia Endure. Having said that, the ProVia Endure is quite a good window. You've done a good job of getting your bids and weeding out the "lower quality" vinyl windows. (The Milgard, Simonton and Amerimax are all more or less solid second tier vinyl window companies, not low end.)

If you are staying in your home long term, I think paying a bit more for the Sunrise V, V, or R models is worth it. You may want to see if they'll match the ProVia bid—tell them that their bid is out of your price range and that you have a bid on the ProVia Endure that is right at the top of what you can afford. If they can match the ProVia bid, you'll sign a work order that day.

Give them a few days and see if they drop the price. Worth a shot...

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Verde vs. Simonton 9800 Series

Hi there, I am looking to slowly replace all the windows in our home (built in 1995) in Colorado. The major concern is noise and heat/cool transfer. The sun is pretty intense on a couple of the west facing windows. I got a quote from a local company who installs Sunrise Verde windows for around $950 a window and a larger company who does Simonton 9800 for around $1350/window.

Of course they both say their window is the best. Simonton's windows are triple pained- I'm wondering if that is better or unnecessary? We can hear a decent bit of car noise currently through the windows with a somewhat large street outside. I'm leaning towards Sunrise Verde because I liked the company and price tag better (my husband is worried about going with the lower bid) but is their a big difference between the windows? I don't want to regret a window purchase and are open to either, just want to know which one is the best choice! Thanks for your input!

Joy - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Joy, both of these windows are good, but I'm happy to tell you that I would say the Sunrise Verde is better than the Simonton 9800 model. Sunrise makes a great window and the Verde model is one of their best. The Simonton 9800 model is their best window, but I don't think its air infiltration, fit, and tolerances can match the Verde.

That's quite a high per window price -- I'm assuming the installation is tricky in some way. You might want to grab a couple more bids from local companies just to make sure that that's the fair market price.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Joy, it sounds like the Andersen is not the way to go based on the price :) At the end of the day, pricing is based on the project and it sounds like you have the range of prices. On the plus side, you have a great window in the Verde and they gave you the best price. I think you've got your answer!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Verde vs Restoration Series

I was looking at the Verde and Restoration series from Sunrise. The Verde has some sagging issues, it's covered under the warranty but still a lot of hassle, but they offer a reinforcement option and I'd definitely get that if you go with Verde. The Restorations is a little bit higher quality with more bells and whistles. Both of them are good options, though. They are equal enough that I'd choose between them based on the dealer and installer you like better.

Steven - Contractor - from 2013

Sunrise Verde Windows vs Energex

I'm looking at the Sunrise Verde, along with similar priced products from American Window and Homeguard Innovations, which are both local companies here in Indiana. I was curious what everyone thought abt these three. One company I talked to who sells all of these windows told me he thought Homeguard and the Verde were about equal, while the American Window was a notch below these two.

Aimee - Homeowner - from 2012

[Contractor Response]

The Verde is similar in design to the Energex Innovations, but the Verde has lots more features. Now the NEW Elite series from Affinity is a totally different story, that is a great window. They are a step up from the old profiles from that company.

Robbie - Contractor - from 2012

Sunrise Verde Window vs Alside

We starting looking at windows and so far have received 3 bids. The Alside Sheffield price is $410 per window installed, the Sunrise is $650 per window installed and the Soft-Lite prices are $700 per window installed. We might try to get a few of the Sunrise or the Soft-Lite and just see how they work and then go from there (although the companies don't seem to like this). I just don't see how the windows can be 100s of dollars more for what looks like the same thing. We are also considering doing Larson interior storms that run around $100 per window.

Bennie - Homeowner - from 2012

[Contractor Response]

I hear this sort of thing all the time, that these vinyl windows look the same so they must work basically the same. The Alside Sheffield is a poorly made window, from design to the glazing to the components. This might mean you have to replace them in 10 years. The Sunrise and Soft-Lite (granted I don't know what models you are looking at) windows are well made and designed and you might have to replace them after 20 years. If we are looking only at economics of it all, the Sunrise and Soft-Lite is actually a better buy. Plus it's a pain to have your windows redone. Do it right the first time and get the long term value. Just my two cents.

Holland - Contractor - from 2012

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Sunrise Vanguard Windows Reviews

The Sunrise Vanguard window is similar to the Sunrise Verde model, essentially a Standard Sunrise frame with a fibercore reinforced sash and a recessed lever lock. It also comes standard with separate tilt buttons and is available as a single hung.

The Vanguard is somewhat of a specialty model that was originally only available to certain distributors (it's unclear to us if this is still the case).

Dane - Site Editor

Sunrise Vanguard Windows

Hi Dane, I have been reading on your site for couple of days. The information is really helpful.I have 20 windows and one patio door to replace. One big picture window with a half circle on top.70*70. 3 bigger sliders. We live in Denver, Colorado.

My dilemma now is:

The Sunrise Vanguard dealer is great, very knowledgeable but he told me that he won't do any Argon glasses. So he sells windows with Air but good coating packages, Omega 12 for Sunrise. The Vanguard definitely looks good and have a 3 1/4 thick frame.

My other preferred installer is willing to order any windows as their primary choice of Amerimax just got bought. I see Anlin Catalina and Del Mar have similar energy performance with Sunrise Vanguard. However, it is a 2 7/8 thick frame.

My current frame is 2 7/8. So Anlin would definitely needs less work. The Vanguard dealer called all 2 7/8 thick frames are builder grades and worthless. I try to convince my wife but she would not listen. The Vanguard quote is 24k. Anlin is 18k for Catalina. I'm waiting for Del Mar quote.

My question is, does Argon really not that necessary? Is a 3 1/8 frame considered premium window while 2 7/8 considered as builder grade?

What do you recommend?

Thank you so much!

Lee - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Lee, while thicker frames are an indication of strength and quality, the proof is in the numbers. For instance, the Anlin Del Mar should have energy efficient numbers close to the Vanguard, but I would think the Vanguard would still be the better overall window.

That being said, the real question is hoqw do you balance price and quality?

I'm assuming the Del Mar quote will come in close to $21K. So Vanguard 24, Del Mar 21, Catalina, 18. The problem for me is that value wise, the differences are exactly what I'd expect.

If you are staying in this home forever, I would weight the Vanguard higher. If you are going to be out of the house in 8 years, I'd go with the Catalina. The Anlin Del Mar is a good window too. So...that's my dilemma. On the plus side, both of these manufacturers make excellent windows, so you win either way.

Argon is nice, but not necessary. They typically don't do the argon at your altitude, that's the issue I believe.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2020

[Lee's Reply]

Thanks so much, Dane. I like how Sunrise looks, especially the patio door. I've just received a referral from a friend for another Sunrise Restoration dealer. Good reputation in the neighborhood. I will find out what he got back to me on Wednesday.

In the meantime, I figured if I can leave the giant picture window, two windows mulled together with a bow and a square, to use another cheaper brand like Anlin Catalina or Amerimax, I might be able to afford Sunrise. Would it be a silly idea to do that? That window is in the hallway on top our main entrance. We don't really pay much attention to it anyway.


[Site Editor's Answer]

Lee, that's a plan as far as I'm concerned.

The Sunrise Restoration is one of the best windows on the market. Close to the Sunrise Vanguard. Curious to see how they differ in price.

Lee - Homeowner - from 2020

Sunrise Vanguard Window Quote

Dane, I live in Lockport, IL (60441) in the suburbs of Chicago. My home is 25 years old and I am looking at a replacement of all my casement windows and one easement window. I have one specialty window (half circle glass) with two casements below, and two other matching specialty windows with ¼ circles above the casement (these two windows must also be tempered).

Most other windows are combination of casements of three or five with every other window openings,16 window locations total. My quotes are ranging from 38K-16K for Vanguard widows or “like-quality.” This range seems too broad and would appreciate any guidance to what I should expect in this area. If you need additional information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for any help you can offer. I appreciate all I am reading on your website.

Jason - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jason, you have a fair number of specialty windows, which means there are going to be bids all over the place—as you’ve found. Some companies are set up to deal with more custom orders than others. Others don’t like complicated so they bid the project high.

Send me the bid prices, brands and maybe a note on the reputation of each installation company (if you have them) and I’m happy to tell you which one I would opt for. The Sunrise Vanguard is a great window, but $38K seems high for what you’ve described!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

[Jason's Reply]

Dane, thank for your reply. Let me offer a better idea of what I am being quoted for.

1 - 3 casement light with flanking swing outs (1/4,1/2,1/4)
1 - 3 casement light with flanking swing outs
1 - 3 casement light with center swing out
2 - 1 casement light with 1/4 circle top (two lights)
1 - 3 casement light with flanking swing outs
1 - 1/2 circle
2 - square windows below 1/2 circle
3 - 2 casement lights, both swing out
3 - 1 casement light with swing out
1 - awning swing out

I received the following quotes:

(Trusted recommendation - good internet reviews) Signature Ultimate Series Casements by Marvin Wood Clad Windows for $49,600
(Trusted recommendation - good internet reviews) Lifestyle Series Casements by Pella Wood Clad Windows $47,700
(Trusted recommendation - good internet reviews) Vanguard Series Casement Windows by Sunrise Vinyl Windows - $38,825
(Good internet reviews but most are 2 years+ old) Kensington KG4 windows for $17,450 (This quote was to replace the glass only on the 1/2 circle and two fixed square windows below it.) (
Poor internet reviews) Window World quoting "windows like the Vanguard Series" - $23,216
(Average to good internet reviews) A non measured quote of "Climate Solutions casements any size includes Cardinal366 Cardinal Neat glass and invisiscreen" for $16,000
I am still wanting on my final quote for the Marvin and Vanguard series. All quotes, unless noted, and for full replacements.

Thank you for your insight and experience with this. Respectfully, Jason.

Jason - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jason, I'd toss the Marvin quote unless you really want fiberglass windows. These usually run 30% more than vinyl, which bears out in your price quotes above. I'd toss the Pella quote, which is not a quality vinyl window. I'd also toss the two low quotes.

The quote that intrigues me is the Kensington for $17K, but I'm a bit confused if it's only glass replacement on all the casements?

The Sunrise Vanguard is an excellent window and is certainly a much better value than the two pricier bids.

These would be the two bids I would concentrate on, but they are so different it's hard to compare them to one another.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Vanguard Windows Quote

Dane, we have 20 windows we are replacing. The first is from Gilkey Windows and the bid is $18,260 for a combination of picture and awning window. We might upgrade to the "Neat Glass" for $365, which is a Cardinal Glass option that keeps the window and sheds water easier.

The second bid is from Sunrise Vanguard from Windows Direct, which has good reviews on the Better Business Bureau, Google, and Angie's List. This quote is from $16,397 and I really like this window, especially the .02 air infiltration. They also offered the Sunrise Essentials for $14,341.

Our final bid is for the Soft-Lite Elements from a company called Windows Plus. They also have excellent reviews on the BBB, Angie's List, and Google. Their bid is $14,546.

Ken - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Ken, the best bid is on the Soft-Lite Elements for $14.5K. The next one, but a far distant second, is the Sunrise Vanguard. The Vanguard is an excellent window, but the Elements is its equal and its $2K less.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Sunrise Vanguard vs. Okna Enviro-Star 800

Hi Dane/Tim: New to this whole window replacement process. I found your website and was wondering if I could get some feedback on the below quotes? I am located in the Washington DC area and am looking to replace 31 double-hungs and 2 picture windows.

I've received the following quotes:

A: Okna Enviro-Star 800: 31 double-hungs and 2 casements for $23300.00.

B: Okna Enviro-Star 800: 31 double-hungs and 2 casements for $25300.00 (or double low-E glass pack for $29200.00)

C: Sunrise Vanguard: 31 double-hungs and 1 two-lite casement for $23500.00

D: Provia Endure: 31 double-hungs and 2 casments for $24000.00

For quote A and B, I got the A quote prior to knowing about the double low-E glass pack that B provided. I know the Okna's are highly ````````rated on your site, but so were the Sunrise Restorations (but not the Vanguards?)

Where would Provia lie on this scale?

Is the double low-E glass pack for the Okna worth the premium? My windows are too large to accomodate triple-panes so I was told this would be the closest solution/replacement.

The Sunrise guy recommended the Vanguards over the Restorations due to issues with the locks on the Restorations, which is contrary towhat I had been reading - any news on this?

Have also heard of issues with the Sunrise middle rail sagging?

I have faith in the installation of B, C, and D (these were referrals) but not so much with A (as I have no experience with them).

My understanding was that Okna/Himark had specific installers, so if you were on their short list, the installation quality shouldn't be as big of an issue? (this is regarding the price difference between A and B).

Pats - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Pats, you have some fantastic windows here. Basically, you can’t go wrong with any of the products themselves, they are all top tier windows. Let’s throw out A because when it comes right down to it, the installation will make the bigger difference than the small differences between the window options here.

Thee upgrade to the better glass package is up to you. I kind of think it isn’t necessary given the quality of windows you have.

The idea of saying which is better between the Okna 800, Sunrise Vanguard or ProVia Endure is tough. They are all fantastic. Put my feet to the fire, I’d probably list them as the Okna, Sunrise, then the ProVia.

I haven’t heard of any issues with Sunrise rails sagging in their better window series, possibly in their entry level windows over many many years?

If this were my project I would take a hard look at the installation companies and choose the one with the best online reviews and reputation for professionalism and quality.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Sunrise Vanguard Window Options

Hi Dane and Tim: I have been hunting for windows since September of last year and talked to nearly every vinyl windows company in the Atlanta market.

After decided on the Sunrise Vanguard, my wife and I decided to paint the house after the window installation is complete....Which made me STOP and think about looking to you for advice!

So here are my questions:

Do I really want to replace 45 windows with the Sunrise vinyl – and then paint the windows – or do I need to be looking at wood replacement windows?

How do you feel about a sash replacement kits (BMC wood kits), instead of using a complete vinyl, composite, or wood 'Replacement' window with it's built-in frame?

I have really enjoyed the site and your expertise on replacement windows and wanted your opinion on this decision.

I look forward to your response.

Rob - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Rob, the Sunrise Vanguard is an excellent window and one that will serve you well with proper installation. However, you cannot paint vinyl without voiding the warranty so that's not a good idea. Have you looked at the exterior colors offered by Sunrise? These can add to the cost (quite a bit actually), especially if they are custom colors, but they will provide a great long term solution, assuming you find a color you like.

I personally would stick with vinyl or fiberglass over wood if long term value is high on your list. Wood is beautiful and can be painted, but it wears down MUCH quicker than these other materials. It also costs more. Note that some wood windows use a vinyl exterior cladding so that wouldn't get you where you want to go either.

Sash replacement kits are certainly viable but they require the window frames and sills to be in good condition and they require an installer who has some good experience with these. They have to be done correctly and I wouldn't trust them to just anyone.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

Sunrise Vanguard vs. Okna 500

Hello, I am replacing 11 30 year old metal windows. I would like vinyl windows that last but dont need rolls royce. Read a lot about windows that i am now completely lost on what to do.

Found one sunrise dealer, one Okna dealer and some Simonton dealer. Dont wan,t Pella Anderson window world.

Have to go by what i find online for buying /installation of the windows.

Simonton dealer sells only the 5500 and 5050. He told me he will give me the 5050 windows with all the options so it will be like the 5500.

11 double windows for $5200

I dont have the sunrise an d okra quote yet. They’ll come this week in Could you give me baallpark figure for 11 double hung from sunrise vanguard or sunrise verde or the okra 500 so i know i am not being pulled over the table.

Also what glass package should i use down in the North Charleston South Carolina.

Don't know any installer with good reputation any suggestion?

Thank you for any info/help you would be able to provide.

Clinton - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Clinton, your Simonton bid sounds good. The 5050 upgraded to the 5500 is a good window, very solid mid range vinyl window. Look at the Okna 400 or Okna 600 models or the Sunrise standard/classic frame. All of these windows are comparable and they are very solid non Rolls Royce vinyl windows that should serve you well given professional installation.

The Sunrise Vanguard will usually run $600 to $700 per window, depending on the installation needs. The Okna 500 might be more like $550 to $650, depending on the upgrades, size of windows, and installation requirements.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Vanguard Quote In Texas

Hi! I am in Texas, have a Lake home and am needing to replace the original aluminum frame windows from the 70's.

I have visited the Don Young showroom in Dallas and their window look good. Just waiting on a quote from the rep as they do not sell direct to customer. Requesting a quote on their vinyl and aluminum. Showroom said the aluminum would be about 25% more than vinyl. Local lake rep has been slow and have waited a month now with no quote although they have taken measurements. Will probably see if a Dallas rep will drive the hour and take measurements etc for a quote.

I have just gotten a quote on Sunrise Vanguard vinyl for 23 windows (9 single hung, 1 casement, 2 awning, 5 picture, 3 sliders, 3 shapes) for $16,894.85. (For $19,740. I can get white interior and tan exterior or about 15% more) They also quoted me $4924.22 for two Provia sliding patio doors. There is only one representative in the Dallas area for Sunrise and he has gotten good online reviews. He also drove an hour and gave me a three hour appt for presentation and measuring the windows.

My question is: is the Sunrise quote a reasonable number? We have owned this home for 20 years and will probably sell in the next 5-7 years. I'm good with the Sunrise if the numbers are reasonable.

Thank you for any input!

Tamera - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Tamera, I like Don Young aluminum windows a lot -- they are high quality and ideal for Dallas. That said, Sunrise Vanguard is an excellent vinyl window. $734 per window is certainly within the range of what I'd consider fair. Same goes for the ProVia doors quote. Sunrise windows and ProVia doors -- you can't do much better than this!

However, in terms of whether or not the bid is the best you can do remains unclear without other quotes to compare it to. I would certainly take a look at the Don Young bid when your get it. If it were me, I'd go with the less expensive of the two if you are leaving the house after 7 years. Both these options are good, so I'd save the money.

When you go to sell the house, you can have your realtor tell the buyers that the windows are either Sunrise or Don Young and they probably won't know either. If they do know windows, they probably won't make a big judgement call between them.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Vanguard Bid vs. Great Lakes Bid

Hi Tim, I have 3 windows estimates for our home from 2 highly rated local installation companies and would appreciate your opinion of which gives the best bang for the buck, keeping in mind our limited time horizon. Some general additional information.

We live in a SW suburb of Chicago. Our two-story home was built in 1991 and has the original wooden casement windows. We plan on selling in about 5-years to downsize. Except for 1 window each facing N & S, all windows face E & W. We now have 5 openings that have 4 windows in each. These will be replaced by 3 windows with a "picture" window in the center. Some specific information on each bid.

The Great Lakes bid isn't specific about the line but the salesman gave us a Comfort Smart brochure. We would take advantage of the 5% cash discount making the cost $24,110.

The Evergreen Sunrise bid doesn't specify which line it is for but we were assured it was not for the Essentials or Vanguard series. Again we would take advantage of the 5% discount making the cost $26,040.

As stated, the Window & Door Superstore bid is for the Vanguard line, and I negotiated it down from $30,609 to the $28,900 shown. No discounts available.

Thanks for any assistance you can offer. And please let me know if I can offer any further clarification.

Dan - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Dan, I'll give you the short answer to which window you should put in if you are only staying there for 5 years -- the least expensive one. I would go get a bid on a Simonton window myself and see if its less expensive.

Now here is my answer ignoring your timeline for staying in the house. Great Lakes makes a good vinyl window, but not as good as Sunrise. The Sunrise "Classic" bid is decent, but if it were me I would pay an extra $2K for the Vanguard over the Sunrise Classic.

I would go to all three and tell them that they are over your budget and if they can drop their price by $2000 you are ready to do. See what they say.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Vanguard Windows Quality

Hi Dane, we’re adding Sunrise Vanguard windows to our house. The framing is not included. The window people would put windows in only and it’s $740/window. Is that expensive? We’re in NC.

Thank you.

LC - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

LC, that's a pretty fair price for the Sunrise Vanguard, which is a VERY good vinyl window.

However, it wouldn't hurt to negotiate on the price to see where their bottom is, especially since they are only doing the windows (it's not like you are nickel and dining your GC).

Negotiate A Window Bid

I'd give it a try and see if they come off the price a bit.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Vanguard vs Andersen 100 Series

What is your opinion about Vanguard windows made by Sunrise. We had a Rep out and he showed me the windows. They look nice. It seems you get a lot of bang for your buck. We are replacing 14 windows both double hung and sliders. We have had quotes from Renewal for 33,000, Anderson 100,200 for 25,000 and Simonton for 16,000. Not sure I like the look of the Simonton. We are waiting on the quote from Vanguard but would like to know your opinion of the windows.

Mary - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mary, the Sunrise Vanguard is an excellent vinyl window. So much more value for your money than the RBA, which is often just ridiculously priced. Andersen 100 is a composite frame, almost like a stripped down version of the Renewal (both of these are made by Andersen with fibrex). The 100 model is pretty good for the price, but no where near the quality or performance of the Vanguard.

Simonton makes a number of window series and their top end Reflections and Impressions series are good, but even those are not nearly as well made as the Vanguard. Obviously, I don't know how much the Vanguard is going to be, but it is a great window and should provide excellent long term value.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

[Mary's Reply]

The Vanguard came in at 13,895. I think we are going to go with that after your positive review.

Mary - Homeowner - from 2017

Sunshine Vanguard vs Thompson Creek

Hi Dane and Tim! I'm in the midst of selecting a firm for replacement windows. I have a 1937 Tudor with a 1988 addition in Northern Virginia/DC area. I have all casement-style windows with a large bay-box window in the front. The bay-box will have grills but the rest will be clean rectangular casements. I have quotes as follows:

Thompson Creek Vinyl Casements (local DC, MD, VA company that's well-known in the area). They make their own virgin vinyl windows. 50 yr warranty parts and labor. 47 windows and one fiberglass provia patio door with custom exterior color for $48,727.


Sunshine Contractors (Woodbridge, VA) installing Sunrise, Sunrise line vinyl casements. lifetime warranty. 47 windows with exterior color selection and one fiberglass provia patio door for $34,750.

I had never heard of Sunrise before and the low quote made me feel it was too good to be true?... Sunshine Contractors did my GAF architectural roof and so far, so good.

Renewal by Anderson came in at $66k for less windows.

Thoughts? Thanks.

Kim - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Kim, so I have definitely heard good things about Thompson Creek, but the bid is not exactly cheap is it? Paying roughly $1000 per window is nothing to sneeze at -- even with the style and age of the home. (I LOVE tudor style homes by the way.)

The Sunrise bid sounds much more reasonable to me. Add to this that Sunrise vinyl windows are excellent, one of the best manufacturers on the market. The bid sounds much more in line with what I would expect, although again I certainly don't know the details behind the installation. Assuming Sunshine Contractors are reputable and have a good track record, this is absolutely who I would go with. You may even want to try to negotiate a better price with them.

Not surprised by the RBA quote, it sounds right in line with what they typically bid their projects out at. Not worth it by a long shot.

How To Negotiate A Home Window Bid

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

[Kim's Answer]

Thank you so much Dane! Your confidence in Sunrise windows really helps as I did not know the name. Sunshine Contractors are A+ rated by BBB and Angies List. Thompson creek was recommended by many neighbors in the area on our listserv. When Sunshine came in so much lower with Sunrise I was worried it could be too good to be true! Another local installer (Hodges in Falls Church) also provided a Sunrise Vanguard quote but it was close to Thompson Creek in the high $40s. They also suggested aluminum clad wood windows from Marvin, but I like the warranty and less maintenance of the vinyl option. Thanks again!

Kim - Homeowner - from 2017

Sunrise Vanguard Windows vs. Window World

Hi Dane, You may have received the email below. I forgot to mention that the Sunrise windows are Vanguard. What is the intercept space made of?

We need to replace 30 all wood Pella casements that are 30 years old. (some of the sills and sashes have rotted). We are considering Window World casements vs Sunrise vinyl. Are these windows in the same category? Are Window World's casements made by AMI? I saw in the WW catalog that they use a metal spacer and from my researching read that metal is not the way to go.

My husband wants the Sunrise windows with triple pane because they come with internal blinds (like we had with our Pellas). I have just read about the green tint and lower VT ratings of triple pane glass. I don't want to spend a lot of money because we will eventually need to sell the house, having been here since 1975. I am interested in a company with a lifetime warranty that is transferable to new owner.

The dealer was trying to sell us on the Elements Soft-Lite windows but I don't think we need to go high end at this point in our lives. That's when we noticed the Sunrise window in his showroom.

Would you please offer some guidance? Thanks so much.

Jan - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jan, the Intercept spacer is made of a tin plated stainless steel and is considered a warm edge technology. It's a good spacer. Window World uses AMI windows, which owns Alside. The 4000 and 6000 are not very good windows. The vinyl extrusions and components they use are low end, the metal spacer is just one example of this.

Sunrise makes a great window and the Vanguard and Element use the classic Sunrise frame, but both add some very nice upgrades. The Vanguard and Elements are both great windows, I wouldn't sweat which one you go for.

If I were selling my house in five years or less, I would be very tempted to go with the Window World because you won't get your money back with the extra you spend on the sunrise. Don't worry about the transferrable warranty, when you are selling your home no one pays any attention to the windows -- or if they do it's a single sentence that gets a head nod.

If you are selling your house in five years or more, I would go with the Vanguard. Excellent window.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Sunrise Vanguard Window Quote

Here is a quote for Sunrise Vanguard, I am negotiating the price to be brought down to $15,000. What do you think?

Ananth - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Ananth, my opinion lacks much in the way of context - truly the best way to know how this bid stacks up is to get 2 more bids and compare. Obviously, you have gotten the bid down to $15K from $29K on the Soft-Lite Elements window so you are closer to knowing the market value. Get two more bids and send them my way and I can then give you my opinion.

The Sunrise Vanguard is an excellent vinyl window by the way.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Homeowner's Response

Thanks Dane for your response. Unfortunately, Sunrise has only ONE dealer in Texas for Restoration windows, and ONE OTHER guy for Vanguard. It is pretty much a monopoly for these guys here.

The Restorations salesman was very rude and pushy. The Vanguard guy has his own small company and was actually recommended to me by a sales manager at Sunrise.

At this time, I have a Vanguard quote with s3200a triple pane window (SHGC=0.16) for $15,000 (18 windows).

Ananth - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

It sounds like that's the best price you are going to get in terms of Sunrise. If you feel comfortable with that price, then you are getting an excellent window in the Vanguard.

The other option would be to get a bid on a lesser window like a Simonton Reflections 5500 series, which will be less in terms of price. Simonton dealers are everywhere so I know this will be available where you live.

This would at least show you a lower price range, but again on a very solid mid range window instead of a top tier window like the Sunrise Vanguard.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Homeowner's Response

I have a quote for Simonton Prism Platinum for under $12k.

Ananth - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Ananth, I would go with the Sunrise Vanguard for an extra $3K, I think you are going to get better long term value for your investment.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Sunrise Vanguard vs Milgard Essence

We are looking to replace an old wood patio door (3 panel swing-in door, about 108 inches wide) with a slider, but we'd like to keep the wood look. We're considering a Sunrise Vanguard sliding door with wood-grain look vinyl or a Milgard Essence sliding door (fiberglass exterior and real wood clad interior.) The price is about the same either way. Any recommendations about which option is best, or is there another brand we should consider? We live in the Denver metro area in a mid-1970's house. Thanks for your help!

Alison - Consumer - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Alison, you have two very good choices here. If you are fine with (or like) the look of the wood grain laminate on the Sunrise Vanguard, I would say this is the clear winner, for a number of reasons. Real wood is beautiful, this is pretty undeniable, but it requires staining to protect the wood. It does not provide the same performance numbers (this will become more pronounced over time as the organic material begins to break down through the natural expansion/contraction that occurs at the corners and seams). The wood window also carries a less attractive warranty, typically 10 to 20 years as opposed to a limited lifetime warranty on the vinyl frame and components.

If you have to have the real wood and are willing to do the maintenance that it requires and fine with the lower energy efficiency that you can expect over time, the Milgard Essence series is a very nice window/patio door. I like the Milgard products, they might not be the fanciest wood windows on the market, but I think they make a quality product that looks quite nice and holds up over time.

The Sunrise Vanguard is a great window/patio door, with a good overall look to it, solid construction and excellent performance numbers. I would put it in my house without a second thought.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Sunrise Vanguard Windows vs Soft-Lite Elements

I've done extensive research and Okna is not offered in my area. Softlite Elements are roughly 1.5x more than the Sunrise Vanguard or the Polaris Ultraweld. The Vanguard and Ultraweld are close in price and seem to have similar numbers. Recommendations? My only thought about using Sunrise was there are more dealers in area v. just one for Polaris.

Steve - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Steve, I think you're correct on all points - the Elements is a slightly better window than the Vanguard or UltraWeld, but isn't worth 1.5 x the price. You will be well served by either one of these excellent vinyl window series - Sunrise or Polaris. I also agree that Sunrise is a larger company that does more volume, which tends to make it easier to get replacement parts etc.

The one x-factor would be if the Polaris dealer is amazing and they are extremely committed to handling any issues that arise. Then I might go with the UltraWeld option. I think either way, you have 2 excellent windows. Now I'd like you to compare the installation quality of each and you should have your answer. Let me know how it works out!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

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Sunrise Restorations Windows Reviews

The Sunrise Restorations window is the company's top rated window, as well as their most expensive. Reinforced with fibercore on both the meeting rail and the vertical sash, the Restorations features a Max Edge spacer and foam filled chambers. The frame and sash are fairly narrow, which gives the window a nice slender and clean look. The window incorporates a clever tilt sash mechanism and comes standard with a high transparency screen. In addition, consumers will be impressed by the high quality frame finish.

Performance wise, consumers can expect the low-e glass and argon fill option to deliver a U-factor around of 0.27 and an air infiltration of 0.04, both quite impressive. More importantly, the quality of design and craftsmanship will translate to sustained energy efficiency over a much longer time period. The Sunrise Restoration is one of our top vinyl window selections.

The bottom line on the Restorations is that it is a great looking vinyl/fiberglass window with a narrow profile that many consumers will find appealing. On the flip side, it's not quite as good performance wise as the Soft-Lite Elements or the Okna 800.

Tim - Site Editor

Sunrise Restorations vs. Vytex Potomac-hp

Good morning, we are looking for unbiased recommendations and opinions regarding replacement picture windows and half circle windows above those. We’ve had estimates come in and wondering in your opinion which route to take between those two vinyl windows. Is there a big difference between Vytex and Sunrise?

We have a two story family room where the three large windows are located. Our home is 22 years old and the windows that we have now are wood with clear glass. We’ve been advised to go the vinyl route with low E glass. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thank you.

Barbara - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Barbara, if you are looking at the Vytex Potomac-hp and the Sunrise Restorations, then you’ve more or less won right there. Both excellent windows. I suppose I would say that Sunrise has a better brand name, but the Potomac-hp has slightly better energy efficiency numbers.

If this was my project, I would switch my attention to the installation company, whose quality of work is going to be more important than which window we use. That’s how close the windows are. Either one is a top ten window.

Let me know which one you select.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2020

[Barbara's Reply]

Hi Dane, thanks so much for your input. We've just had our 3rd and last person come out to look at the windows. He's a General Contractor and has recommended Sierra Pacific Vinyl windows or Jeld-Wen. (he has not heard of Vytex or Sunrise, is that strange?) He works in a little different way than the other two companies as each of those sell one particular brand.

He will deal with the Millwork company that sells a few different brands of windows and doors. He'll get the pricing for what he recommends and then we'll deal directly with the Millwork company. We'll get his price and pay them directly. That way we don't pay him the extra 20%. We'll pay him only for his labor.

Are you familiar with either of these two other manufacturers for Vinyl windows? You have been a great source and I appreciate your unbiased opinion.

Thanks, again.

Barbara - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Barbara, so Jeld Wen vinyl windows are generally considered a lower end building window. Sierra Pacific vinyl windows I know little about. They have always been a wood window focused company — check out their website and you’ll get the sense. I feel like they got into the vinyl window business fairly recently. My notion is that they probably sell a decent, mid range vinyl window.

I have no idea how the pricing is matching up, but you went from two of the best windows on the market, in the Restorations and the Potomac-hp, to two okay/decent options.

If you fell more comfortable going with the CG, I would definitely go with the Sierra Pacific over the Jeld Wen.

Either the Restorations or Potomac-hp is a great window, so the better installation company would be the thing that tipped the scale one way or the other.

[Barbara's Reply]

Dane, you have been such a great help! Mike and I totally agree with you! As soon as we get the estimate from the second company, I’ll let you know our decision.

Thank you, thank you.

Barbara - Homeowner - from 2020

Sunrise Restorations Windows

Dane, I got a surprise call from my Sunrise sales rep this morning and he has upped his game and offered to upgrade me to the Sunrise Restorations windows (with standard glass) for $14,882. From reading your Restorations product review and many of your comments to readers like me, I know that you like and rate the Restorations very highly. Do you think the Restorations window would be a better choice than the Enviro-Star given they are $1,100 more?

So the Okna 800 is $13,780 and the Restorations is $14,882.

Tom - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Tom, no problem, happy to help. The Okna 800 and the Sunrise Restorations are considered pretty equal to one another. Both in my top five vinyl windows on the market. The Restorations is actually kind of a hybrid of vinyl and fiberglass, a cool combination in my opinion. It is one of the thinner and better looking "vinyl" windows on the market, but is not quite as energy efficient as the Okna 800 model.

The Okna is nearly unbeatable in terms of energy efficiency, but maybe not as thin as the Sunrise Restorations. Totally your call -- both excellent choices!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2020

Sunrise Restorations Windows Estimate

Hi, love your site! It’s been very helpful. We have 32 total windows that need to be replaced! 24 are double hung, 6 transoms, one big picture window with a half circle window on top.

Approximate Estimates are:

1 - Sunrise restorations - 21k

2 - Okna 500 - 26k

3 - Okna 800 - 28.5k

I’ve heard OKNA 500 and 800’s are a step above the sunrise restorations, but do you think the large price difference is worth it? I had my heart set on the Okna 800’s but that is a big price difference and they won’t budge. I’m starting to like the restorations more than I research them. Both are reputable dealers.


Q D - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Q D, I’m sorry you sort of slipped through the cracks...I apologize for getting back to you so late. I disagree about the Sunrise Restorations - I think the Restorations is a fantastic window; great energy efficiency, nice slim design, great fit and tolerances. I would go with the Sunrise Restorations bid in a heartbeat. Great price and great window.

The Okna is a great window, but the restorations is so solid it’s hard to get away from this bid. Assuming the Sunrise dealer is reputable, this is where I’d go.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Dane, thank you for the response! I am going with the sunrise restorations. The dealer is personable, responsive and has great reviews on yelp and angies list.

Can I pick your brain one more time? Do you have any thoughts on sunrises NRG (noise reduction glass)? I live on a relatively busy street and the upgrade option isn’t too pricey.

I’ve heard mixed opinions from “works great” to “can’t tell the different, standard glass package seems to work better”. Haha not sure who to believe. STC ratings show 28 for sunrise dual pane and 33 for sunrise dual pane NRG.

Any experience with NRG or dissimilar glass? Laminate Is not within my budget.


Q D - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Q D, you will notice a difference in the Sunrise NRG glass over the standard. Now this won't apply to all frequency sounds, but it will filter out certain frequencies. Well worth it in my opinion for a jump from 28 to 33 STC rating.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2020

Sunrise Restorations Welded Dead Lite Windows

7 fixed picture windows all 75" tall by 33" wide. I got a quote including installation for The Sunrise Restorations Welded Dead Lite windows with standard 7/8" IG. They're referred to as N2100A - Latitude glass. The estimate was for $10,444. Do you think that's fair? The Marvin and Pella estimates were 2-5K higher.\

Then, here's another wrinkle. I've talked to a salesman from Pace Windows. He's the ONLY company/distributor that has offered me the option of frameless IGUs to replace my 7 windows. There are two advantages: I wouldn't lose any glass viewing area due to framing width, and secondly the company offers a lifetime-of-the-house warranty on everything including parts, seals, glass and installation defects.

They're also the only company whose warranty is 100% transferable to a new owner I've checked around and only heard negative things about their pushy sales pitch, but nothing negative about windows. However, since I'm dealing with frameless IGUs, I haven't been able to find anyone who has installed those..

Do you have an opinion on going that direction instead of the Sunrise windows? The full warranty on the IGUs makes it enticing. Price is about the same as the Sunrise.

Thanks, again!

Laurie - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Laurie, I don't know anything about Pace Windows, but their online reviews look pretty darn good. I can't really comment on them since I know nothing about then.

The Sunrise Restorations is one of the very best vinyl window on the market. I would rather have this window in my home than anything from Pella or Marvin. A true top tier window.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Sunrise Restorations Reviews

Hi Tim, I have been getting quotes for replacement windows. I have 12 double hung windows. What would you recommend between Soft Lite imperial LS, Polaris Ultraweld, or Sunrise Restorations? Also I was considering black exterior with white interior and was concerned about fading or if that is a good choice. I appreciate your opinion.

Thank You,

Charles - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Charles, honestly all three of the windows you mentioned--the Soft Lite imperial LS, Polaris Ultraweld, and Sunrise Restorations--are excellent windows. You can't get much better. I personally think the Sunrise Restorations is the nicest looking of the three with a slightly thinner frame than the others.

Many consumers like the black exterior. As for fading, yes it does occur over time, but they should hold up pretty well, especially if purchased from one of these top manufacturers. The custom color (if its considered custom) adds pretty significantly to the cost, but I think the look is worth it.

If this were my project, I'd switch my focus from the window to the installer and find the one that has the best reputation.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Sunrise Restorations Window

Hello, My name is Karen. I am trying to determine which is better fiberglass or composite for energy efficiency. I want to get encasement crank out windows. They have to be ones that will give me the best seal because I live in an extremely windy and cold area. I do not want any vinyl windows or anything from Anderson.

Can you guide me as to what brand I should purchase. I was going with fiberglass bc I read that they are the most energy efficient in the long term and I want something that will seal and help save me money, I would appreciate your guidance.

Can you also give me guidance on where to purchase them.

Thank you.

Karen - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Karen. I'll say this, there are good vinyl and fiberglass windows out there. The top three windows in my book are the Okna 800 (vinyl), Soft-Lite Element (vinyl) and the Sunrise Restorations (mix of fiberglass and vinyl).

Check out our best replacement windows page for a complete list of premium and mid range vinyl windows and fiberglass windows to see what we recommend.

Then google "Okna windows in Cleveland, Ohio" (use your city and state). Then check what local companies carry these brands. Get a few bids and then compare them.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Sunrise Restorations Window Quote

We have been looking at replacement windows for the last several months and have decided on the sunrise restoration series. All windows will have woodgrain interior and white exterior, colonial grids and upgraded hardware, Omega 12 We have a total of 19 openings with 38 casement windows.

Of those, two openings have with three windows in each with a fixed in the middle and are 114 x 72 tempered. Eight openings with 16 windows that are fixed on one side 48 x 62. Six openings with 12 windows that are fixed on one side 48 x 30. Two openings with a one window each 21 x 32 tempered. One slider opening with 2 windows 48 x 32.

All windows will be a full frame installation with Madera wood trim. We have been quoted $26,384. Do you think this is a fair deal? We are located in Nebraska. Thanks!

Craig - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Craig, that sounds like a very fair price for what your described. The Sunrise Restoration is one of the best performing and best looking vinyl window on the market and the woodgrain interior they use is quite nice looking. The bid looks very fair to me. Congrats on a great buy!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Restoration Windows In Panama City

Tim, been thru Hurricane Michael and I have 50 windows. Vinyl, 40/60 fixed and single hung, looking for a window without a 3 1/4 trim, prefer a trim frame, the more glass the better. I do not need impact glass and my house is stucco with trim around all glass. Looking for suggestions. I live in Panama City Fl 32405

Thank you.

Carol - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Carol, thanks for the question. Keep that in mind that you are always going to get less energy efficiency the less frame and more glass you have. Having said that, the Sunrise Restorations is probably the best thin frame vinyl window in terms of glass area and performance. Check with Sunrise to see if they have a dealer in your area. Also, not an inexpensive vinyl/fiberlgass window.

You may want to look into the Simtonton Daylight Max window, which definitely maximizes glass area. The only issue I have with the Daylight Max is the performance in the single hung. Their casement windows are much better performers than the single hungs.

The PGT 5400 is a nice single hung window, one of the better ones at that. Many manufacturers make a low quality single hung as a budget-conscious option, but this is one that is good quality.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

Sunrise Restorations with Ultra U Plus Glass

Hi, Tim and Dane - my husband and I are preparing to spend several thousand to replace windows in a finished attic. The rooms are bright and sunny, but can get warm in the summer. We resolve this by closing the blinds in the summer.

We’re looking at the Sunrise Restorations with Ultra U Plus glass. They appear to have a slight gray tint.

We’ve replaced other windows with Andersens, using Low E4 glass. The glass appears to be clear and untinted.

We’d like an untinted glass, but also want to be energy efficient. Is there another option? We live in northern Virginia; would the Passive U or Passive U2 be a poor choice from an energy standpoint?

Stacie - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Stacie, honestly the best person to answer the differences in the Sunrise glass packages is going to be the Sunrise dealer. The differences in tint are relatively subtle, although some people are very sensitive to the small changes in color and/or tint. A simple low-e glass (that comes standard from Sunrise) will have the least amount of tint compared to an upgraded or more energy efficient glass option.

Of course, the low-e will have more tint than a clear glass, but is much more energy efficient. The Sunrise dealer should have samples or some way to show you the differences between their glass options.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Restorations vs. Apex Insignia

Dear Dane, we live in the 1950’s house my husband’s engineer dad built. He only used the best materials, which included the sliding Andersen windows that slide on a track. My husband told me the entire frame can be lifted out if needed. We would like to get more energy efficient windows which we were hoping Andersen could just do glass replacement rather than putting in an entirely new window.

Today my husband had a window salesman visit who wanted to use Apex Insignia windows to replace all 22 windows for $13k. I feel like the windows have larger frames & less glass. I’m Also skeptical that this window is very inferior to our current windows. My father in law also put beautiful hardwood trim around the current windows. What do you suggest? Thanks for your help.

Baffled in Burtonsville.

Randy - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Randy, the Apex Insignia window wouldn't be anywhere near the top of my list in terms of replacement windows. You should definitely call up Andersen, have them come out, and ask about Andersen inserts. They can be tricky in some cases so the installation should be done by an installer who has experience with inserts and feels comfortable with the process.

Many of the newer vinyl windows do have larger frames which helps with energy efficiency, but obviously means a reduction in glass area.

A window that should be available in your area is the Sunrise Restorations, which is a vinyl / fiberglass window that has a thinner profile than other vinyl windows, but still has some of the best energy efficiency numbers around. It is also available in an interior wood laminate that does a remarkably good job imitating the look of wood.

If that's not available, I would find a local company that sells Soft-Lite, Okna, Polaris, or Kensington windows. These are the top vinyl window brands. If you want fiberglass you should take a look at Marvin Windows.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Restorations vs. Window World And Others

Hi Dane, I have been running and searching all over looking at windows and window options. Everything from Alside to Pella, Marvin, Window World, wood, vinyl fiberglass and other not so well known manufacturers. I have considered putting them in myself (I am handy enough and know some installers), but now started looking at Sunrise windows (only available through installers in my area).

That said, I really like the windows, but even with all the research and quoting I have been doing, I am having a hard time trying to determine if the quote I received is high. As I mentioned, most of the prices I received before were not installed, and also what may be considered substandard windows as compared to the Sunrise Restorations that I am being quoted.

That said, can you provide your input on the quote I received. I will give as much detail as I can. These are full frame (basically new construction) installations because we do not want drop-ins. The install may be a little difficult because board and batten was installed over top of the nailing flange of the existing window. I was quoted:

16 Restorations full frame windows (5 twin double hungs, 6 single double hungs) with insulated sash, Omega-12 glass, internal contoured grids and full screens. Also installing the 2.5 inch molding with stool and apron. Window will include full frame brickmold and J-channel.

1 five section casement bow window two double hung operational, other 3 picture. Also insulated, Omega-12, double insulated seat, full screens and interior molding installed. This window is pretty large at ~116" x 65".

Total quoted with installation = $18,629.

Can you provide your thoughts on the Restorations window and the prices quoted? I am trying to back calculate the per window cost, but the bow window throws me off.

Thanks in advance,

Travis - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Travis, my own opinion is this: 16 Restorations new construction windows (with the siding work), and a 5 section bow window, is definitely worth the price quoted. However, I would certainly try to see if that is as low as he'll go. I'd use my existing bids and go back to him and tell him you like the product, but the bid is out of your budget and if he could come down on that price that you'd be ready to place the work order.

Here's an article that goes into a bit more detail.

Negotiate A Window Bid

The Sunrise rep has the lowest price he's willing to do the job for, you just have to take a little time and patience to find out what that is. The Restorations is such a great window that I think it's worth the time and effort.

Let me know if you get him to move on that price!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Restoration vs. Berkshire Elite

We have the following estimates and would love to know your thoughts! It's for 23 double hung windows and single picture and a casement.

Sunrise Restoration Window: $15,800

Berkshire Elite Window: $12,960

Window World 4000 Window: $11,410

Alside Mezzo Window: $11,160


Nick - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Nick, the bids look right in terms of basic pricing. The Sunrise Restoration is the most expensive and also the best of the bunch. The $623 you will be paying for the Restoration is certainly fair. I would ask them to come down off the price.

The Revere Berkshire Elite is next in line, followed closely by the Mezzo. I wouldn't even consider the Window World 4000.

I'd go with the Sunrise Restoration, or the Berkshire Elite if you aren't staying in the home long term.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Restoration vs. Soft-Lite Imperial LS

Thank you for your awesome site with great information. Looking to replace 5 windows in Colorado with high end vinyl as we plan on this being our forever home. More details below on the windows. I have received quotes for Zen Lotus and Soft-lite Imperial LS. Both quotes are around 4,200 with installation. I am also waiting to receive a quote for Sunrise Restoration window. I am expecting the price for Sunrise to be about the same, which window would you lean towards and thoughts on the price?

Type Height Width Quantity Color

Slider 59 3/4 47 3/4 2 White

Slider 59 1/2 41 1/2 1 White

Picture 59 1/2 35 1/2 2 White

Thank you.

Luis - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Luis, all three of these windows are good, but the Soft-Lite Imperial LS is better than the Zen Lotus (Soft-Lite Pro). The Sunrise Restoration is on par with the Imperial LS. I would say go with the Soft-Lite or Sunrise dealer who you feel is the better company and/or will provide you with better installation, service, etc. The windows are comparable -- and both excellent. Not the cheapest price, but not out of the spectrum of what I would expect. You may want to tell each one that you have another bid of equal quality so whichever comes in at the lower price is the one you will be going with. Then see if they come off their price at all.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Restoration Glass

Dane, I appreciate and value your input and unbiased advise. I finally chose a window, Sunrise Restoration, but now need to select glass. Choice for same price is Ultra Plus 2 with Uf = .25, SHGC = .28, VT = .52 and Omega 12 2 with Uf = .24, SHGC = .21, VT = .48. Does the lower SHGC summer advantage overcome the winter disadvantage. Live in Raleigh NC, with most windows facing east or west equally and much tree shade east (summer sun hits windows 11 to 1) and some shade west (sun 2 to 6 pm). Is there noticeable difference in VTs?

Thanks for your help.

Mark - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mark, the Sunrise Restoration is one of my favorite windows, kudus to you. Not much difference in that VT, the biggest difference is going to be that SHGC -- I'd probably go with the Omega 12 with the lower SHGC, it's going to be a bit more energy efficient.

Good luck on the project!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Restoration vs. Soft-Lite Elements

Minnesota Window and basement door quote.

This is a great place to get reviews, and advice on windows or doors.

We are replacing about 16 windows depending on how the sales quote classified a few windows. Half of the windows face north and have others face south. which cook in the summer. We are replacing single pane windows and moved in 2 years ago.The project includes a large window opening about 108 inches. A picture with double hung, casement or slider options. Another large window opening that is about 75 inches with slider, casement or double hung options.

The rest are all double hung options. Sounds like everything can be done with inserts and not a full fame will be needed. I have found out that Okna is not available at all in Minnesota. So the choices that I found were the Renewal By Anderson, Revere Berkshire Elite, Sunrise Standard, Sunrise Restoration, Softlite Elements, Richlin, Hayfield, Polaris and Zen windows.

Company A does both the Revere Bershire Elite and the Sunrise Standard. Both come with a lifetime warranty on the glass, frame, and glass breakage. 20 years on labor. Impressed with the company since they have been in business for awhile. Revere quote was $13040. Slider option about was 600 less.

Sunrise Standard quote came in at 17% more, which was about $15256. The door offered was a steel door with a frame by Albany doors with a 15 year warranty. $1460.00.

Company B offered the Softlite Elements and has been around since the 50's. Great Product but at the end, the salesperson did the hard sales tactic and turned us off a bit since they said what would work pitch. We countered and were scoffed at. $17010 for the windows with a free upgrade to the triple pane. Same warranty as above. $2100 for a fiberglass door by Albany. $200 less for the steel

Company C offered Richlin and wanted to push the full frame replacement windows option even after saying the frames were fine. $19000 finally with inserts with a lifetime everything warranty. Door option, We find it they install it.

Company D Zen Nirvana came in at $13295. Zen Lotus came in at $14845. The door came in at $2850 and by 3.0 desinger door that is local. Could not find installation reviews but it sounds like they have been around for awhile and also do the installation. Is the Lotus worth the extra money. Also found out the company has a chapter 7 bankruptcy pending from this year.

Company E Renewal $31000 yikes

Waiting on Polaris which wiil be Unishield and a company that will do the Sunrise Restoration line.

Ready hard to find good windows here

My dilemma, we still have a few more construction projects, driveway and pianting of the whole house. We need to make or house more energy efficient here in Minnesota.

Thank you Any help would be greatly appreciated

Craig - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Craig, you have certainly done your homework and gotten your bids so kudos to you for that. I think we can toss the Renewal Bid for obvious reasons. I like a lot of these brands you have and they all seem to be in the same ballpark, cost wise. I like the sound of the company selling the Sunrise Standard and I also like this window (well worth the 15% over the Revere, which I consider just an okay window). The Sunrise Standard is equal in quality to the Zen Lotus (a relabeled Soft-Lite Pro window). I would toss the Zen quote if they just filed bankruptcy, that scares me and you have the good company with an equal quality window in the Sunrise.

The two best windows in the lot are the Sunrise Restoration and the Soft-Lite Elements. The Elements is worth the $2K more in the triple pane. This is probably your best long term deal, but you have to be fine with the additional $2500 for windows and doors. And you have to be fine using a salesperson who was a jerk -- if the company track record is stellar I would probably go with them.

The Polaris Unishield is their mid range window and I think you have enough good ones not to need to go here unless there is something you can't refuse.

My bottom line would be the Sunrise Standard or the Soft-Lite Elements.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Restoration from Great Lakes Windows and Siding

So the Sunrise Restoration from Great Lakes Windows and Siding came in last night and have a great deal for both projects. They did Omega 12 on the south facing and the window treatments just below that on the rest. They are using the Provia Steel door. All for 15.5k. They were great, have been around for a long time, honest, and not pushy. So we went with them since that it seems that is one of the better windows around as well.

If people need windows in the Twin City area, I would highly recommend them. Thanks and have a great 4th of July

Craig - Homeowner - from 2018

Sunrise Restorations vs. Zen Lotus Plus

I have four quotes so far from local companies and I was trying to figure out how they compare. I have a Thanks in advance for your opinion! What is the deal on Zen, are they reliable? I'm in the Nashville, Tn area.

Zen Lotus Plus Windows (Imperial LS) and a Zen Dharma Door: $15,500
Soft-Lite Classic Windows and a Soft-Lite Kingsroyal Door: $21,500
Sunrise Restoration Windows and a ProVia Door: $23,000
Soft-Lite Elements and a Soft-Lite Kingsroyal Door: $23,000

Ruby - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Ruby, you have some pretty darn good quotes there. The Soft-Lite Elements is the best window of the bunch, but the Imperial LS is not far behind. The Elements beats out the Sunrise Restorations on performance, but the Restorations is typically considered the better looking of the two and has a thinner profile that many consumers like.

Getting back to your bids, the least expensive is the one I would choose, with one caveat. The Imperial LS is an excellent window and the Zen Dharma door is a relabeled Soft-Lite Kingsroyal. So in terms of the quality of the product versus the price, the Zen bid is a no brainer. The caveat is this: years ago, several zen dealers had some problems early on and did shoddy work. I would thoroughly vet the Zen branch in your area and make sure that they have a good reputation on yelp or Angies List prior to hiring them. Let me know how the work goes so I can post this information and let other consumers know how it worked out.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Restorations Narrow Frame

I LOVE your website! I live outside of Utica, NY. I desperately need to replace all the windows in my 1950’s ranch (21 average and one huge 66”x150”). Because of my age and gender, I have had difficulty getting fair estimates on past renovations. I am afraid of putting my name out there and being barraged. I have tried to find some of the manufacturers you recommended, but often you have to leave name, phone etc. before you can get any info on brands.

Do any of your recommended manufacturers service this area? I love the narrow look of Anderson 100 but don’t want hassle of finding my own installers. What other companies offer a narrower look?

Michelle - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Michelle, the Sunrise Restorations is a fantastic window and is considered to be a more narrow frame. Normally, the less frame the less energy efficiency. The Restorations uses vinyl and fiberglass in a nice combination to provide strength in a narrow frame.

You can enter your zip code on the sunrise website and find local dealers. I came up with 3 in your area.

This is where I would start. Also, call Soft-Lite's 800 number and see if you can get the numbers for local dealers through them. Hopefully without having to give out your own info.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Restoration vs. Simonton 9800 Elite Plus

Tim I recently got a bid from a Denver area dealer who carries both the Sunrise Restoration and the Simonton 9800 Elite Plus. The price quote for $2925 for the Sunrise and $3575 for the Simonton, $3929 for Restoration. I also met with a Soft-Lite guy who gave me a bid for $4400 for the Imperial. These are all triple pane window btw.

Any idea what the best here is?

Lewis - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Lewis, the Sunrise Restoration, Soft-Lite Imperial LS and Simonton 9800 Elite Plus are all good windows. If I had to rank them, I'd probably go in that order the Restorations, Imperial LS, 9800 Elite Plus. I would probably pick the Sunrise Restorations though for the price and the overall look of the window. It uses a somewhat narrow frame, but still maintains good strength and durability.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Restorations vs. Beechworth Fiberglass Series

We need our old windows replaced. I've had numerous quotes and have been researching but I don't know how to decide between the sunrise restoration series or beechworth fiberglass. There's one company that does both, representative said he was putting beechworth in his home.

The thing with fiberglass is the corners are mechanically fastened which I don't like but chemically bonded (is that essentially the same as heat welded?) So I'm concerned with down-the-road issues with the fiberglass. If you have any insight as to which would be better, please let me know. I'm going crazy trying to figure out between vinyl and fiberglass.

Also would you recommend sunrise over paradigm? I'm having one more window estimate and this company does Paradigm.

Jenny - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jenny, both fiberglass and vinyl windows have their proponents. Well made fiberglass windows are probably considered a bit better long term than vinyl windows, although top vinyl windows usually have better performance data behind them.

The Sunrise Restorations window is sort of a fusion of vinyl and fiberglass. It's a fantastic window that is tried and true. The performance numbers back up this statement. I would put the Restorations in my house without a moment's thought. Honestly, I don't hear a ton about Beechworth so I would be wary about endorsing a product without much of a track record behind it.

The Sunrise over the Paradigm without question. Check out our best windows page to read why we like it so much. It's one of the best products out there if you can afford it. Plus it can be ordered in interior laminates, which does a great job of mimicking the look of wood.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Restorations vs. Okna Starmark

Hi, we are looking to replace 36 double hung and picture windows (and a sliding patio door) in our 30-year-old home.

We received three vastly different quotes for windows and installation:

Okna Starmark: composite: $33,000 or $28,600 for vinyl

Soft-Lite Imperial LS $46,569

Sunrise Restorations $53,000

Is one product vastly better than another? Are composite windows better than vinyl?

They all seem to have similar air infiltration and R ratings.

We’d really appreciate any advice on the windows and the companies.

Thank you! You have a great site.

Kristen - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Kristen, the windows you got bids for are all excellent, some of the very best in the business. So...I would go with the Okna Starmark for $33K, it's the best composite window out there. However, if you want to look at their vinyl windows for $5K less, they also make great vinyl windows as well. I'm going to assume it for the 400 or 600 models, in which case you should stick with the Starmark. However, the Okna 500 and 800 models are both excellent -- the 500 is equivalent to the Soft-Lite Imperial LS and the 800 is equivalent with the Sunrise Restorations.

Bottom line is the Starmark is a great window and it's $13K less than the Imperial LS! I would still see if I could get them to come down on the price though :)

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Restorations vs. Soft-Lite

Hi I noticed Sunrise Restorations uses cardinal glass with xl edge spacer (stainless steel) and block and tackle balance rather than soft lite structural foam super spacer and constant force? Also when shown a sample of sunrise restoration and i tried to open top window for cleaning there was a creeking sound? Told it won't do that on window I would buy by salesperson but not sure if he is correct or not.

Questions on these 2 windows:
Which spacer is better?
Which balance is better?
Is creeking normal on block and tackle when tilting window?

I am looking for 5 double hungs 69x36 pure vinyl or fiberglass

Most important is large glass area, spacer that will not fail, window that will not bow, smooth balance system that makes windows easy to operate with no creeks, energy efficient, companies that will be around and back their product lifetime. The reason i hesitated with soft lite imperial ls was the beefy thick frame and loss of viewing area. What are the best options for what I'm looking for on double hung windows and patio door?

Thanks! :)

Julia - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Julia both the xl edge and super spacer are very reliable and efficient. If I had to pick, I'd say the super spacer probably gets the nod as the non metallic option. The xl edge is a true stainless steel spacer. Same deal with the balance system. Some companies use the block and tackle, some the constant force.

Neither the spacer nor the balancing system is the issue, it's how well the companies put the windows together with the components and options they use. In each of your cases above, both companies are top notch (assuming we are comparing the premium Sunrise Restorations and premium Soft-Lite Elements). Soft-Lite makes a number of different models and their two entry level windows aren't my favorite, particularly the Barrington.

If you are having an issue with the thick frame, go with the Sunrise Restorations. It's one of the best vinyl windows on the market and made incredibly well. Sunrise will definitely be around for a long long time, they seem to be thriving as a company. If you go with them for windows, I would stick with them for your patio doors as well. They make a great sliding patio door.

Honestly, between Sunrise and Soft-Lite, you can't do any better.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Sunrise Restorations with Omega Glass

Hi Tim, we are looking to replace 20 double hung and one awning window with Sunrise Restorations.

They are basic white with the Omega glass. Average sizes for all the windows- nothing tricky. We live in Michigan and got a quote of $16500 from a company with a good reputation. They come with a lifetime warranty on the labor. Does that sound like a fair price to you?

Eric - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Eric, $785 per window installed sounds like its in the ballpark, perhaps a bit on the higher side of things. I would suggest getting two more bids for comparison sake and, assuming the bids came in lower, using these to see if you can't get the Restorations dealer to come off some on his initial bid.

This article gives some suggestions on how to go about this process if you want to take a look.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Sunrise Restoration vs. Anderson 400 Series

Placed the order today, in the end I decided to go with the Sunrise Window. I finally got to see the Anderson 400 Friday and to me it did not look as well manufactured as the Sunrise Restoration. I appreciate your advice on this.

Anderson ended up being more expensive after their full quote with installation.

Thank you.

Barry - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

I agree with your choice to go with the Sunrise Restoration over the Andersen 400. I like the Andersen clad window, but wood windows comes with lots of downsides, especially the price tag.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Sunrise Restorations vs. Vytex Grandview

Good Afternoon! I need some guidance. I am needing to replace 25 Double Hung and 2 additional slider windows (total 27). I have got quotes from 3 dealers for standard Sunrise with Omega 12 , WindowNation Grandview (Vytex) & Sunrise Restorations.

1) Standard Sunrise w/Omega 12 – $15,500 with lifetime labor
2) Sunrise Restorations – $16,500 with 10 Yrs Workmanship
3) Vytex Grandview - Window Nation - $14,500 Lifetime

The dealer with lifetime labor is not authorized to sell Restorations.

1) Is there a multi-core insulation option as one reader pointed out, which can be added to the standard sunrise model to bring it on par with the Restorations?

This will help me get closer to restorations at least from the insulation point of view and still get to keep the lifetime labor.

2) What do you suggest and is the price decent?

3) Is Sunrise really much better than Vytex Grandview?

Any suggestions will be appreciated....

Shashank - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Shashank, the Grandview is a good window, but isn't quite as good in my opinion as the Standard Sunrise and is certainly not as good as the Sunrise Restorations. The Restorations for $1,000 more than the Sunrise is the best value of your three bids.

Yes, you can get ala carte upgrades to the classic Sunrise window, but that will put you on par with the Restorations cost, but still not the quality of the Restorations windows. The Restorations comes standard with a reinforced fibercore meeting rail and vertical sash, Max Edge spacer, foam fills, tilt sash, and high transparency screen.

I would see if you can get that Restorations price down at all and then go with that. The price you are getting right now is quite good.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Sunrise Restorations vs Marvin Infinity

Thank you for your educational site. Shopping for windows is a bit confusing and daunting. We live in Iowa, have a log (sided) home on top of a hill so can be windy. We are looking into replacing 16 double hung windows. So far we have met with Renewals with Anderson Fibrex and Marvin Infinity. We are meeting with a rep from Sunrise Windows (Restoration) and are open to other companies that may be a good fit.

We are looking for a low maintenance, energy efficient window that has a wood look on the inside and fiberglass or vinyl on the outside. From what I have read the high end vinyl windows are more energy efficient but I am concerned about the vinyl fading and efficiency declining in time due to expansion and contraction. Is that a valid concern? Also cost and warranty will be a determining factor.

Please advise, thank you!

Shelly - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Shelly, sorry it took so long for me to get back to you.

A high quality vinyl shouldn't fade any more than a fiberglass window. Over a couple of decades, you may some some fading but it happens to every surface (window or otherwise) so I wouldn't worry about that on the Sunrise Restorations. Fading on vinyl windows in the past 20 years or so hasn't been a real issue, especially on the top tier options.

I think after 20 years, the Sunrise Restorations and Infinity would probably offer the same energy efficiency -- the Sunrise will have better numbers to begin with though.

The Renewals are way overpriced in my opinion so unless spending that money is a shrug for you, I would move on to the other two.

Both of your other two options are excellent. Either one would be a good, long lasting window. I believe the warranty on the Restorations is lifetime, and the warranty on the Infinity is 30 years perhaps on materials...

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Restorations In Louisiana

I’ve just bought a house in NW Louisiana, and want to replace the windows (15). A local contractor gave me a good quote using MGM Sienna windows. I’ve seen the comments on your site, and am looking for something a little better. What would you suggest for my hot/humid climate? Thanks,

Chad - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Chad, I did some quick searches and I found a company who sells Sunrise windows in your area, which are some of the best in the business. It looked like they only sold the Restorations model, but maybe you can get your hands on their more simple "Sunrise window," which lacks some of the Restorations upgrades, but its the same frame. Google "sunrise windows in shreveport" and the company should come up -- you should also check and see if any local companies sell any of our recommended windows using the same google check.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Sunrise Restorations Glass Options

We have decided to replace our 17 older windows with Sunrise, Restorations. Our question: live in upstate Albany/NY area; we're concerned about condensation with our summer humidity and winter ice/snow seasons. We have a choice between Ultra U Plus and Omega-12 glass, same price. It has been suggested that we do not need the optional interior low E if we choose either the Ultra U Plus or Omega-12, no interior low E. We're having trouble deciding on the omega-12 versus the ultra U plus in regards to condensation. We're also aware that the Omega 12 is an ever-so -slightly darker glass. Any advice on choice for our climate would be appreciated. We have read all the postings on your site about condensation etc. Many thanks, Rose P.

Rose - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Rose, the Omega will reflect more heat and therefore will reduce the amount of heat that enters the house. However, condensation on the inside of windows is a function of the internal temperature of the house and there are many ways to regulate this yourself. At the end of the day, you are getting an excellent window and the darker color of the Omega might be a bigger issue than the condensation (which again is a factor of internal temperature). I like a higher SHGC in colder climates because it traps more passive heat in the wintertime and requires less heating on your part. The flip side is that it traps heat in the summer, but you can always open a window (unless it's too hot outside or you don't get a nice breeze.) What does the Sunrise rep have to say on this subject, they ought to know their glass systems better than anyone!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Sunrise Restorations vs Vytex Grandview

I went through my quotes and the models being offered to me are as follows:

Sunrise Restorations

Vytex Grandview

Based on the above information would Sunrise (Restorations) still be considered the top of the line?

Are these models (Restorations & Grandview) considered entry level or upgraded versions?

Thanks in advance for your assistance and input, it's much appreciated. This is the first time I'm planning on window replacements and want to ensure I'm going with a good quality product since they are a long term investment.

Bob - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Bob, the Grandview is a good window, very solid in its numbers and performance. But yes, the Sunrise Restorations would be one of the top three to four vinyl windows on the market. Either one will serve you well, but the Restorations is certainly going to get the nod -- I would also assume that the bid on the Sunrise Restorations is going to be 20% more than the Grandview.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Sunrise Restorations Grill Material

We have looked at several window replacement options and Sunrise Restorations is moving up to number one on our list. Do you know what the between glass grills (muttins) are made of and does it really matter? Love your site, it has been helpful in our decision process.

- Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Rose, I would assume the grills are made of vinyl, but I would ask the sales rep. I can't see it being made with anything else. The grills are decorative in nature so as long as they aren't cheap (and the Restorations isn't a cheaply made window), then no it doesn't matter the material.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Restorations Fiberglass Replacements

Our 1969 Andersen double hung wood windows are fine, but I want to change the look of our house to Casements and enjoy better energy efficiency.

I want a nice looking, only buy once product that gives me as much light in as possible. Vinyl is out.

The last think I want are windows that look like Replacement Windows :) But, I don't want to pay for all new real ones either.

We are in Columbus OH...any help with making our choice?

- Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Corinna, your wish list is pretty extensive :) Honestly, I think you should look and see if any local dealers sell the Sunrise Restorations window. It is a vinyl/fiberglass window that offers amazing energy efficiency, several internal woodgrain laminate options, and one of the thinnest frames around.

The Marvin Infinity is a fiberglass clad window that has a nice thin frame and offers good energy efficiency casements (but not nearly as energy efficient as the Restorations.)

These are the two windows I can think of that offer energy efficiency, looks and a thin frame. Remember, the thicker the frame, typically the more energy efficient the window. Anything will be more energy efficient than your old wood windows though.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Sunrise Restorations vs Ideal Majestic

What are your thoughts about Sunrise Essentials and Restorations as compared to Soft-Lite Imperial LS or Ideal Majestic.

Gene - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Gene, the Sunrise Essentials is the company's entry level window and not one that I would recommend. The Sunrise "standard" window and the upgraded Restorations however are great windows and I would highly recommend those.

The Restorations is very close and quality and craftsmanship to the Soft-Lite Imperial LS (also one of the best vinyl windows out there.)

The Ideal windows aren't bad but they just can't compete with these top tier vinyl windows.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Gene's Response

I went to see the Ideal Platinum 3000 window at the actual showroom and was impressed. The installer helped design this 3000 series based on the good results from the Plantinum and Majestic series. It is exclusive for them and they started using them in Jan of 2016. What are your thoughts? This probably similar to Thompson Creek who bought a manufacturer for their windows they install. The difference would be price and that Ideal lifetime warranty from a firm that has been around since the 20's. I just received a quote of $9,200, with grids, for the Sunshine Restoration window from another contractor. I know you liked the window but is it roughly worth $2600 or $2700 more than the 3000 Ideal one?

Gene - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Gene, the Sunrise Restorations is one of the best vinyl windows around, but I'm not sure it's worth $2700 more than the Ideal Platinum 3000 with its .22 U-factor and a .02 air infiltration. Assuming you like the look of the Ideal and feel confident that the installers will do a good job based on past reviews and ratings, then I think the Ideal is probably your best bet. Let me know how the install goes!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Sunrise Restorations Window Glass Options

Hi Dane, we like the Sunrise Restorations windows, but are confused about the glass options. My inclination was to go with the Ultra Kr90 (triple pane, krypton filled, low-E). However, the sales rep recommends the Omega-12 (double pane, argon, without low-E) because of condensation issues.

We live in upstate NY where winter temps do dip below zero. The rep says the Kr90 (U-factor .16; whole window R-factor 6) is more likely to result in condensation on the "outside" of the window than the Omega-12 (U-.26; R-3) . When asked about adding low-E on the Omega 12 (U-.22; R-3), he said that would result in moisture forming on the "inside" of the window. So now I'm baffled. The specs favor the triple pane, but I think the sales rep is being honest in recommending the double pane. What do you think? Sunrise Restorations have an air infiltration rate of .01.

Our house is relatively 'dry' in winter (forced hot air heat, few plants, no aquarium) - just occasional moisture from the shower and sinks.

We are replacing a 5-pane bow (2 casement windows); wood; approx. 112" x 55"; vintage 1960.

- Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Jim, here is a link to an article on our site that attempts to explain window condensation. In general, condensation forms on the inside of windows during the cold winter months on the outside of windows during the hot summer months. The incidence of interior condensation and the amount of this condensation is found in the relationship between the interior temperature of the home and the temperature of the window glass.

The more efficient windows do cause a higher incidence of condensation, depending on climate, interior home temperature etc. but it's basically harmless.

I typically recommend a dual pane window over a triple pane window for the simple reason that there are less seals and parts that can go wrong over the years and require expensive repair. The dual pane Sunrise Restorations is an excellent window and should provide excellent energy efficiency and air infiltration. I would go with the dual pane glass...

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Sunrise Restorations Windows Compliant In Ohio

I hope you are getting this because I could really use a window professional's help. I made the mistake of purchasing Sunrise Restorations windows from the distributer here in the Columbus, Ohio area. I seem to have some install problems. This whole thing has went down rather badly. I am finding that the sashes(window) do not seem to fit tightly in the frames that hold them. I can see daylight around 17 or 18 out of 24 installed.

To start with this nightmare, the company I purchased them from hired some guy that had never worked for them before to do my job. He did not even finish the job. Over 3 1/2 months later I am still hoping to get this mess cleaned up. The window company first evidentially mis-measured the windows from what I can tell. All of my five dormer windows went in fine and then the next thing I know, the install guys are calling the owner of the window company out. I have five large window openings at that time wide open, and I start complaining and find out there is a little problem with the windows. They do not tell me they are mis-measured though. I was told that later on. The dormer windows got ordered correctly and the other 18 windows all had to have their solid cherry windows sills butchered so that the windows would fit. We are talking butchered-no straight lines, gouges cut-a mess. I was told by the installer the owner of the company told him to do whatever it took to make those windows work.

At his point I am currently being blamed for the windows being misaligned, that is why I see daylight. All I have done is open the windows, tilt them forward at an angle to clean. I am afraid to tilt them open and let them hang down to the floor because a few of them came off the holders and I could not get them back in. They are back on the tracks now because that happened during the original install and the installers fixed them. I was also told I was to blame for what happened to my window sills. I was supposed to have given them permission to cut them. I did not, I basically tried to get them not to touch them.

Right now I do not know what to do. I feel the windows were not properly installed and the window sashes certainly do not fit tightly. I feel cold around the sashes where they meet the frame they are set into, when I touch them. Are they supposed to feel like that? These people have been at my house and I have had to take all 24 windows' curtains down twice now. Will be doing it for a third time when the sills are replaced. It is an all day job getting them back up. They have damaged other things in my home also. Sunrise has not been any help with this matter. The install company(company I bought the windows from) sent out I guess the best guys they had to finish installing the last two windows. They were suppose to adjust all windows and now I see daylight or I should say the white part of the outside part of the window that holds the screens in these windows. It was worse after they finished with them(adjusting the windows). At this point I feel the company is not capable of fixing this mess. I just want my money back and out of this mess after they also pay for my window sills. I need to find another window company.

Also, people need to be warned not to purchase 1/2 round windows from Sunrise. They evidentially do not have plugs or ways to make the windows look decent when they are put in. No trim to go around inside of the window to cover its opening, or for the screws which are clearly visible. They used tan or whatever the hardware color is for plugs, very visible.

Anyway, what is the install reason for my sashes not fitting tightly? Were no shims used so the frames are stretched too far apart so that the opening is distorted do you think? I know a decent amount about rehabbing. I am not quiet as familiar with window installs though, but that is what I surmise. I could really use your advice as soon as possible, please.

Robin - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Robin, it sounds like a complete nightmare. You are not supposed to see daylight when a window is installed, this sounds like what you said, they mismeasured and misordered windows and then they screwed up installing them.

Here are some suggestions, not quite sure how effective they will be, but they can't hurt at this point.

Have you called the national Sunrise Windows and told them of the situation? Ask them to send out someone to take a look. At the very least you should be able to snap some pictures on your phone and send them to Sunrise and ask for an honest opinion. They rely on their distributors so there might be some relief somewhere in that equation.

Pay a well respected local window installer for an hour of their time to come out and give you their opinion of how bad the installation and what remedies or fixes are available. This will cost some money, but perhaps not much and it could solve your problem.

If there is an installation issue, but the local company won't do anything about it, I would threaten to sue. Are you going to actually sue, probably not, but a strongly worded letter from a law firm might get them back out at your house where they are going to be motivated to solve the problem to your satisfaction.

At the very least I would file a complaint with the BBB.

Sorry you have to deal with this.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Sunrise Restorations Quote

I'm replacing 26 windows/17 double hungs (3 twinned), 4 quarter and 2 half circles. Single story home, brick exterior/drywall returns. Restorations dealer quote was $33000 for all white double pane windows (and painful to sit through). Seems high to me, or is that about right?

Ralph - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Ralph, honestly, without more details I can't say whether the quote is high or not. I think the best way to tell is to get 2 or 3 more bids - they shouldn't be too painful - was the salesman doing a hard sell or something? The Restoration is their most expensive window, so there are other less expensive vinyl windows out there that you can also look at. Are any of these manufacturers available in your area, if so, give them a call and get some additional bids and compare the quotes.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Sunrise Ultra Plus Restorations Or Soft Lite Element

We can't decide between Sunrise Ultra Plus or Soft Lite Element Replacement Windows. We got quotes from both companies, Soft Lite being more expensive, but not enough for us to not consider them. Both companies have a solid reputation for installation, any thoughts?

Amanda - Homeowner - from 2015

[Contractor Response]

Amanda, both of these companies are very good and the windows you've selected are both excellent. If you feel like the installation is the same from both companies, I would probably go with the Sunrise Ultra Plus for the simple reason that it's less expensive. Unless there is something about the Element that you love such as the overall look of it, but honestly once the windows are in, you probably won't notice the difference.

Dane - Contractor - from 2015

Sunrise Windows vs Marvin

Marvin windows are widely considered one of the best brands on the market. While there are some differences from one Marvin line to the next, they are almost always going to win out when compared to any other brand with similar features. The Sunrise Restoration is one of the few that beats it with way lower air infiltration numbers. One factor many people overlook is what they numbers are on a 10 year old window as opposed to one that's sitting in a showroom. There's a lot of debate as to what has the best stats after a few years of use. The Marvins are pretty much going to make anyone happy, with consistent performance and good customer support. Oknas and Sunrise are good, too, if for some reason you don't love the Marvins. When it comes down to it, to get a good window you're going to have to pay for it, and the bargain brands just don't perform.

Steve - Industry Guru - from 2011

Read more Okna windows reviews.

Sunrise Restoration Window vs Soft-Lite Windows

I really like both Soft-Lite and Sunrise Restoration. SoftLites have fiberglass insulation stapled to the jambs and head, which I think is stupid. For an insane fee they'll give you a foam insulating wrap, which is better, or low-expansion foam, which is the best choice. Personally, if your openings are level and square I think you do better to order a window that fits nice and tight, with just enough room for some shims. If your jambs are plumb and sills are level, you can usually get a good fit without doing anything too crazy. If you have really large openings, then you might need something a little more complex. Sunrise windows have a flat jamb and the foam tape they use sticks out a little. If you anchor them well, then spray foam insulation under the sills you can then seal the frame with silicone or something similar.

You also need to check out the extrusions and framing before ordering your windows. Some have a groove that they fit in, and I prefer leaving a little extra space and using spray foam to ensure a good fit. Foam rolls can help with a loose fit, they help get a tight seal and insulate too. I like have multiple lines of defense against water and air infiltration. A good seal, plenty of insulation, and a tight fit are all important. Ask your installer how they handle all of this, there are plenty of different ways to make sure a window is sealed and well installed.

Mike - Installer - from 2011

Read more Soft-Lite windows reviews.

Restoration vs Harvey Tribute

We're eventually redoing all of our windows, which will include standard double hungs plus some smaller ones for the the bathrooms, a few basement hoppers and a slider. We're going to only do the upstairs for now, but we'll need the same line in a year or so for the rest. So far, we have a quote from Sunrise Restorations, $465 for double hungs, $420 for the kitchen slider and $250 for the hoppers. The Harvey Tributes are $490, $450, and $390 for the same windows. I'm not sure which to go with?

Tina - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

The Sunrise is a good window. If that is really the installed price then it's a really good deal. Harvey isn't in the same class as Sunrise.

Barry - Installer - from 2011

Sunrise Restorations vs Ideal Majestic

Recently I had a chance to look at the Ideal Majestic and Sunrise Restorations together. Honestly, you wouldn't even believe they're the same thing. Ideal uses a cheap, low-grade vinyl. The seals are thin, the frame and rails are flimsy. Sunrise uses thicker, sturdier materials that won't wear out. Ideal might throw around good AI numbers, but they use such cheap materials that in a year or two, you might as well leave your windows open. They aren't made to last forever and if you're going to be in your house in 5 years then don't waste your time and money, go with a higher quality to start with.

Carey - Contractor - from 2010

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Sunrise Coastal Windows Reviews

Sunrise Coastal Option In Florida

Hello Tim and Dane, I need help selecting hurricane rated windows and doors for my home in Merritt Island, Fl. The home was built in 1995 and has plain construction grade single hung windows, picture windows, arched windows, sliding patio doors and front double doors.

I'm concerned with impact resistance, energy efficiency and warranty, so I'm looking for Miami/Dade certified, Low-E, Energy Star rated, white vinyl product(s) that can handle a Cat5 hurricane.

I have been researching companies including: PGT WinGuard, CGI Sentinel, CWS, New South Windows, Anderson Stormwatch A-series, Pella HurricaneShield, Simonton Stormbreaker Plus, and Weathershield Premium Coastal.

Frankly, I'm a bit overwhelmed and would like a little guidance to help narrow the field.

PGT seems to be pretty well known, but I was concerned reading their warranty online that it doesn't cover water intrusion due to storms. Unless I misread it, that seems like a show stopper. I only recently heard about New South Windows, who are local, but don't seem to be widely known and have issues with their contract installers.

Which brands/products would you recommend considering more closely? Who really has the best mid and top range (performance wise) products?

Thank you!

Paul - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Paul, you have lots of the good options in your list. The PGT is a good brand. Any installer worth their salt should properly seal and caulk the windows to prevent water from getting inside the walls, but storms can be tough if they rip off siding etc, I don't think the warranty proviso would be a killer, but make sure that whatever installer you use has a good reputation and addresses your concerns prior to the project. If their answers are unsatisfying to you, then find someone else.

PGT, Simonton, CWS, and Weathershield would be my picks from your list. In that order.

You might be able to find a Sunrise Coastal series dealer near your area. Also, look for a Soft-Lite dealer on the Barcelona Impact or the Armor Impact Series. The Sunrise and Soft-Lite would top my list over any that we have mentioned before.

I do like the Simonton Stormbreaker Plus window in terms of cost and overall value.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Sunrise Coastal Windows

I live in South Carolina on the coast and need impact windows that will meet the Miami Dade County standards. My budget is $24k and have a quote for $20k on the Wincore Stormforce Impact window.

Steel - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Steel, the Wincore Stormforce is a good impact window. You might want to get a few more bids. Soft-Lite Armor Impact, Sunrise Coastal, Simonton StormBreaker Plus or the PGT Winguard.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

Sunrise Coastal Performance in Tampa

Hi, Dane, really respect your opinion, having read many of your responses to questions of those navigating the maze of window replacement.

We are north of Tampa and looking to replace windows with hurricane vinyl windows. Do the Sunrise Restorations or Soft-Lite Elements come in hurricane options for our area? Finding a good installer is Paramount, as you know. How do we find a reputable company for installation in our area? Any recommendations if these are not available? We have about 11 windows and two sliders.

Thank you in advance.

Bruce and Louise - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Bruce and Louise, both Sunrise and Soft-Lite make an impact window that I would think would be available through several Florida dealers/companies. I can't say for certain that that's the case for Tampa but I would think there would be a dealer given the rather large market you live in.

Soft-Lite makes two models, one called the Armor Max and the other called the Barcelona Series. The Sunrise model is called the Coastal Performance. Both of these companies make a very good impact window, just like they make an excellent vinyl window.

Other options that might be considered a second tier to this first tier include the Simonton StormBreaker Plus. PGT and CWS are in this same basic range and both companies make both impact and non impact window series.

Personally, I would try to get bids from as many local companies who sell these brands and go from there. You never know what type of pricing you are going to get until you start getting the bids.

Feel free to shoot any bids you get my way and I'm more than happy to help you give you my take on the quotes!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Coastal Windows Warranty Details

Hello I'l looking to replace 15 double hung and two picture windows with Sunrise Coastal windows without impact glass. I live one mile inland in coastal South Carolina. My issue is trying to find out what warranty that Sunrise offers for these windows.

It's confusing if it's 10 years or lifetime, I couldn't find a brochure for the coastal windows on the Sunrise web site. I've received one bid for 12K and liked how solid the coastal windows were. Is this a fair market bid.

If you have a link for a Coastal windows brochure it would be great. For a comp I received a bid of 8,900.00 for Simonton 5500 windows.

Thank you.

Walt - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Walt, my understadning is that the Sunrise Coastal window comes with the same warranty as the standard Sunrise window. Here is a link to it online.

The dealer who gave you the Sunrise bid should have all of the details of the warranty (and tell you whether it differs in any way shape or form from the original Sunrise warranty).

Both the Sunrise Coast bid at $12K and the Simonton 5500 bid at $8.9K sound like reasonable bids. I would try and see if they will move on price at all.

My choice would be the Sunrise Coastal, but either one of these windows will perform well with professional and proper installation.

Good luck!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

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Sunrise Solace Windows Reviews

Sunrise Solace Windows Reviews

I am considering Sunrise Solace or the Vinylmax Radiance plus double hung replacements and wondered if you could offer an opinion Dane. Thanks

Tom - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Tom, the Sunrise Solace is the superior window to the Vinylmax Radiance Plus. It’s an excellent window! If the costs were similar, the Sunrise Solace is the better window.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Solace Windows By Sunrise

Dane, I have just signed off on buying 25 double hung and three custom oval windows for my house in St Charles, Mo. from a Alenco dealer. I never asked the salesman this question but what is the U factor and Solar Hear Gain Coefficient of my new windows are. I would appreciate it.

Jim - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jim, they probably sell several models and those models may include upgrades such as a better low-e glass package, foam filled frames, or grids. All of these can affect U-factor and SHGC. Your Alenco dealer should have the numbers on lockdown for their products. I really don't know much about Alenco, although they do seem to get some solid customer reviews. Do you know what window series you are buying?

Jim, I apologize, I didn't see the title of your email. So you are buying the Sunrise Solace window. My understanding is this window is equivalent to the Restorations series, but I would love for you to confirm this. This would help me offer advise to consumers down the line with this question. You can expect a U-factor of 0.27 and an AI of 0.04.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Sunrise Solace Window Bids

I'll be staying at my house for another five years and need to replace 10 windows. 9 of them are double hungs and 1 is a picture windows.

Thank you for your advice. These are the estimates I've received thus far.

Sunrise Solace Series: $5695
Okna 500 DX Series: $6245
Soft-Lite Imperial LS Series: $6930
Soft-Lite Valley Brook Pro Series: $5995
Vytex Fortis Series: $5795

Kory - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Wow, some great bids there. I wish you could stay there longer once you get your new windows. I would go with once of your lower bids in this case, either the Sunrise Solace Series or probably the Vytex Fortis Series.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

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Sunrise VClass Windows Reviews

The Sunrise V Class is sold through specialty dealers, distributors, and contractors. This high-quality vinyl window utilizes an insulated frame, a coved glazing bead, extruded aluminum screen, fiberglass-reinforced sash rails, triple weather stripping seals, and pick-resistant locks.

The V Class by Sunrise should be considered on par with the Sunrise Verde or Sunrise Vanguard. Each window has some different features and upgrades, but generally they are about in the same quality range, which is to say very solid. All are first tier vinyl windows.

Tim - Site Editor

Sunrise V Class Quotes

Okay, good to know. I'll have the rep come to give me a quote so I have a basis for pricing comparison against the Okna 700 and two Sunrise quotes for Restorations and V Class casements. But I won't choose ComfortSmart as an option. Did you know Ideal's window manufacturer went belly up, and that Ideal's shop was having supply chain issues?

- Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Gus, I just had a lengthy conversation with Ideal and they assured me they are not going out of business. In fact, they are super busy like many window companies right now. There are TONS of supply issues with COVID though and that particular dealer you are talking to could be going out of business. But not the actual manufacturer. That's the update.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2021

Sunrise 'V Class' Windows Question

Still wonder why the 'V Class' windows are sold with a brochure that doesn't mention Sunrise. Why not? I queried the dealer again and he said they are kind-of a private label brand manufactured by Sunrise to the dealer's specs. Sounds like BS to me.

How do I make sure the windows anyone installs are the windows I ordered? Are they usually marked with the name somewhere? I notice many or most of them really look alike.

Thanks again.

Joe - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Joe, private label products are actually a legit thing in the window industry. They more or less say as much on the website.

Often, on the hardware (slide latch) will be a brand marking or molding indicating the window brand. It's not always the case and I agree it's odd that all companies don't make it clear that they made the window. Shouldn't they be doing some brand marketing by labeling their product clearly?

There are a number of head scratchers in the window industry that I don't get. Any legitimate company should be installing the product they told you they were going to install. Ask about this when they bring the windows to install and ask how you know they are installing the V class.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2020

Sunrise V Class or Pella 250

Hi Dane, I would appreciate your opinion on the following.

I have a quote for Pella 250 Series windows in the amount of $10,025 (includes installation, taxes).

I have a quote for Sunrise V Series windows in the amount of $11,508 (includes installation, taxes).

In your opinion, assuming I can’t get Sunrise dealer to come down on price, are the Sunrise windows worth the additional cost?

Also, do the prices for each company seem reasonable or on the high side for single hung windows with standard grids and painted exterior colors (the painted color adds $244/window with Sunrise)?

The most expensive windows are one in the living room, at $1934 for 36 X 90 size with circle top, and one bedroom window that is $1818 for 36 x 60 with full eyebrow. The other windows are in the $730 - $820 range (Sunrise prices).

Chris - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Chris, my opinion is that the Sunrise windows are well worth the extra $1500 over the Pella 250 series. The extra $244 for the custom color seems expensive, but companies charge what they charge for custom features. The other prices are about what I'd expect for circle tops etc.

However, I'd get two more bids from companies that are similar in price and quality to Sunrise to see if other companies will give you a better deal on their prices. I don't think this is a bad quote, but it doesn't strike me as his lowest quote. I'd be curious whether the Sunrise dealer wouldn't lower his price if he knew you were getting more bids.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Quote for V-Class Sunrise Window

Hello Dane, I found your site to see reviews about Sunrise replacement windows. We received a quote for V-Class Specifications. I do not see any reviews by you about the Sunrise V-Clas Windows. Can you please reply with any feedback. We are seriously considering to order these windows. Are there better windows from Sunrise to consider?

Thank you and Regards.

James - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

James, the V Class is sold through specialty dealers, distributors, and contractors. This high-quality vinyl window utilizes an insulated frame, a coved glazing bead, extruded aluminum screen, fiberglass-reinforced sash rails, triple weather stripping seals, and pick-resistant locks. The V Class by Sunrise should be considered on par with the Sunrise Verde or Sunrise Vanguard.

The best window from Sunrise is the Restorations model. It has a few nicer upgrades that will be reflected in the price. Fro the most part, the V Class from Sunrise is a very nice window.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

Sunrise V Class Windows vs Andersen 400

My builder sent me to his window supplier where I was shown VClass Windows made by Sunrise. All 3 chambers of the frame are foam filled, the meeting rail is fiber reinforced, the lever lock is recessed, and the double hung windows have an AI of .04. It uses their XL Edge Stainless Steel Spacer and LowE 366 glass. Sounds very similar to the Sunrise Restorations series except VClass does not have fiber reinforced vertical sash members.

Have you heard of VClass Windows? I am trying to decide between VClass, Andersen 400, and Pella fiberglass.

[Site Editor's Response]

Bill, I have heard of the V class window, however I have not heard much. So I took a look at their website, and it sounds like you were spot on in terms of the features and components that the V class includes. It looks as if there are two different options, one is a real wood interior and the other is a wood laminate option. You may want to take a look at how these compare, see if the local rep has samples of each. I tend not to recommend wood windows, unless you really are passionate about how good the wood windows look. I only say this because wood tends to expand and contract, although the plywood backing of the V class window is actually a positive since plywood has a crosshatch design that reduces the amount of contraction and expansion that will happen over the years.

Wood windows typically carry a 10 to 20 year warranty, whereas vinyl will almost always carry a lifetime warranty. In addition, wood windows will typically not offer the same performance numbers (due to the organic material and the expansion contraction issue) as a solid vinyl window and they require more maintenance. I would get in contact with sunrise to find out how good that laminate looks, which is a nice alternative because you are dealing with a faux wood that can look quite realistic but does not have the same issues that wood often does.

The Pella fiberglass window or Impervia model is, in my opinion, a step below other fiberglass windows such as the Marvin Infinity or even the Marvin Integrity. I find the Impervia feels a bit flimsy in my hands compared to other comparably priced models.

I happen to really like the Anderson 400 wood window, especially the Woodwright model as opposed to the Narrowline. However, this is also a wood window and carries the very same downsides that any wood window does. Having said that, in terms of wood windows I rate the Anderson 400 at the top of the pack.

I would be curious to see how the Anderson 400 and The V class sunrise window compare in terms of price, I would have to assume that the V class would be 20% to 25% less. If it were me, where budget always tends to rank high on my list, I would probably rate them in this order; the Sunrise VClass, Anderson 400 and then the Pella.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2015

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Sunrise Patio Door Reviews

Sunrise Patio Sliders Low Profile Frame

Hi Dane, we are replacing 12 double hung windows and a sliding door on our porch. We are looking at full replacement sliders (6) because we want the most window glass area as possible. Because of our desire for a greater visual field, we are considering a high end vinyl that is good quality, has a low profile and has a Cedar interior (reddish wood). The soft light window has a “Brazilian cherry” color that is a very close match, but the window frame seems Bulky. Can you tell me, what are the best high end vinyl sliders with low profile frame?

Mark - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mark, the Soft-Lite sliding patio doors do tend to run a bit bulky, but are excellent products. You might want to take a look at the Sunrise Restorations patio doors. I can't remember exactly how they compare to the Soft-Lite, but they tend to make a bit slimmer profile than the Soft-Lite. They are also offered in a number of faux wood interior options.

The Andersen 100 composite is available in a relatively slim profile, although it won't be available in an interior wood. They do have some nice options on the door, just not this one. In addition, the energy efficiency data on the 100 series is not up to par with either the Soft-Lite or the Sunrise.

I'll try to think of some other options, but off hand that's all I can really come up with.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Restoration Sliding Glass Doors

I'm looking for windows and sliding glass door, highest quality with most glass. For the three panel sliding door I saw the sunrise restoration (thicker frame).

The Marvin integrity all ultra fiberglass (thinner frame, see attached specs, 10 year warranty on parts & 20 year on glass, PG 30). I preferred the fiberglass thinner frame but am not educated on whether it is a quality window or not. I have not seen anything else? What do you think of the these two? Which manufacturers make the best fiberglass sliding glass doors?

For double hung windows would you go with sunrise restorations, Marvin integrity, or something else? My preference is fiberglass double hung windows or vinyl that is strong and thinner framed for more glass? Which manufacturers make the best fiberglass double hung windows?


Julia - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Julia, the Sunrise Restoration and Marvin Integrity are both good windows and doors. The Restorations series is the better quality of the two in my opinion, but the Integrity is a good product as well.

Marvin is probably the best known fiberglass window frame manufacturer, but I like Enerlux as well. They are a smaller operation, but they may ship to you.

A good quality vinyl is on par with fiberglass, but some people have their preferences. Make sure you get good quality installation and you should be good to go.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Sliding Doors vs. Simonton Innovo

Dane, I am deciding b/n Sunrise and Simonton for a sliding door. Both look well built and pretty similar. The Simonton Innovo door is $1000 less than the Sunrise door. Any opinion?

Gregory - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Gregory, Simonton manufactures a good sliding door, while Sunrise manufactures a better sliding door. The issue is if it's worth an extra $1000? My gut would say no it's not worth the extra cost assuming you like the look of the simonton and it fits in with your windows etc.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Sunrise Patio Door Prices

Thanks for your reply. It's great to hear another experienced professional verify my thoughts on the wrapped wood frame door and also endorse the Sunrise brand. Acadia is a local company to the state of Maryland. Here is a link to their website. unfortunately, they don't offer much on their products but their history page gives some good insight into who they are as a company.

The quote I've received for the Sunrise door was $2875 for the door installed. Does that sound pretty reasonable to you? I did shop a quote from Home Depot on an Anderson door and the Sunrise is almost as expensive as their quote. Thanks again for the insight!

Jim - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Jim, It doesn't necessarily surprise me that the quote from Home Depot on the Andersen is the same price as the Sunrise from a local dealer. HD gets some pretty amazing pricing that they can pass onto the consumer. I'm not a big fan of the way they pay their subcontracted installers though (the rate they often pay is so low it's no wonder they don't do a good job). If you like the Andersen door and can order it through HD, you probably won't find a better price. I would say you just need to really vet the installer who they recommend, or go out and find your own who you trust to do the install properly and thoroughly.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Sunrise Patio Door Quality

Sunrise Restorations, Vanguard, and the regular Sunrise are very similar. Some of the features that are options on the basic model are standard on the higher priced lines. They have fiber core reinforcements, which is nice for some installations but unnecessary for others. You might get more for your money if you get the basic Sunrise with triple panes and then add the features that you want.

They do have a really great patio door, equal to Softlite, HiMark, or Okna. Pella, RBA, and Champion are overpriced and overrated.

Daniel - Contractor - from 2010

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General Sunrise Windows Reviews

Explore general windows reviews on Sunrise windows on a whole host of subjects.

Sunrise Windows in Cincinnati Ohio

Hi Tim, I have a 1982 Colonial home in Cincinnati OH with 18 windows. It currently has the original Andersen double pane window. I'll only be in the home for another 7-10 years due to impending retirement.

Do you suggest i replace or keep my current windows? see pic

Or do you suggest I replace for resale value? ( I'm already at the high end of my home value).

If you suggest replacement, what windows do you suggest i have installed given my situation?

Also I definitely need to replace a sliding glass patio door. Any suggestions for it?

Thank you for your input!

Melissa - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Melissa, with that time frame, I’d say you could either replace them or keep your existing ones. That’s right at the make or break point. It’s always a gamble to say you will make your money back on windows — it basically depends on the specific buyer. Whether they put value on the investment.

If your windows are really bad, I’d probably replace them so I didn’t have to live with sub par windows for the next decade. If so, Cincinnati should have a Sunrise, Soft-Lite, Okna, and Harvey dealer who services in your area. I would suggest going with their mid range series as these will maximize your ROI. All four of these brands are quite solid. All of these brands also offer doors, which are considered good quality.

This is where I would start!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2020

Sunrise Windows vs. Paradigm

Hi Dane, I did your replacement window quote, which I received but what company is it through? I am in Michigan.

We are looking at Paradigm and Sunrise Windows. We are unable to actually see the window displays to see the differences.

If the 2 brands which is the better window?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Carolyn - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Carolyn, the quotes completely vary based on your location and honestly I'm not privvy to who is in every area. Collect the bids and then feel free to send them my way and I will give you my two cents on what bid offers the best value for your situation.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2020

Sunrise vs. Okna

Tim, our house is brick and still has it’s original wood windows and sliding doors from the mid 70’s. We are looking to replace all of them. We received 3 quotes so far and each quote is using different windows. One has Alside ultimate 2000 series and 6100 for doors. The second quote is using sunrise verde while the third was offering Okna’s 500 or 800 series. How would you rank the windows

Based on your experience and expertise? We appreciate your insight!

Paul - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Paul. The Alside products are my least favorite from the other two by quite a bit. Sunrise and Okna are very close to one another in terms of quality and craftsmanship. Both excellent brands. I might give Okna the nod, but not by much. The Sunrise Restorations and Okna 800 series are two of the best in the business.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Sunrise Project Quote

Hi Dane,

First and foremost; thank you. I really appreciate your feedback and quick response. Your website and input are truly a valuable resource, so I wish you continued success. I find myself awake at night worrying about this decision, and while laying in bed toiling over the options and scenarios, I realized I never responded. So again, thank you. This is a big decision. Having a knowledgeable 3rd party provide their opinion most certainly helps.

We are working towards deciding how to pay for this project. I am going to try and get a little better price, as we would like to pay with cash. Hopefully they can work with us, but we have considered breaking up the project into two stages if they do not.

Unimportant personal finance issues aside, I will be certain to come back to you with our final decision and project details. Hopefully to help you provide better knowledge for others through your website. Keep up the good work.

Travis - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Thanks Travis, we try our best to provide unbiased information to consumers such as yourself. Do let me know how the project and pricing turn out as the accrued information is something to build on for the next consumer who comes along with questions about windows. They are a tricky business for reasons that don't necessarily make sense to me.

I know it can be stressful, but take it slow and make sure to make a good long term decision. If you think about it like that, it should lower the stress level. No rush, window companies want your business so they are always there when you finally decide the best option for your home and family.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Sunrise vs. Apex Windows

I'm in Indiana and have to get 16 sliders, a bay window, and five patio doors. Apex gave me a quote of $22,500, which came out to $42 per sq ft.

Im' considering either them or Sunrise Windows.

Laura - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Laura, Apex tends to use some suspect marketing techniques that I don't care for. I don't actually know a ton about their windows.

Sunrise has a good reputation and their Standard window model/series is very good. Their high end Restorations series is excellent.

I would absolutely say to go with Sunrise over Apex.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

South Louisiana And Sunrise Windows

Hi, we want to replace our 50 yr old single pane windows and would like to know what you suggest. We live in south Louisiana and it gets very hot and humid. Thank you!

Francis - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

I have to say that Louisiana is a tough state to make recommendations in. There used to be a Sunrise dealer out of New Orleans, but I can't seem to find him anymore. You may want to call up Sunrise and see if you can't find this out or not. That would be top on my list.

I would also check to see if there is a Simonton dealer near you. They have a number of solid series, including the Impressions 9800 and Reflections 5500, as well as the Simonton Daylight. This last model is available through Home Depot. I'm always a bit wary about recommending HD installation -- personally if I bought something from the big box stores I'd hire a local installer who had a great reputation.

Let me know if either one of these options works out. If not, recontact me and let's go from there. It may just take a bit of digging before we find a decent option for you.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise Windows In North Carolina

I need to replace 14 standard windows. I am having great difficulty determining which window manufacturer is best for noise reduction. I live near Winston-Salem, NC. 27021. Temperature ranges from 0 – 100 degrees, 85% humidity and I live right on a State Hwy. I can not afford the most expensive windows. Please help.

Raymond - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Raymond, the best noise reducing windows tend to be the most expensive. However, you can buy a good quality vinyl window and that should handle quite a bit of the problem. Search for local companies who sell the following window brands: Okna, Sunrise, Soft-Lite, Zen, Polaris and Vytex. Go with the mid range window series from these companies and ask about any upgrades such as glass upgrades that will help reduce noise.

On another note, there is only so much that windows can do to reduce the amount of noise that enters the home. One suggestions I might make is to air-seal your walls, this can make a huge difference. I would get a few estimates on air sealing and get some opinions on how effective this will be.

Spend some time getting free estimates from both window and air-sealing professionals so you have a good grasp on the best course of action. That way you won't waste your money!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2018

Window Nations Envision vs. Thompson Creek

I am trying to evaluate window nations Envision. I like the lower profile frame and the .55 VT while not sacrificing much energy efficiency Ufactor .27; shgc .29; air leakage .06; structural DP 40 153mph; water R40 48mph—8” rain per hour. I liked this window as visible light is very important to me and want to balance with energy efficiency. Most other windows I looked at I could easily notice the green tint (eg thompson creek just one example) and am very concerned about it cutting out the natural light I currently get in the house.

I have original aluminum windows from 1993, double pain but no gas or coatings. They are very cheap builder grade and are hot or cold to touch and get so much condensation on the interior of the window I have to towel off the bottom of window and it’s creating a mold problem in bathroom. However, they let in lots of natural light.

I live in Leesburg VA 20175 and the prices are just ridiculous in this county. I want a decent window that will last 13-17 yrs but I don’t want to pay a fortune. TC quote was for $29000 for 21 Double hung windows vs WN at 19,000. Both included replacing 2 windowsills and tempered obscure slider over tub to replace current side by side DH.

Having the cost sheet would help and Any opinion you can give me on the envision window would help

CC - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

CC, those are vey good numbers indeed on the Envisions window. TC and WN have a tendency to put out what seem to me at least to be higher than expected bids. I'll send you the cost sheet but in your case it won't help (all the numbers are going to probably be lower.)

Call these guys and get a bid --

To find them, I simply googled Leesburg VA sunrise windows. I have no idea if they are good or not, but they sell a great product.

You could do this for all of the top manufacturers listed on our best replacement windows page -- Okna, Soft-Lite, Polaris, Wincore, Marvin.

Get a few bids and see if this brings any more clarity to your situation.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Sunrise in Baton Rouge

I am looking to replace aluminum single pane slider windows in my home in South Louisiana [Baton Rouge]. It's a small 1500 sq. ft. house built in the 1960s.

My largest windows are wider than they are tall, which I think may limit me to aluminum clad replacements.

I would prefer awning windows in several of the rooms, but I hear that the hardware is a major problem.

Are there any good awning windows with reliable hardware?

I'm looking for Low-E Energy Star coatings on double windows.

Thanks for any pointers you might provide!

Sabine - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

I would recommend contacting Sunrise windows. They have a dealer in New Orleans that you should be able to call and I believe he services Baton Rouge. Sunrise makes excellent vinyl windows, which is much better than aluminum from an energy efficiency perspective. I have heard good things about him and his business. Besides that, I haven't heard of that many quality window manufacturers near you. Try this first and see if you are successful!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Sunrise Windows vs Zen

I'm helping my daughter near Atlanta with research for the first phase of replacing all of their windows - seven this time, six replacing old wood frame stopped in glass with vinyl replacements, full frame units required. Six are on a southwest A frame wall. Four are trapezoids.

In her area, she has access to dealers representing Soft-Lite (Zen), Champion, Sunrise and Simonton.

We're looking at mid-range products but wonder if she needs to try for a product that offers LoE - 270 to get a lower solar rating.

Also, do trapezoids suggest a manufacturer(s) that might be better even though all the windows are custom built? I'm wondering about the demands of the two non-90 degree angles.

Many thanks for the education your site provides. My husband and I were DIY folks in our day, but vinyl window extrusions, etc. are a new ball game.

- Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Kathy, I like your 4 choices of window brands, all quite respectable, my two favorite of the bunch are Sunrise and Zen, whose mid range vinyl windows are very good. The type of glass you opt for will certainly affect your performance. The more low-e coatings, the darker the glass will be, so that's the trade off there. I typically think the standard low-e glass is sufficient, unless your windows are south facing and get lots of sun. In that case, you may want to upgrade to a low-e 2 or low-e3 (each company calls their glass packages by a different name).

Vinyl windows are custom made in a factory and the extrusions are simply cut on an angle to create whatever shape and size they offer - most manufacturers offer specialty shaped windows, so no, the fact that one company offers a trapezoid doesn't mean they are better than any other.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Sunrise vs MI Windows

What window would u recommend? Sunrise, MI or BF Rich windows?

Chris - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Chris, you've asked an easy question to answer. The Sunrise is the better brand by far over the MI window. BF Rich is not bad, but no where near the Sunrise. Sunrise offers a number of different models, all of which are very good except perhaps their entry level Essentials model. The Standard Sunrise is a very good window. You can order this and then choose any ala carte upgrades that suit your particular needs and budget.

Let me know how it works out! Good Luck!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Best Window Sliders

We're replacing our double hung windows with sliders and were wondering if some companies make better sliders than others.

Brad - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Brad I assume from your email address that you are in North Carolina. Yes, the better window companies make better sliders, just as they make better single hungs and double hungs etc. In your area, I would recommend trying to get a bid from Sunrise and Okna dealers. Each of these companies ought to have local companies who service your area and they should carry several models or series from these particular companies.

For instance, Sunrise makes 5 different models and Okna makes 3, each of which will has a different price point and quality of features and parts. Get pricing on each of them and then decide which model fits your budget. Besides the entry level from Sunrise (the Essentials model), any of the other models should serve you quite well.

Sunrise and Okna are both in my top five vinyl window company recommendations - and no I'm not incentived in any way to say so :)

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Sunrise Windows vs Wasco

We are looking at replacing windows in our home and came across your site. We are looking at two different companies, Sunrise, which we have learned more about through your site, thank you!, and a local company here in SE Wisconsin called Wasco. (More on Wasco windows prices.) Do you have any recommendations between the two? We are not sure of the series being recommended by Sunrise and intend to find out. By our initial research it seems the Wasco window may be a step above the Sunrise series. We are looking at double hung, sliders if that helps. Thanks for any opinion you may be able to offer. If it helps we are replacing windows that are original (think 1960's!), so really any replacement will be a step up, we just want to investigate all options.

John - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

I would certainly say Sunrise is better than Wasco, but of course it depends on the actual model window, glass package and upgrades you opt for. Both of these brands make solid vinyl windows, so I think you would be well served by either window brand - just don't go with their entry level model, upgrade to their mid range model.

The big comparison therefore would be the installation quality and how well they are putting in the windows. Is there one company that stands out in this regard? That is who I'd go with...Good luck!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2015

Sunrise Latitude Windows

I am getting bids on Sunrise Latitude windows for my home and would like to know your opinion on them. They are a newer model so I am struggling to find someone that has any dealings with them. I live in Colorado at around 6500 feet and apparently the Latitude windows are made for higher altitude and don't need breather tubes on the trip up since the glass is supposed to be thicker and can take the pressure change and the seals apparently can handle it. Can anyone confirm or deny this claim. Thanks

John - Homeowner - from 2015

[Contractor Response]

John, the Sunrise Latitude is, I believe one of the upgraded glass option that makes for a more energy efficient window. Have you spoken with a Sunrise rep in your area to confirm that the Latitude glass is up to the task - I honestly don't know enough specifically about the Latitude glass to confirm or deny. Assuming they say yes, I would ask for several references in high altitude homes that you can quickly call and speak with. I would also check into Amerimax, Okna, and Gerkin Windows, which I know makes a Solar glass that is built for high elevations.

I would definitely recommend working with local window reps who have years of experience putting in replacement windows in high elevations such as yours. I know that using breather tubes can sometimes void the window warranty so this is a question I would ask everyone you get a bid from.

As you say, there are potential problems with windows made at low altitudes and then shipped to higher altitudes (typically anything over 6000 ft.) The increase in altitude can cause the window pane to bow (due to greater seal pressure at the lower altitude). Also, windows at high altitude can be subjected to UV degradation (although this is much much less of a problem with today's vinyl windows, especially with higher end manufacturers).

I feel like I didn't answer your question, but hopefully this gives you some ideas of where to go from here. Please let us know what you find so that we can help other homeowners looking for replacement windows at high altitudes in the future.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2015

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Sunrise Windows vs Accent

I am looking to replace two patio doors, with ones that have internal blinds. Sunrise and Accent Windows are two that I have available through local dealers. Then there's Home Depot, but I've read of concerns about their product. I live in W Colorado, very dry climate. Have a lot of summer sun on side of house where doors would be. Appreciate any input.

Mary - Homeowner - from 2015

[Editor's Response]

Mary, I've never heard of Accent windows, but I did look up their numbers on the website and was very impressed with their energy efficiency ratings. Having said that, I would usually recommend going with a bigger company like Sunrise because there is a greater likelihood that they will be around in 15 years should something happen to one or more of your windows. This assumes that you like the Sunrise dealer in your area and they have a good installation track record. By the way, you can call up Sunrise's main office and ask about that specific dealer and see what they say (they are biased, but you can sometimes read between the lines). The Sunrise standard window is quite a nice product.

It sounds like your have two good options so project bid and price should be the next thing you compare. You may to consider getting one more bid just to see how it compares to the other two.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Sunrise Windows vs Polaris Windows

Sunrise, HiMark, Polaris, and Softlite are considered to be a kind of elite, status brand for vinyl windows. I'm not sure if that means they are really better than the big players like Pella, Andersen, or Marvin. I think a lot depends on the dealer you get then from, since that determines most of your customer service. The dealer here that pushes Simonton is ok, and another one sells Alside. I've dealt mostly with the one who sells only Sunrise. They've been around a long time, and I have never had a problem with them, but not long ago they were bought by a new owner so I'm not sure how that's going to go.

Macky - Installer - from 2012

Sunrise vs Preservation Windows

Alside Preservation has a bulky frame and snap in sill that I'm not a big fan of. If the decision is between the Preservation window and the Sunrise standard, I would not hesitate to go with the Sunrise. They make a nice durable vinyl window that looks nice and uses a more narrow frame. The Preservation is pretty similar in design and construction with the Alside Sheffield window, which is not the best build window in the business. Sunrise vinyl windows are going to be a better long term investment for you and your family in my opinion.

Michael - Installer - from 2011

Sunrise vs PGT Windows

I like the PGT but they don't make a triple pane. They're comparable to the Sunrise, but I think the PGT looks better. I do like the MaxEdge Spacer on the Sunrise better. They have similar ratings, so I'd go with either one. Between these two the price and installation would be the deciding factor.

Evan - Installer - from 2011

Sunrise vs Ply Gem

I like Sunrise a lot, I think they're one of the best on the market. I wish I worked with them, but I rarely have the chance to. They've been around a long time. They definitely beat Great Lakes, Plygem, or just about any other brand. I'm not familiar with Seaways but they seem decent, but Sunrise is always a good bet.

Harry - Contractor - from 2010

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